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“Even a small body can defeat a greater force.”


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Beop Gong would like to find out more about the man and the child’s identity, but Shi Woo didn’t know at that point. All he could say was that the more he thinks about the flaming building incident the more it becomes a part of his life. However, the fact that he opened up his mind in the classroom was of major importance and Beop Gong informed him that they will have to find a way to uncover the whole truth in order for Shi Woo to overcome his trauma.

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Luns was informed that Chae Yoon had woken up after 18 years and Wang Hao was more than pleased with the fact that everything was flowing well.

bscap2922bscap2920 bscap2924

Seon Ah was thoughtful since she had a like-minded trauma, but Moo Song wouldn’t like her to keep referring to Shi Woo as “my Shi Woo oppa,” especially since she’s one year older than him! She thought that their common traumas could be fated, but once she wondered if Moo Song was her real father it was Moo Song’s turn to lose himself in his own thoughts.

bscap2927 bscap2928bscap2929 bscap2933

Chi Ang was practicing inside the bathroom with the mop, but he tried to hide it once Shi Woo arrived! Soon Deok wanted to wash her hands and Chi Ang kept trying to approach her but she wasn’t in the mood for something like that! After she left he followed her and asked her to grant him a wish in case he beats Shi Woo at the martial arts exam. Soon Deok thought that something like that would never happen and Shi Woo could only agree! Chi Ang wasn’t pleased with the fact that Soon Deok referred to herself and Shi Woo as “we,” but she reassured him that she did it because they were on the same team. If Chi Ang wins they will go out on a date, but Soon Deok couldn’t take him that seriously!

bscap2936bscap2934bscap2935 bscap2937 bscap2941bscap2943 bscap2947 bscap2950bscap2946 bscap2951

Once Chi Ang entered the bathroom Shi Woo was throwing water, but Chi Ang was able to evade it with his mop technique!

bscap2952bscap2953 bscap2955

Daniel and Yoo Di were enjoying Dae Ho’s tea! Dae Ho thought that exams period should last forever since students are focused and don’t cause trouble, but Daniel reassured him that his students are always focused whereas Dae Ho thought that it was because martial arts and cooking differ. Yoo Di fueled the fire by stating that it always has to do with the teacher, but Daniel changed the subject and predicted that Seon Ah would remain the top student. Dae Ho praised Yeob Jung’s martial arts skills, but Yoo Di reminded him that Yeob Jung doesn’t take others into consideration, something that isn’t a part of Moorim Institute’s teaching methods. The fact that Yeob Jung was reminding her of someone else could only point towards Dae Ho’s direction! Even though he was a full scholarship student back in the days, Dae Ho had changed to the extent of being unrecognizable as his body wasn’t producing anymore the love-oriented hormones!

bscap2956bscap2958 bscap2959

Soon Deok and Shi Woo’s team lost in rock paper scissors and they’d have to wash everyone’s clothes! The only one who was eager to help Soon Deok was Chi Ang but Seon Ah took her with him to keep up with his training!

bscap2960 bscap2963bscap2964 bscap2962 bscap2966bscap2965 bscap2967 bscap2968bscap2969

While washing the clothes Soon Deok wanted to know if the flaming building incident was related to Shi Woo’s past, but he wasn’t certain and he informed her that he was abandoned in a forest. His parents living in the US was something Shi Woo’s agency had come up with and Shi Woo pointed out that he was an orphan, but he was quite glad that Soon Deok had searched for information related to him! Soon Deok pointed out that he may not had been abandoned, but being left all alone may had been the unavoidable outcome of very specific circumstances. Shi Woo couldn’t help it but think that if that was the case his parents would have already found him.

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The flour inside the cloth at the edge of the spear was there to visualize the strength of one’s attack. Even the slightest flour stain on Seon Ah’s body would automatically mean that Chi Ang was the winner. As expected, Chi Ang kept praising himself and thought that it would be an easy task until Seon Ah covered his mouth with flour and the fight began!

bscap2979bscap2980 bscap2981 bscap2982bscap2983 bscap2987

Since the clothes’ hand washing would take lots of time Shi Woo had an idea to take care of them while working on his center of balance and strengthening his wrists! Soon Deok was in the role of the quirky mentor and coordinator! As expected, Seon Ah knocked out Chi Ang and the clothe-combat between Soon Deok and Shi Woo declared Soon Deok as the winner! Jenny and Shannon were training in the kitchen, but it ended up in chasing around one another! Nadet and Choi Ho’s training was bread oriented, but it wasn’t really training. Yeob Jung was training on his own and the same applied to the unsuccessful Sang Man and the more skillful Dong Goo!


Chi Ang eventually lost, but he wanted to keep practicing. Seon Ah reassured him that he was decent and there was a chance of their team winning. Chi Ang’s mood changed and Seon Ah was curious why he wanted to beat Shi Woo at all costs. Even though he told her about the Soon Deok oriented wish he didn’t reveal that it would be a date! Seon Ah would compete against Yeob Jung and she had been practicing really hard. It became more apparent the moment she took the weights off her hands.


In order for one to win he/she must know him/herself and the enemy. Shi Woo wanted to win despite the fact that Seon Ah would have trained Chi Ang pretty well. Soon Deok had an idea!


Soon Deok found out the “enemy” team’s practicing techniques from Chi Ang and she rewarded him with an aegyo attack! Of course, Chi Ang lost his mind!

bscap3003 bscap3008bscap3007 bscap3009 bscap3010bscap3012

Shi Woo thought that he would rest a bit, but Soon Deok informed him that they would have to change his fighting strategy and she was so ecstatic about it!

 bscap3018 bscap3020bscap3019 bscap3021

Moo Song kept recalling Shi Woo’s words concerning his trauma and he stared at his picture with Chae Yoon and his wife. He kept wondering if he could be alive.


Wang Hao informed Chae Yoon that he was Sang Hae Group’s leading figure and the sponsor of Moorim Institute. Chae Yoon asked about his children, but Wang Hao would inform him about them once he’d get stronger.


The competition’s date was approaching and the teachers were excited about it. Soon enough another fight between Daniel and Dae Ho erupted to end in a hilarious tie!

bscap3030bscap3029 bscap3032

Soon Deok was overly excited but she didn’t reveal anything to Seon Ah who couldn’t understand why she was so happy! Shi Woo was pretending to be sleeping and Chi Ang kept practicing!

bscap3034 bscap3036bscap3035 bscap3038 bscap3039bscap3040 bscap3042

Shi Woo and eventually Chi Ang were brushing their teeth in the morning and later on the sparring competition began! Seon Ah and Yeob Jung would fight hand to hand as the class’ number one and two respectively! Yeob Jung thought that he had the upper hand, but in the end it was a tie even though some of the students thought that Seon Ah was closer to victory!

 bscap3045 bscap3047bscap3048 bscap3053 bscap3061bscap3060bscap3059

Beop Gong thought that Shi Woo had already started changing after opening up to others and Moo Song noticed that Chi Ang was quite serious in the sparring competition! Chi Ang seemed to be overpowering Shi Woo all along the way and that’s the way many of the students and teachers were thinking as well, but it was Soon Deok’s plan! She wanted Shi Woo to let Chi Ang maintain his offensive approach until the very end. The moment Chi Ang would be exhausted Shi Woo would take the initiative and strike back!


And this is what happened after Shi Woo disarmed Chi Ang! The teachers decided that it was a tie by praising Shi Woo’s defensive and strategy-reading skills and Chi Ang’s offensive style, but they also acknowledged that they had a lot more to learn as well! Seon Ah eventually acknowledged her defeat to Soon Deok and she urged Chi Ang to accept the result as well and prevent himself from talking senselessly.


Bang Deok informed Baek Ji that Chi Ang was doing well in the midterm exams, but she was concerned because she couldn’t be there for him. Bang Deok reassured her that she could cook for Chi Ang and Soon Deok would take the food there. Bang Deok was curious why there weren’t any clothes of Wang Hao, but Baek Ji used the excuse that he was mainly in China and that she wouldn’t stay in Korea for too long either!


Everyone was curious about the comprehensive exam, but the tension between Chi Ang and Shi Woo hadn’t surrendered as Chi Ang couldn’t be at ease! Soon Deok had sent Seon Ah as her spy to find out some information concerning the exam from Moo Song! She wasn’t successful but it was a hilarious scene!

bscap3110 bscap3111bscap3112 bscap3114 bscap3115bscap3117 bscap3118 bscap3119bscap3120 bscap3122

Not even the rest of the teachers knew anything about the comprehensive exam. Dae Ho’s comprehensive exam was to reach Moorim Peak on his own, but that wouldn’t be the case this time. Reminiscing last year’s comprehensive exam made Daniel think that Dae Ho and Yoo Di are in perfect harmony together, something they denied! Even though Chi Ang and Shi Woo were competing against one another it felt like a Seon Ah versus Soon Deok combat since Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s mentors’ styles were distinctive in the boys’ fighting techniques! The teachers have yet to find out how the score will change after the comprehensive exam!


Chi Ang couldn’t get over the fact that the competition was a tie, but he promised to beat Shi Woo the next time and Shi Woo paced with his flow! Wang Hao asked from Luna to keep an eye on Chae Yoon since he’s of major importance to their plans.


Chi Ang woke up to find out that Seon Ah was playing the piano. She informed him that it’s not easy for her to sleep, but every time she plays that lullaby it relaxes her. Chi Ang wondered if it was related to her mother, but she couldn’t possibly say anything because she didn’t recall much.

  bscap3133bscap3132 bscap3134 bscap3136bscap3137 bscap3138

It was indeed a lullaby their mother used to sing. Moo Song was at the bell tower armory and he was recalling Seon Ah’s words while having something in mind.

bscap3143bscap3142 bscap3146bscap3144bscap3145

The comprehensive exam would be related to a potluck party and after Shi Woo encountered Soon Deok’s yawning grandeur they noticed the comprehensive exam information along with the others. Chi Ang informed the rest of the students that it’s a party where everyone brings his/her own dishes and everyone was excited despite the fact that it didn’t really look like an exam to Chi Ang!

bscap3147 bscap3149bscap3150 bscap3151 bscap3153bscap3152 bscap3154

After unveiling a wide variety of thoughts concerning the importance of food and the success of a party Dae Ho would grade the students for their cooking, Daniel for their manners, Sam would be the DJ and Yoo Di would simply buy a new dress for herself!


Beop Gong and Moon Song were taking a walk and Moo Song informed him that Beop Gong’s class’ exam would be the party’s surprise!


The preparations for the party had began and Shi Woo kept teasing Chi Ang who had already started wondering if he would be able to order some Chinese food! In the meantime, Chi Ang’s mother was preparing many dishes for him!


Soon Deok and Seon Ah were disheartened since they didn’t have anything proper to wear, but Jenny and Shannon informed them that the dressing room was open due to the party and their mood changed!

bscap3165bscap3159bscap3160 bscap3163

Soon Deok received a phone call and returned back home to get Chi Ang’s dishes, but her father wasn’t pleased with the fact that she had to head towards Moorim Institute. He let it slide, but it would be the last time!

 bscap3168bscap3174 bscap3170bscap3173bscap3171

Shi Woo kept teasing Chi Ang inside the dressing room, but once Seon Ah tried to pick up a dress Chi Ang prevented her from committing a fashion crime! Since she helped him with martial arts he would help her with the dressing part of the party! Once Soon Deok returned to Moorim Institute she found a dress waiting for her!

bscap3178bscap3176bscap3177bscap3181bscap3179bscap3180 bscap3183

Chae Yoon was informed that the bodies of his children weren’t found back then. Only his wife’s body was found and if he didn’t have high life energy he would have passed away too. Chae Yoon’s only desire was to find his children, but he was too weak at that point and he couldn’t hold back his tears. Wang Hao’s right hand man informed him that they were searching for his children. Later on, he kept wondering where Joon and Young, his children, could be.


Party time! Our pretty Shannon and Jenny entered and along with Shi Woo they left great impressions!

bscap3190  bscap3192bscap3194 bscap3193

Chi Ang kept instructing and encouraging Seon Ah and everything went fine for them!

bscap3198bscap3196bscap3197bscap3199 bscap3200bscap3201

Soon Deok made a great entrance as if she was a celebrity, but it was all due to her embarrassment!

bscap3203bscap3202bscap3204 bscap3205 bscap3209bscap3210

It wasn’t Chi Ang the one who left the dress in her room, it was Shi Woo and Chi Ang started boiling on the inside!

bscap3214 bscap3213bscap3212 bscap3215bscap3216bscap3217

Chi Ang couldn’t explain his dish’s flavor since he wasn’t the one who made it and he lost a point. Moo Song praised Soon Deok’s rice cake with mugwort flavor and mentioned that mugwort was good for one’s hearing, making things a bit awkward for her! However, Moo Song added that if she was thinking of the person she was making the dish for then her overall effort would add positive energy to it! Chi Ang simply kept boiling!

bscap3218bscap3219 bscap3220

Sam’s DJ set began and Shi Woo was teasing Soon Deok about the mugwort flavor. She was trying to hide her awkwardness by dancing in any way she could! As for Chi Ang? He was boiling and Seon Ah was witnessing it while Soon Deok and Shi Woo were having fun!


The teachers were discussing the students’ grades and once again Seon Ah, Yeob Jung and Soon Deok who excelled in cooking had the same score. Shi Woo, Chi Ang and Choi Ho had the same score as well and since two students from the meditation class had the same trauma Moo Song had an idea.


Sam called the six of them who had the highest scores and champagne time had arrived in order for Moo Song’s plan to progress!

 bscap3227bscap3228bscap3232 bscap3229bscap3230

The party was over and soon enough all of them fell asleep!

bscap3234 bscap3237bscap3238 bscap3239

Once they woke up they found themselves at the bell tower armory and all the vibes they were receiving were ominous! Soon enough they realized that it was related to the exam and once smoke started filling the room Chi Ang protected Seon Ah who was feeling uneasy. Shi Woo’s ear started ringing and Soon Deok rushed to his aid.

bscap3243 bscap3244bscap3245 bscap3247bscap3246bscap3248 bscap3250

~ Thoughts ~


The 6th episode rated 3.8% and it was slightly better than its predecessor, but the first ominous clouds have already started making their appearance. The possibility of a reduction when it comes to Moorim School’s number of episodes is there, but time shall tell whether it will happen or not. The 5th episode wasn’t as interesting as i expected it to be, but gladly enough the 6th one caught up with the drama’s overall intriguing vibes!


Shi Woo’s trauma’s revelation stroke a chord when it comes to Seon Ah who will gradually start making her own assumptions as she will begin to realize more things that relate her to Shi Woo in he forthcoming episodes. Shi Woo was found in the forest and this makes me believe that either Moo Song took/saved both Shi Woo and Seon Ah or someone else saved him. However, since i have started leaning towards the direction that Moo Song was the one who saved both of them allow me to presume that he was unable to fight with two children in his arms  and he had to hide Shi Woo somewhere in the forest back in the days.


One more thing that connects Shi Woo and Seon Ah has to be their mother’s lullaby, while she was playing it on the piano Shi Woo could sleep peacefully and at the same time Seon Ah’s nighttime could be a bit at ease regardless of the fact that trauma-oriented thoughts were lurking in her mind. Everything related to their past are pale memories they have to fill with color and all these simple but essential hints, like the lullaby and the fire, will lead them closer to the truth along with the flow of events.


The direct Shi Woo and Chi Ang combat at the martial arts competition, but also the indirect one between Soon Deok and Seon Ah who were their mentors, was multifaceted as it was projecting a wide variety of all four figures’ characteristics. Even though he was still a beginner, Chi Ang managed to pace with Seon Ah’s hardcore training mode to the extent of craving for more. He was being fueled by his feelings for Soon Deok and the fact that he would go on a date with her if he could beat Shi Woo. He gave further meaning to his competitive spirit towards Shi Woo and he didn’t stray from his goal. Chi Ang was trained in a straight forward offensive way in order to knock out his opponent as soon as possible with his strength, the Seon Ah way.


I loved how Shi Woo kept teasing him while not taking Chi Ang seriously, not only before the competition, but also after it! The moment he was pretending to be asleep while Chi Ang was training the bromance was shining in Shi Woo’s stare! Shi Woo and Soon Deok’s quirky practice while washing the clothes was hilarious, but it wouldn’t be enough to counter Chi Ang’s excessive training and that’s when Soon Deok’s strategic mind came into play! She used her charms to find out the opposing team’s practicing techniques and she was successful since Chi Ang would fall for her aegyo tricks anytime!


The teachers took into consideration many parameters and decided that Seon Ah and Yeob Jung’s but also Shi Woo and Chi Ang’s fights were ties since they observed the whole picture of student. Allow me to disagree a bit, both Yeob Jung and Chi Ang would be on the ground had Seon Ah and Shi Woo struck them in full force respectively, but this isn’t what Moorim Institute stands for so i can easily understand the overall outcome. Needless to say that both Lee Hyun Woo and Hong Bin must have worked hard for this marvelous scene! Chi Ang’s childish certainty and taunts kept shining along with his physical strength and straight forward technique, but Shi Woo’s defense did the talking and once Chi Ang started getting exhausted Shi Woo found the right moment to put an end to Chi Ang’s dreams. He who laughs last, laughs best and Chi Ang smiled too early.


Chi Ang couldn’t admit that he didn’t win and he could go on forever until one of them would surrender as he stated. Obviously, it’s the reaction of a child who lost his favorite toy and wouldn’t stop searching for it until he would find it! In the process, i hope that this attitude will fade away up to an extent but without losing his quirky spontaneity. Chi Ang conceived it as a defeat, especially after he heard Soon Deok cheering for Shi Woo, everything collapsed that very moment! Seon Ah was wise enough to admit her strategic defeat and she put an end to Chi Ang’s thoughtless ramblings.


Soon enough, Chae Yoon will start appearing more in the drama. Waking up after 18 years must had been quite traumatic, not because his muscles had atrophied, but because he found out that his wife had passed away and nobody knew where his children could be. Judging from the preview, we will find a bit more concerning Wang Hao and Moo Song’s role in the past during the 7th episode. Wang Hao will get benefited from Chae Yoon’s awakening and he will deliver information that will serve his purpose well, but for some reason i still believe that Moo Song is a misunderstood figure. Of course, we have yet to find out what really happened!


The comprehensive exam in the form of a potluck party possessed pretty much everything! All of our main figures left their own impact with their clothes and were graded by their teachers on clothing, manners, cooking, etc. Wasn’t it adorable that Soon Deok took into consideration Shi Woo’s health issue and blended it with the cooking part of the exam? However, the most important factor was that the overall process wasn’t only bringing Shi Woo and Soon Deok closer, but also Seon Ah and Chi Ang!


It started as mutual caring and support, but (preview included) everything points towards the direction that they could become a couple at some point and their first date will turn to life. Setting this aside for a while, Chi Ang kept boiling all along the way every time something Shi Woo and Seon Ah oriented was taking place! In his unawareness, Chi Ang gave a great idea to Shi Woo. Just like Chi Ang picked up Seon Ah’s clothes, Shi Woo did the same for Soon Deok who wasn’t there at the moment! And i certainly loved the black and white suits Seon Ah and Chi Ang were wearing along with Shi Woo’s red suit and Soon Deok’s white dress!


The bell tower armory part of the exam was deriving from the fact that Shi Woo and Seon Ah share the same trauma. I am curious to find out what will happen in there. Judging from the preview, Shi Woo’s hearing will get better after this, but something will happen that will have to do with Yeob Jung, not that i care so much about him but okay. Chi Ang would never be able to invade Shi Woo and Soon Deok’s mutual feelings in order to acquire Soon Deok’s love, but no matter how pissed off he may be towards Shi Woo, they have gotten so close that even one of Shi Woo’s smiles will be enough for Chi Ang to let the bromance progress! But why did Daniel exclude Soon Deok from one month’s matches? Shi Woo will follow her and he will admit his defeat to Chi Ang, probably without a fight this time, something that won’t let Chi Ang cherish that form of “victory.” Just like i said above, Chi Ang and Seon Ah will go on a date. It’s still a date even if it is at the bell tower armory, but what i’m really looking forward to is the kiss scene between Shi Woo and Soon Deok!


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  1. chasen8888
    January 27, 2016 at 2:19 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recap, one can definitely the beginnings of the relationship between Shi Woo and Seon Dok. It appears that Sun Ah is starting to notice Chi Ang more, so its up to her to help him get over his feelings for Seon Dok. My criticism with this episode is the midterms,granted that Moorim is a unique school but the curriculum along with the exams does not match the accolades boasted by the Dean in the 2nd ep. Plus I am sure that the school should also be teaching other regular subjects, or is it hidden from the viewers? The dean & Chi Ang’s father are mysterious characters – are they good/bad men? With the reduced # of episodes I hope as viewers we find out. As for the preview, learning from my close to 10 years viewing experience with kdramas it can be deceptive as it could happen or be in one of the OTP’s imagination or it came close but they got interrupted. As a fan, I’am hoping for the first one and that it is to be a decent and believable kiss.

    Gone for now

    • January 28, 2016 at 10:41 am — Reply

      You are very welcome and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!! 🙂 Definitely agree on the midterm exams, the only proper one was the one related to martial arts, the rest were… ahem, just for fun! We either don’t see the serious part of studying or… it’s simply not there. But i don’t focus much on that since Moorim is a different school and i want to check on the virtues it keeps preserving. Other than that, they weren’t exams at all XD
      As for the dean, i think he’s a misunderstood figure and Chi Ang’s father is the evil part of the story, but this is only an assumption of mine 🙂
      I love that Shi Woo and Soon Deok are geting closer together and i am looking forward to the moment Seon Ah and Shi Woo will find out that they are siblings! Chi Ang and Seon Ah are noticing one another more and they certainly care about one another on different aspects. I definitely agree though on the preview that it could be a deception, Moorim School’s previews, but also many other dramas, have proven it! “I’am hoping for the first one and that it is to be a decent and believable kiss. ” I keep hoping along with you! 😀

  2. January 27, 2016 at 9:10 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03  Episode 02   Episode 01 […]

  3. Mopinks
    January 28, 2016 at 1:49 am — Reply

    Thanks for this recap…. Hope you’re recapping neighborhood hero?? I find it interesting…. Nice work…

    • January 28, 2016 at 10:37 am — Reply

      Thank you so much and you’re very welcome! Haven’t started watching Neighborhood Hero, is it good? The only thing i know about it is some controversy around it for specific reasons and that it’s not getting subbed quite fast!

  4. Shiny
    January 30, 2016 at 6:21 am — Reply

    Thanks for the recap and for sharing your thoughts…not a fan of soon deok…character seems to be overplayed slightly but I quite like sun ah”s character and her sense of justice and righteousness…more than the main couple it is actually the side characters that interest me a lot…for now the problem with this drama is that while intriguing…it tries too hard to remain that way without giving the viewers much to discover…when we are given pieces of the mysterious puzzle that is moorim, the hints are too obvious…I am hoping Chi Ang remains the way he is and hopefully with sun ah’so help he gets over soon deok. Also wishing he doesn’t end up evil….fingers crossed…but preview for Ep 7 looks good

  5. Les hugo
    January 30, 2016 at 10:03 am — Reply

    One of my favorite scenes was between Seon Ah and her “father” the dean (as far as we know) when she asks him about her fire traumas…she’s all like, papi, is it possible that we (Shiwoo and I) share this connection/fate? and the way he lets her down, calmly, collected: Who hasn’t played with fire as a child? But her immediate response, why do you humor every other student’s issues and not mine?
    I’ve said as much to my parental units 🙂 loved that scene!

  6. January 30, 2016 at 3:24 pm — Reply

    *waves at Kwonnie*
    First time commenting here. Who would’ve guessed that it’d be for Moorim?!. Heh.
    I’ll confess when I first read the synopsis of this drama way back, I was thinking of Moorim school to be a bit like Hogwarts. Like there would be some actual learning & teaching happening which might be sensible? Sigh. Way to get my hopes crushed show!
    But…..am still watching it. Coz am a sucker for bromance (after School2013) & I adore LHW.
    As to my opinion on this week’s episodes, Story doesn’t have a clear focus or direction. Its all over the place. It has the potential, dunno why they are not bringing it forth to the viewers.
    I love SYJ. But she needs to tone down a notch at times. HW needs to be given more screentime. HB is pretty green in this. I want his character to be less annoying. Its irritating to hear him calling “Ariel” all the time. Seon-Ah is good. Let her continue to be daebak.
    LBS is doing a cameo or what? He’s criminally under utilized here.
    Am ok with the OTP. So looking forward to their progress next week. Hope our second leads also become a couple. I hate it when the second leads don’t find happiness in the end like the main leads. Its just not fair.
    Ahem…seems like I wrote down whatever nonsense came into my mind. LOL.
    Signing offf…your Guru. 😝

    • Shiny
      January 30, 2016 at 3:49 pm — Reply

      Exactly my thoughts I am so rooting for he second leads to pair up

  7. February 2, 2016 at 5:32 am — Reply

    Just can’t resist complaining. First, there are NO moose in Africa. Secondly, wolves are not the evil creatures that Hollywood depicts, and I wish Koreans would not take after Hollywood. Wolf attacks on humans are rare, they usually mate for life, live in “families”, and all members of the family care for the young. I’m enjoying the show, and I considerate it underrated, but these kind of sloppy inaccuracies grate on my nerves.

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