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“No one will give you a prize for not crying,
So cry when you feel like doing so.
When it comes to feelings,
It’s only going to be harder for you if you try to hide them.
No one is going to recognize that or anything.”


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While Shi Woo and Soon Deok were on their way back Chi Ang was at Moorim Institute’s yard. Seon Ah appeared and informed him that Shi Woo had left Moorim Institute behind. Even though Chi Ang could easily guess what was going on he didn’t want to believe it and he was even more curious to find out why Shi Woo tried to reach Moorim Peak since he would leave anyway after his name had been cleared. Chi Ang thought that fame was just a fleeting factor, but Seon Ah took Shi Woo’s side and urged Chi Ang to stop talking this way about Shi Woo who must have had his own reasons to take that decision!

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She noticed Shi Woo and asked Chi Ang to pinch her cheeks. Once it was revealed that she wasn’t dreaming Seon Ah ran back inside! Chi Ang was glad noticing that Shi Woo was back, but he didn’t admit that he was waiting for him! He tried to hug Soon Deok, but she prevented him from doing so! The mood between Shi Woo and Chi Ang had already started becoming playfully sincere.

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Even though Shi Woo noticed that Chi Ang had taken over his bed during his absence he let it slide and surrendered for the first and the last time! A letter was thrown under the door and it was no other than an invitation to their entrance ceremony at the bell tower armory.

bscap2741bscap2738bscap2736 bscap2743

Choi Ho informed Yeob Jung about the entrance ceremony but he didn’t care at all. Through Nadet’s drone the students fond out that Daniel, Yoo Di, Dae Ho and Sam were occupied and they could finally proceed with the entrance ceremony plan!


Shi Woo and Chi Ang went to Seon Ah and Soon Deok’s room to find out more about what was going on and the girls informed them that students weren’t allowed to go there because of a secret room. Shi Woo and Chi Ang eventually decided to head towards the secret area since fear of the unknown would never make them surrender and the girls would pave the way for them.

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Of course, the teachers were pretty much aware of everything going on and it was Dae Ho and Yoo Di who made the entrance ceremony a tradition back in the days! Dae Ho and Yoo Di could only praise themselves and the glory of the past!

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After they passed the gate one of the students locked it and soon enough two other students appeared with their weapons! Shi Woo picked a katana and Chi Ang a spear and once the fight was about to begin the surprise party of the entrance ceremony started taking place!

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The teachers were drinking as well and as expected Dae Ho started praising himself and Yoo Di in the past since they could drink for four days and three nights in a row. Daniel thought that he was exaggerating and Yoo Di reduced Dae Ho’s days and nights by one, but she couldn’t lower the grandeur of their parties! Sam was worried that his face had already started turning red due to the alcohol and Yoo Di changed the subject. Daniel started praising Germans for drinking beer instead of water and Dae Ho wouldn’t let it slide since he was putting sugar in his makgeolli! Sam excelled at exaggerating by mentioning that some tribes in Ghana begin to drink once they turn 3 years old! A drinking competition began and the most drunk of all would pay the bill.


Chi Ang was curious to find out why Shi Woo had returned to receive the answer that it was because of him since Shi Woo didn’t want Chi Ang to badmouth him to everyone by stating that he left to avoid cleaning the bathrooms! The mood was playful but Yeob Jung appeared and admitted that he was the one behind the cooking class incident because he wanted them to give up. However, he neither apologized nor acknowledged them and he would never shake hands with Chi Ang. As for alcohol, he doesn’t need it since it’s bad for the muscles and he’s not as low as everyone else inside that room!

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Moo Song received a phone call to find out that the rest of the teachers were wasted! Bang Deok had treated Bong San to meat because she had gotten a job. Soon enough a conversation about Soon Deok began and Bang Deok started talking a bit too much. She tried to make things right since Bong San was thinking that she was preparing herself for the bar exam, unaware of the fact that she was attending Moorim Institute. Moo Song and the wasted teachers were leaving and once Bong San heard Moo Song’s voice he was overran by fear. Bang Deok informed Bong San that she had greeted Moorim Institute’s dean and that’s when his fear got even stronger. He urged Bang Deok to prevent Soon Deok from getting close to that place.

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Shannon and Chi Ang were the highlight of the entrance ceremony party as they were dancing together! Shi Woo, Soon Deok and Seon Ah were admiring them. Once Shi Woo thought that Chi Ang could become an idol someday Soon Deok agreed since she was finding him quite good! Shi Woo had already started feeling a bit jealous! Everyone kept praising Nadet and his drone for making the surprise party happen, but he didn’t let Sang Man pat his head because it was a rude gesture in Thailand!

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Shi Woo was curious about the secret chamber and the treasure (Chintamani). He was informed that the one who will wield it in his/her hands will possess tremendous amounts of power, but if he/she isn’t the right person then a great misfortune will come his/her way. He even found out that a female student had passed away while trying to acquire it and her cries are often heard on rainy nights! Shi Woo noticed that Soon Deok had to leave because of the phone call she had received.


The chicken restaurant’s owner kept accusing Soon Deok of thievery. She even wanted Soon Deok to take off her clothes to prove that she didn’t have the money with her, but once the owner’s son arrived she found out that he was the one who had taken the money in his mother’s absence. After everything that happened there was no way Soon Deok would keep working there, after all she wasn’t getting paid enough and she kept working there out of loyalty. By the time she returned to Moorim Institute the party was already over and once she was left all alone she started drinking.

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In the meantime, Shi Woo was having another nightmare concerning the fire incident while at the same time the unconscious man was diving in more memories. He had informed his wife that Chintamani should never fall in the wrong hands since humanity would be in danger, but she wasn’t ready to hear what she should do in case something bad were to happen to him. After he woke up, Shi Woo started becoming concerned about Chi Ang since he was burning, but all he needed was some water. Shi Woo went to bring him some water, but the it never arrived!

bscap2847 bscap2850bscap2849 bscap2851 bscap2852bscap2856

Shi Woo recalled the students’ information about Chintamani and he returned to the bell tower armory to find out that Soon Deok was drinking and crying her heart out. Shi Woo told her that the others would think that she was the ghost of the deceased girl and she tried to hide the fact that she was crying. Shi Woo sat by her side and once he stated that all people cry from time to time she could let it all out and he took her in his embrace. Chi Ang who was in search of water witnessed the moment and decided to leave while he was lost in his own thoughts.

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Soon Deok would like Shi Woo to pretend that he never saw her crying since she rarely cries in front of others, but he laid emphasis on the fact that hiding her own feelings would cause more harm on her, so she should just cry every time she feels like doing so. It wasn’t the best entrance ceremony experience for Shi Woo, but it was an okay party nevertheless. Soon Deok informed him that she was so happy the moment he decided to return to Moorim Institute. The reason why he decided to come back was that the overall school ambiance was appealing, something he couldn’t properly cherish in the past as he was always busy with his idol debut. Shi Woo thought that Moorim Institute will be an intriguing experience for him and Soon Deok reassured him that he’ll enjoy it even more in the future. Right before entering her room Shi Woo wrist-grabbed Soon Deok and urged her to treat her hand properly. Something deeper has already started taking place!

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Shi Woo went to bed, but Chi Ang was pretending to be asleep as he was disheartened.


The next morning the training was affected by last night’s booze!


Shi Woo woke up to notice that Chi Ang was hiding underneath his blanket. The teachers’ breakfast was ready and the curry rice was Moo Song’s order. He urged them to eat it all in order to start setting a proper example for their students!

 bscap2892 bscap2895bscap2894 bscap2896

Shi Woo was worried about Chi Ang’s stomach, but Chi Ang couldn’t accept his concerns since he had witnessed everything that happened last night. He didn’t reveal anything and he left to see Soon Deok! He visited her inside the kitchen, but she wanted him to leave! He hugged her and urged her to cry in his arms the next time she feels like doing so! All Soon Deok could do was to insist that he should leave, but he was happy anyway! Chi Ang returned back to the room and informed Shi Woo that they were even at that point!

bscap2899bscap2898bscap2897 bscap2903 bscap2904bscap2905 bscap2906 bscap2901bscap2909

Bang Deok was losing her mind with Chi Ang’s mother’s belongings, but the more she was staring at her the more she was reminding her of a pretty and foxy girl from her hometown. The more she talking about her the more Baek Ji was trying to deny that it was her, but there were moments she was about to reveal everything and she was trying to change the subject to the rare tea leaves she had received from China!


The midterm exams schedule was out and almost everyone was freaked out except for Yeob Jung who will be looking forward to witness Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s skills. Chi Ang thought that they had nothing to prove since they hadn’t learned anything yet and Shi Woo could only agree, but Sam had a different opinion since Moorim Institute would never ignore them!

bscap2915 bscap2917bscap2921bscap2922bscap2923bscap2924

Moo Song informed Soon Deok and Seon Ah that they should help the new students with their training! Soon Deok would help Shi Woo who got informed that the grading system is a bit different at Moorim Institute and that the comprehensive exam is most important. It’s an exam that measures every student’s skills and it’s under Moo Song’s absolute supervision.


Seon Ah would help Chi Ang who was astonished by her skills and thought that only him was being mentored since he was the only one capable of moving up to the next level! Everything was flowing well in his mind until Seon Ah informed him that Soon Deok was most likely mentoring Shi Woo!

bscap2936 bscap2935bscap2934 bscap2937

Soon Deok was showing Shi Woo how to gather all the necessary energy inside his body and he was following her lead step by step! Chi Ang was staring at them and i can’t say that he looked happy!

bscap2938bscap2939 bscap2940 bscap2941bscap2942 bscap2946 bscap2944bscap2943 bscap2945

Soon Deok was searching for another part-time job, but she couldn’t find anything that would pace with her studying schedule. Chi Ang was trying to meditate but he kept recalling all these moments between Son Deok and Shi Woo! Chi Ang was definitely pissed off at Shi Woo and he promised to beat him at the midterm exams! Shi Woo could only accept the challenge!

bscap2947 bscap2949bscap2950bscap2948 bscap2954bscap2953

The next morning Chi Ang started practicing hard and promised that Seon Ah would notice his real capabilities quite soon! Everyone kept training, but Chi Ang’s desire to grow stronger and be in the same class as Soon Deok made him practice even more.

bscap2957bscap2955bscap2956 bscap2958 bscap2960bscap2962

Chi Ang followed Soon Deok and he pretended that he needed her help. The truth was that he wanted to dine out with her and she missed her chance to attend her interview! He had even rented the whole place and she could easily notice that having a rich father makes things a lot easier in life. Eating time had arrived and he asked her to stop skipping meals from now on!

bscap2964 bscap2968bscap2970 bscap2973 bscap2972bscap2971

Shi Woo was recalling his previous experience inside the meditation class, but revealing his trauma was a part of that class’s exam. Luna was curious about the reason why Wang Hao was keeping an eye on the unconscious man, but Wang Hao’s right hand wasn’t sure about that either. One thing is certain, it’s related to Chintamani. Once the unconscious man wakes up they will be able to find out Wang Hao’s intentions, but for now they shouldn’t reveal anything to Chi Ang and his mother.


Beop Gong was recalling Shi Woo’s previous experience and the meditation class was about to begin, but Shi Woo would have to unwrap his trauma in order to start doing better in everything.


While Shi Woo was meditating the unconscious man was gradually regaining consciousness. Everyone could notice that something was going on with Shi Woo who was reliving the moment inside the flaming building, but the same applied to the man at the hospital who was fighting with someone while someone else was taking Shi Woo away. Shi Woo started mentioning everything he saw while Moo Song who was keeping an eye on him was surprised by the revelations.

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~ Thoughts ~


It appears that there’s no salvation for Moorim School when it comes to ratings. Its 5th episode “achieved” the drama’s worst ratings to date, 3.5%. I have to admit that the 5th episode exhausted me a bit, it was lacking something despite the fact that it was story-progressing up to an extent. It could be because it was the intermediate step towards the storyline’s next chapter now that Chae Yoon has awakened. Episodes that work as intermediate steps have a 50% rate of success, they will either captivate you or they will feel kind of indifferent to say the least. I will have to choose the second option this time.


The Harry Potter references grow in numbers with Chintamani, a jewel that fulfills wishes according to Hinduism and Buddhism and it’s some sort of the philosopher’s stone’s equivalent. The mystery has become a bit more specific with the particularization of the jewel Chae Yoon hid at the cost of nearly dying, losing his wife and being apart from his children who followed different courses in life. Chae Yoon’s awakening is the missing link between Moo Song, Wang Hao, Bong San and Beop Gong that will specify their role in Moorim School’s story, but it will also bring Shi Woo and most probably Seon Ah closer to the truth that they are siblings.


Even though the 5th episode lessened my enthusiasm i am still eager to find out more about the overall mystery and i am looking forward to the wide variety of interactions, outbursts, emotional complications and deeper bonds that will get forged along the way. The bromance was progressing in a highly representative way and it started glowing even more the moment Shi Woo returned to Moorim Institute. However, the ever-growing romantic vibes between Shi Woo and Soon Deok (i ship them) grow like a thorn inside Chi Ang’s heart, but instead of progressing with a straight forward confrontation with Shi Woo he decided to turn the overall scenery into an ongoing challenge.


Chi Ang remains childish and frank, but at the same time he becomes a bit more indirect at times while trying to strengthen himself instead of erupting here and there, especially when it comes to Shi Woo. One could say that Chi Ang has started walking upon a slightly more mature pathway without neglecting his main characteristics. After a few episodes have passed and even though i was enthusiastic with Hong Bin’s acting in the beginning, at this point i have to admit that he keeps recycling himself and his facial expressions have become a bit more predictive. It could be the negative vibes of the episode, but i haven’t given up on him or the drama yet since both Hong Bin and the drama will have to prove their actual worth in the episodes that lie ahead.


Just like i was trolled with the fight scene, the same thing happened with the bell tower armory entrance ceremony! I was expecting Chi Ang and Shi Woo to show their skills under different circumstances, but it was a surprise party! However, Chi Ang showed his partying skills and Shi Woo had become more communicative! Even though Shi Woo and Chi Ang progress solely and together it’s pretty much clear that the competition between them isn’t over, but as time passes by it becomes healthier. Chi Ang often stands in Shi Woo’s shadow and it was more than apparent the moment he visited Soon Deok in the kitchen after having witnessed her emotional breakdown and Shi Woo’s soothing approach towards her.


While both of them remain themselves, Shi Woo has a stronger personality. After all he had to learn how to live on his own and he never gained anything without working hard. He may be a renowned idol, but he’s more related to Soon Deok’s world while Chi Ang’s dinner invitation, no matter how sincere it was, it was possessing its own showoff dynamics that were altering his arch intentions. Soon Deok never showed further interest in Chi Ang, but her interactions with Shi Woo appear deeper with the passing of time. She was happy to hear that he would return to Moorim Institute and she helped him clear his name, but he was also there for her the moment she was losing herself in tears after she had been wrongly accused. Soon Deok maintained her dignity and moved forward despite the fact that she had to leave behind a job that was pacing with her studying schedule.


Some of the drama’s side stories become less intriguing as episodes pass by. The Daniel, Sam, Dae Ho and Yoo Di quartet doesn’t add to the flow of the story, but they are hilarious together. I can’t say the same about the nerve-wracking Yeob Jung, i wish he could just vanish. The overall Bang Deok, Bong San and Baek Ji vibes have started tiring me a bit, the only good part was that Bong San’s blindness may be related to the flaming building incident and his fear the moment he was around Moo Song was pointing towards the direction that Moo Song may not be the one he appears to be at the present without this setting aside the option that he could be a misunderstood figure. There’s a line of secrets waiting to be revealed and a few of them have to be how did Shi Woo escape the flaming building, who was the one who almost killed Chae Yoon, why did Wang Hao kept hospitalizing him, why does the Chae Yoon story remain a secret from Chi Ang and his mother, how did Baek Ji meet Wang Hao in the first place (something we may find out through her not so interesting for now interactions with Bang Deok), etc. At this point i have to thank Z.Hera and Shannon for keeping my eyes pleasantly occupied, Seo Ye Ji and Jeong Eugene for being so adorable and progressing their talents along with Lee Hyun Woo’s acting for helping me hang in there.


The fact that Shi Woo was becoming more communicative inside Moorim Institute was something that started turning to life thanks to Soon Deok, but his acclimation reached a brand new level the moment he started unveiling the contours of his trauma making Moo Song and Beop Gong notice a few more things. Judging from the preview, Seon Ah will wonder if Moo Song is her real father since her trauma resembles Shi Woo’s. Chae Yoon won’t recognize Wang Hao who was “concerned” about him all this time. Moo Song will wonder if Chae Yoon is still alive whereas Wang Hao’s plan had already started progressing, something that makes me believe that Wang Hao could be the bad guy of the story and Moo Song some sort of a tragic hero, but this is only an assumption. Chi Ang will keep trying to approach Soon Deok who will promise him something! At the same time, things will get hilariously competitive between Shi Woo and Chi Ang while cleaning the bathroom and after the mentoring process will be over they will find themselves in a real competition! The 6th episode’s preview appears way more intriguing that the 5th episode itself, let’s see what lies ahead!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
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