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Fragile Episode 2 Review


フラジャイル  Fragile  02 Synopsis : Miyazaki’s first day at Pathology proves a harder feat than she thought, as it’s vastly different than what she was accustomed to her previous department.

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Alcohol poisoning is the wrong diagnosis that the mighty Pathology Department has to hunt down this week- Dr. Kei figures out simple alcohol poisoning doesn’t fit with the low blood acidity the patient has, (a middle-aged man owning a clocks shop) and Miyazaki, sets out to find strong evidence asking his wife and searching around the store to find different pills or something similar the man might have taken before, to explain his symptoms.

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#02 is mostly focused on Miyazaki who doesn’t (can’t) change her ways (as Kei puts it “she just loves seeing the patients straight to the face!) but her stubbornness on that front, helps to uncover the real cause of what truly happened to the man; playing detective while arguing with Kei on the phone was hilarious to see, as was Kei’s subtle smile when she was pissed that a doctor basically flat-out told her (insult on her book!) she’s slacking out!

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It also became evident (as if it wasn’t duh enough) that she joined Pathology, not for the field per se, but because Kei is in charge of it. His cocky, arrogant way is legit (because it is Kei) but that stems from the necessity to be able to give a right diagnosis at time, rather than just show off because he is the best at what he does; and that honesty of him got through to her.

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Kei’s speech to the doctors about how giving a mere extra 20 seconds to listen to the patients without interrupting them in order to get a diagnosis quickly out of the way, was pretty spot on- he understands the workload they have to go through but giving a wrong diagnosis (due to time-management) is no excuse; his emphasis on that was quite strong :  a half-minute more and that can go a long way. And thus, the clash between doctors and pathologists becomes void– they must all co-operate and do their best for the patients without the need to waste time arguing on who’s wrong and who’s right. (we all know Kei’s the right one. Always.)

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My favorite part of the episode was Kei giving Miyazaki her own snack in the end, as a welcome gift since she “fully blossomed into a Pathology woman”! I loved how Miyazaki wanted to keep it all to herself (despite Dr. Hosoki asking for a bite) and enjoying it like she discovered ambrosia, because that wasn’t a mere snack, that was Kei’s faith in her and she definitely earned it!

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Bonus at the above- Morii was glad with Kei’s gesture and he actually started to warm up to Miyazaki prior to that- going to her “welcome party” (Nakaguma you old perv geezer!) making sure she got home safely putting her in a taxi after she got a tad drunk. (..I ship it, not even gonna lie!)

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The best kind of food tastes the most delicious when you’re around people you like and a bond between all three of them is slowly but surely building up!

Onwards to episode 3 (seems like we’re gonna get some focus on Morii this time) and here’s to more snack moments!

[disclaimer – this post was written by a kipzizz-still-watching-AUSopen for only]

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