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Remember – War of The Son Episode 12 Recap [You Let The Devil In Your Home]

remembwar01200092111(this is our darkest cave.)

[disclaimer – this was written by a excited-to-watch-masha-rn-kipzizz for dramajjang.co only]

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In Ah and Jin look in surprise as Dong Ho remains apathetic to Gyu Man’s slap. After Gyu Man departs, Dong Ho leaves as well and returns to his office; Sung Ho is furious at Gyu Man for slapping his boss and remarks that if he had done the same thing a few years back, he would be dead by now. Dong Ho is calm however, and says that this is all karma and it’s catching up to him.

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Min Soo and his father thank Jin Woo for all the help, but he states that he simply did his job. The father mentions how ashamed he feels that he even contemplated leaving his son alone, while Min Soo mentions how happy he is to spend every day with his father. Jin Woo is happy for them, remembering the moments with his own father – his thoughts are interrupted by Min Soo who reveals that it was Dong Ho that recommended Jin Woo as the lawyer to help him and his father.

remembwar01200006 remembwar01200007

Sung Ho delivers the files of the microwave incident and its victims to Dong Ho along with some other documents regarding President Nam’s past incidents.

Dong Ho meets Detective Bae and they talk about an old case of Seogwang’s factory that involved an explosion that was never fully investigated since Prosecutor Hong handled that case- Dong Ho believes that it might have been President Nam that caused all this and Detective Bae replies that after that incident Ilho Group was born. Dong Ho’s father was somehow involved in that case and refused to follow Nam’s orders and this is why he tried to escape.

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In the law firm, everyone’s celebrating their victory on court and Director Sa praises both Jin Woo and In Ah for their amazing achievement- she wishes she had been there to check on Dong Ho and Gyu Man’s faces while they were losing.

Lawyer Song says that he was a big part of it babbling while a bit drunk, and Director Sa orders him to leave before he starts talking some more, wanting to leave In Ah and Jin Woo alone.

remembwar01200011 remembwar01200012

In Ah wants to keep drinking but Jin Woo grabs her beer and tells her she should stop drinking; In Ah isn’t amused at him ordering him around and notes how when he was a little highschool boy she was already in college.

remembwar01200015 remembwar01200016

She says that she will be his bigger sister and orders him to call him noona- Jin Woo tries to avoid that but finds it difficult after In Ah insists on teasing him and concedes defeat while both of them keep on laughing at the absurd situation they found themselves into.

remembwar01200017 remembwar01200018

Seok Joo meets his man who tells him that Dong Ho has been meeting a detective lately; he has been digging around his father’s case which is somehow related to President Nam. Seok Joo is surprised to hear that, but orders his man not to tell anything to Gyu Man about this.

remembwar01200019 remembwar01200020

President Nam isn’t satisfied that Jin Woo managed to take them on, but Dong Ho promises he won’t lose any other trials like this.

Seok Joo wants to meet with Dong Ho- Dong Ho is reluctant at first, but Seok Joo says he won’t repeat it and they have to talk.

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Seok Joo tells Dong Ho that he wasn’t aware that President Nam was connected to his father; had he known he had something to do with his death, he wouldn’t have joined him. However, he’s now working for him, which means if Dong Ho wants to take him out, he will have to go through him first. Dong Ho understands they have to go their separate ways.

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Dong Ho and Sung Ho go back to their old law firm office, and Dong Ho remembers how he met Jin Woo there- Sung Ho wonders when he’s planning to strike, but Dong Ho says that this needs to happen at the right time.

Min Soo and his father are back at the factory and ready to power it up while waiting for the positive verdict when Jin Woo visits them; Min Soo thanks him again for all his help and gives him the list of the factory employees Jin Woo asked him to.

remembwar01200025 remembwar01200026

In Ah wonders why Jin Woo would want that list now, and he replies that it’s the trivial things that matter. That line takes In Ah back at their first meeting, when Jin Woo said the same thing.

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Jin Woo is startled a bit since he can’t remember but quickly changes the subject asking In Ah how her investigation about Prosecutor Hong is going; she says that Prosecutor Tak has been helping her gather evidence- however, she is concerned about him as he’s been working hard lately and he should ask for her help if he needs anything.

remembwar01200029 remembwar01200030

Detective Gwak visits Prosecutor Hong and ask him to put a good word to Guy Man for him; Prosecutor Hong tells him his services are no longer needed and he should pay for his mistake- if he wanted to maintain his position, he should have been more careful.

remembwar01200031 remembwar01200032

Judge Seok Gyu thinks about Jung Ah’s case when she bumps into Yeo Kyung; he asks her about being a juror in that case four years ago. She confirms that she was, and he wans to know her opinion about it- she states that Jae Hyuk was guilty in her eyes. Seok Gyu doesn’t seem to agree but he doesn’t say anything and leaves.

remembwar01200033 remembwar01200034

Prosecutor Hong tells Gyu Man that Judge Seok Gyu is not convinced about the sentencing in Seok Gyu’s case, something that alarms Gyu Man.

Judge Seok Gyu visits Jin Woo’s law firm; Jin Woo thanks him for taking care the prison doctor case, but Seok Gyu says he only did  the lawful thing.

remembwar01200035 remembwar01200036

Jin Woo asks him what brought him in the firm- Seok Gyu is not convinced that Jin Woo’s father case was handled well, with many loopholes in the investigation report and the switch on the judges made him more suspicious.

In Ah tells Seok Gyu that Jae Hyuk was innocent, and she knows that since she saw a video of the real killer confessing to the crime.

remembwar01200037 remembwar01200038

Seok Gyu is surprised to hear that, and asks Jin Woo if he had seen that video as well; Jin Woo confirms that he has; Seok Gyu asks him to tell him who the killer is, and Jin Woo reveals the name of Gyu Man which shocks Seok Gyu.

remembwar01200039 remembwar01200040

Dong Ho looks at a picture of his father and him, and remembers what his father told him in the truck before it crashed; he tells Sung Ho that even if he doesn’t want to, he has to win the trial since Gyu Man suspects him.

remembwar01200041 remembwar01200042

In Ah’s parents visit the law firm- her mother is quick to tidy up the place declaring how she was untidy at home and carried that habit in the office as well.

Her mother asks her if she really wants to become an attorney- In Ah tells her she is certain about her decision and her mother says that she won’t “forgive” her until she becomes a proper attorney that will help others. In Ah is happy to hear that and they reconcile.

remembwar01200044 remembwar01200045

Dong Ho meets the factory manager and makes a deal with him of taking care his ill daughter in Ilho Hospital, if he testifies in favour of Ilho. Meanwhile Jin Woo is interviewing an engineer who concludes that unless the lightbulb was severely damaged, the microwave couldn’t have exploded from that.

remembwar01200046 remembwar01200047

Seok Joo dines with Gyu Man, who introduces him to one of his contacts- he proposes they laungh a new line of lightbulbs something that excites Seok Joon.

Their meeting is cut short from a furious Gwak entering the restaurant and threatening Gyu Man that he will reveal all he knows about him.

remembwar01200048 remembwar01200049

Seok Joo’s men take Gwak out and tie him to the warehouse he coerced Jin Woo’s father to confess and later tried to kill Jin Woo. He yells at Gyu Man to get him down, while a hidden camera is recording everything.

remembwar01200051 remembwar01200052

In Ah visits Jung Ah’s neighborhood and acquires a box with her stuff- while she checks on them, she finds that the day she died she had a singing gig planned, and Soo Beom’s card slips from one of the pages.

remembwar01200053 remembwar01200054

Soo Beom and Sung Ho marvel at Kim Tae Hee’s beauty and Sung Ho wishes he had an older woman like her to take care of his needs; Soo Beom laughs at that but he finds out that Sung Ho was actually born in 1988 and curses him for having tricked him all along, acting as he was older to get favors from him.

Soo Beom later meets In Ah, who directly asks him if he had booked Jung Ah 4 years ago so she could sing in Gyu Man’s villa- he denies it but In Ah is convinced it was him, passing him the card she found in Jung Ah’s stuff.

remembwar01200055 remembwar01200056

Gyu Man watches the whole scene and while driving back, he asks Soo Beom what he was talking about with her- Soo Beom states that she was simply trying to fish any info for the Light Smile Bulbs case.

remembwar01200057 remembwar01200058

In Ah gives Prosecutor Tak proof that the will was forged and Jung Ah’s father didn’t commit suicide; that means that Prosecutor Hong meddled with investigation something that infuriates Prosecutor Tak, who says he will take down Prosecutor Hong.

remembwar01200059 remembwar01200060

On her way out, In Ah meets Prosecutor Hong who mocks her for her often visits there- it might be she’s trying to get Prosecutor Tak fired too, but In Ah says that the next person who’s gonna leave, might be him instead.

Lawyer Song doesn’t think it’s a good idea to meet the victims of the microwave incident but Jin Woo says that they have to try, to make sure when the time of the explosion took place.

remembwar01200061 remembwar01200062

The first victim they try to meet is angry with them, and throws them out immediately accusing them of trying to settle.

Jin Woo meets Dong Ho in the hospital corridors and asks him why he gave his card to Min Soo; Dong Ho states that it was so they could face off in the court. He tells Jin Woo that unless he beats him first, he will never be able to beat Gyu Man; Jin Woo assures him he’ll win both of them.

remembwar01200064 remembwar01200065

Lawyer Song wonders why the victims are blaming Smile Bulbs when there’s no proof when Jin Woo spots the factory manager with his daughter.

He asks him if Dong Ho approached him and told him he would pay for his daughter’s surgery in exchange for a false testimony. The factory manager says that his life is really difficult and Jin Woo promises he will pay for his daughter’s surgery and he can pay him back slowly- he shouldn’t throw away all the years he worked hard for Smile Bulbs, tainting them with lies.

remembwar01200066 remembwar01200067

Gyu Man’s friend visits him and notes how he looks as he will inherit all of Ilho’s Group assets something that Gyu Man admits, as even the old directors that doubted him, have nothing to say to him anymore.

Soo Beom interrupts them to deliver Guy Man some papers, and his friend is not satisfied with the nod Soo Beom gave him, claiming he has to bow down to him- Gyu Man agrees and forces Soo Beom to bow down. His friends remarks that Gyu Man shouldn’t hang around with people lesser than him, but Gyu Man says it’s alright as long as it is Soo Beom, since he has no pride.

remembwar01200068 remembwar01200069

Later in the day, Soo Beom drinks with Seok Gyu, yelling that Gyu Man would be in jail if it wasn’t for him to clean his messes- Seok Gyu thinks back to what Jin Woo told him about Gyu Man being the murderer of Jung Ah.

remembwar01200070 remembwar01200071

In the law firm, Lawyer Song is joking around with Director Sa and In Ah when Jin Woo arrives having found another company that dealt with refrigerators that went down under Ilho- he gives In Ah the info he found about it, and tells her to look into it.

remembwar01200074 remembwar01200075

Gyu Man is feeding people as part of his philanthropist front, when he receives the video with Gwak in the warehouse, threatening him to kill him if he goes around revealing the truth. Jin Woo calls him and tells him to stay tuned as there are more to come.

Gyu Man bursts out in anger throwing down the food tables in front of the cameras and the people who look shocked.

remembwar01200076 remembwar01200077

Jin Woo crosses off Gwak from his info-wall, as their previous meeting is revealed- Gwak gave the video of his own accord to Jin Woo, as he doesn’t want to go down alone. He regrets having been a servant to Gyu Man and right now they share the same target.

remembwar01200078 remembwar01200079

Lawyer Song and In Ah meet with the refrigerator company president who tells them that Ilho sued him despite having proof that it was another’s company fault, that dealt with wires. He had all of his stuff checked out but nobody gave any care to his reports and trusted Ilho’s allegations.

remembwar01200080 remembwar01200082

Prosecutor Tak got approval to seize Prosecutor Hong’s items as he’s being investigated for corruption; Prosecutor Hong is surprised to find out that the district prosecutor gave the permission for that, and immediately calls Gyu Man to inform him while In Ah and Lawyer Song try to have a word with the wires president who wants nothing to do with them, after hearing they represent Smile Bulbs.

remembwar01200083 remembwar01200084

Gyu Man wants the name of the one who stabbed him in the back, and Hong tells him it was prosecutor Tak but he’s positive that In Ah was the source behind it all.

Dong Ho surprises Seok Joo’s man who’s tailing him and tells him never to follow him again after punching him twice.

remembwar01200085 remembwar01200087

Jin Woo visits the doctor who doesn’t have good news for him; he advises him to rest and not to overextert his memory as that worsens his condition. Jin Woo asks him to be honest with him and tell him how much time does he have- the doctor says a year at most, since his memory capacity has hit its limit and will start to deteriorate as he keeps on using it.

remembwar01200088 remembwar01200090

Jin Woo thinks back to the moment he first found out his father lost his memory and breaks down- Gyu Man pays a visit to the law firm, where In Ah has left the “bookshelf door” open after she got in to check on something.

remembwar01200092 remembwar01200093

After hearing steps, In Ah thinks it’s Jin Woo and before she’s able to do anything, Gyu Man has entered the hidden room surprised at the wall-info of his family. He remarks that she must know him better than he knows himself as he approaches her, while Jin Woo arrives at the lawfirm.

Reflection Corner :


Ahhhh Jin Woo, how many more times do we have to see you dispirited and disheartened? (I loved that shot by the way, all alone looking at the depth of the city lights)

He knew that his memory was bound to slump, but having a specific date must have stung like a poisonous bee! His suffering is never-ending, and you have to wonder how much courage must he muster to pick himself up and keep on going again.


Thankfully he’s not alone in his crusade, as In Ah and Lawyer Song along with Director Sa will help him- and this will be the crucial difference between him and his father, as his father was basically alone in a jail cell without having access to basic medication, while Jin Woo has his shield right beside him- A noona shield at that!


But noona, girl, my thought was “WHAT ABOUT ‘EM FLIPPING DOORS?!” when I saw In Ah leaving the hidden room door open! Her back is her big blind spot, either getting hit or not looking at what’s left behind it open lol.

I doubt Gyu Man is gonna harm her (…well never doubt him I guess! but there’s Soo Beom and Jin Woo outside) but he will be that much more careful now that he knows his every move is being tracked by Jin Woo.


My biggest “ahhh” though, concerns Dong Ho (AGAIN!) this episode though; am I the only one that doesn’t see any logical followup at “I want to help you, but I have to take you down, but I will help you but the time ran out so I will help but I have to take you down again…” like, Dong Ho help Jin Woo AT THE PRESENT, not at an unspecified time somewhere in the future!

His stalling already cost Jae Hyuk’s life, so I’m hoping he proves me wrong (he remains my fave) with a well crafted, elaborate plan to take down ALL of Ilho, otherwise it’s just shouting at the air. The fact that it was confirmed he plans to strike Gyu Man was a welcome gift, after several episodes of wondering, so there’s that.


Things are looking gloomier and shadowy for Jin Woo, but his noona helmet will protect him and guard him from everything that might come this way and in the words of one Hanna Marin, “soon we will have jubilation!”.


Onwards to episode 13 then!

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