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“The world the mixed drink led us to
Was a world devoid of the pain of breaking up.
There, everyone was happy.”


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 And thus our fairytale begins…

Once upon a time there was a prince who brought back the glass slipper the princess was missing. Everything was radiant, they kissed and it felt like heaven. The dream kept breathing until the lights went out for reality to take over!

bscap0931 bscap0930bscap0929 bscap0932 bscap0935bscap0934 bscap0936 bscap0937bscap0938

In the beginning there were… Angels!


Angels were preparing themselves to get on stage for yet another performance of their renowned composition, but the signs were already ominous! Seul Ah was enjoying all of the group’ fame and glory even when it comes to the stickers of Angels’ bread!

OneMoreHappyEndingNaraOneMoreHappyEndingDaIn OneMoreHappyEndingDaraOneMoreHappyEndingInnaOneMoreHappyEndingInYoung

She was always the first option for pretty much everything while overshadowing the other members and she was well aware of that. However, she wasn’t being overran by an excessive team spirit, on the contrary, her overall attitude was fueling the flames to a wider extent since she wouldn’t cease reminding the rest of how essential she was to the extent of feeling like being a philanthropist and the sole reason of their existence in Angels!

bscap1003 bscap1004bscap1005 bscap1006bscap1014bscap1008 bscap1009 bscap1010bscap1016bscap1013

After the tension between Dong Mi and Seul Ah surrendered everything seemed to be flowing well on stage, but Seul Ah kept provoking Mi Mo who had already lost a role to the Angels’ main figure! After the performance was over Seul Ah stepped on Mi Mo’s foot and this was it. Mi Mo could only land on her face with a majestic air kick and a fight erupted with the other members trying to put an end to it, but it was too late. The cellphones around them were on fire and the scandal resulted in Angels’ disbandment.

bscap1019bscap1020 bscap1022 bscap1023bscap1024  bscap1028 bscap1031bscap1033 bscap1040 bscap1045bscap1044 bscap1047 bscap1048bscap1049

Years had passed since Angels were cast out of heaven and Masspunch was eager to interview them as a part of a campaign to find out what former idols were doing in their lives at the present. Mi Mo, Da Jung, Dong Mi and Ae Ran were still best friends and all of them were following their own pathway in life, but they had cut ties with Seul Ah who had become a famous actress! However, the curse hadn’t surrendered since the interviewer could recall the names of Mi Mo and Da Jung simply because they were the ones participating in the interview, as for Dong Mi and Ae Ran, they had to bring up their names in order for the interviewer to remember. Even at the present, Seul Ah’s name was the synonym of Angels.


Loving you, loving you!

Han Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra)


Sung Yoon (Kim So YeonFall In Love With Soon Jung, I Need Romance 3) and her husband (Kwak Si YangOh My Ghost) got a divorce. She won the custody battle and acquired alimony and child support expenses per month, but at the end of the day he was the one to be happy since the money he would have to pay were a piece of cake for him and he had acquired his freedom! Sung Yoon saw her life collapsing before her very eyes and that’s the reason why she visited our beloved Mi Mo at the remarriage consulting firm she runs with Da Jung.

bscap0951bscap0954bscap0950 bscap0943bscap0942bscap0965bscap0963bscap0964

No wonder it’s called Brave Wedding, Sung Yoon was living in a bubble making her believe that the prince on a white horse would visit her soon and he’d protect her and her two children by all means necessary! Mi Mo brought her back to reality and reminded her that the remarriage option fails because of unreasonable hopes, but its success always derives from excessive self-assessment! Brave Wedding is an honest firm and Mi Mo doesn’t say everything the client wants to hear, only the truth will come out of her mouth no matter how hurtful it may be! Sung Yoon will have to go through all the necessary stages starting from working out and taking care of her appearance and when she’ll be ready Mi Mo and Brave Wedding will find the right person for her! Wasn’t our Kim So Yeon adorably quirky?!

 bscap0970bscap0972bscap0969 bscap0973bscap0971

As for Mi Mo getting remarried, she’s just waiting for the perfect timing that seemed to have arrived after her spy informed her on her boyfriend’s preparations! Kim Jung Hoon (Lee Dong Ha) had reserved the whole restaurant, he had also ordered 3000 roses and a suite was waiting for him and Mi Mo!


Baek Da Jung (Yoo Da In)


Of course, Da Jung was the first person to get informed on Mi Mo’s forthcoming marriage, but Da Jung is the voice of logic and brought her down to earth. Nothing’s certain until the ring becomes a part of her finger and even though Jung Hoon appeared in Mi Mo’s dream Da Jung was the one to remind her that it was just a dream and that she wasn’t sure if it was him or someone else! Of course, Da Jung doesn’t want to ruin her dreams, all she wants is for Mi Mo to not get hurt again. However, during the Masspunch interview Mi Mo managed to inform the reporter that she will be getting remarried soon and promised an exclusive interview in the near future.

bscap1000bscap0995bscap0994 bscap1000

Even though Da Jung was supposed to be happily married it was far from being the truth. Her husband, Kim Gun Hak (Kim Tae Hoon), isn’t satisfied with the way their marriage progresses and he wants a divorce. It’s something they try to keep a secret from their son, but he receives all the harmful vibes and reflects everything he feels through his paintings and thoughts in his journal. The teacher informed both of them that their son’s thoughts doesn’t pace with his age as the child feels lonely and questions the purpose of living in this world. However, Gun Hak wants to move forward with the divorce procedure devastating Da Jung to a wider extent.

bscap1338bscap1337bscap1246 bscap1345bscap1344

It’s not Mi Mo’s exclusivity to have weird and delusional clients, Da Jung has her own fair share as well and it’s no other than Oh Jung Se‘s character! Yoo Da In and Oh Jung Se were a great couple in Plus Nine Boys! Anyway, he basically wanted a housekeeping slave meeting a lot of odd qualifications by day and an enchantress of pleasures by night! In case there’s someone eager to join forces with him Da Jung will be the one to find her!

bscap1119 bscap1291bscap1290bscap1341

Go Dong Mi (Yoo In Na)


Dong Mi is an elementary school teacher at the present, but she’s the living fear of her students once something goes wrong! And the basketball landing on her head was a criminal act making her scream like the dawn of a new day would never come!

bscap1056 bscap1057bscap1058 bscap1059

Dong Mi doesn’t approve of her friends’ rational way of thinking when it comes to men and relationships and she considers them responsible for many people ending up in family courts to get a divorce! However, she was certain that she would meet the man of her dreams at the group blind date event, but before that she had to stop by the church to pray for her humble desires to turn to life. It’s all about a man who looks good in jeans and a white t-shirt and possesses the gift of abs no matter how much he eats! Looking sexy in Calvin Klein underwear is a must too! She doesn’t ask for too much, right? “(W)rong” Arnold Schwarzenegger would say!

bscap1075 bscap1133bscap1134 bscap1244

Dong Mi may had arrived at the hotel, but reality was far from her dreamlike expectations! Of course, the charming accountants she was searching for were married or about to get married or simply weren’t interested in women and the place was filled with old men that would never meet her “humble” expectations! Since she had paid 200$ for the hell she found herself in she kept drinking expensive wine until her forehead landed on the table!

bscap1409bscap1410 bscap1411 bscap1412bscap1413

Hong Ae Ran (Seo In Young)


Ae Ran runs an online shopping mall and her bikini photos occasionally appear on the main pages of web portals. No matter how charming and sexy she may look making men around her drop their jaws on the floor, behind the scenes she’s a powerful screamer if the push-up pads don’t live up to her breasts’ melon-looking expectations!

 bscap1061bscap1065 bscap1067bscap1060bscap1071

Ae Ran’s single life will soon be over as she was blinded by the ring’s radiance in the first place, but staring at it is a frightening experience at this very moment. Even though Bang Dong Bae (Park Eun SeokThe Village: Achiara’s Secret) may be the perfect husband, Ae Ran doesn’t have feelings for him. Once again, it was Da Jung’s duty to remind her that if he doesn’t make her passionate with love he will make her passionate with anger after they get married and she urged Ae Ran to rethink about the marriage one week before it takes place. In case she proceeds with the marriage, Da Jung advised her to wait for a year before registering it, it’s all about being rationally suspicious! Visiting her future husband’s family was making her look sad.

 bscap1126 bscap1122bscap1078bscap1249

Song Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho)


Soo Hyuk is one of Masspunch’s reporters and he’s after the big thing, Seul Ah! He and his partner in crime, Na Hyun Ki (Ko Kyu PilD-Day), were trying to take pictures of her outside of a clinic, but Seul Ah noticed them and Soo Hyuk started driving in order not to look suspicious! He ended up hitting Mi Mo’s car, but the pregnant ahjumma with the manly voice took Mi Mo by surprise! Once he referred to Mi Mo as ahjumma things got even more serious and the car was no longer important! The fact that he didn’t know Angels made things dangerous, but he was in the US and that’s why he was unaware of everything going on in the K-Pop scene back in the days (2003)! Since the insurance company would take care of everything Mi Mo let Soo Hyuk go!

bscap1081 bscap1094bscap1093 bscap1098bscap1103bscap1105 bscap1106bscap1112bscap1113 bscap1109 bscap1107bscap1114bscap1116

Soo Hyuk and Hyun Ki were at the clinic pretending to be a couple in order not to look suspicious and that’s the moment Soo Hyun found out that Seul Ah used to be a member of Angels! The mission was successful after acquiring a few pictures of Seul Ah and shortly after they started following her!


Soo Hyuk’s son is proud of his father who’s quite great at pretty much everything, including cooking, but he’s got a weak point! He doesn’t possess the art of seducing women and the same applies to his son as well, with the difference that he attracts women!


Goo Seul Ah (Sandara Park)


Dara deserves only love because she’s made of love and inhales and exhales love! You have to adore how masterfully she depicts an indigestible character like Seul Ah who looks like Dara but is the exact opposite of her! That smile killed me and brought me to life countless times!


Loving you, loving you!


Mi Mo was in a dream within a dream and she was going through all the necessary sub-levels of hell to look pretty and find herself in sexy lingerie and a beautiful pink dress which was highly representative of Jang Na Ra’s characteristics! The pearl necklace used to be a grand declaration of Jung Hoon’s unique feelings (unique feelings, my ass) and a promise that he would always be closer to her heart every time she’d wear it! One condom? Nope! Two condoms? Yes, but nope! It would be the night they’d make rice cakes in heaven!

 bscap1137bscap1138 bscap1139 bscap1140bscap1141 bscap1144bscap1150bscap1151 bscap1152 bscap1155bscap1159bscap1146

Our Mi Mo was so happy she was singing in the car and once Jung Hoon called her on the phone she couldn’t hide the fact that she was heading towards his location! He urged her to return back home but since she wasn’t willing to comply he sent her a breakup message. The moment she realized what was going on her scream tore the heaven apart!

bscap1168 bscap1170bscap1172 bscap1177

Hating you, hating you!


Jung Hoon proposed to Seul Ah who wasn’t pleased at first since she wanted his proposal to be more personal and far away from others who could witness the moment! Soo Hyuk and Hyun Ki were successful, but they needed more pictures. Soo Hyuk would continue the mission alone since Hyun Ki had to leave because his wife was about to give birth!

bscap1178bscap1179 bscap1180 bscap1181bscap1183 bscap1185

Seul Ah was pregnant and the baby was healthy, it’s something that made Jung Hoon quite happy! In the meantime, Mi Mo was losing herself in tears and screams while heading towards the hotel!

bscap1193bscap1188bscap1189 bscap1194

Jung Hoon wasn’t afraid to be more expressive in front of the restaurant’s personnel since Seul Ah would become his wife while Soo Hyun was trying to invade their privacy! The moment Mi Mo passed him by he found his chance and started taking photos of a far greater scene than he would ever expect! His full of surprise facial expressions were highly representative of the ongoing events! Jung Hoon’s face was rejuvenated the Mi Mo way and she erupted in her own classy way in front of him. She never deserved such a breakup message, but breaking up “properly” another day would be meaningless since things had reached the point of no return and everything was already over. The moment Seul Ah revealed herself by taking off her sunglasses things could have gotten more tense, but witnessing the ring on her finger made Mi Mo recall Da Jung’s wise words. Our lovely Mi Mo left heartbroken after having left everyone speechless.

bscap1205bscap1202bscap1204 bscap1209 bscap1212bscap1217 bscap1219 bscap1225bscap1221bscap1224bscap1220bscap1227 bscap1230 bscap1233bscap1234 bscap1237 bscap1241bscap1240 bscap1243

Saving you, saving you!


Soo Hyuk was working on his news report which was more glorious after the latest events! Mi Mo was nearby and threw her pearl necklace into the sea. Soon enough she recalled that it was a limited edition one and that it was worth lots of money! The moment Soo Hyuk witnessed her entering the sea he ran to help her since he thought that she was trying to end her own life! The thing is, he doesn’t know anything about diving and he found himself on the sand after trying to invade the depths of 10cm, but it wasn’t only that! He didn’t even know how to swim and Mi Mo was the one who ended up saving the one who was supposed to be her savior! Once she revived him he recalled what he thought she was up to and took her in his embrace trying to cheer her up by reminding her that life is meaningful while Mi Mo couldn’t conceive what was going on!

bscap1251bscap1253bscap1263 bscap1264bscap1265 bscap1273bscap1267bscap1269 bscap1271 bscap1272bscap1275 bscap1281 bscap1277bscap1276 bscap1279

On their way back home Mi Mo found out that he was a Masspunch reporter who was after Seul Ah and definitely not Mi Mo who was collateral damage! However, he couldn’t keep up with everything he was saying since Mi Mo had saved his life and going back home was essential for Soo Hyuk! Since our Mi Mo is a nice person she decided not to leave him in the middle of the highway!

bscap1295bscap1293 bscap1292bscap1301bscap1302

Drinking like there’s no tomorrow…


And they found out they are neighbors with Mi Mo living at the 1501 and Soo Hyuk at the 1502 apartment! He was hungry, but he recalled that she was hungry as well and cooking time had arrived! His previous meal was rated 8/10 by his son, but the real challenge was to approach Mi Mo again! Even though she was negative at first, she gladly accepted her reward for saving him and bringing him back home!

bscap1311bscap1305bscap1306 bscap1310 bscap1312bscap1313 bscap1315 bscap1322bscap1323

Plus, she was in desperate need of drinking company and the moment Soo Hyuk walked into her apartment he was shocked by the bottles and the food! She had already taken care of Jung Hoon’s face and she enjoyed Soo Hyuk’s dishes, but the moment for somek (soju + beer – “god’s tears mixed with the devil’s piss” [Kill Me, Heal Me]) had arrived and the ceiling wasn’t unaffected by it!

bscap1329bscap1326bscap1327 bscap1331bscap1330bscap1332 bscap1333 bscap1347bscap1350 bscap1354 bscap1358bscap1359

(Strangers? Absofuckinglutely not!)


The moment they introduced themselves to one another they recalled everything! He was her Romeo she was his Juliet at a theatrical play back in elementary school, but his nausea prevented him from kissing her and Soo Hyuk ran away leaving Mi Mo, Olivia Hussey of Daegwallyeong, all alone on stage! Some girls were making fun of her, but she put all the blame on Soo Hyuk who was playing soccer and after he scored she punished him by flying in the air and taking down his pants to check if he was a man! The fact that the answer was positive offended her even more since the kiss never happened! Ever since Soo Hyuk started wearing a belt and he never visited the public bath again, but Mi Mo had acquired a first kiss phobia because of him!

bscap1362bscap1361 bscap1363 bscap1365bscap1364 bscap1374 bscap1371bscap1370 bscap1378 bscap1381bscap1382bscap1379

Both of them had witnessed one another’s most embarrassing moments, Soo Hyuk’s was back then, Mi Mo’s earlier today. Once she started crying as she was disheartened after breaking up via message she started reminding him of someone, probably his wife. It was pay back time for the past and he kissed her, but this was only the beginning of what would follow since he wanted to offer her what she couldn’t accomplish today!

bscap1399bscap1391bscap1389 bscap1400bscap1402bscap1403 bscap1401

…but the dawn of a new day eventually arrived!


The “loving you, loving you” ringtone made Mi Mo wake up in a panda suit! While talking to Dong Mi on the phone she started realizing that her apartment looked different as it was filled with lingerie, rings, flowers, animal suits, etc! The ring on her finger and the information that she had registered her marriage were leading towards a frightening realization! Soo Hyuk was puking and he was also informed on the marriage! Once he read the marriage vow everything became more apparent! Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s fear could only end up in endless screams; absofuckinglutely!

bscap1418 bscap1419bscap1420 bscap1423 bscap1427bscap1429 bscap1435 bscap1436bscap1438 bscap1442bscap1433bscap1440 bscap1444 bscap1447bscap1445 bscap1449

~ Thoughts ~


I really can’t believe this laughter-evoking masterpiece of a first episode rated only 5.2%, but i do hope that soon enough the ratings will sense its upwards grandeur, especially if One More Happy Ending manages to remain as awesome as the first episode was! It certainly made my feel-o-meter go crazy here and there with the first signals it received, but the way the actresses and actors brought to life the drama’s humorous factor kept the heavy feels at bay without vanishing them from our sight!


I watched the first episode 3 times, 1 raw (and i never watch raw, i consider it the greatest loss of time, but it’s Jang Na Ra we’re talking about, the epitome of cuteness!) and 2 with subtitles and every single time it felt like the first time, that’s how fresh it felt! I couldn’t stop laughing and i couldn’t stop falling in all these ongoing noona-traps which were all over the place! After Oh My Venus’ “oppa”-fortress it feels like this drama was made just for me and i can only be thankful! All of them are noonas to me and all of them are adorable in their own way, including Dara simply because she’s Dara and despite the fact that her character was nerve-shaking the honey was still there every time she was smiling even though her smile was adorned with Seul Ah’s poison!


Along with the drama’s lines i put in the very beginning of this recap i would like to place here a few lines of Charles Bukowski that appeared to be pacing well with the drama’s nature and some of the events that took place during the first episode.

Τhe psyche has been burned
And left us senseless,
The world has been darker than lights-out
In a closet full of hungry bats,
And the whiskey and wine entered our veins
When blood was too weak to carry on.


Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho’s facial expressions were priceless all along the way, especially when they were surprised or losing their mind! The chemistry’s already there and once the seed has been planted it can only blossom! I can’t wait to witness their progress in the loveless world they live in! I loved how he granted her the first kiss she missed back then and became the triggering event of her quirky phobia, but he also fulfilled the marriage she was unable to cherish (no matter how disastrous the next morning will be if they really registered the marriage!) simply because of King Asshole, Jung Hoon. The fact that she reminded him of his wife (probably) while she was losing herself in tears is something i will look forward to in the way his feelings will progress while his past will start unveiling itself. Needless to say that the kiss made me crave for more and i would love to see them going insane together again very soon!


The rational approach of Da Jung is a role that suits Yoo Da In damn fine, but that very specific rationally suspicious approach or a possibly workaholic state of mind could be the thorn in the heart of her marriage. We have yet to find out more about her background story and whether she or Gun Hak is at fault. Their child’s emotionally harmful experiences will be something my feels will be looking forward to.


The neurotic, lonely and daydreaming Dong Mi was hilarious and i can’t wait to dive in her world a bit more! Yoo In Na was simply wonderful and the same applies to Seo In Young as Ae Ran, the explosively sexy woman who will probably cancel the wedding since her heart doesn’t pound with emotion for Dong Bae. I hope that Dara will appear in more episodes, but it’s not an easy wish since Seul Ah is a guest role and the drama will lay emphasis on the remaining Angels quartet along with Soo Hyuk and Kwon Yool in the role of Hae Joon who will appear during the second episode and will start causing his own emotional ruckus!


I adored the softness of the cinematography, it was caressing the scenes quite gently dare i say and it was pacing perfectly well with the drama’s fragile nature and rejuvenating amounts of laughter. I often talk about emotional intelligence in the world of South Korean dramas and One More Happy Ending appears to lean towards that direction as well. Dealing with the fragile world of emotions when something is practically over, but leaving behind open wounds, One More Happy Ending keeps fueling the urge to witness the overall healing process, the craving to love and be loved and the internal rebirth.


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
Read the original article only at Dramajjang.co.


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  1. January 21, 2016 at 7:54 pm — Reply

    ” The chemistry’s already there and once the seed has been planted it can only blossom! ”

    BULLSHIIIIIIT, you’ve been shipping THIS before it even aired! You couldnt stop yapping about it loool

    congrats on getting out that hard-working recap, is what I wanted to say loool. IT WAS PAIN

    • January 21, 2016 at 8:15 pm — Reply

      Hahahahaha, i pushed with my own hands the ship into the sea from the shipyard! XD
      Thanks, this recap could have killed me, but i survived!

  2. January 21, 2016 at 8:20 pm — Reply

    A VERY comprehensive recap, I salute you, my diligent Drama dongsaeng! Just a couple of small points that really appealed to me in addition to all the things you’ve rightly raved about. The writing is CLEVER. The KSY couple at the beginning are together on “We Got Married”, making their bitter divorce extra funny. The “E”이 line was a nice play on words across languages – my favourite kind of puns. And the Oh Jeong Se cameo was not only a Plus Nine Boys reunion, but his character was the exact antithesis of the loser slob he played in the VERY funny Drama, The Lover. All this suggests an unusual level of thought and attention being paid by the writers, when even cameos are so well thought out. Let’s hope it stays that way!

    • January 23, 2016 at 8:53 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot fellow MU!! I wasn’t aware of he KSY couple since i’m not watching WGM or k-entertainment (tried Unpretty Rapstar 2 but gave up), but WGM will most likely attract me at some point (i still can’t conceive how i prevented myself from watching Hong Jin Young in WGM). Laughed a lot when KSY misinterpreted the E factor! And you’re right, Oh Jung Se’s cameo was so different from the one he played in The Lover (still have to watch the last eps though)! The cameo-ness of OMHE started off pretty well and the extra info you brought made it more apparent!

  3. January 21, 2016 at 8:22 pm — Reply

    *Stands up* Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap! *sits* You did it! And it’s very clever. I really hope the ratings go up as well. This is a solid, hilarious comedy that should be enjoyed by many.

    • January 23, 2016 at 8:54 pm — Reply

      *Stands up* *Bows bows bows bows bows in clapping tempo* *sits* Let’s hope it remain wonderful up to the very end + the ratings go up as well! (+ Nara will make me love her even more XD )

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  5. January 22, 2016 at 5:06 am — Reply

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR DETAILED RECAP. Well-written and thank you for the picture overload. Cannot wait to watch this during the weekend!

    • January 23, 2016 at 9:02 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you so much for your words!!! 🙂 Hope you’re going to love the vibes of the ffirst two episodes of OMHE ^-^

  6. January 22, 2016 at 4:43 pm — Reply

    LOVED IT!! I can’t believe the rating was love, the 1st episode was amazing! I love the progression and I can’t wait to see what happens next. OMG DARA! I was like, where is my cute Dara lol she was feisty and Jang Nara love her!!

    • January 23, 2016 at 9:15 pm — Reply

      Yup, the very low ratings of the 1st episode surprised me a lot o.O Was definitely expecting better one especially since the 1st ep was brilliant! Dara was love even though her character was nerve-shaking <3 And Nara was so adorable! <3

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    January 28, 2016 at 6:52 pm — Reply

    can you tell me the name of the song which is played when Jang Nara is getting ready for her date?

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