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“Not succeeding by yourself, but failing together.
As you keep on living,
Don’t you learn more about failure than you do about success?”


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The wolf may had stopped attacking for a while due to the light’s reflection from Shi Woo’s pendant, but soon enough the bodyguard with the wooden weapons, Chi Ang, rushed to Shi Woo’s aid and tried to keep the wolf occupied. Shi Woo climbed a tree and he eventually held out his hand to help Chi Ang get up there as well.

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Seon Ah asked Soon Deok if anyone else was going to follow her and the answer was negative, but she was more than glad that Soon Deok would be by her side! Soon Deok had also taken Chi Ang’s shoe with her, but before leaving she had something urgent to do.

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At some point the wolf got bored waiting for Chi Ang and Shi Woo to come down and left. Shi Woo was thankful and awkwardness started reigning supreme, especially after Chi Ang mentioned that they were even at that point since Shi Woo had already saved him from the cliff! Shi Woo surprised Chi Ang the moment he smiled since he thought that Shi Woo was unable to do so!

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They found a river to quench their thirst, but soon enough the overall mood became playful the moment they started throwing water at one another!

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They laid back on a rock and Shi Woo urged Chi Ang to remain silent in order to treasure the sounds of nature! Good things don’t last forever and they should start heading towards Mourim Peak before sunset. Chi Ang’s equivalent of a shoe wasn’t that comfortable anymore and Shi Woo gave him his own wallet to protect his foot!

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Beop Gong became aware that Soon Deok and Seon Ah had left to help Chi Ang and Shi Woo. Seon Ah presumed that they hadn’t followed the indirect path and along with Soon Deok she followed the pathway that would most likely lead them to Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s location. Beop Gong’s concerns had been soothed since the girls’ decision would be of great help to Chi Ang and Shi Woo, but Moo Song became aware that the other students were feeling uneasy even though they hadn’t followed Soon Deok and Seon Ah.

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Daniel and Dae Ho were training. Daniel emerged victorious and Yoo Di was amused. Dae Ho was embarrassed and he wanted a second round, but Yoo Di put an end to the competition in the making. Yoo Di informed everyone that the rest of the students were concerned about Chi Ang and Shi Woo and that’s the reason why Moorim Institute was so disorganized.

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Chi Ang tried to light a fire the traditional way, but his scouting skills had betrayed him. Gladly enough, Shi Woo’s cellphone did the talking and since they didn’t have any paper to strengthen the fire Chi Ang used his money! Even though Shi Woo made fun of Chi Ang’s scouting past Chi Ang laid emphasis on the fact that they made it happen because they joined forces.

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Soon Deok was concerned and was wondering if something bad had happened to Chi Ang and Shi Woo, but Seon Ah was definitive that Shi Woo wouldn’t get attacked so easily, so everything should be fine!


Fencing and various self-defense techniques are a part of Chi Ang’s life because he was often being kidnapped. Chi Ang informed Shi Woo on the fact that his own father had kidnapped him in order to start attending Moorim Institute, but the overall outcome was much better than expected since he had the chance to meet Soon Deok! Chi Ang had found some food in his pockets and he shared it with Shi Woo!

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Soon enough, Shi Woo opened up his heart to Chi Ang and the reasons why he went to Moorim Institute. Shi Woo admitted that it was all because of losing his hearing since Moo Song was his only chance. There’s no family or anyone else by his side, only music was there for him and he can’t afford to lose his hearing. Chi Ang reassured him that everything would be fine and that Soon Deok would play her own part in helping him.

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Jenny and Shannon were inside their room, but there weren’t any news concerning Chi Ang and Shi Woo. However, Jenny found Soon Deok’s video in which she was revealing the whole truth in order to clear Shi Woo’s name. This is what she wanted to do before leaving along with Seon Ah. Soon enough, Jenny, Shannon, Nadet, Dong Goo and Sang Man started liking the video and leaving supportive comments, but they weren’t the only ones since Sam was in a like-minded self-assignment! Moo Song visited Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s empty room.

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Chi Ang’s leg wasn’t at its finest, but he tried to keep it a secret from Shi Woo who managed to find some food. Shi Woo was concerned about Chi Ang who reassured him that he just wasn’t used to everything going on since he was raised differently.

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Shi Woo kept helping Chi Ang in any way he could. Shi Woo was concerned about Chi Ang’s condition, but he couldn’t proceed alone either and sat by Chi Ang’s side to give him time to rest!

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Soon Deok’s video delivered the message it was destined to and the students were happy about it since they played their own part as well! They hoped that Shi Woo would return back safe from Moorim Peak so that he’ll go back to his fans! Only Yeob Jung wasn’t participating in everything going on and he decided to sit all alone!


Shi Woo and Chi Ang entered a cave and lit a fire again. Chi Ang was relaxing to soothe the pain and while Shi Woo went to find some food the wolf returned, but it wasn’t alone this time! Chi Ang and Shi Woo tried to defend themselves, but nothing wasn’t flowing well and Chi Ang got bitten.

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Soon Deok shot hazelnuts from her sling and Seon Ah used her whip to protect Chi Ang and Shi Woo! The danger seemed to had subsided, but one of the wolves came back to attack Chi Ang taking everyone by surprise. Shi Woo’s screaming voice prevented the wolf from moving and he pushed Chi Ang away. It was Shi Woo’s moment to fight with the wolf while in the meantime Chi Ang’s mother’s vase was breaking to pieces.

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Soon Deok stopped Chi Ang’s bleeding and put on the shoe she had brought for him! Chi Ang was lost in Soon Deok’s beauty and complimented her, making Soon Deok think that he was just joking around and not really being in lots of pain! It was Shi Woo’s turn and Soon Deok took care of the wound on his face after reassuring him that everything would be fine with his fans! Shi Woo noticed that Soon Deok was also hurt, but she preferred to take care of Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s wounds for the time being. Shortly after, Seon Ah brought water for both of them and Shi Woo could only feel indebted towards her for one more time!

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Chi Ang’s mother was searching for an elegant vase and she bought one even though it didn’t fit her standards! She met Bang Deok and she couldn’t do otherwise but invite her to her house! Chi Ang’s mother was still concerned about her son, but Bang Deok reassured her that everything would be fine since Soon Deok was there. However, Bang Deok didn’t imagine that Chi Ang’s mother would be living in the countryside instead of Seoul or Shanghai making things a bit awkward! As if this wasn’t enough, Bang Deok wouldn’t mind getting hired to do the housekeeping and deliver news concerning Chi Ang!


After eating they were about to start heading towards Moorim Peak despite the fact that Chi Ang’s foot wasn’t at its finest. Soon Deok decided to help him! Moo Song was losing himself in his own thoughts.

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Shi Woo noticed that Chi Ang’s hand was bleeding, but he didn’t want to return to Moorim Institute before reaching Moorim Peak since he couldn’t afford to miss the chance of helping his mother. Seon Ah decided that Chi Ang should go back to Moorim Institute with her since she was stronger than Soon Deok despite the fact that she would like to be with Shi Woo! Chi Ang urged Shi Woo to continue the mission without him since it would be better for one of them to make it instead of both of them failing.

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Seon Ah informed Chi Ang that his injuries would be enough to be accepted anew at Moorim Institute and she would help him in any way she could, but Chi Ang started badmouthing Moo Song making things a bit awkward for Seon Ah!


On their way towards Moorim Peak Shi Woo changed his mind since he wouldn’t like to do the same mistake again by not helping others and caring only about himself. Chi Ang kept mumbling that he would never leave Moo Song alone. Seon Ah got enraged and confessed that Moo Song was her father and Chi Ang was apologetic!

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Chi Ang and Seon Ah were surprised seeing Shi Woo and Soon Deok. Shi Woo informed Chi Ang that he wouldn’t make it without him despite being with Soon Deok, but Chi Ang alone would be unable to do so on his own as well. Shi woo’s decision had nothing to do with pity.

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On their way back they were greeted by some students and Chi Ang and Shi Woo entered Moo Song’s office where he was informed by Shi Woo that they were unable to reach Moorim Peak. Chi Ang tried to take all the blame and considered Shi Woo victorious. Shi Woo laid emphasis on the fact that he would had been unable to reach the point he did if Chi Ang wasn’t with him and that he eventually gave up because he as afraid of proceeding. Chi Ang resembling Moorim Institute to life when it comes to making mistakes and learning from them made Moo Song smile, something he tried to hide after Chi Ang noticed it! Of course, both of them were more than welcome at Moorim Institute!

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Dong Goo informed everyone, except for Yeob Jung, that Shi Woo and Chi Ang would remain at Moorim Institute and they were so happy! Seon Ah was the one to inform Yeob Jung who kept maintaining his nerve-shaking and overly arrogant attitude that would never acknowledge Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s efforts!

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Yoo Di was impressed by Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s efforts and she could see that Dae Ho was actually happy about their return even though he was insisting he wasn’t!

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Chi Ang could finally acknowledge how comfortable the room was after everything he went through and Shi Woo reassured him that he’d clean the bathrooms until his hand gets healed! Chi Ang was curious why Moo Song accepted both of them but he didn’t receive an answer.

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Seon Ah was exploding out of happiness on her bed while Soon Deok was exercising with her stuffed animals and she thought it was a shame that only she could witness this rare sight!

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Soon Deok guessed correctly, Shi Woo was watching her interview and he recalled her words that everything would be fine. Chi Ang watched the interview as well and the Moebius fans were already waiting for Shi Woo’s return! Chi Ang could easily notice that all these people that were supporting him right now were considering him a loser before the interview and he pointed out that they were never really on his side.

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Moo Song praised Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s decisions and laid emphasis on the fact that both of them suit Moorim Institute, but Beop Gong thought that Shi Woo would leave.

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Soon Deok and Chi Ang were asleep, but Seon Ah, Moo Song and Shi Woo were lost in their own thoughts.

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The unconscious man at the hospital was revisiting some sparse memories from the fire when he had fought with someone. His vital signs on the monitor were stronger and Runa informed Wang Hao’s right hand on everything going on.


Early in the morning Shi Woo decided to leave and once Chi Ang woke up his new friend was nowhere to be found! While he walking, some of his fans recognized Shi Woo and they were ecstatic at his presence, but once he noticed the negative comments on one of his ads he could only smirk!


Soon Deok was at work, but she was in pain due to her wounded hand. While Shi Woo was entering a café Soon Deok passed him by! Oh My Venus’ secretary Min works for DM Entertainment at Moorim School and he wanted Shi Woo to sign a contract with their company that would focus on his music and his grandiose solo comeback! He was already aware of Shi Woo losing his hearing, but he was willing to wait for him for as long as it would take for him to get healed! It was too good to be true and he was taken by surprise the moment he was asked the same question he had heard from Soon Deok’s mouth: “you’ve been deceived all your life?”

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Seon Ah was informed by her father that Shi Woo may never come back and she was disheartened since he would like him to get healed first.

bscap1114bscap1113 bscap1115

Shi Woo was about to leave for Seoul and the company’s representative was already aware that Shi Woo wasn’t easily opening up to other people. Chi Ang kept calling Shi Woo on the phone but he wouldn’t answer his calls while Seon Ah was messaging him asking him to stay. Right before leaving Soon Deok noticed him and the company representative recognized her from the interview!

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Shi Woo was thankful for the video and informed her that everything started flowing well! She was more than happy, but Shi Woo had to leave and she reassured him that he’d be welcome anytime he decides to come back! Watching her leave left an impact on him while Chi Ang was still trying to reach him on the phone.

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He was quite disheartened and wanted to make things brighter by asking him if he left because he didn’t want to clean the bathrooms. Chi Ang received a message and he was more than happy, but it was spam. At least he could keep the bed with a view!


Shi Woo kept recalling his conversation with Moo Song who used to be like them back in the days, but he hadn’t given an answer if he would come back after leaving for a few hours. Soon Deok kept recalling her conversations with Shi Woo and the same applied to Chi Ang whose loneliness was tremendous.

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Soon Deok managed to leave work a little earlier, but Shi Woo was already out there waiting for her and informed her that he would return to Moorim Institute! He noticed that her hand was hurting and he tied his handkerchief around the wound.

bscap1159bscap1157bscap1158 bscap1160 bscap1162bscap1163

He would be the one to drive her motorcycle and even though she was subtle on where she should put her hands he took the initiative and placed her hand around his waist. Soon enough her other hand would follow! Chi Ang couldn’t sleep and kept waiting out of the school building. Soon Deok had fallen asleep making Shi Woo smile and it was definitely such a cute ride!

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~ Thoughts ~


Even though the ratings remain too low it was a good thing that the 4th episode rated better than its predecessor by reaching 4.4%. I hope that things will start getting better from the next airing week and on, otherwise the signs will become even more ominous and they will affect Moorim School to a wider extent, one way or another.


The 4th episode was bromance overload, even if you picked up a rock you’d find bromance underneath it! No matter how excessive it was it never felt forced in order to be there just for the sake of it. It was so natural it was making the episode progress even more pleasantly without distorting the storyline’s flow, on the contrary! Many of us could see this very specific bromance coming our way from the very beginning and it was kind of rewarding given the foundations the previous three episodes had already set.


They didn’t only save one another’s lives, they also joined forces to remain alive while taking into consideration each other’s condition. Acknowledging one another’s efforts to the extent of being utterly sincere and opening up their hearts was pointing out that Moo Song’s first part of the plan had already succeeded. Shi Woo became aware of Chi Ang’s painful past and the reason why he found himself at Moorim Institute, something that made his heart pound with emotion since he met Soon Deok despite the fact that he wold never want to be there in the first place.


Chi Ang found the whole truth behind Shi Woo’s health issue along with the fact that music had always been his one and only family, not only a means to be successful and make money. All along the way and with their eruptive temperament, Shi Woo and Chi Ang were trying to protect all that was dear to their own hearts, but keeping it hidden was fueling the fire that was causing all the tension between them. On the way towards Moorim Peak they learned about comradeship, friendship, survival, sincerity, the need to open up to someone else and being considerate of others but without crossing the thin red line which leads to pity.


None of them would had gone that far had they chosen solitary paths, but because they were there for one another they kept going on. It was truly wonderful witnessing Chi Ang willing to let Shi Woo continue on his own because he didn’t want to delay him, but it was also remarkable witnessing Shi Woo doing the opposite simply because he didn’t want to leave Chi Ang all alone and wounded. Chi Ang has to be the more extrovert and passionate part of this bromance whereas Shi Woo is the voice of logic expressing his concerns through his own more introverted prism. Both of them learn from one another with Chi Ang gradually becoming a bit more thoughtful and Shi Woo a bit more expressive thanks to the mutual vibes of newborn sincerity between them. Money isn’t everything and Chi Ang strengthening the fire with it was intriguing to say the least!


I have to admit that i laughed a lot when all these wolves appeared! It made me think that it was the wolf’s revenge for Chi Ang coming to help Shi Woo and the wolf was like “so, you brought help, human, now i’ll show you, i’ll be back with my peasants!” Their task would have ended there had Soon Deok and Seon Ah hadn’t rushed to their aid. After all it was never meant to be a mission for two and Moo Song wanted to test the team’s reflexes and solidarity. The fact that only two of them went to help Chi Ang and Shi Woo didn’t dishearten Moo Song simply because he became aware of the rest of the students’ concerns! When i say “the rest of the students” i always mean everyone except for Yeob Jung who’s a solitary particle of negativity.


At the end of the day, Moorim School’s 4th episode kept preserving various faces of unconditional caring with each one of them having its own volume depending on each and every character’s background. One way or another, this wonderful quartet consisting of Shi Woo, Chi Ang, Seon Ah and Soon Deok keep saving one another without taking themselves into consideration and always placing in the first line someone else’s struggle. Seon Ah has saved Chi Ang’s life several times and the same applies to Shi Woo concerning Chi Ang, not only at the cliff, but also when the wolf attacked him anew.


Chi Ang saved Shi Woo’s life from the first wolf and eventually Shi Woo helped him climb the tree. Our lovely Juliette duo saved both of these bromance Romeos and eventually Soon Deok took care of their wounds without treating her own hand. Seon Ah brought them water, but she would also set aside the chance of being alone with Shi Woo on their way towards Moorim Peak in order to help Chi Ang go back to Moorim Institute to take care of his wounds even though he wanted to keep going on at all costs.


Since he finally admitted that he couldn’t continue he didn’t want to be an obstacle in Shi Woo’s course, at least one of them had to make it even though it could possibly mean that Chi Ang would be unable to protect his own mother. Shi Woo’s conscience wouldn’t let him progress on his own despite Soon Deok’s help, he’d prefer to fail alongside Chi Ang rather than succeed and condemn his new friend to exile from Moorim Institute and it was more than apparent in the way he communicated everything that happened in front of Moo Song. Many things had already started changing inside Moorim Institute and Moo Song’s hidden task was more than successful even though its facade didn’t blossom, it wasn’t bound anyway!


Soon Deok’s e-confession through the video did wonders and received the support of Moorim Institute’s students, it also regained the trust of Shi Woo’s fans. She had already cleared his name, but Chi Ang’s words were quite wise. All these people who were cheering for him at this very moment were never really by his side since they didn’t only turn their backs once the first obstacle made its appearance, they had also unleashed tremendous amounts of negativity. This twofold path was also apparent the moment his fans ran towards him while nearby one of his advertisements didn’t look like an advertisement anymore! It rings a bell concerning some idols’ “fans” in real life, doesn’t it?


It was a tough decision for Shi Woo to leave after his name had been cleared, but that was the reason why he didn’t inform anyone since the bonds that had already started being forged would prevent him from leaving and that’s the reason why he neither answered Chi Ang’s calls nor replied to Seon Ah’s messages. His conversation with Moo Song early in the morning played its own part when it comes to Shi Woo’s decision, but also when it comes to his return, along with Soon Deok.


His reference to a friend who played his own part in Moo Song being there where he is at the present was related to the unconscious man. The signs that Shi Woo and Seon Ah could be siblings grow stronger. We can’t know whether Moo Song was related to the unconscious man’s current condition and his wife’s death, but the fact that he saved Seon Ah points towards the direction that he had rushed to his aid, but it was too late and the only one he could save was Seon Ah. We have yet to find out who was behind the fire, etc, but also how Shi Woo made it out of the ablaze building. How is Wang Hao connected to this story and why do his minions keep an eye on the unconscious man? One thing is for certain, Lee Beom Soo either relaxes or works on something else while Wang Hao is supposed to be in Shanghai!


Soon Deok and Shi Woo turn into a wonderful ship step by step and she has already started differentiating the signals she keeps transmitting. She had always been friendly towards Chi Ang whose feelings appear to be one-sided, but the vibes we received by the end of the 4th episode could be acknowledged as feels in the making. Shi Woo has already started silently craving for her presence in his life, but the same applies to Soon Deok as well since from the moment she found out that Shi Woo would leave Moorim Institute she wasn’t in the mood for anything. It was the same for Chi Ang and Seon Ah too. No matter how hard Chi Ang tried to console himself by laying back on Shi Woo’s bed he was unable to chase away his loneliness and discouragement and Seon Ah’s world was devoid of the blissful explosions on her bed.


Soon Deok’s video cleared Shi Woo’s name overnight and Oh My Venus’ secretary Min took into consideration everything Shi Woo had been lacking his whole life in the world of business and entertainment; trust. While the new foundations were under construction, Shi Woo would be able to progress his career with a bombastic solo comeback, but getting healed was essential. Even though it wouldn’t be easy he would prefer to work on it among loved ones for the first time in his life and the best place was no other than Moorim Institute.


Just like Moo Song played his own part, the same applies to Soon Deok as well and that’s the reason why Shi Woo returned back to her. The handkerchief moment and the motorcycle scene were too beautiful. Especially the second one had all the shyness and cuteness it deserved along with its quirky aspect the moment Soon Deok suddenly woke up! While they’re on their way to Moorim Institute Chi Ang’s at the front gate with the hope that Shi Woo will appear again!


Final Fantasy anyone?


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