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Remember – War of The Son Episode 10 Recap [Do You Stand On The Broken Fields]

rememb010000011(where your fathers lay.)

disclaimer – this post was written by a very sleepy kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

rememb01000001 rememb01000002

Prosecutor Chae tells Dong Ho that the trial might end sooner than she thought it would but Dong Ho mentions that Jin Woo has been preparing 4 years for this, and won’t go down easily- she’s taken aback at this words and remarks that it’s almost as if he wants for Dong Ho to win.

rememb01000003 rememb01000004

Jin Woo quickly wakes up and despite In Ah and his colleagues telling him to rest since the trial was adjourned, he gets up and says he’s ready to start again since he has no time to lose.

He meets Dong Ho outside the courtroom who advises him to take care of his himself while Jin Woo wonders why he’s still following him- Dong Ho wants him to clear his father name and win the trial but Jin Woo refuses to believe in his words, labelling him two-faced.

rememb01000005 rememb01000006

The trial resumes again, and the doctor admits that he did lie 4 years ago in his testimony- Jae Hyuk was actually having Alzheimer syptoms and Jin Woo never asked him to falsify that. Jin Woo questions him in whose orders he did that, but the doctor kept repeating that it was his own doing, not revealing any names.

rememb01000007 rememb01000008

Gyu Man pays a visit to the hospital and when the doctor understands he’s there to punish him, he begs for his forgiveness, saying that Jin Woo threatened him to testify but never gave away that it was Ilho that bought him out- Gyu Man tells him he should mind his words carefully and then takes his nameplate and thrashes it, ordering him to crawl out like a dog if he wants to be spared.

He then calls prosecutor Chae and orders her to find a way to make sure Jae Hyuk stays in prison.

rememb01000009 rememb01000010

Jin Woo stares at this wall and recounts all the times that Dong Ho had saved his life when Director Sa interrupts his thoughts asking him about his condition getting worse. Jin Woo says that nobody should know about that yet and then wonders if Dong Ho’s wish for him to clear his father name was sincere. Director Sa replies that only time will tell.

rememb01000011 rememb01000012

The next day, Jin Woo visits his father and is surprised when he calls him out by his name- his father tells him that of course he would recognize his own son, and for some reason he has been remembering a lot of the old memories they shared lately, such as when they visited a bathhouse for the first time or when Jin Woo forgot to wash his school uniform.

Jae Hyuk then recounts the time that they sang the song “Unconditional” in his birthday and they both laugh at that memory- Jin Woo is happy to see his father smiling and in a good mood after a long time.

rememb01000013 rememb01000014

Prosecutor Hong lets In Ah know that he’s aware he’s been tracking his connection to Ilho; In Ah says that he’s been abusing his power in favour of the Group’s dirty deeds.  He tells her that all those cases have been concluded and she that she’s being transferred to Changwon office from now on.

rememb01000015 rememb01000016

President Nam talks to the phone with Prosecutor Chae and informs Gyu Man that everything is under control in the retrial and he should focus on the company since he will be inheriting it soon.

Gyu Man is in a good mood after his father’s announcement, and tells Soo Beom to take care of officer Gwak since that might be the next target of Jin Woo’s and can’t have another repeat of what happened with the doctor.

rememb01000017 rememb01000018

In the Law Firm, Jin Woo tells his colleagues they should start attacking more in the trial, starting with officer Gwak- he played a major role in his father’s verdict and he can reverse it if they manage to get him on their side. He tells Lawyer Song to keep an eye on Soo Beom as he’s sure that Gyu Man will make a move on him as well soon.

rememb01000020 rememb01000021

Jin Woo meets officer Gwak who’s in charge of traffic control and tells him that Gyu Man will eventually put all the blame on him; Gwak is not happy to hear that and Jin Woo says he will give him one chance to come forward with the truth.

rememb01000022 rememb01000023

In Ah gives her resignation letter to Prosecutor Hong, as she doesn’t want to work in a place where justice is being manipulated to serve self-interest. Prosecutor Hong mocks her naive thinking but In Ah lets him know that while she might not be a prosecutor anymore she will make sure he will pay for his crimes.

After having picked her stuff and before she makes her way out, she meets Prosecutor Chae who wishes her good luck and tells her that no matter where she will go, every place is imperfect.

rememb01000024 rememb01000025

In Ah returns home and tells her parents that she resigned, since her dream of becoming a righteous prosecutor and working with other people who want to serve justice wasn’t what she thought it would be. Her mother is furious, saying that work is simply work and she should beg for her spot back.

In Ah goes back to her room dejected, when she receives a call from Jin Woo and leaves to find him after her mother warns her to go back to her job or leave the house.

rememb01000026 rememb01000027

Gyu Man is in mood for games, and orders a few girls he has picked up to guess Dong Ho and Seok Joo’s professions- if they get it wrong they should keep drinking until they get it right. After one of the girls guesses that Seok Joo is a gangster, Gyu Man is not amused anymore, and leaves.

rememb01000028 rememb01000029

Dong Ho asks Seok Joo if he knew that the car that his father’s truck hit, was carrying Jin Woo’s family; Seok Joo says he had no idea and he would tell him if he knew and then asks him if he finally picked a side. Dong Ho wants to repay Jin Woo after everything he has been through, and will help him on court.

rememb01000030 rememb01000031

Jin Woo wants to know if it is true that In Ah resigned and she confirms it, remarking how relieved she felt when she did that; Jin Woo apologizes but In Ah stops him, as it is not his fault and she can start over anyway. She asks him for an extra room at his Law Firm to stay for the night.

rememb01000034 rememb01000035

Jin Woo doesn’t want to drink more than one beer but In Ah says she has just started and he’s no fun- Jin Woo reminds her of the time she was drunk and called him wondering why they had to argue constantly but she blocks his mouth, embarrassed.

rememb01000032 rememb01000033

Jin Woo still feels like he should apologize to her for quitting; In Ah says she wanted to become a proper prosecutor so she could save innocent people like his dad and studied really hard for that, but in the end she realized that hard work doesn’t always pay off.

After Jin Woo makes her bed, he tells her to sleep tight, and she shouldn’t worry about anything.

Meanwhile, his father is suffering from stomach cramps but the guards ignore him while he screams in pain for help.

rememb01000037 rememb01000038

The next morning, Director Sa and Lawyer Song misunderstand the situation after seeing Jin Woo sleeping in the couch and In Ah present there, implying they slept together and both Jin Woo and In Ah laugh on that.

rememb01000040 rememb01000041

In Ah notices everyone gathered around looking into the trial and announces that she wants to be a part of it; as an attorney this time. Lawyer Song is excited and wants to take a photo to commemorate that. Their moment is interrupted though, as Jin Woo receives a call that his father is submitted to the hospital.

rememb01000042 rememb01000043

Lawyer Song tracks down Soo Beom who meets with Seok Joo, arranging for officer Gwak to get out of the picture, and that needs to take place in the junkyard tonight.

In Ah’s father visits her in the Law Firm and asks her how she’s doing; In Ah replies that everyone’s nice to her and she has found something to do anew. Her father trusts her and encourages her to follow her decision through to the end.

rememb01000044 rememb01000045

Officer Gwak is tied to a car, and Seok Joo orders his men to clean the mess and make sure that nobody finds out about it. Before Gwak is smashed from some sort of tractor, Jin Woo and Lawyer Song manage to save him and escape.

rememb01000046 rememb01000047

Dong Ho visits Jae Hyuk in the hospital and asks the doctor what worsened his condition- the doctor says that proper treatment in the prison is quite difficult and he has developed other complicated health issues as well. Dong Ho gives the doctor some money and beg him to take care of Jae Hyuk- after the doctor leaves, Dong Ho “tells” Jae Hyuk not to give up until his son exonerates him.

rememb01000048 rememb01000049

After he leaves, he bumps into an annoyed Jin Woo who asks him why he’s there; Dong Ho knows that he’s the last person he wants to see but assures him he will pay him back on the court tomorrow, and that’s all he has to know- Jin Woo promises his father that he will win the trial.

rememb01000050 rememb01000051

The next morning, Sung Ho tries to stop Dong Ho from going to the court and expose the dvd but Dong Ho is determined to go- after Dong Ho leaves, Sung Ho calls someone

Meanwhile, officer Gwak tries to apologize to Jin Woo after everything he has done for him, but Jin Woo is not really up to it; Gwak understands why he would act this way and hopes they can properly talk after the trial is over.

rememb01000052 rememb01000053

A new judge is assigned to the retrial much to everyone’s dismay while Judge Kang wants to know why he has been replaced; he’s being told that a more veteran judge is needed for the retrial and that’s all there is to it.

The new judge makes his intentions clear, overturning the evidence of the video tape citing it inconsistent and when In Ah tries to object he warns her to be careful otherwise she will be charged with obstruction of justice, while Prosecutor Chae smiles contentedly.

rememb01000054 rememb01000055

Dong Ho is being surrounded in the garage as he is ready to head to the courtroom and Seok Joo’s men manage to immobilize him; Seok Joo confiscates the dvd, after telling him that this dvd would be his grave and gets away leaving Dong Ho shouting at this name while he’s being held down.

rememb01000057 rememb01000058

In the court, Jin Woo calls forth officer Gwak who admits that Jae Hyuk wasn’t in the prime suspects list, but he went after him because he didn’t have an alibi; when Jin Woo asks if there was any co-ercion to get Jae Hyuk’s testimony, Gwak says that there never was, leaving Jin Woo in shock. It’s revealed that this was all a plan from Gyu Man, who had arranged that from the beginning.

rememb01000060 rememb01000061

The prosecution makes its statement, and demands the highest of punishments for Jae Hyuk while the judge asks the counsel for the defense to conclude with their own statement- Jin Woo starts reciting how he wanted the truth to come out because his father has been in the prison for 4 years, and he has been slowly losing his memory. At that time, he receives a call from Director Sa who lets him know that his father passed away and he freezes.

rememb01000062 rememb01000063

In Ah wants to take Jin Woo’s place in the closing statement, but Jin Woo says he will be the one to do it, because he has to. His statement resumes from his last point, where his father was left abandoned because he didn’t have power, whereas the people with power are able to get away with everything. His father’s health wasn’t even properly monitored and he ended up dying all alone. A crying Jin Woo concludes that the the truth won’t bring his father back, but might appease his death.

rememb01000065 rememb01000066

The judge confirms the original verdict, and Jin Woo upon hearing that runs away from the courtroom and rushes to his father’s side in the hospital; he breaks down calling out his father’s name and how he can’t die leaving him like this, while In Ah, Director Sa and Lawyer Song join him silently in his pain.

Gyu Man watches the news about how the verdict stayed the same but Jae Hyuk died that same day, and mockingly says that he can’t be properly happy.

rememb01000067 rememb01000068

While Jin Woo is having his father’s funeral attended only by In Ah and his colleagues, Ilho is ready for the merger when President Nam announces his son as the new president.

Seok Joo is looking for Dong Ho who’s AWOL- Gyu Man isn’t happy with Dong Ho’s absence too and warns Seok Joo that he won’t stand for similar incidents such as this.

rememb01000069 rememb01000070

Dong Ho pays a visit to Jae Hyuk’s funeral and Jin Woo is angry to see him there; he grabs him by the collar and blames him for everything, since everything went bad the moment he betrayed him. A dejected Dong Ho apologizes while Jin Woo cries.

President Nam thanks Prosecutor Hong and Chae for their efforts, and promises he will repay them back while they all make a toast to Ilho’s future.

rememb01000071 rememb01000072

Jin Woo returns to his old home and checks on his father’s box of last stuff- after taking out some pictures of him from the box, he finds a letter that Jae Hyuk had written him in the jail, prompting him to eat well as he once promised him; no matter how his memory might be the next day, he will always have him in his heart and wishes for Jin Woo to remember only the happy memories instead of the sad ones, however things turn out.

Reflection Corner :



I didn’t expect his father to die AT ALL. Man, that caught me by surprise! I mean, I knew that there was a caution-flag up the moment Jae Hyuk said that lately he has been remembering old memories he shared with his son, but damn.


First of all, I have said it before and I will say it again – Yoo Seung Ho is absolutely magnificent. I can praise him forever and this episode, is worthy of an award nomination! The way he delivered his powerful speech in the courtroom, to breaking down in the hospital and in the funeral, you can only clap at your screen. This guy can so effortlessly transfer his emotions directly to your heart-  and that’s an acting gift from the acting deities.


But shiiit, Jin Woo lost everything in this episode; he hit rock bottom- I am not sure if he will turn to the dark side and take down corrupted Ilho group from the core without a single care if he dies in the process or if he will sit down and calculate and come up with a strategy that requires time but will get him the results. I truly don’t know how Jin Woo will act from now on, I am eager to see what kind of approach he will take.


And things were going so well from the beginning of the episode; apparently Jin Woo’s smile reached its quota or something lol, so something bad had to happen in order to balance things out.


It was nice to see him getting a happy last moment with his dad, re-enacting their happy memory and going back to a comfortable and warm place even for a few minutes.

rememb01000077 rememb01000078

It was also nice to see him getting all homelike with In Ah and being somewhat flirtatious around each other- Lawyer Song and Director Sa weren’t even that surprised that In Ah had stayed there, it’s like “oh took you long enough guys!”

rememb01000080 rememb01000081

But, the aftermath of the episode didn’t even let me enjoy my pizza-parlor couple because I was so angry at everything going to the trash can so soon; Dong Ho picked his side, WHY WON’T YOU LET HIM BE Seok Joo-lame-father-figure? He knows the consequences and he chose to help Jin Woo; not that his help would amount to anything as things turned out, but still.


Too little, too late for Dong Ho as well, and I think he has a long way to regain Jin Woo’s trust again; but I’m confident he will, because Jin Woo can’t take Ilho on his own. He needs an insider to infiltrate their weak spots, and that has to be Dong Ho.


Onwards to episode 11 then, and here’s hoping that a commemorative picture of the Law Firm gang (+Dong Ho) is gonna be on the way soon, when they annihilate everything Ilho Group stands for!

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  1. January 15, 2016 at 9:52 am — Reply

    Godddd, the father is dead? oh no.
    gyu man is such a bastard.

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    the father is dead? oh God, noooooo.

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    @kipkizz, thanks for the recaps, dear.

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    no! DAAAAD! I was hoping for a happy ending :< the show just keeps beating Jinwoo down, hope the tables turn. Really soon. Or I'll flip a table myself.

    • January 17, 2016 at 11:59 am — Reply

      Yeah, that was a very huge twist!
      How much worse can it get for Jin Woo anyway lol, it can only look up for him now. (relatively “look up” since his dad died but yeah)

  6. luv.ash21
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    The dad dying just killed my mood for the day!! Ughh….The storyline needs to tighten up soon because without a single shred of hope for the audience to hold onto.. Makes it hard to watch. Lovin’ the MC though so much! This show is still worth watching and I can’t wait to see how episode eleven goes.

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