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Descendants of The Sun – Episode 1 Trailer 1/2


Descendants of The Sun’s first episode trailer is out and someone’s feisty! (Kang Mo Yeon, that is!)

descend09 descend09b

descend09bb descend09bbncvmyz

So, Kang Mo Yeon knows how to initiate a fight pulling hairs right and left, not being afraid to call out others and definitely seems to possess a gutsy attitude- not your everyday doctor! The first episode preview seems to be the one mostly focused on her, with another trailer focused on Song Joong Ki’s character ready to unveil next week.

descend09bbn descend09bbnc

descend09bbncv descend09bbncvm

Shi Jin made a brief appearance though, flicking Mo Yeon’s cellphone on the air when she apparently ignored him, only to catch it in style before it hit the floor; Mo Yeon doesn’t seem to be that impressed by his flirtatious demeanor but the chemistry is already off the roof.

Can’t wait to see the Greek locations they picked for the first couple episodes, just one month away!

credit to KBS 안테나

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    Eagerly anticipating this one!

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      Me too. I think and hope it’s going to be really interesting. It’s felt like a very long wait.

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