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Remember – War of The Son Episode 9 Recap [The Truth It Fell So Heavy]

rememb0909098(like a hammer through the room.)

disclaimer – this post was written by a damn-we-got-equalized-in-the-end kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

rememb0900002 rememb0900003

After In Ah hangs up on him, Jin Woo uses his memory to track down the places the killer might be, through the conversation he had heard from his phone and ends up with three possible locations- after connecting the dots from the files, he narrows the location down to one place and heads there.

rememb0900004 rememb0900005

Meanwhile In Ah wakes up and asks the killer who ordered him to frame Jin Woo  but he doesn’t pay attention to what she’s saying and he proceeds to strangle her the way he did with that woman. Dong Ho arrives at that time and after he breaks the entrance glass, he tells the killer to let go of In Ah.

rememb0900001 rememb0900006

The killer is not having it and they end up fighting but Dong Ho manages to immobilize him and Jin Woo arrives shortly after shouting In Ah’s name who slowly wakes up.

In the police station, Seok Joo talks to his contact-killer that got caught, assuring him he will take care of matters so he can get out in time.

rememb0900007 rememb0900009

Lawyer Song and Director Sa are at the police station too waiting for Jin Woo- In Ah tells Jin Woo she’s fine after him asking her if she feels alright and they all head out together, while Soo Beom informs Gyu Man of what went down- Jin Woo is now a free man since In Ah caught the culprit.

rememb0900010 rememb0900012

Gyu Man is already angry at the news and when a car manages to get in front of him in the highway, he follows it, and stops in front of it. He gets out and takes his frustration to the stranger’s car, hitting the windshield with a golf stick. After he’s done he calls Dong Ho to clean his mess.

rememb0900013 rememb0900014

An annoyed Seok Joo demands to know why Dong Ho messed with his plan- Dong Ho tells him that he doesn’t want him to get blood in his hands for the Nam Family and he should just try to live a decent life from now on. Seok Joo replies that if he has to head towards a road that might involve him doing dirty things, he will still do it; he tells Dong Ho to decide whether he will keep putting himself in line for Jin Woo or if he will support him going down that road together.

rememb0900015 rememb0900016

Jin Woo asks In Ah why she would go after a dangerous murderer and she says that she had to, since that would mean he would get released; Jin Woo is happy she helped but tells her not to do it again.

The daughter of the woman that was murdered appears and she is relieved that the culprit of ther mother’s murder was caught because of their help.

rememb0900017 rememb0900018

She then gives Jin Woo a video of her mother confessing she actually lied in her testimony, and Jae Hyuk never hid anything in the villa; he wasn’t in the villa in the first place.

That video is being passed to Judge Seok Gyu who decides to give the go for the retrial afterall.

rememb0900020 rememb0900021

The news of the re-opening of the case is being watched by President Nam who is unhappy at the outcome; Gyu Man asks his father to give him one more chance and this time he will win for sure. President Nam warns him, that if he doesn’t want to end up like his mother he must clean this mess up once and for all.

rememb0900022 rememb0900025

Prosecutor Hong reprimands In Ah for getting herself involved in that woman’s murder case when he had clearly warned her to stay away. In Ah apologizes for overlooking his order but she couldn’t let the evidence she had go away so she had to look into it one more time. He’s not pleased and he says that she went against protocol and the next time she won’t get away with just an apology. In Ah gets a call that detective Gwak is ready to close the woman’s murder case by quickly writing a report.

rememb0900026 rememb0900027

Lawyer Song and Jin Woo head to the prison when they see the media following a man getting released; Lawyer Song remarks that this man had embezzled large amounts of money but he managed to overturn the sentence by pretending to have Parkison’s disease.

rememb0900028 rememb0900029

Jin Woo visits his father to let him know that the retrial will start soon, but Jae Hyuk doesn’t want a retrial since he killed the girl, as “that person” told him; Jin Woo figures out he’s talking about Gyu Man and he says that he’s innocent and they will prove it together. Jae Hyuk thanks his “lawyer” for the kind words, while he seems to be struggling with physical pain.

Jin Woo and Lawyer Seo visit the prison doctor and Jin Woo asks that his father is treated since his condition of Alzheimer has been getting worse, in addition to stomach cramps. The doctor doesn’t seem to care and Jin Woo says that he doesn’t ask this as his son, but as a lawyer. The doctor says he won’t give special treatment to a patient on the death row and Lawyer Seo is angry at the fact that an inmate that faked illness was given permission to leave while Jin Woo’s father who is clearly ill hasn’t been getting treatment and the doctor says that the prosecutor was the one that decided to let go of that inmate.

rememb0900031 rememb0900032

In Ah asks detective Kwak what led him to take care of the case so quickly, when the killer was clearly hired by someone and they should investigate more. He tells her that he’s just doing his job and if she wants to know more she should ask her supervisor, since it was his orders that he followed, something that surprises her.

Jin Woo gives In Ah all the files he has gathered about Prosecutor Hong and how he has cleaned up a few cases that could incriminate Ilho Group.

rememb0900033 rememb0900034

Jae Hyuk is suffering from severe cramps in the stomach but the doctor doesn’t seem to care- he begs him for a shot or a medicine but he’s soon taken out by the doctor’s orders who later informs Gyu Man through Soo Beom that he’s not taking his pills to slow down his Alzheimer. Gyu Man mentions is glad to hear that, and concludes that it is his fault for being poor.

rememb0900035 rememb0900036

Gyu Man congratulates Dong Ho for taking care of the car incident quickly unlike the mess he caused on that woman’s murder case- he reminds him that since that led to the approval of the retrial his nerves are quite sensitive and how he can end up killing those that oppose him and he should remember that, while Dong Ho is silent at his words.

rememb0900037 rememb0900038

Later, Dong Ho is out for drinks when he meets Prosecutor Tak who is accompanied by a drunk ex-detective. The drunk detective keeps babbling about how if it wasn’t for that car accident he wouldn’t get demoted and recounts a line that resonates with Dong Ho- he remembers that he, himself told that line : “a drunk father would never drive his son around” and travels back to the past,  when he had asked for the case involving his father not to get closed as a drunk-hit incident, as he was sure that his father hadn’t had a drop of alcohol.

rememb0900039 rememb0900040

Nam family meets with Prosecutor Hong and Prosecutor Chae that will handle the retrial and Gyu Man invites her to have a meal together; he invites Dong Ho and is surprised to know that they knew each other back from their training days.

After Gyu Man leaves, Dong Ho tells Prosecutor Chae that life is funny, since she wanted to become a just prosecutor and is playing favours with Nam Family. Prosecutor Chae tells him not to compare her with him, and she hasn’t stooped that low yet.

rememb0900041 rememb0900042

Jin Woo goes to find that man who had claimed he saw his father wandering around that night but a neighbor says that they moved away; at the same time, Soo Beom gives money to the man and tells him to live his life quietly from now on and not to open his mouth again.

Dong Ho meets the detective he saw the other night and asks him about the case he was talking about; when he confirms that it was the case that his father was involved he asks to see the files relating to it.

Jin Woo asks Director Sa to keep tracking stuff relating to the prosecutors and Lawyer Song to try to get a hold of the man who moved out. He will try to get a hold of a witness he’s been trying to reach.

rememb0900043 rememb0900044

Prosecutor Hong gives In Ah the case of Jae Hyuk and tells her to help along with Prosecutor Chae- Prosecutor Hong thinks back to his meeting with Gyu Man telling him he has a plan to make In Ah quit on her own.

rememb0900045 rememb0900046

Jin Woo visits the doctor that gave a false statement 4 years ago who is now a director to a hospital sponsored by Ilho; he tells Jin Woo that the past is the past and he shouldn’t do anything about it. Jin Woo reveals that he knows that he has been falsely diagnosing people with illnesses and confining them in psychiatric hospitals so their families can get advantage of their fortunes- the doctor tries to deny it, but Jin Woo starts listing all the persons he has falsely diagnosed and tells him he won’t reveal anything about it, if he admits on court that he gave a false testimony 4 years ago.

rememb0900047 rememb0900048

Dong Ho receives the files related to his father’s case and after checking on them, he’s shocked to find out that it was Jin Woo’s family that his father hit with the truck- Jin Woo and his father were the only ones that made it out alive, while his brother and mother were killed in the accident.

Prosecutor Chae tells In Ah, that despite having her own thoughts and feelings, a prosecutor should obey their superior’s orders; In Ah says taht she understands that but sometimes you need to act independently. Prosecutor Chae reveals that Prosecutor Hong might be appointed Chief District Prosecutor if everything goes well with the trial and they should focus on that.

rememb0900049 rememb0900050

Dong Ho visits Jae Hyuk in the prison, who apologizes for not remembering him; Dong Ho corrects him that he doesn’t need to apologize and lets him know that he was his lawyer 4 years ago. Jae Hyuk can’t remember that but he thanks him anyway for having fought for him.

The prison doctor talks to Dong Ho about the Alzheimer cases and how he will take care of all of them but Jae Hyuk and cites him as a number something that infuriates Dong Ho who tells him not to refer to another person as a number again.

rememb0900051 rememb0900052

Prosecutor Hong meets Jin Woo and tells him to go easy on In Ah this time, as she will be leading the prosecution against his father.

Jin Woo tells In Ah that she shouldn’t feel burdened since he knows that Prosecutor Hong ordered her to be in charge of the retrial. In Ah says that it’s the first time she regrets being a prosecutor and can’t possibly stand against his father when she knows that he’s innocent. Jin Woo replies that he knew it was gonna be difficult from the beginning but he will definitely win the trial.

rememb0900054 rememb0900055

Dong Ho visits the bank, and checks on his safe deposit box, where it is revealed that he had actually saved a copy of Gyu Man’s confession of killing Jung Ah.

In Ah returns to her place in a bad mood that gets worse when her mother introduces her to some of her friends, that would like her “prosecutor-help” to solve some issues but In Ah declares she didn’t become a prosecutor to give favors left and right.

rememb0900056 rememb0900057

Dong Ho drives around while thinking of Jae Hyuk’s words, thanking him for having fought for him when Gyu Man calls him and orders him to meet- after he ends the call, Gyu Man remarks that Dong Ho has been rubbing him the wrong way lately but he’s still useful and wants to check on his composure against Jin Woo.

He then visits Jin Woo in his law firm, asking him if he should give him power or money to drop the case-maybe both if he wants. Jin Woo mentions that it’s fun to negotiate with him the price of the murder he committed when Dong Ho arrives. Gyu Man leaves Dong Ho to persuade Jin Woo to stop the retrial after telling him that he’s doomed to repeat the past, and makes his way out.

rememb0900058 rememb0900059

Jin Woo doesn’t want to hear anything from Dong Ho and demands from him to leave as well- Dong Ho tells him that he truly hopes that he will finish what he couldn’t four years ago.

The next day, Jin Woo meets Prosecutor Choi outside the courtroom- she says she had wanted to meet him having heard all the buzz around his name and his age for such a young lawyer and “hopes” he can win the case because his father is very ill.

rememb0900061 rememb0900062

Jin Woo enters the courtroom, as does Prosecutor Choi and Dong Ho; In Ah wanders around the halls thinking back to what Prosecutor Hong told her about winning that case no matter what, and enters the courtroom a bit later, but she’s not taking her prosecutor place and instead sits it out. Jin Woo is happy to see that, while Prosecutor Choi calls for a backup prosecutor.

rememb0900065 rememb0900066

The video of the woman is being presented but the prosecution submits evidence that the video was recorded while the woman was under duress; they bring forth a witness that saw Jin Woo talking to the woman in the supermarket. Jin Woo denies that he ever forced the woman to testify and calls for the woman’s daughter who proves Jin Woo’s statement as truthful since she was the one that filmed the video- and it was her mom’s wish to be released.

rememb0900067 rememb0900068

In betweent the breaks, In Ah tells Jin Woo she’s probably the only prosecutor that ever sat in the audience and Jin Woo asks her what made her take that decision; she says she will tell him later and he needs to focus on the trial.

rememb0900071 rememb0900072

When the trial begins anew, Jin Woo calls Ilho’s hospital deputy director, but before he’s able to announce his name, his mind is blocked and can’t seem to recall anything. Memories flash through his mind and he ends up collapsing much to Dong Ho and In Ah’s shock who rushes to his side calling out his name.

Reflection Corner :


First of all- Crestfallen Dong Ho IS BREAKING MY HEART.

I was expecting for him to find out that it was his father’s truck that hit Jin Woo’s family and how they are connected like that, but I didn’t expect it that soon. The betrayal he inflicted (even though, him keeping the dvd and the contract say otherwise, its like 50/50) to Jin Woo gets a new meaning and seeing him breaking down like that and going to see Jin Woo’s father immediately was heart-rending!


Him losing his cool to the disgusting doctor indicates that Dong Ho is at his limits and he will probably burst out quite soon- I got a hunch (and hopefully it won’t come true!) that he will end up dying in order to save Jin Woo somewhere near the final episodes, because Gyu Man’s threats towards him were no joke (it is CRAZY Gyu Man afterall) and he will end up honoring his contract that way. I don’t know it seems like Dong Ho is the kind of man who will go all the way once has set out his mind to something; he was torn between Jin Woo and his “papa” Seok Joo but now it seems he will swift completely to Jin Woo’s side. Great, can’t freaking wait to be honest!


lmao, In Ah this episode; should I call her PROTOCOL-BREAKER from now on? How many orders has she trumped onto at this point, haha.

The scene where she decides to sit out the trial was amazingly done; I love that violin theme, elevates all the scenes to superb levels of dragging out all of your emotions!

rememb0900079 rememb0900080

She was pretty sure of what she was going to do, but her seeing Jin Woo’s gaze at the end, sealed the deal for her.

(In Ah's expression after Jin Woo asked her why she sat out, like : BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT, what else do you think?)

(In Ah’s expression after Jin Woo asked her why she sat out, like : BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, YOU IDIOT, what else do you think?)

Did anyone else shouted that out while watching that scene or was just me lool? I’m not interested (…much anyway lol, I’m a huge shipper at heart!) in the romantic frontage when it comes to a crime-law drama but I have come to really look forward to Jin Woo/In Ah scenes, mostly because she has grown to have feelings for him, unaware of it herself.


Like, when you go through an ordeal with someone, fighting for a common cause and grow through it together (even if the “together” of the things haven’t been that much timely-wise) and come to have feelings for the other person while learning to remain honorable and true to yourself, is pretty romantic however you slice it.


Jin Woo collapsing at the end, all the distress and adversity he has gone through blowing in his mind like a curveball was another sad moment- so is that the official beginning of him succumbing slowly to his father’s disease? It’s still too early but we’ve got to see.


Before I shout my lame-trademark-onwards, I have to give extra credit (well everyone is amazing but yeah) to Nam Goong Min; he was brilliant in this episode exploding and yelling left and right, but the most difficult thing he pulls is Gyu Man’s mannerisms while he’s “calm.” The way he uses his fingers, smile, eyes is exceptional.


And with that said, onwards to episode 10 then, here have an angry Jin Woo just cause!

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