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“The basis of meditation is looking into your inner self.
Think of it as opening up the acupuncture point
And receiving the energy from the sky.
Feel the energy around, wake up your whole body.
Take a deep breath in and out.
This is how you get ready to receive life energy.”


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Shi Woo and Chi Ang arrived in front of the teachers and the students and Soon Deok made a spectacular entrance, but shortly after she wondered how did the magic barrier break. Moo Song appeared thinking the same thing and everyone was surprised since they were expecting only one student. Seon Ah noticed Shi Woo’s presence and soon enough Shi Woo and Chi Ang started following Moo Song.

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Moo Song informed them that Moorim Institute was built to preserve world peace and it’s being supported by the United Nations. They also became aware of the masterful approach and leading role of Moorim Institute when it comes to martial arts competitions and its number one rank worldwide while forging some of the finest students throughout the years. However, Moorim Institute isn’t listed anywhere in public records!

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Chi Ang thought that everything Moo Song said was kind of strange, but Shi Woo was considering Chi Ang the one being odd! Some of the students were spying on them through a drone camera and they were curious why Chi Ang and Shi Woo with their popular and rich backgrounds respectively came to Moorim Institute. However, Shi Woo put an end to their activities by taking care of the drone!

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Beop Gong was meditating while the rest of the teachers were trying to figure out who broke the magical barrier. Yoo Di was thinking that Moo Song did it while expecting the new students, but Dae Ho had received different vibes. Daniel was finding things a bit strange as well, but all of them agreed that there was no possibility for either Chi Ang or Shi Woo breaking the barrier.

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Seon Ah was curious about how did Chi Ang and Shi Woo made it to Moorim Institute, but Soon Deok reassured her that it wasn’t her who broke the barrier and she was believing that Moo Song did it. However, Seon Ah recalled the magical force protecting Shi Woo at the concert and started believing that Shi Woo was probably the one who broke the magical barrier.

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Moo Song asked Shi Woo and Chi Ang the reason why they joined Moorim School and what they were expecting to learn. Chi Ang thought that Moorim School is all about martial arts, but he eventually revealed that he came because of his father and Moo Song was pleased with his sincerity. Shi Woo wanted to talk to Moo Song in private and both of them were informed that the entrance ceremony would take place during the next week, but they should prepare themselves for the classes starting tomorrow.

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Sam was taking Chi Ang to the dorm and informed him that he should start doing everything that has to do with his daily schedule on his own from now on since it’s Moorim Institute’s number one rule! Sam is an assistant teacher and Moorim Institute’s security guard, but Chi Ang wasn’t pleased with the fact that he will have to cook and do the cleaning on his own and thought that his father would solve everything by sponsoring the school! However, Sam told him that everything is a part of Moorim Institute’s educational schedule and that the school doesn’t really need his father’s money!


Once Shi Woo started talking Moo Song interrupted him by stating that he’s losing his hearing, it’s something that surprised Shi Woo. Moo Song laid emphasis on the fact that his ears aren’t the core of his problems, but the real reason of his struggles was hiding deep within. Moo Song will accept Shi Woo at Moorim Institute only if he intends to study there, but he wasn’t cooperative and left the office since all he wanted was to maintain his career.


Shi Woo called the manager right away in order to arrange an interview that will include Soon Deok who would make things right, but his manager made clear that he wasn’t welcome since the company was suffering severe money loss from everything that had happened. He advised Shi Woo to contact his lawyer.

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Chi Ang wasn’t pleased with his room and once someone knocked his door he thought that it was his mermaid. Instead, some of the students appeared and Nadet handed him over the class schedule to pick the ones he’s interested in! Choi Ho introduced himself and everyone else to him, Shannon from England, Jenny, Sang Man and Dong Goo from Korea and Nadet from Thailand! Choi Hoo was curious about how did Chi Ang break the seal but Chi Ang didn’t know anything about it. Chi Ang’s attitude wasn’t the friendliest since he’s way too picky when it comes to friends who should be at his level, it’s something that left them disappointed!


Shi Woo wanted to take Soon Deok back to Seoul in order to reveal the whole truth. She found out that he hadn’t ran away, but he was after the paparazzi and Shi Woo wanted her to make things right. Soon Deok reassured him that she would do so once she’s done with her schedule, but Shi Woo wasn’t cooperative and wanted her to follow him right away. Even though he was only caring about his career, Soon Deok made clear that her own life is important as well and that she couldn’t comply to his “request.”

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Shi Woo thought that she was monetized by the company’s chairman, it’s something that enraged Soon Deok who had nothing to do with Shi Woo’s accusations and she urged him to be polite the next time he requests something, but Shi Woo was considering it an obligation when it comes to clearing his name. Soon Deok’s only obligation at that very moment was going to work and deliver her fried chicken!


Chi Ang’s mother was still concerned about her son even though Wang Hao’s secretary reassured her that everything would be fine. Wang Hao urged her to not worry too much and the moment for him to leave had arrived.


Shi Woo was going through his career’s collapse by checking the news on the social media and he took a walk down the memory lane from the moment the company’s chairman came to find him after acknowledging his skills from the song he had uploaded under the nickname Mobius to the number one rank three weeks after the band’s debut and the chairman’s paternal approach on him since Shi Woo didn’t know who his parents were. At the present, Shi Woo could see that the chairman was after money and was pretending to be a paternal figure.

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Shi Woo’s ear started ringing again and Moo Song arrived to soothe his pain while laying emphasis on the fact that one of his energy points was blocked and that was the reason why he had started losing his hearing. Shi Woo should find out what was going on internally and then everything would be fine. Shi Woo had decided to stay and kept accusing Soon Deok, but Moo Song urged him to stop accusing his ears or others and start asking his own heart that had the answer concerning his decision to stay at Moorim Institute. Moo Song couldn’t guarantee that Shi Woo would get completely healed, but he reassured him that he’d get better if he started training himself. At this point, everything is up to Shi Woo himself.

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In the meantime, Soon Deok was working hard delivering fried chicken while Chi Ang was recalling his last conversation with his father and kept encouraging himself. Graduating would be the only way out in order to help his mother and himself.


Dae Ho found out that Shi Woo was accepted at Moorim Institute and Daniel pointed out that Moo Song probably wanted to find out how the seal was broken. Yoo Di said that surviving inside Moorim Institute is way more difficult that simply getting accepted and she was more worried about Chi Ang instead of Shi Woo! Dae Ho and Yoo Di started quarreling and she informed Daniel that they had broken up for one more time!


Beop Gong wanted to find out Moo Song’s motives for accepting both students even though they were expecting only Chi Ang, but Moo Song had already started thinking that Shi Woo might had been called here by the energy that surrounds Mt. Moorim.


Shi Woo decided to stay at Moorim Institute until everything’s fine. Chi Ang returned back to his room, took off his shirt and as expected, Shi Woo came out of the bathroom; again! Chi Ang wasn’t pleased at all and Sam informed him that Shi Woo had been accepted at Moorim Institute! Chi Ang wanted to make things much easier by wanting to call his father to construct a building just for himself, but Sam made clear that there’s no special treatment in the dorm and urged them to treat nicely one another!

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Shi Woo chose Chi Ang’s bed and they found out that they have something in common! The only thing they liked about Moorim Institute was the view from that spot! Chi Ang informed him that he had farted on that bed, but Shi Woo didn’t mind since he had already changed the sheets and kept the bed!

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Dae Ho was losing himself in his own thoughts, Seon Ah was playing the piano, Shi Woo had fallen asleep unaffected by any form of sound while Chi Ang couldn’t sleep because of the piano! Chi Ang and his mother were missing one another.

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Sam woke them up in a not so pleasant way, but he made sure that they’d stay awake! Morning training had already began and once Chi Ang noticed Soon Deok his day got brighter while Seon Ah was trying to hide herself from Shi Woo!


She thought she had escaped, but he wrist-grabbed her after the class was over and she admitted that she was the one who saved him at the concert. He wanted to know why she invited him to Moorim Institute, but he wasn’t pleased with the generic answers! Seon Ah wanted to shake hands with him, but he wasn’t in the finest mood to do so!

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Dae Ho wanted to know the real reason why Shi Woo was attracted to Moorim Institute in the first place but he was certain that it wasn’t a coincidence. Shi Woo didn’t want to talk about it.


Wang Hao was back in Shanghai and he was informed that the condition of a man inside a hospital hadn’t changed and that the chances of regaining consciousness were pretty low, but they shouldn’t take anything for granted since his life energy was too strong. In the meantime, Moo Song was inside a dreadful room.

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Chi Ang was looking for his Ariel mermaid and once he found her inside the kitchen he was more than happy, but he wasn’t pleased with the fact that she was cutting her fish friends! Since he wanted to keep calling her “mermaid,” Soon Deok wanted him to do it properly and refer to her as “The Little Mermaid” of Disney, but the truth was that she didn’t like it and she warned him for the last time! He kept calling her Ariel and Soon Deok started losing her mind since she was busy! Chi Ang reassured her that he would make his father bring cooks at Moorim Institute and that she shouldn’t worry over these things! She simply picked up her knife and Chi Ang had to leave!

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Chi Ang entered the room and once Shi Woo referred to his Ariel as a chicken-headed girl Chi Ang got pissed off! Chi Ang thought that Shi Woo was interested in her and made clear that he had already fallen for her despite the fact that his hands had a fishy smell!

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Some of Moorim Institute’s students thought that Chi Ang and Shi Woo wouldn’t last even a day, but oddly enough they were still there! The entrance ceremony takes place after a new student has survived a week’s time at Moorim Institute and Yeob Jung was certain that the entrance ceremony wouldn’t take place. Since Chi Ang didn’t know anything about the seal they started thinking that Shi Woo could be the one who unlocked it, but Yeob Jung thought differently and reassured everyone that he would make Chi Ang and Shi Woo return back home crying!


The cooking class was taking place and once Chi Ang winked at Soon Deok she was ready to attack him, but Dae Ho preserved the class’ order! Everyone was preparing his/her own dish, but once Dae Ho warned everyone to not put ice in the hot oil Yeob Jung came up with an idea. He filled the batter with ice and handed it over to Chi Ang who put it in the oil and all hell broke loose! Once Shi Woo witnessed the fire traumatic memories brought him to the ground and his ear started ringing anew. The explosion took place and everyone took care of the floating ingredient by using their martial arts skills until Dae Ho vanished it from the surface of the earth! Seon Ah protected Shi Woo and Dae Ho protected Chi Ang from the oil and once the danger surrendered Shi Woo thought that Chi Ang put ice on purpose and tension arose, but Dae Ho put an end to their encounter.

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Dae Ho was enraged by their behavior and the way they entered Moorim Institute and wanted Moo Song to kick them out. Daniel thought that it was too early to decide on that and Yoo Di took his side just to piss off Dae Ho!

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Seon Ah was trying to convince her father to treat Shi Woo’s ears but he was making fun of her since he wasn’t pleased with the fact that she attended the concert secretly and informed Shi Woo about Moorim Institute! Once he found out that he prevented the lights from falling right away he became more thoughtful!

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Everyone was meditating and once Chi Ang noticed Soon Deok he pushed Seon Ah away in order to sit next to his mermaid who urged him to remain silent! Shi Woo arrived and he sat next to Seon Ah after informing Soon Deok that she should meet him after the class was over. He was thankful towards Seon Ah for saving him from the hot oil while Chi Ang was jealous because Shi Woo wanted to talk to Soon Deok!

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Moo Song was recalling his conversation with Dae Ho. Accepting both Chi Ang and Shi Woo was related to the seal and Moo Song was hoping that he had made the right decision by putting his trust on his instinct.


Beop Gong arrived and urged everyone to look into their inner selves while receiving the energy around them in order to awaken their whole body! Shannon was seeing chicken, Seon Ah was seeing something related to fire and at that point Shi Woo was in distress as the fire incident from the past was more than alive in his mind, but he didn’t reveal anything to Beop Gong. Chi Ang started making fun of Shi Woo by saying that he was seeing thugs and that he would leave the girl behind as well making almost everyone laugh except for the teacher, Seon Ah and Soon Deok.

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Wang Hao stared at his key which was kind of similar to the keys on Moorim Institute’s walls.


Chi Ang’s mother went to Soon Deok’s house and she was thankful for everything. She wanted to compensate them and once Bang Duk tried to take the folder Bong San protected it with his foot and gave it back to Chi Ang’s mother. On her way out, Bang Duk followed Chi Ang’s mother and since couldn’t acquire the money she referred to the past, but Baek Ji denied everything! Bang Duk intends to help Soon Deok get married to Chi Ang!


Soon Deok was mad at Chi Ang for not preserving the class’ purpose and urged him to leave her alone. Seon Ah wrist-grabbed him and warned him to stop messing with Shi Woo!


Shi Woo was packing his belongings, but once he recalled Moo Song’s words he prevented himself from leaving.


The martial arts class had started and Soon Deok and Seon Ah were practicing! Seon Ah was doing well, but once Shi Woo appeared she focused on him and Soon Deok had the chance to disarm her! Chi Ang was impressed anew by her, but Yeob Jung started provoking Chi Ang and Shi Woo that the martial arts class wasn’t for them!


Chi Ang’s father’s money couldn’t prove anything and all they could do was to display their fighting skills or start attending another class. Even though Yeob Jung wasn’t polite Seon Ah took his side since this school means a lot to her and her classmates as opposed to Chi Ang who had no other choice but to start attending it.

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Shi Woo started displaying his skills, but Yeob Jung wasn’t pleased. The moment for Shi Woo and Chi Ang to compete against one another had arrived since a competition wasn’t against the school’s rules! The winner would stay and the loser would leave. Even though Seon Ah and Soon Deok tried to prevent them the battle began and eventually everyone was surprised by their fighting skills!

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~ Thoughts ~


I am not really surprised that the Korean audience didn’t put its trust in Moorim School, the second episode rated only 4%, but it was an episode with many things going on, even more characters making their appearance and a whole lot more awaiting us in the corner until the moment feels right to come to the surface! I have to admit that i will struggle a bit when it comes to recalling all these names, but after a few episodes and recaps everything will be fine, i guess.


The second episode was the first step of Chi Ang and Shi Woo trying to acclimate themselves inside an environment way too foreign when compared to their previous lifestyles. The conveniences they had been enjoying throughout the years have vanished in a blink of an eye and the presence of one another in their lives makes things even more difficult since the tension between them doesn’t intend to surrender for the time being. Even though they suddenly have to co-exist among others, both of them remain arrogant depending on the occasion and loneliness takes over.


Shi Woo would leave Moorim Institute anytime in order to try to preserve his career, but he can’t since his health issue keeps deteriorating. Chi Ang would leave as well, but he has to stay in order to protect himself and his beloved mother. Chi Ang’s reason for staying at Moorim Institute is very specific, Shi Woo’s is pretty much unclear since his health issue is only one of the many layers covering his very own truth. There are people who try to approach them, but Chi Ang and Shi Woo remain distant, except for a few exceptions, but their overall attitude is causing disharmony among the ranks of both students and teachers. The balance will return once Chi Ang and Shi Woo reconcile and the third episode will probably start leaning towards that direction. But it’s going to be a fragile balance since many things we’re still unaware of are going on.


Everything starts leaning towards Shi Woo’s direction when it comes to who unlocked the seal. The pieces of the puzzle gradually come together as many people receive vibes or witness distinctive characteristics and events that are a part of Shi Woo’s subconscious world. There are sparse parts of the big picture and somehow they are related, but the one who holds the key to the door keeping the answer imprisoned is no other than Shi Woo himself. There are many people who try to help him elicit partial aspects of the truth based on their instinct and experiences.


Seon Ah was the one who witnessed the magical barrier protecting Shi Woo, Moo Song was based on his instinct, but Seon Ah’s information made things a bit more apparent, Dae Ho has received some vibes as well and he’s also witnessed Shi Woo’s breakdown inside the cooking class and Beop Gong could notice his distress after Seon Ah mentioned the fire-oriented energy she was feeling. Where do Shi Woo’s powers derive from? How are they related to his past, the fire, the absence of parents and the fact that he doesn’t know who and where they are? Could the man at the hospital be his father? What is that lily-looking pendant on his neck? How is Wang Hao related to all that and why does he have a key which resembles the ones gracing the wall of Moorim Institute?


What is that basement Moo Song had visited? How is Shi Woo’s health issue related to his past? Hearing his loss isn’t the core of his problems, it’s just the psychosomatic effect of everything that hides deep within. There are too many events that made Shi Woo find his way towards Moorim Institute as if an invisible force was weaving the flow of events for him to find that place. The fact that Moorim Institute is related to the United Nations preserving world piece while still forging the great fighters is another mystery as well, where do all these students go to after they graduate and how they found themselves there in the first place since the school’s not listed anywhere? Questions, questions!


Even though Shi Woo is more of a loner than Chi Ang is, his aura attracts a few people around him even when tension exists between them at times while at the same time Chi Ang’s reactions repel people. Other than his mother, it’s probably the first time Chi Ang tries to approach someone he likes to the extent of ruining Soon Deok’s tranquility. Shi Woo doesn’t take her own life into consideration because all he thinks about is no other than himself. Even though i don’t approve of the way he treated Soon Deok who was only trying to help but found herself in a huge misunderstanding, Shi Woo only has himself and if he can’t protect everything he built there will be nothing awaiting for him in the outside world. So, in a manner of speaking i can understand his outbursts without this meaning that i approve of the way he expresses his concerns.


On the other side of the fence, Chi Ang has his father’s money and he always makes pompous statements concerning his background and how he could do just anything as soon as he would inform his father. He also has his own fair share of pain though, it’s always related to his mother and himself and we have yet to find out more about what happened in the past and how he became the usually incompatible and arrogant person he is nowadays with his newfound isle of comfort being Soon Deok. Shi Woo recalling his past, the way he acquired stardom status and how everything collapsed overnight was heartrending. Shi Woo was self-made as an artist, the chairman was just the vehicle to his success, a success that was used for the chairman’s benefit. In the absence of his parents, Shi Woo had found a paternal figure and the echo of the chairman’s betrayal was more multifaceted.


Oddly enough, the foreigners partaking in Moorim School aren’t a discordance and they are more than compatible with the drama’s vibes! And it’s not the United Nations part of the story, they can actually act when compared to countless foreigner figures in many other dramas! Except for the mystery surrounding Moorim School, the humorous factor is too strong and it’s mainly apparent throughout the classes, but also through a wide variety of interactions, mainly between Seo Ye Ji and Hong Bin! That flying ingredient during the cooking class was hilarious! No matter how impressive the fight scene at the end of the second episode was, it will cause major problems to Shi Woo and Chi Ang and i’m not talking about their fists that will end up on one another’s faces!


Judging from the preview, it will cause more disharmony at Moorim Institute and on top of that, both Chi Ang and Shi Woo will find it hard to do the cleaning! Shi Woo will find out that Chi Ang was born out of wedlock and Chi Ang will become aware of Shi Woo’s health issue. Soon Deok will agree to help Shi Woo concerning the interview and Chi Ang will probably be jealous. A fight will erupt and this time it won’t be a competition, it will be against the school’s rules. Getting expelled from Moorim Institute will feel essential, but the teachers were still eager to find out how the seal was broken at the end of the first episode. I can’t wait for the next week to arrive, there are so many things going on and i want to get closer to the answers, episode by episode!


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  1. Rhea
    January 13, 2016 at 5:03 am — Reply

    I hope SW & SA not siblings separated when they were a kid…

    • January 13, 2016 at 5:16 am — Reply

      I hope so too, but it smells like that somehow. It feels like there are at least 2 birth secrets! This drama keeps creating questions in my brain! XD

  2. lulu
    January 13, 2016 at 5:24 am — Reply

    how come the rating was going down? im frustrated

    • January 13, 2016 at 5:30 am — Reply

      Dunno, it doesn’t deserve such low ratings… SFD and GT already have their k-fanbase so it will be tough for MS to battle them in terms of ratings :/ Hope the ratings won’t affect the drama and i certainly hope that they will get better!

  3. January 13, 2016 at 1:46 pm — Reply

    kdrama ratings are a strange brew. stereotypes, wailing women, abusive gender dynamics…no probs. amazingly done sagueks, yes please. modernist shows, nope. fantasies, nope. i’m just glad there’s someone willing to throw a duck in the kswan pond and i’m going to watch this and enjoy it.

    • January 13, 2016 at 2:58 pm — Reply

      They certainly are… Not even ratings make sense sometimes in dramaland XD Same here, the first vibes are more than positive and the magic part is done really well! The story feels intriguing as well and i hope it will remain the same! I like how the drama gives voice to young actresses and actors to show their potential in more leading figures!

  4. January 15, 2016 at 3:03 am — Reply

    Ok so I just watched the second episode [my wifi was down for almost all day], and there are SO MANY QUESTIONS IN MY MIND RIGHT NOW.
    Like, what was that fire that Shi Woo saw?! He was that little kid crying?? Who was that person at the floor?
    Why is he so rude omfg I just can’t deal, I wanted to punch his nose. His and Chi Ang’s too, gosh. He was so idiot to make fun of Shi Woo during the meditation class [I wanted a class like that to be honest hahahahaha].
    And why am I thinking that Chi Ang’s father has something to do with that fire? Am I thinking way too much?
    And o.m.g I HATE Yeob Jung already. Why there’s always a character so hatefull????
    I also already loves Sam, the security <3 he's so fun. Hopefully he'll get more scenes.

    This drama is making me question everything!!! I really hope that the plot gets better, because there's too much stories about too many things, it must be really hard to explain all of them. I wish a great development, it'll be such a good drama 3<

    [I wrote this comment before reading your article, and again I agreed with everything. So many things to happen on episode 3, I will burst until then]

    • January 17, 2016 at 3:07 am — Reply

      Wifi wasn’t kind on you, but it let you watch the 2nd ep in the end! 😀
      Yush, i think he was that kid crying and that woman was probably his mother, but we have yet to find out!
      Both male leads are so freaking rude XD *punch his nose* XD Please do so!! Their attitude is their own defense mechanism, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a right attitude 😀 Meditation class would be daebak, especially if i was in the same class with Seo Ye Ji and Jung Eugene :3
      You’re not thinking too much, this drama keeps creating questions! And Chi Ang’s father had a key that looked like the ones on Mourim’s walls!
      Yeob Jung deserves some punches on the nose too, “i’m going to send them back crying like babies!” XD Sam is daebak!

  5. January 15, 2016 at 9:31 pm — Reply

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