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“The seal has been unblocked.”


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18 years ago

Hwang Moo Song (Shin Hyun Joon) was running inside the forest to escape from a bunch of assassins while putting his life on the line to protect the child in his arms. He dodged the lethal knives like a maneuvering maestro and once he arrived at the right place he summoned the forces of nature in order to hide in transparent mist. The chase had reached the end and Moo Song and the child were safe. The story continues at the present and a concert was the triggering event of everything that would follow throughout the episode.

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♠ Yoon Shi Woo (Lee Hyun Woo) ♠


Shi Woo is an idol who reaps the benefit of his stardom status as the leading figure of a band named Moebius. On top of that, he’s the leading brigade of the company that promotes him since he works as a songwriter and producer as well, but not everything in the garden is rosy. His overall attitude made him cut ties with the other members of Moebius. His manager and the chairman can’t find him every time they need him and he’s not obedient to his schedule as he often skips his rehearsals. He suffers from a health issue and he’s gradually losing his hearing, something that would mean the end of his career.

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The doctor had advised him to take some time off, but he wasn’t sure if it would benefit Shi Woo’s health since the possibility of being unable to hear at some point in the future was high and medication was only postponing any further effects. The chairman was afraid that Shi Woo would join forces with another company, but once the manager informed him about Shi Woo’s health issue he started progressing his own plan which was no other than kicking him out of the company and a scandal would be the easiest method. The chairman would use a rookie idol who had a crush on Shi Woo, was dumped by him and nearly ended her life. In order to leave behind her rookie status and become well-known she should either become a part of Shi Woo’s life or try to bring him down.

bscap0597 bscap0524bscap0525bscap0601

♣ Wang Chi Ang (Wong Bin) ♣


Chi Ang is a rare occasion, he was kicked out of every university he attended and he’s a thorn in his father’s side! His father, Wang Hao (Lee Beom Soo) is the leading figure of the Hang Sao Group, but Chi Ang will become the legal heir only if he graduates from university. He was born out of wedlock and his relationship with his Korean mother, Kang Baek Ji (Hwang In Young), is a mutually caring one, but his Chinese father will accept both of them in China after he gets his degree. The only place willing to let him continue his studies is Moorim Institute. Now that Chi Ang’s back in Korea he’s always being followed by his father’s men, but after receiving all the necessary information concerning the forthcoming concert he ran away with a motorbike for a deep breath of freedom.

bscap0422 bscap0427bscap0439bscap0423

Once he returned back to the hotel and entered his room he took off his shirt, but soon enough Shi Woo got out of the bathroom after taking a shower! The arch surprise was followed by their first official confrontation since none of them wanted to leave the room. Shi Woo’s stardom status, the fact that Chi Ang’s father’s company was sponsoring the concert and Shi Woo’s threats to cancel his appearance along with Wang Hao’s specific orders did the talking and Shi Woo managed to keep his room! However, Chi Ang made sure that he would keep an eye on Shi Woo, but while leaving he took Shi Woo’s jacket by mistake.

bscap0464bscap0443bscap0444 bscap0461

♥ Sim Soon Deok (Seo Ye Ji) ♥

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She’s a Moorim Institute student, but she keeps it a secret from her blind father who’s always concerned about his daughter’s well-being and would never like her to find herself in trouble! Soon Deok is charismatic, she’s the potato rice cake queen and cooks them with utter love in her own quirky and adorable way! Her lively personality and sharp mind helped her sell all of them outside of the concert hall after making Shi Woo’s fans believe that their idol is a major fan of her potato rice cakes!

bscap0447 bscap0467bscap0470 bscap0472

♥ Hwang Seon Ah (Jeong Eugene) ♥


Seon Ah is Moo Song’s daughter and Moorim Institute’s leading student figure. She’s also one of Shi Woo’s greatest fans and she appeared incognito at the concert!

bscap0480 bscap0485bscap0486bscap0484

→ Concert time! ←


Right before the concert, Shi Woo’s condition had started deteriorating, but his medication was nowhere to be found since it was in the jacket Chi Ang had taken with him! Shi Woo wasn’t the only one affected by that exchange, the moment Chi Ang tried to enter the concert hall he wasn’t allowed to do so since he was missing his VIP card which was inside the jacket Shi Woo possessed at that point along with his cellphone! Chi Ang’s secretary did the talking, but Chi Ang wasn’t pleased with the fact that White had already started performing on stage before his appearance! However, his mood brightened once one of White’s members winked at him!

bscap0465 bscap0483bscap0482bscap0474

Moebius’ time had arrived, but Shi Woo was the center of attention! Seon Ah erupted in utter bliss while Chi Ang couldn’t withstand Shi Woo’s presence on stage while his fans’ ecstasy was entrancing the concert hall and distorting Chi Ang’s mind! Shi Woo’s health issue resurfaced, but his professionalism shone as he was able to perform up to the very end of the song. At that point the lights above him started falling towards Shi Woo whose ears had betrayed him and he didn’t know what was going on. Seon Ah pushed away the bodyguards and rushed to his aid, but at that point she noticed a protective magical barrier above Shi Woo and once it started surrendering she eventually saved his life.

bscap0488bscap0502bscap0510 bscap0494bscap0498bscap0511bscap0512

Before the bodyguards would take her away she invited him to attend Moorim school since Moo Song could possibly help him treat his health issue. After the arch shock, Shi Woo asked from the company’s chairman to give him one year off. In the meantime, Chi Ang wanted his cellphone, but Shi Woo was by the sea lost in his own thoughts until he noticed the message Chi Ang’s mother had sent at her son’s cellphone.

bscap0522bscap0516bscap0517 bscap0533

→ Scandal time! ←


Soon Deok isn’t only the potato rice cake queen, she’s also a quirky fried chicken deliverywoman! Once an order gets cancelled she tries to find a new customer right away! The company chairman’s plan had already started progressing and the manager was nearby witnessing everything going on. The rookie girl gave Shi Woo a chance to become a part of her life, but once he urged her to get out of the car some thugs appeared and ruining his reputation was the only way out. Soon Deok was passing by and she decided to leave, but once things got tense she threw her helmet on one of the thugs! Shi Woo noticed the paparazzi and started chasing after them with his car leaving the rookie girl behind, but Soon Deok took care of them since she could easily beat them up!

bscap0551bscap0541bscap0545 bscap0554 bscap0569bscap0570 bscap0580 bscap0584bscap0574

In a blink of an eye the whole place was filled with reporters and the scandal was on the news. Soon Deok got interviewed and even though she wanted to help in the first place, she ended up playing her own part in Shi Woo’s demise! Eventually, Shi Woo found out that the chairman was behind everything with the excuse that he wanted Shi Woo’s ears to get healed before continuing his career. Chi Ang missed yet another chance to get his cellphone and once Shi Woo left Chi Ang got kidnapped! In the meantime, Soon Deok’s father was angered with his daughter’s latest adventures and she left to go fishing!

bscap0594bscap0589bscap0590 bscap0596bscap0598bscap0599 bscap0602 bscap0607bscap0608 bscap0609

→ Mermaid time! ←


Chi Ang found out that he doesn’t own anything until he graduates from university and that all he had to do was to attend Moorim Institute for a year’s time! However, he desperately wanted to escape and he pretended that he needed to use the bathroom. Once he escaped his father’s men kept chasing after him, but once he threatened them that he would jump into the sea they stepped back. He slipped and the end was near, but he hadn’t run out of luck since our beautiful mermaid, Soon Deok, took him to the shore and tried to bring him back to consciousness! After wondering if she was a mermaid he passed out anew while Soon Deok’s face was approaching him for artificial respiration!

bscap0612 bscap0613bscap0616 bscap0618bscap0627bscap0629bscap0630bscap0631bscap0633bscap0644bscap0639bscap0634

This is the closest i will ever get to Seo Ye Ji! It's more than appreciated!

This is the closest i will ever get to Seo Ye Ji! It’s more than appreciated!

Once he woke up he found out that Soon Deok’s father (Lee Moon Sik) was massaging him and Chi Ang ran away! On his way out he noticed Go Bong Deok (Hong Ji Min) cutting some fish and the overall scenery was making him believe that something evil was going on there! He passed out, but once he woke up he ate like there would be no tomorrow and informed them on his rich background and that they would get compensated for their help. Of course, they didn’t believe him and considered him a mental case! The moment he witnessed Soon Deok anew it felt as if he was in a dream within a dream and once he found out that she was attending Moorim Institute everything changed; drastically! His parents arrived and Chi Ang was happy seeing his mother again, he also informed his father on his intentions, but if he graduates he would like to take one more person with him to China, probably implying Soon Deok!

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→ Magic time! ←


Shi Woo’s fans had turned into haters after the scandal made it to the surface and after a few eggs found their destination, his car, Shi Woo escaped after witnessing his dream collapsing before his very eyes. He recalled Seon Ah’s Moorim Institute reference, but he couldn’t find any information. Luckily enough, he still had Chi Ang’s cellphone and found a map Chi Ang’s mother had messaged to her son! Soon enough, Shi Woo arrived at Mt. Moorim, but Moorim Institute was nowhere to be found!

bscap0647 bscap0646bscap0688bscap0695

Chi Ang and Soon Deok were at Mt. Moorim as well and he was following her. A tiger plant caught her attention, but once Chi Ang noticed a tiger swallowtail butterfly, which is said to bring luck in China and Korea, he started following it to catch it. Soon Deok lost his traces, but she found Shi Woo who thought that she was working for the company’s chairman while she didn’t know what he was talking about. Once he became more tense and wrist-grabbed her Chi Ang attacked him and they started rolling down the hill. They had found the right place and the magic opened up the pathway leading towards Moorim Institute which was shaken by an earthquake. Moo Song and the teachers understood that the seal had been unblocked and everyone headed towards the entrance to notice that Shi Woo and Chi Ang had arrived.

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~ Thoughts ~


Moorim School appeared in the last place when it comes to ratings since the first episode could barely surpass the 5% barrier, it reached 5.1% to be more precise. I kind of expected it since Six Flying Dragons is unable to leave behind the throne and Glamorous Temptation has its own fan base and this Monday’s episodes rated 15.1% and 12.1% respectively. But what really makes Moorim School intriguing in the first place?


It would be way too cliche to say that every figure, leading or secondary, appears to be having his/her own story since almost every character does so in every drama. However, Moorim School appears to be having many things going on in the background waiting for the right time to make it to the surface and it was more than apparent during the first episode. After all, the synopsis was stating that the drama emphasizes on a variety of virtues the students have to embed in their lives and Moorim School’s environment is intriguing enough to make you wonder how all these people from different cultures ended up there and why Moorim Institute was built in the first place.


Another strong aspect of the drama is the fact that you can’t possibly tell what’s going to happen in the future since the drama’s territory appears quite “vast” as i stated above. This could be something truly positive if the writer lives up to the expectations of presenting a decent story, then the acting and the cinematography will have the chance to do their own wonders. A negative possibility has to be the background overload, many things could go wrong in the process story-wise, but i will be rooting for the first option in which the writer will live up to any expectations that will start being forged, episode by episode.


Of course, the cinematography has to be of major importance and the first episode was quite demanding dare i say since the scenes were taking place in a variety of places, both indoors and outdoors, and the director’s approach was doing justice to each and every surrounding environment. The cinematography was natural for the most part of it, but it was evoking more ethereal vibes whenever the magical elements were making their appearance and the use of effects concerning the crawling plants, the leaves on the wind, the protective barriers and the way Moorim Institute emerges possessed their own dynamics. The very soul and essence of Moorim Institute is about to start unveiling itself, along with its martial arts aspect.


Are you curious enough to find out from where all these powers derive from and how they brought all these people closer together? As for the acting and while trying to remain objective despite loving Seo Ye Ji to any extent you may imagine, she stole the impressions during the first episode of the drama with her never-ending aegyo-friendly facial expressions whether she was being utterly cute or hilarious to the fullest. Jeong Eugene didn’t appear much but she delivered all the necessary vibes to make me crave for more Seon Ah oriented airing time!


Nope, i haven’t forgotten about the boys of the story and both of them were highly representative of their characters’ backgrounds that have shyly started revealing themselves. Lee Hyun Woo brought to the surface the “i am someone you should know and in case you didn’t, now you do” spoiled idol attitude, but he didn’t neglect his acting duties while depicting Shi Woo’s sudden realization of his empire’s collapse while trying to battle his own demons when it comes to the possibility of losing his hearing. He visualized in a remarkable way the absence of sound and i am really looking forward to finding out the psychological reasons which led to this unwelcome turn of events in his life. I am also eager to find out the source of his magical powers that made their appearance while the lights were heading towards his direction. It must be somewhat related to the fire we witnessed at the 2nd episode’s preview, along with his health issue, and he could possibly be the one who unblocked the seal.


Hong Bin was also remarkable in depicting his character’s restrained world, but also the sense of freedom when he was riding the motorbike and his more lively approach and kind of dreamlike vibes the moment Soon Deok entered his life! She gave meaning to something he had been avoiding, attending a college and graduating from it, but now that he found out that she’s a student at Moorim Institute he would never step back. I am curious about his background when it comes to his family and there could be a birth secret, not only when it comes to him, but also concerning Seon Ah, is she really Moo Song’s daughter? Could some of the characters be somewhat blood related? We have yet to find out. Lee Beom Soo’s character was a piece of cake for him and i can’t wait for Shin Hyun Joon to show more of his grandeur!


I foresee a strong bromance between Shi Woo and Chi Ang, such tension usually leads to a great bromance with all the intermediate eruptions that will probably have to do with the romance parameter in the process. Chi Ang has fallen for Soon Deok, Seon Ah is a fan of Shi Woo so we all know that there are lurking feelings, the key characters when it comes to Moorim School’s romantic aspects have to be Shi Woo and Soon Deok who haven’t unveiled anything yet, but i presume that they will get closer together in the future!


The humor’s already there, the first feels have started making their appearance and the main core of the drama has just started getting structured for the building to start growing taller and taller! Both Shi Woo and Chi Ang will find themselves in an environment they’re not used to and they’ll have to do everything on their own from now on while taking into consideration the institute’s rules and regulations as they will be acclimating themselves. Martial arts, magic, painful backgrounds and the will to head towards a brighter future, forthcoming romance and bromance, the first signs are positive and i hope that the second and further impressions will do the talking in a highly representative way!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
If you’re reading this article elsewhere, it doesn’t belong there.
Read the original article only at Dramajjang.co.


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  1. January 12, 2016 at 12:25 pm — Reply

    I’m still on the fence and not sure if I’m going to watch, but really good recaps and I certainly feel quite curious about the drama (more so now).

    • January 13, 2016 at 4:32 am — Reply

      Things made me even more curious with the second episode, soooooooooo many questions! But i have gotten even more curious about the magic factor all of a sudden! 😀

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    i watched this half subbed yesterday as it had been a depressing day (Bowie) and i wanted to cheer up a bit and see something completely unknown. i loved it so much i watched it again fully subbed 6 hrs later!
    hooray! my favorite genre (sff) comes to kdramaland! 🙂 and, you are recapping! 🙂
    it was so refreshing and i thought whilst watching the 2nd time; the quality of cinematography is very high, the characters are very understated and natural; everyone in their respective parts did really well….the girls obv are going to kick ass and the guys dont have a prob with shower scenes ….haha :p
    so, i’m hooked! SO glad you’re recapping, this should be a really fun ride!

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      Aye, it was definitely a sad day when it comes to Bowie leaving for Mars, let’s think that he’s going to tour the whole galaxy from now on.
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      Indeed! The cinematography was much better than expected!! And your eyes will be pleased even more when it comes to shower scenes on the second ep! XD
      I have SO many questions after the second ep ended, even more than the first one! Let’s hope that the drama will remain strong up to the very end! Thank you so much ^-^ And i’m thankful for your thoughts for one more time!! 🙂

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      PS. Today turned out an Ultravox day for me after yesterday’s Bowie ear marathon.

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    January 12, 2016 at 8:45 pm — Reply

    does anyone know the song that moebius sang during the concert?

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      I don’t know which song it is :/ But if i find out i will let you know! 🙂

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    Hongbin is a main lead????????? Lee Hyun Woo grew up well… I’m here for the plot 😛

    • January 13, 2016 at 4:45 am — Reply

      You’re definitely going to watch it for the plot! XD Hong Bin appears to be the second lead!

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  6. January 13, 2016 at 11:20 pm — Reply

    I just finished watching the first episode, and I couldn’t agree more with you while reading this article [and btw you’re awesome].
    I loved Hong Bin’s acting, he surely surprised me <3 and I was missing Hyun Woo, so it was so good to see him again! I must confess that I only started watching Moorim School because of them, but now I'm so curious about the plot and their development, and the others characters too.
    And I like this kind of fantasy plots to be honest. I loved "My Love From the Stars", so I'm pretty sure I'll like this drama as well kekeke
    OMG so much I wanna tell. Right after we find out about Shi Woo's health issue, I almost teared up thinking "omg this will be such a painful thing to see', and I'm already in pain. Hopefully he'll get through this. And I'm loving Chi Ang's personality!! He was such a j*rk at the beginning, being the chaebol heir, and after he met Soon Deok he totally changed.

    I'll make sure to watch this drama every week [which I don't usually do, I actually watch finished dramas keke] and I'll be reading all your articles <3 really, you rock!

    [sorry if I said anything wrong, I'm still spazzing too much and English is not my mother language]

    • January 13, 2016 at 11:24 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for your generous words, they are deeply appreciated (even though i am far from being awesome)! 😀

      Something tells me that you’re going to enjoy the second episode a lot more, but more questions will be formed as to what’s going on! Hong Bin has more potential than i expected and i enjoy both his serious and hilarious side!

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        I’ll watch it now and I’ll be back here kekeke

  7. January 14, 2016 at 5:59 pm — Reply

    I’m liking this drama a lot. So glad you seem to as well. It’s getting so much hate from some drama watchers. Thanks for the recap.

    • January 14, 2016 at 6:11 pm — Reply

      I don’t see a reason why one would hate this drama THAT much, it’s not like it committed a crime! Even IF the first two episodes were bad, they wouldn’t be THAT bad to be hated to THAT extent o.O The acting is very good, the cinematography is great and the storyline is intriguing with many things going on. You’re very welcome!! 🙂

  8. Pink
    February 4, 2016 at 3:11 pm — Reply

    i love this drama😉Enjoy HongBin’s acting. Fighting… The rest of the cast r good too. I ll keep chasing after the episodesssssss

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