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Remember – War of The Son Episode 8 Recap [All Of Your Light Found My Bottle In The Night]

rwars080011(you kept me in this fight, gave me second life.)

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Dong Ho asks In Ah where Jin Woo is, and when she doesn’t give him an answer he remarks that despite her affection for him, she shouldn’t forget that she is a prosecutor in the end. In Ah replies that it’s because she’s a prosecutor she will catch anyone that got Jin Woo involved- Dong Ho mentions that she is not the only one to care for him, as he hasn’t forgotten the contract he signed a long time ago but In Ah is not having it, calling him a liar.

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Gyu Man reprimands the corrupted cop for Jin Woo escaping, but the cop promises he will catch him soon. As he exits, Dong Ho arrives and figures out Gyu Man is involved in Jin Woo’s fall; he reminds him what he told him about not being hasty towards things and how even the Chairman could get implicated. However Gyu Man reveals that if things get bad, it’s Seok Doo that will get the blame, since he orchestrated the whole thing.

rwarsοn00015 rwarsοn00016

Jin Woo is wandering around the streets when he notices that he’s being on the wanted-list from a television.

Meanwhile, Dong Ho meets with Seok Joo and he admits that he got his contacts to create the mess implicating Jin Woo. Dong Ho notes that they didn’t have to act so low even when they were gangsters and Seok Joo concedes that things have fallen into place, and they can’t turn back now- Gyu Man gets what he wants, and it’d be in their best interest to quickly capture Jin Woo.

rwarsοn00017 rwarsοn00022

While walking around, Jin Woo comes across a store shoe and upon seeing a certain pair of shoes, he gets reminded of a similar pair he gave as a gift to his father once- his father was so excited with the shoes, declaring he would wear them to all important events of Jin Woo’s life, such as a graduation and wedding before giving Jin Woo a pair of shoes he bought for him.

A small team of policemen recognize him while looking at flyers with his wanted-photo, and try to catch him but he manages to escape after a long round of running and ultimately hiding by pretending to help someone carrying a cart.

rwarsοn00023 rwarsοn00024

He makes his way into a motel asking for a room without windows, and ends up crashing there while thinking back to his “old room” with all the info he had gathered and comparing the situation he’s at the moment, disappointed at how things turned out.

Meanwhile Gyu Man “consoles” his sister, reminding her that he had warned her to stay away from Jin Soo. She gives an apathetic response upon hearing Jin Soo’s name and Gyu Man notes that since he’s associated with murder now, her pretending not to know him is the best thing she can do.

rwarsοn00025 rwarsοn00026

Director Sa finds Jin Woo in the terrace who’s surprised that she would know where he’s located; she corrects him saying she even knows which room he even picked and that reminds her of ther old days when working in general affairs and how Jin Woo had helped her escape her abusive husband.

rwarsοn00030 rwarsοn00031

The next morning, Judge Seok Gyu, rejects Jin Woo’s retrial request after watching the news of him running away as a prime suspect of a murder and Prosecutor Hong informs Gyu Man of the latest developments; he says all they need to do now is to capture Jin Woo. Gyu Man orders Soo Beom who’s driving him to the company to change direction as he wants to meet a certain someone to deliver those happy news.

rwarsοn00032 rwarsοn00033

In Ah confirms with Judge Seok Gyu that he dismissed the retrial request but she remarks that the murder case Jin Woo is not involved shouldn’t affect the murder case 4 years ago; The Judge asks her what is her real connection to Jin Woo and In Ah reveals that it was because of this case that she became a prosecutor. She believed in Jin Woo’s father innocence and hoped that with the possible retrial the truth would get exposed; The Judge said that allowing a retrial requested by a wanted man would be far too much and the case is considered close.

rwarsοn00034 rwarsοn00035

Gyu Man visits Jae Hyuk in the prison, and he pokes fun at him, trying to intimidate him and confuse him by reminding him of his crimes and commenting how nice it must be that he has forgotten murdering an innocent girl; when Jae Hyuk is clearly shaken, he tells him that he won’t be able to ever escape his fate since his lawyer is now a murderer too, something that unsettles further Jae Hyuk.

After Gyu Man leaves, he remarks how uncomfortable prison is to his tastes, and he wouldn’t be able to live there even for a single day; Soo Beom jestingly says it’s because exactly of that, that prison is designed this way so one shouldn’t do crimes in order to avoid it, something Gyu Man doesn’t find funny at all.

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At In Ah’s place, her mom advises her to pretend she never knew Jin Woo now that he’s a wanted man; she worked hard to become prosecutor and her reputation would turn bad if people started bad mouthing her for associating with a guy like him. In Ah doesn’t care what the world thinks and storms out after saying that Jin Woo is innocent.

rwarsοn00036 rwarsοn00038

Her father follows her to the pizza store and encourages In Ah, saying that she should stick to believing what is right and what her gut is telling her to; when the time is right things will make sense. In Ah is relieved at her father’s words when Jin Woo calls her.

rwarsοn00040 rwarsοn00041

They meet and Jin Woo quickly tells her about the trap Gyu Man set up for him, having hired someone to kill that old woman just a bit before he arrived; In Ah thinks he should go forth to the police and report everything but Jin Woo says that means a certain trial with fabricated evidence against him, just like his dad’s. He needs to find and catch the killer himself if he wants to clear his name and help his dad. He has to leave but promises he will contact her again.

rwarsοn00043 rwarsοn00046

Lawyer Song tells Director Sa they need to locate Jin Woo- she wants to show him something first and leads him to the hidden room of Jin Woo’s. Lawyer Song doesn’t understand why Ilho Group is among all the info on the wall and Director Sa tells him the truth about how Gyu Man is the one that murdered the girl and he should decide if he still wants to help Jin Woo.

rwarsοn00047 rwarsοn00048

In Ah figures out the corrupted cop is tailing her and calls him out on it- he warns him she will catch all the people that involved Jin Woo, including him. After she leaves, the cop calls Prosecutor Hong and lets him know that In Ah is investigating the murder case of the woman and the Prosecutor orders him to keep following her, and report if she finds anything since that would mean they’re in danger as well.

In Ah examines the murder case carefully and calls her colleagues to look into it more, since something seems fishy to her.

rwarsοn00049 rwarsοn00050

Director Sa gives Jin Woo the stuff he asked her to bring and he wonders if she was followed; she mentions that one person did follow her, and it is revealed to be Lawyer Song who immediately hugs Jin Woo asking how he could hold all this inside him for so long. Jin Woo is surprised but in a pleasant kind of way.

He reveals to them the flash stick he received from Ilho’s ex VP and how he plans to expose it to the public; he asks Lawyer Song to find him a car and a cellphone and calls a reporter known for dealing with risky matters, letting him know about wanting to broadcast live Ilho’s shady activities.

rwarsοn00052 rwarsοn00053

Gyu Man is out drinking happily with Soo Beom and Judge Seok Gyu when he receives a call from Jin Woo who lets him know of his plans to broadcast live all his Group’s illegal activities- that is, if he doesn’t turn in the killer of that woman by next day. Gyu Man challenges him to broadcast it as that will basically mean he will kill both him and his father. Jin Woo is not threatened since he has nothing to lose anymore and repeats to Gyu Man what he should do in order to avoid a public scandal.

rwarsοn00054 rwarsοn00055

Gyu Man goes to Dong Ho’s office and he angrily recounts Jin Woo’s threats about Ilho’s slash funds, blaming Dong Ho for not monitoring him carefully; Dong Ho thinks that Jin Woo must have called from a burner phone and he can track him down, before he’s ready to do anything. He quickly finds one of his contacts and orders them to find out the location of the phone through Gyu Man’s phone record.

rwarsοn00056 rwarsοn00057

Chairman Nam congratulates his son, for having done a clean job after VP’s trial, keeping the image of Ilho intact, when at that time they both watch the television where SBC news talk about an anonymous informer who wants to come forth with Ilho Group’s illegal financial activities, and how they’re gonna broadcast the report soon. Chairman asks Gyu Man to take care of it and he says he definitely will.

In Ah sees the news and quickly figures out that Jin Woo is the informant; she calls him and he tells her that this is the only road he can follow right now and hangs up before heading somewhere in a hurry.

rwarsοn00059 rwarsοn00060

Prosecutor Hong calls one of his acquaintances in the station and asks about the reporter who agreed to do the broadcast; his acquaintance mentions that the president ordered to make this number one news and nobody can stop that. The prosecutor threatens him with an old case concerning his son and is able to find out the location of the broadcast and orders the corrupted cop to rush there immediately. Dong Ho is also on the run trying to find Jin Woo who at the same time heads to the planned location.

rwarsοn00061 rwarsοn00062

The police arrive to the place that was supposed to broadcast live, but it is empty and it’s revealed that Jin Woo is in another place entirely and is going live on his own. Before he’s ready to show the evidence, Dong Ho enters the room he’s in and manages to stop him. He confiscates the file with the funds along with the flash stick and takes Jin Woo with him. He tells him that if he did reveal the slash funds, he would be dead afterwards and he’s gonna take him somewhere where he can calm down.

rwarsοn00063 rwarsοn00064

Gyu Nam gets a call from the corrupted cop who tells him the place they went was empty and Dong Ho must have taken Jin Woo- Gyu Man calls Dong Ho and orders him to bring him Jin Woo. Dong Ho isn’t happy with this development but he obeys while advising Jin Woo that he should play along with Gyu Man for now, as that will keep him alive.

rwarsοn00066 rwarsοn00067

Jin Woo is taken to an abandoned warehouse, tied to a chair and unable to speak. Gyu Man arrives and after checking out that the flash stick hasn’t been copied destroying the last shred of evidence, he hits Jin Woo while sarcastically wondering if this warehouse is the court Jin Woo was talking about the last time they met. Jin Woo falls uncoscious while his father on the jail starts remembering pieces after Gyu Man riled him up- he’s trembling while writing down a letter to his son about how he didn’t murder anyone, crying and sobbing all the while.

rwarsοn00069 rwarsοn00070

Jin Woo wakes up and Gyu Man goes for another round of taunting and this time he hits deep revealing to Jin Woo he went to see his father- he thinks to himself if he should actually call him a “father” if he can’t even remember his son and how it would be nice if son and father would end up to nearby cells. Jin Woo yells at him something that amuses Gyu Man who before he leaves, nods to the corrupted cop.

rwarsοn00071 rwarsοn00072

The cop unties Jin Woo and tells him to run away, much in Dong Ho and Jin Woo’s disbelief; however Dong Ho quickly realizes that the cop is gonna shoot him and then claim he did it because the suspect ran away, something that Gyu Man has planned to do as he, himself implies when driving away from the warehouse. Dong Ho manages to block the cop from firing and he orders Jin Woo to run away while he’s holding him down.

rwarsοn00073 rwarsοn00074

Jin Woo escapes and heads to In Ah’s place- she finds him outside sitting alone and he gives her a disheartening look after she asks him if he’s alright.

After they head inside, In Ah informs Jin Woo about her investigation and how the strangulation with a fishing line was kinda unusual and she tried to find similar unsolved cases; she mentions the only evidence is some sort of red fabric from the victim’s fingernails and Jin Woo puts his memory in use and remembers a man with a red shirt and a dragon tattoo on his hand walking past him just before he headed to the woman’s house and found her dead. He connects the dots with the suspect on the unsolved cases’ files and deduces that the killer is in Serim-dong.

rwarsοn00076 rwarsοn00077

Dong Ho interrupts Chairman and Gyu Man’s dinner asking to see Gyu Man in private- he tells that his calculation of killing Jin Woo would cause many problems and he should consider himself lucky that Jin Woo escaped. Gyu Man confirms that it might have been the wrong one, but he’s the one that decides how the plans are gonna go and orders Dong Ho to leave after having made his point clear that he’s the one in charge.

rwarsοn00079 rwarsοn00080

In Ah is ready to ask Jin Woo how they should proceed now that they know about the killer but she finds he has fallen asleep. She gazes at him for a while before covering him with a blanket.

The next morning she wakes up only to find out that Jin Woo has already left and has left her a note apologizing for having taken her cellphone.

rwarsοn00081 rwarsοn00082

She calls him repeatedly to no avail while having gathered a team to search for the killer. They’re all instructed to look for him around the Serim-dong area while Jin Woo is conducting his own search. Meanwhile Dong Ho heads there to track down the killer as well.

rwarsοn00083 rwarsοn00085

After a few failed attempts, In Ah manages to locate the killer- she follows him while calling Jin Woo but before she lets him know where she is, the killer has sneaked behind her hitting her in the head with a rock. Jin Woo understands something bad happened when In Ah doesn’t reply while Dong Ho arrives right at that moment.

Reflection Corner :


Ahhhhh, SO CLOSE, yet so far.

Jin Woo was a step from exposing the Hell-Ilho Group so I could rejoice in Gyu Man’s got-pwned expression but of course, it wouldn’t be so easy, would it? Dong Ho, again, why bro? He genuinely doesn’t seem to enjoy his life there, so that would be a perfect chance to escape unscathed…or wait, the slash funds would possibly implicate him and his “papa” right? Darn. I guess I still want to root for him and him protecting (as much as protecting can be considered not to let Jin Woo died, who was found because of him!) Jin Woo was a welcome ray of his old self, but it’s not enough.


The way he talked to Jin Woo in the car and the fact he also mentioned to In Ah about how he hasn’t forgotten his contract, does seem to hint that he has a plan in his mind to carry out at some point, but when that some point will be? When Jin Woo’s father is under the ground along with Jin Woo? It’s baffling to be honest- he’s both an ally and enemy.

I thoughts his line to the corrupted cop about even if he takes money from Gyu Man he’s still a detective was him talking to himself like “he’s still a lawyer” at heart and he will come through in the end for Jin Woo but his actions right now are far away far from that.

(he is one handsome devil though!)

(he is one handsome devil though!)

What’s underneath your classy outift Dong Ho??! (bring back the colorful outfit plz, I prefer it but then again he’s stylish at everything!)


Jin Woo does have an ally 100% though, or should I say 110%? In Ah rocked this episode- from her calling out that corrupted cop, to examining carefully the case and narrowing down a list of suspects that helped Jin Woo recall the hired killer. But apart from the practical things, she was also there for Jin Woo encouraging him with her presence and rushing to his side when needed; and covering him with the warm blanket inside the store! (blanket pizza parlor couple! the name I will be assigning to them from now on lool)


Hopefully Jin Woo will return the favor and cover her with his own safe blanket because oh boy, that hit she got in the head was HARD. I was like “behind you Jamieeeee!” before she got ouched, you gotta cover your bases In Ah, the back is ALWAYS the big blind spot!

It was also neat to see his colleagues in the law firm helping him too and believing in him and how Jin Woo remained the upright guy in those missing years, helping Director Sa.


Gyu Man, like…when you think he can’t get any worse, because he’s in the pits of hell level, he does. Him taunting Jin Woo’s dad like this was detestable of its own accord, and hitting Jin Woo who couldn’t defend himself was cowardly despicable; actually, cowardly despicable describes Gyu Man to the T. I can’t wait for the day he rots in prison when he especially noted that he wouldn’t last a day there. That’s some foreshadowing right? He has got to disintegrate there alone, without even his Nietzsche books!


(you don’t even deserve to quote Nietzsche!)

Waiting weekly for Remember episodes prove a harder task as episodes progress, and with that cliffhanger, it’s gonna be a looong week!


(wake me uuuuup, when the long week eeeends!)

Onwards to episode 9, and here’s hoping that Jin Woo gets another power nap, because lord knows he needs it!

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  1. ashura199
    January 9, 2016 at 5:09 pm — Reply

    I definitely enjoyed the episode but was also frustrated by Jin Woo. I expect him to be cleverer than that and not always get caught! Hope he will stop being so reactive and have more rounded plans in place next week!

    • January 9, 2016 at 6:14 pm — Reply

      Well, to his credit his broadcast plan was actually pretty clever but he’s being hunted down by LITERALLY everyone but In ah and his colleagues lol.
      I think his “slip-up” has to do with the fact that time is running out as well- that’s another factor to consider so he’s prone to mistakes.

  2. January 9, 2016 at 11:13 pm — Reply

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