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Remember – War of The Son Episode 7 Recap [Is This The Place We Used To Love]

rwars71(is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz on an unusually rainy day for dramajjang.co only –

rwarsοn00001 rwarsοn00002

Gyu Man is furious with Jin Woo declaring he would kill him if he had the chance; Dong Ho tells him he should calm down, since his Father wants him to inherit Ilho Group without any other problems arising and he went as far to plan the VP’s fall to ensure that.

rwarsοn00003 rwarsοn00005

Jin Woo returns to the law firm and tells his superior that he met Gyu Man and he has waited for this day, as the beginning of clearing his father’s name- however his father can’t remember him at all and thinks it would be worse if he tried to make him recall the memories they shared.

His superior tries to encourage him, saying that the memories stay in the heart no matter what and his father still remembers him in that way.

rwarsοn00006 rwarsοn00009

Dong Ho meets with Seok Joo for drinks, and tells him that Jin Woo started fighting back, something that infuriated Gyu Man and that he barely stopped him from doing anything crazy. Seok Joo says he should stop Jin Woo instead but Dong Ho replies that he couldn’t if he tried-Jin Woo is doing all this because of his love for his father afterall. Seok Joo understands that but reminds Dong Ho that any enemy of the Nam family, is now their enemy as well.

rwarsοn00010 rwarsοn00011

The following morning, President Nam advises Gyu Man to keep replacing people when they wear out, just like he did with the VP, so he ccan become the President without any issues. Gyu Man says he will heed the advice and after his father leaves he warns his sister to stay away from Jin Woo. Yeo Kyung won’t do that since Jin Woo is a sincere and capable person and she will keep seeing him.

Jin Woo meets with the VP who gives him a flash stick with Ilho’s slash funds as he promised. He feels no regrets about doing that since he worked 30 years there only to be betrayed like this in the end. He’s gonna leave the country and starts a new life with his family, and watch his daughter properly grow up, something he missed while working non stop for Ilho Group.

rwarsοn00012 rwarsοn00013

Jin Woo receives a phone call from a man who claimed he saw his father in the morning of the murder wandering around like a lost person; Jin Woo asks him why he hasn’t come forth with that info earlier, but the man says that he was absent and he recently saw the banner with his father. After telling Jin Woo what he knows, he asks about the amount of compensation.

Gyu Man closes an important deal, and tells Soo Beom he called the press and made it big, so he could show his father he’s up to the task.

In Ah visits the law firm and ask Jin Woo’s partners about meeting him- while she waits, both of them jokingly remark that Jin Woo has a knack for pretty girls.

rwarsοn00014 rwarsοn00015

When Jin Woo returns, In Ah gives him a gift for opening up his own office. She wonders about the wounds in his face, and he replies jestingly that she’s as nosy as she was when they first met. She smiles at that, and then she asks him about his father; Jin Woo mentions he might have found a witness that can provide an alibi for his father and that could clear his name- he stops when he can’t recall the name of Jung Ah, and when In Ah corrects him he tells her he has to leave and they can talk some other time.

He goes back to the room he has collected all the evidence and hides the slash funds stick- his superior notices that In Ah has been worried about him and maybe he should tell her all the truth. Jin Woo says she doesn’t want her to get hurt, since she was the only one to believe in him and his father and that this is his own war.

rwarsοn00016 rwarsοn00017

The next day, Jin Woo’s request for trial gets submitted and he meets prosecutor Hong on his way out; they exchange greetings and he lets him know about asking for a retrial. Prosecutor Hong says it’s normal since he’s a newbie to be so passionate but the retrial might not happen in the end; Jin Woo is confident and remarks he’s out to catch the real criminal this time.

rwarsοn00018 rwarsοn00020

In Ah bumps into Yeo Kyung in the elevator and asks her how she came to know Jin Woo. Yeo Kyung scoffingly replies that this is not her business and remarks before stepping out that Jin Woo crushed her the last time on court, much to In Ah’s displeasure.

Gyu Man calls for Dong Ho and tells him that he’s uneasy about Jin Woo and he wants him to keep a close eye on him. Dong Ho objects somewhat but Gyu Man insists he wants to live a quiet life now, and this matter should be taken care of.

rwarsοn00021 rwarsοn00022

Judge Seok Gyu meets with Gyu Man who introduces him to Dong Ho; Seok Gyu says that he’s gotten a request for a retrial in the 4yrs old case Dong Ho was the lawyer- he recounts the story he heard about Jin Woo becoming a lawyer himself to save his father.

Gyu Man is angry with that development and orders Soo Beom to call some men and monitor Jin Woo at the same time.

rwarsοn00023 rwarsοn00024

In Ah visits Jae Hyuk in prison and apologizes for not having visited him earlier; she tells him she’s an acquaintance of his son, but when Jae Hyuk says he doesn’t have a son she quickly realizes that he suffers from Alzheimer.

She storms in the doctor’s office and complains about the incompetence dealing with prisoners’ health, asking the doctor if he even knew about Jae Hyuk’s condition.

rwarsοn00025 rwarsοn00026

On her way out she meets Jin Woo who asks her if she visited his father by any chance; she dismisses that, saying that would be awkward since he never knew her- she was simply there for something else. She then asks him if he did everything correctly on his retrial request, and he confirms he did. She notes that his father must be proud of him, before she leaves.

rwarsοn00027 rwarsοn00028

Jin Woo’s superior calls him to inform him that she tracked down that co-worker of his father that gave the false testimony- Jin Woo finds her and asks her how she feels that his father is in the jail due to her statement; she’s quick to defend herself and Jin Woo approaches her daughter who at the time exits the store, giving her his card, stating that if her mother changes her mind, she should give him a call- he leaves unaware that Seo Boom is tracking him.

rwarsοn00029 rwarsοn00031

Nam Gyu meets with Prosecutor Hong and the corrupted detective that forced Jae Hyuk to confess- they both assure Nam Gyu that they will do everything in order to cover his bases, while Dong Ho seems to be apathetic in the exchange.

rwarsοn00032 rwarsοn00033

After the meeting, Dong Ho discuss with Prosecutor Hong the irony of how things turned out, since once they were on opposite sides- Prosecutor Hong agrees and says there might be a day that they will be on opposite sides again, but for now they’re both enjoying the benefits of Ilho’s Group and they should aim to protect that.

Dong Ho orders Sung Ho to drive him to Jin Woo’s office; Sung Ho is surprised that he would visit him, and Dong Ho says that he has to talk him out since Gyu Man won’t stop going after him.

rwarsοn00034 rwarsοn00035

Dong Ho arrives at the office and apologizes to Jin Woo for not having brought anything, since that is his first time stepping into his office; Jin Woo wonders why a succesful lawyer like him needed to come down to see him and Dong Ho reiterates that his father’s trial wasn’t meant to be won. Everything was set from the beginning, and if the retial goes through, the same thing will happen. Jin Woo “wonders” if he should take it then, since that would make him rich and famous like Dong Ho did in his father’s case.

Meanwhile Soo Beom informs Gyu Man about the woman they had paid to falsely state in Jin Woo’s father’s case. He concludes that if she comes forth, the retrial will surely take place, and not in his favor this time.

rwarsοn00036 rwarsοn00037

Gyu Man says that if they can’t pay her anymore, they should kill her. He orders Soo Beom to do it himself, or hire someone. Soo Beom is negative and says that he can’t do that, something that causes Gyu Man’s wrath who hits him repeatedly with a bamboo stick.

rwarsοn00038 rwarsοn00039

Prosecutor Hong reprimands In Ah for her outburst in the prison and orders Prosecutor Tak to assign her to many different old cases. Prosecutor Tak follows his orders but tells In Ah that this is too harsh of a punishment.

rwarsοn00040 rwarsοn00042

In Ah doesn’t mind the extra work and says she’s alright. She then asks Prosecutor Tak about Prosecutor Hong and what kind of person he is; he recount te infamous trial 4yrs ago, and how he was adamant on putting Jae Hyuk in jail as fas as he could and since then he has found much success on his field. In Ah says she would like to be involved in the reinvestigation of the trial, as she believes that Jae Hyuk is innocent- however Prosecutor Tak fears that this case is over.

rwarsοn00043 rwarsοn00044

Jin Woo meets the daughter of his father’s co-worker and tells her that his mother testified against his father 4yrs ago and she should come clean, because it is the right thing to do. The mother hears the conversation but she watches Jin Woo leaving in silence.

Gyu Man asks Seok Joo’s help for something he can’t ask his men, implying that it might be something serious.

rwarsοn00045 rwarsοn00046

Seok Joo says he will pretend they never had the conversation and is ready to leave but Gyu Man replies that he doesn’t want to retort to “asking” Dong Ho again and reminds him that they both are in the position they are today because of him and his Father and he should follow his orders.

Sung Hoo and Soo Beom discuss Gyu Man’s angry issues and Soo Beom says that he has a personality disorder. Sung Hoo tries to cheer him up by giving him a coffee coupon.

rwarsοn00047 rwarsοn00048

Seok Joo meets one of his contacts and gives him a few photos of the woman that falsely testified and her daughter and tells him to take care of it.

Soo Beom meets later that woman, and tells her to snap out of it if she thought of testifying again, if she wants to remain well.

Jin Woo is going through all the evidence again for his father’s trial as does In Ah and before he sleeps he thinks back to a happy day he shared with his father. His dad asked him to remove a few white hair, to which Jin Woo replied that they were now 22 instead of 15 as last time, but he wouldn’t do it for free.

rwarsοn00052 rwarsοn00053

Jae Hyuk decided that the cost was too high and besides a grey haired man shows he has experience but as soon as Jin Woo lowered the price to 50% he was eager to remove the hair again.

The next day, Jin Woo is ready to visit his father again, but before that, he finds out from a guard who thought In Ah was his girlfriend, that she caused a commotion in the section’s chief office after she met with his father.

rwarsοn00054 rwarsοn00055

Jin Woo lets Jae Hyuk know that he requested a retrial and he brought him home made food to celebrate that- he nods for him to go ahead and eat it and Jae Hyuk says that everything is delicious and to his taste.

He then asks Jin Woo what kind of person he was- now that he’s in jail, everyone sees him only as a number and by the crimes he committed and would like to know how he truly was.  Jin Woo reassures him that he was the best father in the world; Jae Hyuk thanks Jin Woo and asks him to tell his son wherever he might be, that he misses him every day.

Meanwhile the man that Seok Joo contacted, makes his way into the woman’s home, who talks to her daughter in the phone and is unaware of his presence.

rwarsοn00059 rwarsοn00060

Dong Ho greets In Ah who isn’t happy to see him but relays him the message that the truth he ignored 4 yrs ago will be presented in the retrial. He tells her that the definition of truth is everchanging and fits to those that hold the most power; In Ah is not having it and tells him that Jin Woo’s father is innocent and that is the only truth, while Jin Woo is watching from afar.

rwarsοn00061 rwarsοn00062

Jin Woo tells In Ah he knows that she visited his father and caused a commotion, something she doesn’t deny. He is amused at that but says that his father’s condition has been like this for some time, since his requests for monitoring him were all in vain. The only way he can get treated is if the retrial goes through, and he proves that he’s innocent.

In Ah agrees that the retrial needs to happen quickly. Jin Woo thanks her for all she did but he’s soon interrupted by a text message he gets from the woman who tells him to go to her daughter’s house and she will confess what she knows.

rwarsοn00064 rwarsοn00065

Jin Woo rushes there only to find her laying on the ground dead and before he realizes what happened, the corrupted cop enters. He jumps from the window and runs away, while the police is chasing him.

rwarsοn00066 rwarsοn00067

A while later, he is announced as the prime suspect while everyone including In Ah, Dong Ho and Yeo Kyung are shocked to hear the news.

rwarsοn00068 rwarsοn00076

The police goes to the Law Firm and before they’re ready to discover Jin Woo’s secret room, Director Sa tells them she will co operate with them, in order to divert them and they all head to the police station.

rwarsοn00071 rwarsοn00073

Jin Woo finds the chance to get into the secret room to retrieve the slash fund when In Ah meets him there. She sees all his walls and the info he has gathered and Jin Woo admits he’s fallen into Gyu Man’s trap.

rwarsοn00077 rwarsοn00075

Dong Ho enters the Law Firm as well, and In Ah quickly closes the library-door as to not reveal Jin Woo. Dong Ho is not really  surprised to see her there and ask her where Jin Woo is.

Reflection Corner :


Well, there’s so much Jin Woo can do; as cool-headed and calculating as he is, he reached his limit and fell into despicable Gyu Man’s trap; Jin Woo is (was*) fighting alone while Gyu Man has every rotten person (that corrupted detective just joined my list of ‘die die my darling too’) on his possession to cook plans and let other people take the fall.


And speaking of, why is Seok Joo surprised when Gyu Man asks him to do dirty things? Dude, you made a deal with the devil, do you expect the devil to give you flower tickets and let you fan yourself during a summer day? No, he will ask you to do shady things. Dong Ho seems to have gotten that message and is being sort of passive at the moment, which I don’t like; but I guess he won’t stand back and watch Jin Woo taking the blame, for something that his “father figure” helped to do.


And I’m not here for that bullshit “I did it for you!” excuses that will certainly fly at some point, because there’s so much innocent people you can step on before you get the “Ilho Group decomposing medal”. Dong Ho, please, don’t get that medal too, I’m still counting on you!

*which brings me to my next point, two will always be better than one! Point in case:

rwarsοnstud rwarsοnstud3

I loved the subtlety of that scene; Jin Woo and In Ah working together without even knowing it. It’s not per se about the romantic front (well sort of lol) but about fighting for what is right; In Ah despite being told by everyone, including Jin Woo in a way, to give up on that case, she’s following her instincts and is doing what she has to do because somebody has got to.


It was great to see her taking the initiative and go see Jin Woo’s dad and then call out the incompetence on the force; her reply to Jin Woo when he asked her about the incident “Yeah I did, what are you gonna do about it?!” pretty much sums her up. She might be far too idealistic and sometimes borderline naive in the way she handles things (as opposed to Jin Woo who learned the hard away) but she is a character you root for, because all her efforts stem from her desire to do what’s right, and grow because of it along the way.


And this is exactly why Jin Woo allowed himself to be at ease, even for a little while, and thank her for attempting to fix the situation. (and cracked a nice smile at that too!)

Now that shit has hit the fan though, everything’s up on the air; So Jin Woo is slowly losing his memory. It was so strange seeing him not being able to recall something, because…it is Jin Woo, the master of all things that relate to memory!

I am not sure he’s aware of what is going on with him completely though? He seemed in disbelief that he couldn’t recall Jung Ah’s name, but he immediately rushed to his wall of info, so he has to know in a way.

Either way, time is running out in the speed of a stoned bunny, but I got a hunch that incognito Jin Woo, with the help of In Ah will be making his comeback again soon! Dong Ho, lend a hand too pal!

(that would be a great incognito outfit! just a pair of sunglasses and you're set!)

(that would be a great incognito outfit! just a pair of sunglasses and you’re set!)

Onwards to episode 8 then!


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