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“I don’t know if you know.
The process and the time it took for me to get to you,
People call it a miracle.
But to me, you, who is in front of me,
You, who is looking at me, is the miracle.
I can’t tell you in words how sorry i am for making you wait for too long.
That’s the guilt i have to live with.
You, who must have cried for me every day,
You were the strength that pulled me back up.
And you’re the finest cure in my life,
My reason for getting healed and my miracle.
Do you know that?”


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February, 2015. Young Ho kept recalling all these precious Joo Eun oriented memories but once he opened up his eyes he came back to reality. Staring at the same ceiling every day, time wasn’t passing by for Young Ho. The pain within his heart was greater than the physical pain he was going through, but he would never want to see Joo Eun since he couldn’t afford seeing her crying because of him and he recalled how she was feeling every time she had witnessed him in pain.


All this time Young Ho was knitting Joo Eun’s pink scarf, but it wasn’t the first time he was knitting for a love one. It started back in the days when he was in pain due to his health issue. Secretary Min had informed him that his mother was on her way back home after a seminar. Young Ho was so happy, but before finishing the scarf his mother had already passed away. The little Young Ho’s knitting memory was accompanying the current Young Ho’s knitting process inside the hospital room.

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Young Joon and Hye Ran arrived at the hospital. All she wanted to know was if everything was fine with Young Ho and secretary Min would be the one to deliver her apologies for not living up to his wish to keep taking care of his father and the chairwoman, but also for her family’s involvement in his accident. Secretary Min would be the one to deliver all the messages to their recipients.

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Young Ho found the Dating Cafeteria book Joo Eun had bought for him and he started reading it diving deeper and deeper in lines filled with a loved one’s absence.

bscap0915 bscap0917bscap0918 bscap0919

Joo Eun’s illusion appeared anew and Young ho tried to hide his wounded leg from her sight. She took him in her embrace and encouraged him by uttering words from the book, letting him know that everything will be fine. After filling his life with her precious smile, the illusion faded away and Young Ho started losing himself in tears.

 bscap0927bscap0926bscap0923 bscap0929 bscap0938bscap0937 bscap0932bscap0940bscap0942

Young Ho found the sticking plaster Joo Eun had left on the door the last time she talked to him. Secretary Min had made sure that it’d stay there for him. After recalling her words, Young Ho placed the sticking plaster on his hand and secretary Min took the lead since Young Ho was on his wheelchair.

bscap0943 bscap0948bscap0952bscap0954

The doctor informed Young Ho’s father that all of his son’s bones had been healed due to his good physical condition, but due to the loss of muscle mass and the overall damage that was inflicted upon him during the accident only a second miracle would help him walk anew. The doctor would also prepare the medicine for the cancer treatment.


Being at the hospital all this time, Young Ho had become aware anew of how many sick people exist in the world whether the pain is great or not. Young Ho used his own words to encourage himself in order not to cry and hang in there. He recalled his childhood memories when secretary Min was also the one to take him out of the hospital back then. Joo Eun’s words that he should return back sexy (healthy) echoed anew and Young Ho left for the US.

bscap0965bscap0961bscap0964 bscap0966

He went through excessive physiotherapy in order to start walking anew and it wasn’t easy at all, but he wasn’t alone in this attempt since his personal trainer was there for him. No matter how many times he fell down he never gave up.


Later on he noticed the numerous unread messages from Joo Eun, but he tried not to read them. Instead, he held in his hands the book she had given him and he had put the sticking plaster on it. Even though he’d love to see her again, he had to prevent himself from doing so since he wasn’t fully healed and seeing her would make him unable to leave her side.


Ji Woong and Joon Sung went to see Young Ho! Ji Woong showed him Joon Sung’s champion belt and hugged Young Ho to the extent of being unstoppable! Young Ho was more than happy that Joon Sung had accomplished his goal even though he was wounded!

bscap0990bscap0987bscap0988  bscap0994 bscap0995bscap0996  bscap1001

On the 24th of December, 2015 Young Ho returned to Korea and secretary Min was there waiting for him! Young Ho acknowledged that secretary Min had worked hard all this time and the moment for Young Ho to read Joo Eun’s messages had arrived! The most precious one was the video message! She kept encouraging and reminding him that he won’t get rid of her that easily! She also urged him to not worry about her since everything’s fine in her life except for the fact that she was missing him.

 bscap1013bscap1008bscap1009 bscap1018

Joo Eun couldn’t pass through the second Young Ho since it was the real one standing in front of her! After Young Ho put the pink scarf around her neck and talked to her, but especially after she could feel his face, Joo Eun was certain that he was real and Young Ho could only take her in his arms!


Joo Eun had never felt so grateful in her life before! She should head towards her workplace and Young Ho intended to wait for her! Joo Eun left but she couldn’t leave him all alone, she wrist-grabbed him and took him with her since she wanted him to be close to her!

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While holding his hand, Joo Eun and Young Ho entered the law firm and Soo Jin witnessed them. They met Hyun Jung and Young Ho became aware that Joo Eun was crying all the time. After exchanging Xmas wishes Joo Eun informed Hyun Jung that she would finalize the document at her place. Joo Eun’s nameplate was occupying Young Ho’s mind while Joo Eun was feeling relieved by witnessing that his legs looked fine.

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Back at her place, Joo Eun kept working on the document while Young Ho was laying back on the sofa along with You Bastard! Young Ho kept staring at her and urged her to prevent herself from staring at him as well since she had to finish with work in order for a kiss to take place! Young Ho kept wondering if Joo Eun was fully aware of what he went through in order to get back to her. However, the real miracle wasn’t the fact that he was able to walk again, but being able to be with her at this point.

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Joo Eun couldn’t hold back her tears. Young Ho sat by her side and took her in his embrace. The fact that he had left her all alone in pain is a part of the guilt that will always accompany him, but she was the one to help him overcome his physical struggles, his personal healing and miracle. Joo Eun was thankful for Young Ho’s reappearance and she was more than relieved at the present. Secretary Min interrupted them once again since Young Ho should head towards the household! Before leaving Young Ho reassured her that he intends to be seeing her every day, not only tomorrow!

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In front of her door, Young Ho was losing himself in his own thoughts and while he was leaving Joo Eun kept staring at him. She could only call Hyun Woo on the phone to inform her in tears that Young Ho had returned! Both of them were relieved and Hyun Woo urged her to stop crying since it was an event that should be celebrated more than Xmas!

 bscap1091 bscap1095bscap1094 bscap1093bscap1099bscap1102

Min Joon and Hyun Woo’s ex-husband returned back home and Min Joon had a great time at the amusement park! Hyun Woo didn’t want her ex-husband to keep ruining other people’s lives, but even though he can’t be a good husband he can still be a good father! Eventually, she accepted the child support as an Xmas present!

bscap1103 bscap1104bscap1105 bscap1106

Soo Jin had returned back home but she was feeling dizzy. However, she tried to hide it from Woo Shik who had prepared dinner! She took her medication and the dinner began! It wasn’t only about Xmas Eve, it was also about Woo Shik’s proposal and Soo Jin couldn’t believe her eyes!

 bscap1111bscap1109bscap1108 bscap1117 bscap1119bscap1122bscap1124

Young Ho bowed in front of his grandmother and his father and the chairwoman couldn’t believe that he had returned! Young Ho’s father’s smile and recognition that he had worked hard all this time were highly representative of the vibes inside the household! Young Ho’s grandmother could only fall in Young Ho’s arms and the moment for all of them to eat had arrived after the emotional charge! The chairwoman wasn’t enjoying the halibut to the fullest and the housemaid informed her that they couldn’t be as good as Hye Ran!

bscap1130bscap1134bscap1129 bscap1131 bscap1137bscap1135

Young Ho’s father asked him about his psychological disorder’s flow and Young Ho reassured him that it hadn’t made its appearance after the accident. Since they tried to cover up the truth Young Ho will have to keep a low profile at work for now. Young Ho will spend the night at the household and before sleeping he passed by his grandmother’s room.

bscap1143bscap1146bscap1145 bscap1148bscap1147

Joo Eun was getting pretty for the forthcoming celebration and Young Ho was wondering how could he ever reply to her 192 messages. He started sending messages over and over again and he was glad they were a couple! Joo Eun couldn’t hold back her tears and messaged Young Ho that she’d be seeing him in a while!

 bscap1151bscap1154bscap1150 bscap1155bscap1156

Ji Woong was taking care of the Xmas tree and once Joo Eun rang the bell he was so happy seeing her again after all this time! Even though he failed to join the Marine Corps he doesn’t intend to give up and Joo Eun was glad that his Korean was getting better!

bscap1157 bscap1161bscap1160 bscap1162 bscap1164bscap1166

Joon Sung went to see his mother who kept wearing the coat he had bought, but he brought her a new one since she didn’t want her to keep wearing the same coat all the time! Joo Sung kept calling her “mother” and she was glad that Young ho was better. Yi Jin appeared out of nowhere and referred to her as mother-in-law! She was delivering coal as part of her volunteer work and even though her face was a mess she took Joon Sung’s mother with her!

bscap1171 bscap1174bscap1176 bscap1178 bscap1179bscap1180 bscap1187

Young Ho returned back to his apartment and Ji Woong along with Joon Sung wished him happy birthday! Secretary Min made a grandiose entrance and Hyun Woo with Min Joon appeared as well! The last one was Joo Eun with Young Ho’s birthday cake and everyone sang the birthday song to him by referring to him in their own way! Young Ho made a wish and blew out the candle!

bscap1190 bscap1191bscap1197 bscap1192 bscap1199bscap1200bscap1210bscap1204bscap1205 bscap1206

After the wishes reached the end the celebration began and everyone, except for secretary Min, was moving rhythmically to Min Joon’s song! Shortly after secretary Min made another grandiose entrance by singing full of passion and a whatever voice making everyone laugh and ask for more! One thing is for certain, secretary Min was so ecstatic!

bscap1215bscap1216 bscap1217 bscap1218bscap1219 bscap1225bscap1221bscap1222 bscap1228 bscap1229bscap1223

Joon Sung and Ji Woong took the lead by rapping and dancing and Hyun Woo managed to fulfill the singing part! Joon Sung performed his own solo part while secretary Min couldn’t believe what was going on and he was often trying to protect Min Joon’s innocent eyes!

bscap1230 bscap1231bscap1233 bscap1236 bscap1237bscap1238 bscap1240

Ji Woong was playing the violin while Young Ho was on the sofa with Min Joon! History was repeating itself and Joo Eun called her mother on the phone to find out that she was blissfully busy taking care of her grandson!

bscap1247bscap1250bscap1246 bscap1251bscap1253

This year her mother was happy and she didn’t have to pretend, Joon Sung had met his mother whom he was dearly missing and Soo Jin was with the one she was craving for. As for Joo Eun, Xmas’ miracle was Young Ho’s reappearance in her life!

bscap1257 bscap1261bscap0881bscap1262

The moment for a beautiful back-hug had arrived and Young Ho wouldn’t leave her alone that night! They were staring at one another and Young Ho showed her the sticking plaster on his hand. It was something that made him feel stronger and internally, he was apologetic for making her wait for too long, but Joo Eun was also thankful for Young Ho appearing earlier than expected!

bscap1266 bscap1264bscap1265bscap1271bscap1267bscap1268bscap1270

Young Ho’s wish was Joo Eun oriented since he wouldn’t like her to get sick. Joo Eun lost herself in his embrace and shortly after he kissed her forehead. Joo Eun invaded his lips gently and replied back to his forehead kiss with yet another one! Our couples warm night had arrived and Joo Eun started approaching Young Ho in a menacing yet loving way!

bscap1272 bscap1277bscap1279bscap1275bscap1281bscap1282bscap1283

~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus leaves 2015 behind with its best ratings to date, 9.9%, why couldn’t it be a straight 10%?! Anyway! The 14th episode was filled with emotional grandeur while dividing itself in two distinctive parts. The first half of the episode brought to the foreground the 13th episode’s ending’s insightful background when it comes to Young Ho’s struggles to surpass all the obstacles lying ahead on the road that would lead him back to Joo Eun. While approaching the end of the first half, the episode was gradually progressing Joo Eun’s emotional rehabilitation in Young Ho’s sudden reappearance in her life.


The second half began the moment they entered her apartment in order for the storyline to move on in a way that was gradually reviving the ambiance of the 12th episode, but one year later and with a different ending under different parameters. Everything was well-conceived and well-executed while waiting for the last airing week’s episodes with the hope that they will preserve Oh My Venus’ radiance to the fullest up to the very end.


The post-surgery era of Young Ho was filled with solitude inside four walls. He wasn’t all alone though, every time he was closing his eyes he was reviving the past he had shared by Joo Eun’s side. It was a dreamlike process in order to escape reality, a reality that was shattering him to pieces every time he was opening up his eyes to witness the same ceiling in the overall clinical ambiance. It’s not like he didn’t choose this solitary path on his own, but the fact that he had gone through all that on his own in the past was yet another traumatic event for him that kept following him up to nowadays every time he was breaking apart in pain.


Young Ho’s pain was twofold through his ongoing physical and internal struggle, but even when he needed his loved ones by his side he didn’t want to overburden them with his own issues. It’s one of the “mistakes” Young Ho always does, he wants to be there for everyone he cares about and he always leaves himself behind to fight back all alone while thinking that his loved ones will suffer by his side. The presence of loved ones is an important part of one’s therapy and i hope that he will lean towards that direction during the last episodes.


Knitting was always filled with a blissful longing when it comes to Young Ho. His mother never came back alive to receive the scarf Young Ho was preparing for her and his smile lost its contours. Young Ho was reliving the past at the present under different parameters, he wasn’t the one waiting for someone to come back to him, he was the one who had to struggle to get to the one waiting for him. In a manner of speaking, through the pink scarf he was preparing for Joo Eun, he was trying to cleanse the ghosts of the past by keeping his mind occupied in a constructive Joo Eun oriented way.


Judging from a few lines that were making their appearance while Young Ho was reading the book Joo Eun had bought for him it was related to coping with the absence of a loved one while waiting for his/her return. I loved every single time Joo Eun and Young Ho were appearing as illusions in front of one another, it was showing how essential they are to each other, but during the latest flow of events the presence of these illusions was deeper. Joo Eun’s longing for Young Ho to get healthy and become a part of her life anew was the reason why she would see illusions of him. As for Young Ho, he desperately needed Joo Eun by his side despite the fact that he wanted to go through it alone in order not to overburden her. Even an imaginary hug and a few comforting words were enough to soothe his heart for a moment before reality broke in bringing tears to his eyes.


Just like the book was related to Joo Eun, every single detail that would make her indirectly apparent in his heartrending daily routine was of major importance for Young Ho and the sticking plaster played its own part, especially now that the real struggle was about to begin. The physiotherapy was a war against time and himself and Young Ho never gave up, on the contrary, no matter how many times he fell he had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish. Wherever there’s a will, there’s a way and Young Ho found his way back home.


Me, eagerly waiting for the last airing week’s episodes.

Ji Woong and Joon Sung’s presence in the US was an isle of bliss for Young Ho. Obviously, he was emotionally fortified trying to hold back his tears by the end of the scene. Ji Woong was like his baby boy and Joon Sung like the more serious older son the father was proud of! During the end of the previous episode we had already witnessed Joo Eun’s own struggle, the one in Young Ho’s absence while not knowing how his treatment was flowing and most importantly, she didn’t know when and if she would ever see him again. It was also apparent in the video message, she was trying to fortify Young Ho’s internal core even though she knew that he wouldn’t see it while trying to walk again. She was also declaring her intentions to keep waiting for him no matter what, but the key part was that everything was fine in her life, except for the fact that she was missing him and the oceans of tears we had witnessed were highly representative of what she was going through.


Gladly enough, home is where the heart is; mutually. After Young Ho passed the test of being real or not, Joo Eun wouldn’t even dare to leave him alone just in case! The moment Young Ho found out that Joo Eun was losing herself in tears all the time he could easily imagine what she was going through, it was a mind-awakening moment that brought to life his further thoughts inside her apartment.


Even though she wasn’t literally by his side, Joo Eun was remaining Young Ho’s tower of strength all this time and the fact that Young Ho was considering her the one and only miracle over his own health was palpable proof, for one more time, when it comes to his glowing feelings for her. Just like he keeps his own struggle to himself, he keeps a part of his thoughts to himself as well, the only person who holds the key to his mind’s door is Joo Eun and i gladly hope that she will unlock it in the remaining two episodes, as for his heart, she doesn’t need a key to invade it with love!


Joo Eun can only imagine what he went through since Young Ho hasn’t revealed anything, but i loved the fact that his monologue ended with a question which felt like a rhetorical one. Joo Eun was trying really hard to hold back her tears in Young Ho’s presence, but she was more than adorable the moment she revealed just a glimpse of how she was feeling all this time while Young Ho was away. She needed Young Ho’s reassuring words that he would be by her side each and every day from now on, just like she had to make sure inside her office that his legs seemed fine. She can’t afford to lose him again.


The most enigmatic moments of the episode were when Young Ho was silently breaking apart outside of Joo Eun’s door and the fact that the doctor mentioned the cancer treatment. I won’t make any assumptions on the second aspect, i will let the last two episodes do the talking for me in a more profound way. As for the first one, it was one more of these moments when Joo Eun and Young Ho feel one another despite the obstacle between them.


The overall ambiance inside the household was different this time. Young Ho’s father was actually smiling and his grandmother was more hearty! All they wanted was to eat with him as a family and the fact that Young Ho bowed in front of them wasn’t only to pay his respects, he used it as palpable proof that everything was fine. The good part of the story is that Young Ho’s mental disorder, the one of breaking down and eventually enabling the pain on his leg, hadn’t made its appearance within a year’s time.


This year’s Xmas celebration was a triple one, of course it was about Xmas and Young Ho’s birthday, but it was also a celebration of Odysseus returning to Ithaca. Everyone was there, including secretary Min who was stealing the show with his gracious disharmony, but everyone was ecstatic in his/her own way and the overall scene was bliss itself and highly representative of how festive Xmas should be in everyone’s lives! The cast must have had an awesome time while shooting this scene, it felt as real as it could get and everyone poured heart and soul in his/her own way!


As opposed to last year’s speech on Joo Eun’s behalf, things had changed! She talked about everyone except for Young Ho because she didn’t know how he was actually feeling on the inside when it comes to his health. Her mother didn’t have to pretend that she was happy, Joon Sung was inhaling and exhaling the word “mother” with utter love and Yi Jin was always nearby, Soo Jin and Woo Shik’s feelings and overall approach had matured to move towards the next step even though Soo Jin’s health wasn’t stable yet and just like Young Ho’s miracle was Joo Eun, Young Ho himself was Joo Eun’s very own miracle.


I love Joo Eun and Young Ho’s silent conversations, they don’t always have to put things into words when they are grateful towards one another. While Young Ho was feeling apologetic for making Joo Eun wait for too long, Joo Eun was thankful towards Young Ho for appearing earlier than expected. They always meet somewhere in the middle while taking one another into consideration. Once again, Young Ho’s wish was leaning towards Joo Eun’s direction and it was devoid of himself. It was yet another unconditional moment, but Joo Eun’s emotional health derives from Young Ho’s health at this point. The ending of the 14th episode was the loveliest attack from our beloved couple, there was so much natural affection throughout all these kisses and that endless hug! Could it be the beginning of that renowned erotic night?


I deeply hope that Oh My Venus won’t choose to reach the end in an old school drama related way, you know, pain, pain and pain. Both our beloved couple and us deserve the sweetness of life Joo Eun was talking about and Young Ho was tasting by her side to reach completion in the happiest way. At this point, i want to wish a happy new year to all of you since we’re just a few days before 2015 will leave us behind. You have my greatest wishes for you and your loved ones and may 2016 bring everything you had been craving for, including the sweetness of life! Always yours, Kwon!

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  2. Rhea
    January 1, 2016 at 1:08 pm — Reply

    Ep 14 feeld like the final episode. I hope grandma doesn’t object YH & JE relationship on the last 2 ep. Other than that, I’m curious about JW background & how he end up with JS & YH. I’m wondering if JW parent is JS adoptive parent.

    • January 3, 2016 at 5:09 am — Reply

      Ji Woong’s background has to be the greatest mystery so far! All we know so far is that he wants to join the marines and that Joon Sung had told him to call his own mother more often. I hope there will be more light about Ji Woong’s background during the last two episodes! Hope you have watched the 15th ep’s preview, it has some blissful hints! 😀

  3. Newbie
    January 3, 2016 at 8:23 am — Reply

    I have nothing but love for this show. Sure, one might argue it got no plot (I don’t miss anything at all, because this show is different) and some questions are still unanswered (why is Hyung Ji Woong’s hero and what exactly was his relationship with Anna Sue? Not a romantic one I’m sure!), but the romance in this show is unparalleled and every scene without our couple is dispensable. The preview for ep 15 is hilarious and cute. I will miss them so much!

    SJS once said, that he’d never shoot a film like his buddy’s SSH ‘Obsession’. I’m willing to bet this is his ‘erotic’ movie. This is how far he is willing to go and the show is a total fanservice to fuel his fans’ imagination. Thank you, it worked for me.

    P.S. This must have been the first wrist-grap I’ve seen done by a woman shot like the typical male wrist-grap. Me likes. Totally fits Joo Eun’s character. She is always shown as a good driver esp. with good parking skills, else a male streak. She really became my favorite female character in Kdrama next to Oh Hye Won in Secret Love Affair, who was so cunning and clever.

    • January 5, 2016 at 3:45 am — Reply

      I can only agree with you, only love for Oh My Venus and it simply proves it with every episode and to a wider extent! Even during the 15th ep some questions remain unanswered, but I LOVED how OTP-centered it was! This couple is one a kind in dramaland! “This is how far he is willing to go and the show is a total fanservice to fuel his fans’ imagination.” Hyung reached his limit! XD
      Loved your comment and loved the PS part too! Joo Eun is definitely a power female lead, an exemplary in fact! I agree with everything you pointed out + she made clear to YH who had said that her body belonged to him that it was training/health-oriented! OMV has its own magic, i can’t imagine anyone NOT loving this OTP! Aish, we’re only a few hours away from the last, don’t want to say goodbye, but i want the drama to reach completion in my heart as well with the most appropriate ending!

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