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As I’m waiting for episode 7 of “My little lover” to come out. Here is a Christmas present for you, a “Strobe Edge” review. Let’s say goodbye to 2015, with a shojo manga movie.

Truth is I’ve read “Strobe Edge” manga and I enjoyed it. It was not one of my favourites and I realised that, when I tried to recall some moments but I couldn’t.

contains spoilers

The creators of the movie, wisely decided to put the first chapters of the manga, where Ren and Ninako meet in a ten minute fast prologue. For someone who have read the manga this might save time, although I think someone who haven’t might be a little confused.

Anyway “Strobe Edge” could have an alternate title to Ninanko’s loyal love. I mean seriously Ninako is the ultimate loyal heroine, it would be nice if there was such a loyal person in real life. Except from that part, overall “Strobe Edge” is pretty realistic and that is what makes people hate it or love it. 


There are no easy ways in this movie. It’s like watching everyday love troubles, that might have even worried you, happening in from of your eyes.

The frustration Ninako feels I think has happened over and over to high school girls (not only high school). Or Ando’s rejection could definetly be the story of a close friend of ours. I had some worries though, both to when I read the manga and watched the movie. What if Mayuka never decided to break up with Ren. What would have happened then? I mean that confident Ren, only when he is free from Mayuka, bothered me. Anyway there are no evil second leads or fairytale events. That is why many people wouldn’t like to watch an everyday love story.

Compared to the manga the movie is pretty close to it. As I said, I don’t consider the manga a masterpiece, either I do the movie. But the actors really did a good job. Although I sometimes was annoyed by Ninako in the manga, Arimura Kasumi delivered the role nicely and didn’t have this “pity” feeling, she gave us, as much emotions as were needed and I loved this perspective. Fukushi Sota matched perfectly the hot good boy Ren. It’s the first time, I’m seeing Yamada Yuki and his strange aura, made a likable Ando. Kuroshima Yuina has an intresting face, she was like a scary stalker at times, but Mao was a bit of a stalker in the manga, so …

There were some really good scenes

tumblr_nyaargzz8k1qa4qnzo3_250the “I’m starting not being able to resist you hug” scene.

tumblr_nyaargzz8k1qa4qnzo7_250The scene where the crying Ninako is looking at Ren and Mayuka through the window.

tumblr_nyaargzz8k1qa4qnzo2_250and the “I want an answer to my confession, pushing you to the wall” hot Ren scene.

and great quotes that I have kept since I read the manga



“I like you. I want to become the most important person to you, calling you without a reason, texting you, sharing a cake, and me ending up eating a lot, but you just laughing about it and forgiving me… holding hands without needing to say anything, like it’s the most natural thing in the world, that’s how I want us to be…”

and most importantly, something that we see in everyday life. Is that people are scared to love and keep finding excuses. Love should be more simple.

If you want an easy going love story, that might remind you of your teen love, then “Strobe Edge” is the movie for you.

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