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Joon Sung was heading towards his mother and Nam Chul was after Young Ho’s car, but Hye Ran was also in her own car trying to prevent her brother’s intentions. Young Ho was trying to find Joon Sung while being unable to reach him on the phone. Joo Eun was getting pretty for Young Ho with her pink bow as she had promised and while things were getting dangerous in the streets the mirror was lying broken on the floor inside Joo Eun’s apartment. Young Ho noticed Nam Chul’s maneuvers and he moved accordingly to protect Joon Sung and Hye Ran was doing her own move against Nam Chul. While trying to avoid a truck of doom Young Ho hit another car and the accident was unavoidable.

   bscap1195bscap1198 bscap1194bscap1196bscap0775

After Nam Chul found out that Hye Ran had gotten in a car accident as well he started losing the world underneath his feet. Joon Sung got out of his car to find out that Young Ho was the one lying wounded inside the other car and that his leg was hurt anew. His painful screams were succeeded by his ongoing attempts to get Young Ho out of the car and shortly after secretary Min arrived and rushed to protect Young Ho’s wounded leg.


Young Ho was transferred to the hospital and Joon Sung, secretary Min and Young Ho’s father were waiting outside of the operating room. A flashback revived a like-minded hospital/operation scene from Young Ho’s childhood and his father asked secretary Min to make sure that the media will remain silent. He should also inform the chairwoman once they get to know the final outcome. Secretary Min was apologetic for being unable to protect Young Ho, but Young Ho’s had already started hoping a brighter future. In the meantime, Hye Ran was undergoing surgery and Nam Chul was lying helpless on the floor.

 bscap0790bscap0794bscap0788 bscap0796bscap0797

Ji Woong couldn’t believe what had just happened and Joon Sung tried to calm him down while Ji Woong was breaking apart. Joon Sung sat by his side trying to soothe Ji Woong’s pain.

bscap0802 bscap0803bscap0807 bscap0809

Joon Sung’s mother was calling her son but she was unable to reach him on the phone while Joo Eun was trying to reach Young Ho on the phone unaware of what had happened. His phone was still inside his car.


Back at work, Joon Sung was no longer herself. She hadn’t heard from Young Ho since last night and even if she tried to reach either Young Ho or Joon Sung on the phone her attempts weren’t successful.


Joon Sung went to see his mother and he was apologetic for making her wait for too long. She thought that he didn’t appear earlier because something bad had happened, but she was thankful for Joon Sung appearing in front of her safe and sound. Soon enough none of them could hold back their tears and his mother was apologetic, but she promised to hug him a lot in the future as Joon Sung was losing himself in her embrace.

 bscap0831bscap0830 bscap0833 bscap0834bscap0837

Nam Chul was by his sister’s side and the doctor informed him that their greatest fears didn’t come to the surface and soon enough she’ll be better after taking care of herself. Then he went to Young Joon who had woken up and was asking for his mother, but Nam Chul informed him that she would be arriving soon. He was losing himself in tears while letting his uncle know that he had overheard his conversation on the phone and that he believed that all these problems had occurred because of him. He was thinking that if he had disappeared from the surface of the earth then everything would be fine and he was apologetic for what he had done. Nam Chul admitted that he was the one who was foolish and he was apologetic as well. Woo Shik was the only one to visit Nam Chul at the hospital and Nam Chul asked him to do something for him.

bscap0841bscap0846 bscap0850bscap0852bscap0851

Soo Jin didn’t come at work for one more time and Joo Eun went at her place. Until then, neither Young Ho nor someone else had contacted her.


The doctor informed Young Ho’s father that they weren’t certain if his son would ever walk again due to the multiple fractures and muscle injuries. Young Ho’s father urged the doctor to do his best in order to make sure that Young Ho will be able to walk anew. Once Young Ho wakes up secretary Min will be the one to inform the chairwoman on her grandson’s condition. Secretary Min informed Young Ho’s father that his son was probably trying to protect Joon Sung by trying to block Nam Chul’s car while Hye Ran attempting to do the same. Young Ho’s father urged secretary Min to take care of everything concerning Nam Chul, in a way that won’t negatively affect Young Ho’s life.

bscap0858 bscap0871bscap0872

Joo Eun entered Soo Jin’s apartment to find her unconscious on the bed. After a few attempts to wake her up and while thinking that something bad had happened Soo Jin finally woke up! Instead of leaving, Joo Eun made her breakfast since she couldn’t set aside her caring attitude. She had noticed that Soo Jin was taking medication with alcohol and along with her bad habits, she also urged her to change her door’s password which was no other than her birthday! Joo Eun demanded an apology from Soo Jin and it wasn’t about Woo Shik. After Soo Jin passed the bar exam and went to the US she never contacted Joo Eun back putting their friendship on ice. Joo Eun really needed that apology, she lightly hit Soo Jin a few times and that’s when she finally erupted!

bscap0877 bscap0883bscap0884bscap0881

She revealed everything from the blind date out of pity to her shattered self-esteem and the guy she liked from the radio station. Remembering her overweight past and Joo Eun’s appearance was devastating for Soo Jin, but Joo Eun informed her that the radio station guy had written down a talent manager’s number. She finally realized why Soo Jin was that way towards her all this time due to all these misunderstandings and out of loneliness and misery. Soo Jin wanted Joo Eun to apologize first and that’s what she did. Soo Jin told Joo Eun that she didn’t try to seduce Woo Shik whom Joo Eun knows quite well after a 15-year-old relationship. He wouldn’t fall for her simply because she seduced him even though Soo Jin didn’t try to do so. She reassured her that his feelings were true and she also explained why his attitude was apologetic. Joo Eun didn’t invest in details concerning Young Ho simply because she didn’t know what was going on and once she lost herself in tears by Soo Jin’s side Soo Jin tried to comfort her with her hand, but she couldn’t. However, she was glad she hadn’t changed her password!

bscap0892bscap0887bscap0893 bscap0891

Young Ho urged Ji Woong to not cry in front of Young Ho. While getting mentally ready he couldn’t hold back his tears, but Joo Sung took care of them for him!


Young Ho opened up his eyes and Joon Sung was apologetic, but Young Ho was curious if he met his mother who was thankful towards Young Ho! Young Ho prevented Joon Sung from talking and Ji Woong took the lead to brighten his mood and promised that he would make sure that Joon Sung would maintain his champion title! He also brought him a plant which takes care of itself after having been watered for a few days! Ji Woong was unable to hold back his tears while Joon Sung was trying to remain strong. Young Ho’s tears couldn’t remain on the inside and as soon as Joo Eun called Joon Sung on the phone he asked Young Ho about what to do. He wouldn’t like her to see him in that condition and he wouldn’t like her to see him crying since he’s not aware of what will happen to him. Ji Woong will keep praying for a miracle to happen and Young Ho urged him to do everything they have to in his absence.

 bscap0913bscap0797 bscap0918 bscap0922bscap0921

Joo Eun went to meet Ji Woong and Joon Sung in order to find out what had happened to Young Ho as she was well aware that he must had been in lots of pain. Even though they were trying to hide the truth they eventually gave up simply because Joo Eun wouldn’t step back until she would find out what had happened.

 bscap0942bscap0930bscap0927 bscap0943 bscap0937bscap0936 bscap0946

They rushed at the hospital, but secretary Min’s men wouldn’t let her enter Young Ho’s room since it was Young Ho’s wish to not let her pass. Joo Eun’s tears wouldn’t stop falling as she was crying out Young Ho’s name urging him to let her see him just for a while. Young Ho witnessed all these missed calls on her phone along with the messages referring to him with some of his many names, including You Bastard, asking him if everything was fine!

bscap0952bscap0948bscap0949 bscap0964

Young Ho struggled to message her his very own “tap tap” method of needing to be alone. Secretary Min let Joo Eun pass and she stood by Young Ho’s door. Even though she can understand why he’s progressing with his “tap tap” plan, she doesn’t intend to give up in order to wait for him until he feels comfortable appearing in front of her again. She’s not afraid of waiting since she’s stubborn, all he has to do is to come back to her in his very own handsome and sexy way, meaning that he would have to get healthy to the fullest. While she was trying to encourage him she couldn’t hold back her tears and she was apologetic for not having told him how much she’d been loving him all this time. Young Ho lost himself in tears and even if getting up to see her was everything he wanted to do, he was unable to do so. Secretary Min promised to Joo Eun that he will do his best to keep Young Ho safe.

 bscap0976bscap0967bscap0977 bscap0983

The chairwoman went to see Hye Ran and she informed her that she had found out everything. Dislocating Nam Chul’s body parts was the only thing she wanted to do for ruining Young Ho’s life and Hye Ran was apologetic for everything. The chairwoman was thankful towards Hye Ran for playing her own part in saving Young Ho’s life, but the moment for them to sever all ties had arrived. Young Ho’s father tried to be by the chairwoman’s side, but she wasn’t ready to see Young Ho in that condition. In the meantime, Joo Eun was back home and after witnessing the sticking plaster Young Ho had put on her hand she lost herself in tears.

bscap0987bscap0988 bscap0989

Nam Chul informed Hye Ran that Young Joon had a place to stay and that’s where she’d go as well after getting out of the hospital. Hye Ran informed him on Young Ho’s painful past and how hard he worked on his own throughout the years. On top of that, he’s Young Joon’s half brother and her husband’s son, she couldn’t understand why Nam Chul did all that. Nam Chul said that he did everything in order to protect her and Young Joon, but even though it wasn’t all that bright, she was happy having someone to refer to as her mother-in-law and an upstanding husband even though he wasn’t sweet to her. She was also Young Joon’s mother and along with everything else she referred to, she was happy in her own way. Nam Chul eventually signed the car accident settlement and he was thankful towards Woo Shik.


Soo Jin was aware of the VVIP medical center and because of that she thought that Woo Shik was holding a grudge against Young Ho who wanted everything to be perfect before proceeding with the overall plan. Soo Jin always recalled Woo Shik’s attitude which was no other than doing everything within the rules in order to achieve victory and it was difficult for her witnessing him making one mistake right after the other. Everything was resolved and right before heading out for dinner she informed him that everything was better between her and Joo Eun who reassured her about Woo Shik’s feelings! In the meantime, Nam Chul’s only friend was his resignation letter before leaving the company once and for all.

 bscap1000bscap0995bscap0997 bscap1001

2015 had arrived! Joo Eun was at her mother’s place and her sister-in-law was pregnant! Joo Eun’s mother had already noticed that Joo Eun wasn’t at her finest and the fact that she wanted to meet the man that was making Joo Eun smile wasn’t making things any better. After witnessing her father’s photo memories with Young Ho became a part of her life anew. Everything Young Ho had taught her has become a way of life for her and being forgetful isn’t an easy option as he’s always in her thoughts to the extent of unveiling her tears anytime!

bscap1008bscap1006bscap1007 bscap1011

Months were passing by and a wide variety of events were taking place. On the 15th of August Joon Sung became the RFC Champion and he was celebrating along with Ji Woong who failed six times in a row to serve in the Marine Corps, but he decided to apply again!

bscap1014bscap1012bscap1013  bscap1016

On the 24th of December, Joo Eun was still hallucinating and she passed through Young Ho’s hugging illusion!

  bscap1021bscap1018 bscap1019bscap1024bscap1025

The next time she witnessed him she couldn’t pass through him since it was the real Young Ho standing in front of her and she couldn’t believe what was going on!

bscap1027bscap1028 bscap1031 bscap1034bscap1035

After putting a pink scarf around her neck and hearing his voice she touched his face to make sure it was him and he was more than real! His leg was fine as well and Young Ho could only take her in his embrace while Joo Eun was losing herself in tears. Young Ho was so relieved holding her inside his arms for one more time!

bscap1036 bscap1041bscap1042bscap1048bscap1047bscap1046bscap1054bscap1051bscap1053

~ Thoughts ~


This was me while watching Oh My Venus’ 13th episode. It’s still in the third place when it comes to ratings as the 13th episode rated 8.7%, but it will always be in the 1st place of my heartbeat’s tempo. Oh My Venus’ latest episode made my feel-o-meter break into pieces, so i had to buy a new one. Now i know that there’s life in other planets, feels’ origin is definitely from Venus. And this kept being me, until the windows and the walls and pretty much everything and everyone in global range started crying.


We knew the reasons why Young Ho was detesting hospitals, but this time we had the chance to witness just a glimpse of his solitude and agony inside the clinical ambiance of the operating room with no familiar and loving figures by his side. In a twist of fate, Young ho had found himself anew in a situation which was resembling the past inside an environment he was always trying to avoid.


Ji Woong’s devastation was all over the place, his world must have collapsed countless times before his very eyes ever since he found out everything. Joon Sung, who had already cried his heart out at the accident site, stood by his side like an older brother even though he kept breaking apart. Joo Eun kept waiting, but so did Joon Sung’s mother. All these long hours before the dawn must had been tormenting for both of them as they were unaware of what had happened. Joon sung’s mother knew how much her son wanted to see her and Joo Eun was also aware of how much Young Ho was craving for their very own erotic night, but they were nowhere to be found.


Joo Eun kept waiting for a reply, but Joon Sung’s mother had the chance to meet her son. This hug was something he was craving for since birth and their silent struggle reached an end the moment he found himself in her embrace. Precious tears of completion and happy promises of forthcoming hugs brought a proper closure to their internal torment. Sung Hoon was simply astonishing throughout the whole episode which was filled with so many heartrending and heartfelt scenes and he was there to prove his worth, tear by tear.


As i’ve already said, Oh My Venus is a world of victims forged by the flow of events and the circumstances and Young Joon was definitely one of these many victims. After everything he had caused, Nam Chul was gradually embracing logic anew and his first mission was accomplished the moment he met Young Joon and didn’t devastate him to a wider extent since he kept his mother’s condition a secret. Young Joon becoming aware of what his mother was going through inside the household all these years made him feel responsible and that’s the reason why he tried to end his own life in order to stop causing any further problems. What he hadn’t thought of was that he was Hye Ran’s precious sun and vanishing from her life once and for all would be an everlasting sunset for her. Having already witnessed Hye Ran’s love towards her son and her struggle for his well-being, Young Joon’s suicidal attempt was yet another humble lesson on Oh My Venus’ behalf when it comes to suicide and the further scars it leaves after one’s departure.


While she was unaware of Young Ho’s condition Joo Eun unexpectedly cleared things up with Soo Jin whose faintness had started taking control of her body. Even though Soo Jin said that she was fine Joo Eun could easily notice that nothing was alright in her life. Alcohol, medication and absence of food weren’t good signs and Joo Eun brought to the surface her caring attitude that never ceased existing, it was Soo Jin’s attitude which was pushing it away, but this time Joo Eun couldn’t hold back. Not knowing what had happened to Young Ho, she desperately needed a friend and Soo Jin was a friend she was dearly missing.


Soo Jin had cut ties with her and never looked back after she left Korea for her studies. She started looking back in the worst possible way after she returned back externally renewed, but internally everything had remained the same yet so different. One after the other, all the misunderstandings ceased existing before Soo Jin’s eyes and she could finally utter the reasons why she had become that way. All this loneliness and bleakness in perfect combination with numerous misinterpretations of events had pushed her in a corner from which she could only turn her back on Joo Eun, but she couldn’t hide herself from the mirror reminding her of her own demons. Joo Eun preserved the very soul and essence of the friendship they used to share and shed utmost light on Woo Shik’s pure feelings making Soo Jin feel better. Wanting to comfort Joo Eun in her hour of need was an unfeigned reaction, but she wasn’t ready yet to proceed towards that step!


You have to love Joon Sung’s ongoing attempts to soothe Ji Woong’s forthcoming tears in order not to scar Young Ho even deeper. Both of them tried hard not to cry in front of him, but even in that condition Young Ho was still caring about his loved ones and tried to keep them focused on their goals. Of course, tears couldn’t be missing from such an emotionally fortified scene no matter how hard everyone tried. Young Ho would like to keep everything a secret from Joo Eun, seeing her breaking apart in front of him in that condition would shatter him to pieces. However, it wasn’t something they could keep as a secret from her, they could neither make excuses nor dishearten Joo Eun’s determination to find out the truth since the vibes she had received were already ominous.


Even though he had ordered secretary Min to keep her away there was no way anyone could ever prevent her from having a closer interaction with Young Ho, one of these types of communication only they know despite a wall or a door being between them. While Joo Eun was crying her heart out Young Ho couldn’t remain unresponsive and he surpassed himself by delivering the message that it was one of those “tap tap” moments with the difference that it would last for an uncertain amount of time since everything was still unclear.


Young Ho was in the same hell he had already found himself in the past, but Joo Eun was there to be his tower of strength. Using his own words, but also adorning them with her own renowned motivational lines, she made clear that she would wait for him to appear sexy (healthy) and comfortable in front of her no matter how long it would take. It was something Young Ho needed to know as it would motivate him to the fullest to see Joo Eun again and Joo Eun couldn’t set aside her loved one’s darkest hour. She knew that she would be in pain in Young Ho’s absence, but she also knew that with her in his mind Young Ho would be able to overcome this unwelcome turn of events. Joo Eun telling him how much she loved him and Young Ho being unable to get close to her was making them shine alight with emotion, but under the shadow of these abhorrent events. So Ji Sub proves his worth to the fullest every time his characters are in pain and his tears through Young Ho’s struggle felt so real.


The chairwoman severed all ties with Hye Ran and her family, but acknowledging Hye Ran’s efforts to the extent of putting her life on the line for Young Ho to remain alive was the most precious recognition Hye Ran would ever receive from the chairwoman. No matter how tough things may had been in the past, there were parameters that were making Hye Ran happy in her own way, not to the fullest, but she was pleased up to an extent. She was humble as opposed to her brother’s ambitions. One way or another and since they had reached the point of no return she urged him to make the right decisions for once in his life and that’s what he did.


The overall flow of events had alienated Soo Jin and Woo Shik, they were unlike themselves and Woo Shik was no longer the righteous winning figure and Soo Jin was becoming devoid of herself day by day. However, Joo Eun’s divine intervention put an end to Soo Jin’s Joo Eun oriented “life” and made things more apparent when it comes to Woo Shik’s feelings. Things can only get better for both of them and from now on they can start structuring their relationship in a more palpable and heartfelt way, but Soo Jin can also start working on her friendship with Joo Eun.


So, all this time we were witnessing our characters’ lives during 2014 and the 24th of December, 2014 at Young Ho’s birthday was the last day Joo Eun saw him. They spent one year apart and they met on Young Ho’s birthday anew, the 24th of December, 2015. Now we’re at the present of our beloved couple and we became aware that even though he was absent, Young Ho never left her side as he was always a part of her daily schedule. He was in her tears and thoughts which were often making her hallucinate, something that had always been a part of our beloved couple!


Not every Young Ho is an illusion and right after passing through the first one the second Young Ho was impenetrable! Before believing what was going on before her very eyes Joo Eun needed palpable proof! Feeling his face and hearing his voice, but also Young Ho bringing forth the bridge scene by placing another scarf around her neck were making her heart pound with meaning anew! Even though it was a single episode and a year’s time for our beloved couple, it felt like a year to me as well and this hug was the most relieving and adorable thing since last Tuesday!


Once again, the hand positioning was of major importance in Oh My Venus’ world. Joo Eun’s disenchantment after Young Ho was nowhere to be found was there that night, secretary Min’s hand trying to protect Young Ho’s leg, Young Ho’s father’s fear when it comes to Young Ho’s life was being depicted on his fist, Soo Jin willing to comfort Joo Eun’s devastation but not proceeding since their friendship was at its birth pangs anew, Young Ho’s struggle to reach his phone in order to let Joo Eun know of his intentions in his very own way, Hye Ran’s hand trying to make Nam Chul understand that it should be over if it wasn’t already, Young Ho’s hand after placing the scarf around Joo Eun’s neck after one year of absence and Joo Eun’s hand trying to caress reality were there for all of us to witness. Young Ho’s leg is an essential exception to the rule!


Judging from the preview, the 14th episode is going to be filled with the sweetness of life for our couple, but also for us! Everything they had been missing is bound to start taking place anew and the feels are going to be stratospheric! We’ll also witness Young Ho’s struggles to get better and the fact that he intends to be seeing her every day is more than joyful! However, Young Ho’s teary eyes after he left Joo Eun’s house were betraying that not everything’s the way it appears to be. Could it be health-related or something that has to do with his grandmother’s intentions? We have yet to find out, come forth, 15th episode!


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  1. Shini Balan
    December 29, 2015 at 8:01 am — Reply

    Hi, do you know what is the piano music played when henry arrived at hospital and cried? I’ve been searching for the music.

    • December 29, 2015 at 3:52 pm — Reply

      Hey there, sadly i can’t help you with the piano piece :/

      • December 29, 2015 at 5:38 pm — Reply

        Why? is there no title song? did you by any chance know the song with the whistle play on it in this drama.

  2. noor muhd
    December 29, 2015 at 8:38 am — Reply

    hope it is not a cliche ending.. like Yeong Ho wants to spend his final days with Jo Eun since the recent diagnosis shows that his cancer came alive again and he only left with years or months or days to live.. i dont want to think about it but by reading your recap at the end, my heart dont feel at ease..

    • December 29, 2015 at 3:51 pm — Reply

      Will they progress it as an old school drama to the fullest? With reappearance of the disease and death? >.< I don't know if i will be able to survive if things turn out this way (lol), BUT I am really curious about how OMV will end, this OTP deserves all the love in this world, together! XD

  3. Newbie
    December 29, 2015 at 9:05 am — Reply

    This episode felt like a final episode, as almost all story lines were brought to an end. Now we have the time and space to concentrate on our beloved OTP and see, how they will overcome this year of seperation and if they are able to heal together. That’s quite unusual for a Kdrama, but I like the idea.

    Pretty much every partner in a realtionship on this world would be majorly pissed, if she/he were forced away during such a crisis. Young Ho really needs to learn something for the future, because over time illness and age will come. His credo ‘healthy is sexy’ can only last for so long.

    As I see it, Young Ho lived and suffered alone in a hospital for such a long time, that he fell back into a certain known MO. Focussing on himself, blocking out every possible distraction, concentrating on his fight and healing. His Venus gave him the motivation to fight, because he was willing to set her free for good with his Tap Tap. His diagnosis was bad, he loved her so much, he didn’t want her to suffer and stay with a crippled man, he wanted her to remember him like he was before and he didn’t want to see her cry, too.

    This show is different and it challenges our viewing habits. Many people fails to see its allure, but like you, I love this show and the world it has created to pieces. Apropos pieces, it’s not Young Ho’s picture, that was broken, but a mirror. We saw it at least twice in her room before and it seems a broken mirror is a bad omen in South Korea, too, like in so many other countries in this world. 🙂

    • Newbie
      December 29, 2015 at 10:05 am — Reply

      One more afterthought. Wasn’t it too cute, that Young Ho’s coat during the reunion had the same pattern as her dress when she made breakfirst for all the boys in her new home after the scandal broke?! This show does details!

    • December 29, 2015 at 3:47 pm — Reply

      Definitely felt like a final episode, it was bringing some sort of closure to pretty much everything and that’s what makes the last 3 eps even more unpredictable with the hints that something’s not right and not everything is going to be that blissful, at least during the 14th episode!
      Young Ho has to finally embrace Joo Eun in his life to a wider extent, this meaning that he should let her be by his side when he wants to be lonely aka be in extreme pain or condition. I loved Joo Eun wanting to at least let him know that she’ll be waiting until he feels ready to appear in front of her, but i also loved the reasons why Young Ho wanted to keep her apart from him in case something went very wrong, even though it would be awesome seeing her by his side all this time as well 😀 This show is adorable, a heart-stealer! OMG, for some weird reason i was believing that it was Young Ho’s picture, it’s probably my brain that forced me to think that way, i feel so ashamed -.- But thank you for informing me, i corrected it, i checked it again and it’s definitely a mirror and yes, a broken mirror is a bad omen in many countries! 🙂

      • Rhea
        December 30, 2015 at 1:07 am — Reply

        i hope the last 3 episodes doesn’t involved the grandma oppose JE & YH relationship…

        • December 30, 2015 at 1:45 am — Reply

          I hope so too, she’s one of the remaining threats! Joo Eun and Young Ho must greet 2016 together forever in the drama’s ending!

  4. December 29, 2015 at 5:50 pm — Reply

    anyone know the song when they hug each other at the end of ep13?

    • December 29, 2015 at 6:10 pm — Reply

      Here you are, it’s from the drama’s OST, Lovelyz’ Kei sings it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T3eqozgy5g

      • Uka
        January 5, 2016 at 7:53 pm — Reply

        What is the n’aime of Whistle song pls

        • January 10, 2016 at 7:49 pm — Reply

          I think we’ll find the answer once the full OST of the drama comes out, i will keep an eye on it and if it’s in there i will definitely let you know 🙂

  5. Uka
    January 5, 2016 at 7:56 pm — Reply

    The song with whistle i Want to Know the name pls

    • January 5, 2016 at 8:15 pm — Reply

      Once and if i find it i will let you know, hopefully i will be able to help you 🙂

  6. Anonymous
    January 13, 2016 at 1:32 am — Reply

    Iam desperate to knight whistle song please let me know the song!!! Please!!!!!

    • January 13, 2016 at 4:46 am — Reply

      I listened to the OST, i was hoping that the whistle song would be there, but it wasn’t 🙁

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