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Remember – War of The Son Episode 6 Recap [Meet Me In The Shadows]

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disclaimer – this post was written by a disappointed-by-arsenal-last-night kipzzizz for dramajjang.co only

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Jin Woo brings forth a witness that Kim Han Na had filed a lawsuit against for sexual harassment; he was her professor and they were in a romantic relationship. He hid from her that she was married and she retaliated with taking legal action against him. She dropped it when they reached a settlement for money.

In Ah is confused why would Jin Woo defend the VP of Ilho Life and he simply states that this is a lawyer’s job- later she is frustrated with Kim Han Na and the fact she hid all that from her, but Kim Han Na said she didn’t think all that was important and she dropped the charges against her professor after she realize she would cause him damage.

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Jin Woo meets the professor in his car, who asks him why would he remember that he gambled in that place; Jin Woo says he remembers what he even wrote the day he saw him back then but that isn’t important and orders him to leave, since his job is done.

Dong Ho meets Jin Woo and remarks that his ratio in cases is 100% just like him; he asks him why he wanted to handle the case and Jin Woo says that these kind of trials can be tricky and can end someone’s life if the lawyer is incapable. Dong Ho wants the real reason, and suspects it is because he wants to get to Gyu Man that way- Dong Ho doesn’t reply and he simply leaves.

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Prosecutor Tak consoles In Ah telling her that she only needs a good win in the end to claim the game, much like it usually happens in baseball- however she’s always welcome to food-stuff herself with him when she loses! Chief Prosecutor Hong calls for both of them in his office, and In Ah remembers him as the prosecutor in Jae Hyuk’s case. He tells both he hopes for more guilty verdicts and they should follow his lead and co-operate together.

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In Ah meets with Jin Woo and asks him how he has been. He is not in the mood for chit-chat and remarks it would be weird for a prosecutor and a defense counselor on the same case to be sitting together; In Ah wonders if he’s the same person she knew back then and Jin Woo reminds her of what she told him once- “The truth wins over the facts” is no longer his belief, as he now knows that truth is relative and he plans on always standing on the winning side of it. Before he leaves, In Ah informs him about the new Chief Prosecutor and how she never forgot his father’s case.

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Jin Woo returns to the law firm, and says that since his witness created reasonable doubt, the prosecutor will be looking for concrete evidence, such as video footage and they should examine all options again, starting with what nearby parking cards could have recorded. He stares at his “wall of evidence and contacts” and realizes that the shortest way to get to Gyu Man is through his sister.

Dong Ho and Seok Joo meet with Chairman Nam who wants to know if the Vice President is likely to win the case; Dong Ho confirms that the way it is going, he won’t lose and the Chairman orders Seok Joo to proceed with the plan- Dong Ho isn’t at ease with Seok Joo getting involved in that case and wonders when Chairman took the matter in his hands. Seok Joo replies that he has been on the know from the beginning, since he eliminates anyone that might threaten his son’s position. Seok Joo tells Dong Ho that it’s the same for him, as he will do anything to protect him now that he has come so far.

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Jin Woo is watching Yeo Kyung’s moves when a drunk In Ah calls him and wants to meet him; he rushes to the place she’s drinking and when she sees him, she monologues about how hard it was for her to become a prosecutor; he might have had it easy, but she had to constantly repeat everything. She can’t believe that she would defend someone associated with Ilho Group and then reveals that she became prosecutor because she never forgot his father’s case.

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After she nearly collapses from the many drinks she had, Jin Woo carries her in his back and is heads to the pizza place her family owns; in her drunken state she thanks him for coming back and her parents spot both of them on the street, allowing Jin Woo to come into their home, after putting In Ah to bed.

They ask him how is his father’s health, and then In Ah’s mom comments on how In Ah changed a lot after his father’s trial, and became determined to become a prosecutor. Jin Woo recounts the last Christmas he spent with his dad upon seeing the tree in In Ah’s home and afterwards heads into his old house promising he will not go back there before he sets his father free.

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The next day he visits his father in the prison and they have the same conversation as they have had the last time he has been there; Jin Woo gives him his mother’s ring and pleads for him to remember he has a son.

Soo Beom informs Gyu Man about Jin Woo’s achievements and how he is planning to appeal his father’s case- after Gyu Man confirms that Jae Hyuk’s condition is getting worse and the outcome won’t change, he remarks how ironic is that he doesn’t remember anything, while his son remembers everything.

Dong Ho orders one of his henchmen to keep an eye on Jin Woo’s movements until the trial is over.

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Jin Woo visits the art gallery where Yeo Kyung exhibits her pieces and she seems intrigued by him after he comments on one of her pieces relating it to Marc Chagall’s usage of blue color. Dong Ho meets him outside the gallery and lets him know that he figured out he asked the slash fund book from the Vice President and that is why he took the case.

He tells him that he hasn’t forgotten about their contract yet but warns him not to cross the line. Jin Woo warns him back, that he will be next after he’s done with Gyu Man and he has regretted ever trusting him.

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Gyu Man meets with the Chief Prosecutor and asks him to close the case as quickly as he can, since that is damaging to the group’s image; the Chief tells him he will remove the novice prosecutor that is handling the case and will wrap it up very soon. Seok Gyu, the judge for the VP’s case is revealed to be an old schoolmate of Gyu Man and Soo Beom- they meet for a drink, and Soo Beom asks him if the girls are lining up for him.

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Seok Gyu is amused by that remark, and comments on having someone in his mind. Gyu Man says that his sister will be disappointed if she heard that, but Seok Gyu clarifies that their relationship is like siblings. He meets In Ah outside the court and asks her to have coffee together- he lets her know about a guilty verdict once, when the culprit committed suicide in a similar sexual harassment case. It was revealed afterwards that he hadn’t done anything wrong, and he tells In Ah that he will be needing solid proof in VP’s case in order to avoid a similar tragedy like that one.

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The Chief Prosecutor wants In Ah to drop the case but she says she will not do that; he tells her he can’t just sit back and let the number of not-guilty verdicts pile up and demands she is out of the case. In Ah gets a text message about an important tip, and promises she will remove herself if she doesn’t turn the situation within a day and departs to check what the tip is. She meets a man in the garage who after seeing the case in the news, he checked his video box and found incriminating video for the defendant.

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The video is revealed to the court and shows the VP leading Han Na to the car and then harassing her. Everyone on the court is shocked as well as VP and his family. Jin Woo talks with VP who is surprised he would do something like this, but after seeing it on the video he feels he should pay for what he has done- he’s not concerned about what the world might think of him, but about how his family will view him now.

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Jin Woo visits Han Na’s father and lets him know that his daughter graduated and is working for a big company. He asks him why he hasn’t returned to them, and the father says that he feels he doesn’t deserve to, since he ran away like a coward the night his company went under. He would like to recreate a memory of the good old times, and is the only thing keep him going and Jin Woo is reminded him of the last time he and his father spent together.

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Later, he checks the video and realizes that the attacker doesn’t wear a wedding ring; he figures out it has to be staged and calls his comrade to find out who the informant was, so he can track him down. After he sees the informant’s face, he remembers he is one of Dong Ho’s men. He follows him on the seaport and sees Seok Joo paying both the men that were involved in making the video. Dong Ho appears and tells Jin Woo that he warned him- his henchmen beat up Jin Woo and Dong Ho advises him not to meddle in Gyu Man’s affairs anymore.

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Jin Woo gets his wounds treated in the hospital and sees Han Na there, who is waiting for her mother to come out of the surgery. He tells her he met with her father and he wanted her to know that he’s sorry he can’t be with them. Being without a father is very difficult, but her choices will take the innocent father of another person- he tells her to reconsider after he wishes that her mom recovers.

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Yeo Kyung says she’s nervous about what the verdict is gonna be for the VP and she might raise her objections but her father replies that the VP dug his own grave and won’t let anyone throw dirt to his and his company’s name.

Gyu Man is checking the candidate list for the new VP position and calls his friend in a happy mood to celebrate getting rid of another unwanted person.

In the trial, the VP is giving Jin Woo a letter to deliver to his daughter after he will be imprisoned but Jin Woo reassures him, they won’t lose the trial.

rwarsον00059 rwarsον00060

He examines the video and pauses on “VP”‘s hand and notes that he doesn’t wear a ring despite the ring being in the defendant’s item when he was arrested. In Ah says he might have removed it but Jin Woo says he never did, and she was actually handed a fake video. He calls Han Na to the stand- he asks her how her mother’s surgery went. When she becomes nervous, he goes on about how she was a victim of a recent theft that left her penniless, so how could she pay for her mother’s surgery when she couldn’t get a loan since she hasn’t paid her tuition fees yet?

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He asks her again and again angrily where she found the money for her mother’s surgery despite the Judge and In Ah’s protests for him to mind his tone.

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She is visibly shaken and when she sees her father in the audience she admits that the VP did nothing wrong to her but that was the only option she had in order to pay for her mother’s surgery. The VP is relieved to know he did nothing wrong, as is his family.

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In Ah tells Jin Woo that Han Na couldn’t have possibly planned all this alone- he replies that his job is done here, and she should figure out on her own if someone helped her along the way. In Ah is taken aback by his words while Yeo Kyung is surprised to meet Jin Woo there again; she offers to buy him a drink after she helped VP to prove his innocence and he happily accepts.

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The Chairman sees the news and when Seok Joo apologizes for their plan going awry, he asks him if the trail ends there and that won’t affect his son. Seok Joo is positive that won’t happen.

rwarsον00069 rwarsον00070

Gyu Man is infuriated that the VP got off, and demands that Dong Wo bring him the attorney that defended the VP. At that time, Jin Woo arrives with Yeo Kyung and Gyu Man pretends that he’s glad of Jin Woon’s services that exonerated the VP. He wonders if he should offer him a position in his company but Jin Woo states that he has his own law firm and that won’t be needed. Before Gyu Man leaves, he tells Jin Woo to call him anytime he wants if he’d like to see him, and Ji Woon approaches him and says he will be seeing him a lot, when he puts him on stand for his crimes.

Reflection Corner :

(die die dieeee my darling, i'll be seeing you in hell!)

(die die dieeee my darling, i’ll be seeing you in hell!)

I live FOR THIS.


Gyu Man, WHAT’S GOOD. I now live for his expressions when he doesn’t get his way!


Jin Woo got a tiny victory and will start building up on that, and it’s great to see how he doesn’t lose his cool even when things don’t look up; his analytical mind mixed with his belief towards the VP got him the reward in the end. It seems like he will approach Yeo Kyung and will get important info through her, so I want to see how this will play out. Will he get his hands dirty (not pun intended!) or will he maintain his integrity and won’t go all the way? (again, not pun intended! lol)


One thing is for sure- he has put on his determination armour and doesn’t waver for a second in his decision-making. I just wish he was a bit less harsh towards In Ah; I mean, it’s obvious he (still) cares for her as he went to her side immediately when she drunkenly called him and carried her home, but does he have to be so abrupt around her? She genuinely tries to help and initiates conversation with him to let him know she’s there for him, but he’s not having it.


I guess it makes sense though in a way, since he’s a man in a mission at the moment. I suppose sooner or later she will become his pillar of support, since he can’t do everything on his own- it was nice to see them interact more this episode though, they have a good dynamic and I’d like to see them fighting together against corrupted Ilho Group.


Dong Ho, why bro? He has to have a plan on his mind, right, right? He still holds on that contract-bill and it’s obvious he hasn’t embraced (fully) the dark side, but actions speak louder than words, and he let Jin Woo get the beat up, which sucked ass. I have faith in him that he waits for the right moment to hit, planning his strategy but is it possible he got comfortably numb in the company of having-things-easy? Ugh, in Mulder’s words I want to believe so I won’t write him off yet.


The wheel of things moving anew have started since Jin Woo’s signal of fighting back, so onwards to episode 7! Light ’em up Jin Woo!


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  1. December 27, 2015 at 6:15 pm — Reply

    thanks for the recap! i will look forward to these as the episodes happen, awesome! 🙂
    agree that the touchpaper’s been lit since episode 5, this one didnt disappoint either. on a personal level i wish they had picked another topic besides falsely accused rapist though. dissatisfied with that bit.
    i like the strength of the characters now and hope dong ho is being extra smart and won’t disappoint us in the end but this drama is not black & white and that is a definite plus….hope it continues to keep us on our toesies.
    i would like to see in ah developed as a smart professional too….so far her best scene has been when drunk…lol. he was super adorable carting her home and i was pleased how her parents treated him. he doesnt have too many islands of that, i think!
    again, thanks for the recap! onwards!

    • December 27, 2015 at 6:55 pm — Reply

      There are still 18 (lord, that is a LOT!) episodes so I guess a lot of topics will be dealt with while we await for Gyu (I AWAIT THAT) to be brought to the court.

      Dong Ho belong to the category of characters that I am keeon watching and end up being my favorites, so I truly hope he has some ace up on his sleeve and surprise us pleasantly in the end.

      In Ah will have to re-inforce some of her too-idealistic ideas as the story progresses, just like Jin Woo did.

      Apart from a few loopholes and such, it is a very solid drama and I hope it continues like this.

      You’re welcome and thanks for commenting!

  2. December 27, 2015 at 8:58 pm — Reply

    […] Episodes 06  Episodes 01 to 05 […]

  3. December 28, 2015 at 2:43 am — Reply

    LOL. Mulder also said, “Trust no one…. the Truth is out there…. You have to be willing to see.”
    hahaha. its so JinWoo related. Trusting no one, not even InAh or Dongho. Truth is out there, the truth that will defeats the facts must be found faster. He has to hang on, and be willing to see, and be willing to trust that InAh is willing to see the truth. (am die hard fan of XFiles)

    yes, how i wish he let down his armour to at least one person, In Ah. maybe its not that he trust not IA, but anyone closed to him will be dangerous right? guess its like that, moreover, she is a prosecutor, and he is on rival side. Since they shorten the original 24 ep to 20ep, hope they make good of the rest of the 14 ep which is only 7 weeks left. let him find refuge in IA, how much can a man take upon himself, the intensity of stress, in trusting no one, finding the “relative” truth out there, where everybody no willing to see.”

    • December 28, 2015 at 9:29 am — Reply

      (hmmm, wasn’t Deep Throat that said Trust No One? it’s been so long since I re-watched X-files, and with the new one airing soon I might have to find some time to re-re-watch it lol)

      Oh they made it 20 epis afterall? Sounds good either way, the pace hasn’t let us down so far.

  4. Lai Pei Yee
    December 29, 2015 at 7:54 am — Reply

    Def a must watch as the characters and storyline here are not in plain black and white. Certainly keeps me guessing and glued to the screen.

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