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“On the day when everybody is supposed to be happy
It’s true that not everyone is happy.
Because everybody’s happy, someone feels even lonelier.
Even if that someone is lonely he/she pretends to be okay.
There is someone who can’t go over to see the other one for a reason.
There is someone who is not able to go over for a different reason.
On this day, there is someone who keeps waiting no matter what.
We all pretend to be happy and okay.
On Christmas day, we miss others even more.”


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Young Ho’s health issue was tormenting him and Joo Eun was the one to find him. After she encouraged him Young Ho could only head towards the 61st anniversary ceremony! The moment for Young Ho’s speech had arrived and after getting encouraged anew by Joo Eun’s stare he introduced himself amid mixed feelings when it comes to very specific figures in the audience!

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Of course, Yi Ji appeared right next to Joon Sung who was surprised once again, but this time Ji Woong reassured him that he didn’t inform her behind his back since she’s daughter of one of the CEOs at the 61st anniversary ceremony! Ji Woong was enthusiastic about the news, but Joon Sung tried to maintain his calmness in a rough sea of awkwardness!

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Nam Chul wasn’t pleased with the fact that neither Hye Ran nor Young Joon appeared at the ceremony and he also informed his sister that Young Ho became the company’s director. Young Joon was nearby and overheard the conversation full of disappointment. Hye Ran kept staring at her picture with her son while pretending that everything was fine.

bscap0920 bscap0922bscap0921 bscap0924

Once Young Ho left the place was filled with reporters, they were so “passionate” they hurt Soo Jin and Joo Eun. Young Ho noticed what had happened, but Joo Eun reassured him that she was hurt just a little bit even though she was hurt a bit more!

bscap0931bscap0932 bscap0933

She sat at the stairs and after everyone had left Young Ho appeared to praise her beauty and the fact that she will always be a part of his dreams! He eased her pain amid Cinderella references when it comes to her slipper and the scene reached completion with Ji Woong and Joon Sung who were waiting for her with the pumpkin of the story!

bscap0936 bscap0938bscap0937 bscap0940 bscap0948bscap0946

Soo Jin was all alone at the parking lot and while she started collapsing Woo Shik appeared and held her in his arms!

 bscap0951 bscap0952bscap0950

She was thankful for helping her return back home, but she wanted him to leave right away. He urged her to keep an eye on her health and he was thankful for taking care of his participation in revealing John Kim’s real identity. Soo Jin erupted after considering herself a mean person, but Woo Shik had a different opinion and reminded her of how caring she was back in the days. No matter how much she may have changed throughout the years Woo Shik reassured her that she’s always the same to his eyes and that the only way he could feel towards her was being thankful and apologetic at the same time.

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Ji Woong and Joon Sung helped Joo Eun return back home and the moment her mother appeared Ji Woong was so ecstatic meeting ma’am’s mom! He could only hug her and Joo Eun’s mother greeted him in English in a Ji Woong oriented way! There’s no way they would leave on an empty stomach and Joo Eun’s mother who was wearing Young Ho’s clothes prepared dinner for all of them!


Even though Ji Woong and Joon Sung set aside their diet with Joo Eun’s mother taking care of them with the parts of the chicken they would eat Joo Eun tried to remain strong! Joon Sung staring at Joo Eun’s mother was filling his mind with thoughts of his own mother.

bscap0974 bscap0977bscap0976 bscap0984bscap0978bscap0979

Joo Eun messaged Young Ho to reassure him that her leg was fine and he was already aware of the chicken legs they had devoured! Joo Eun encouraged him on his first day at work starting tomorrow and promised that she will help him overcome his health issue. Even though the doctor had a different opinion Young Ho decided to trust Joo Eun! The moment he urged her to put a pillow under her leg she simply used You Bastard! The hearts that were coming out of Young Ho’s eyes exploded the moment Joo Eun’s mother told her to stop texting Woo Shik, but Joo Eun didn’t reveal the truth and changed subject!

bscap0986bscap0957bscap0958 bscap0987 bscap0991bscap0993

Breakfast time had arrived and the moment Young Ho found out that Ji Woong’s dish was the one Joo Eun’s mother had prepared he decided to give it a shot even though it was a bit too salty for his taste! Due to his heavy schedule, Young Ho was worried about Joon Sung but they reassured him that they’d take care of one another before Joon Sung’s big day since they’ve grown up! Once Ji Woong’s “oh my Venus” echoed Young Ho emphasized on the fact that he’s Joo Eun’s one and only man and left!

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Joo Eun was at work and Hyun Jung was concerned about her ankle, but Joo Eun was reassuring for one more time! The good news are that the morning meeting has been cancelled since Soo Jin didn’t come at work. Joo Eun tried not to worry about the reasons behind her absence!


Secretary Min brought a flower for Young Ho to congratulate him on his first day at work as the company’s director. Everything is being taken care of concerning the scandal but Young Ho will have to be the one to put an end to it! After Young Ho found out that his grandmother knows everything about Joo Eun the directors arrived for a morning meeting. Nam Chul took the lead trying to approach Young Ho who replied in a like-minded way when it comes to sports!

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After Joo Eun exchanged a few messages with Young Ho appeared in front of her that she wasn’t protective towards her leg and that she didn’t have lunch. She thought that she was hallucinating again, but this time he was real! He helped her walk out of her office in front of everyone and he reminded her of their erotic night that was disturbed!

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His intentions were different though and it was time for Joo Eun’s next health checkup! At the clinic she recalled the first time Young Ho took her there, but even though she tried to be cute to the fullest the moment for her blood test had arrived and there was no way she would avoid it! Even though Young Ho was encouraging Joo Eun he urged the nurse to hit her as hard as possible with the needle and before the impact Joo Eun started screaming!

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After the blood test Young Ho rewarded Joo Eun with some of life’s sweetness and she was excited tasting it after such a long time! Young Ho emphasized on the fact that her inside world being pretty is way more important than the prettiness on the surface. He was more than glad finding out that her body condition had almost reached the health standards he had set! The stomach fat had ceased existing, as for her thyroid and cholesterol everything was flowing well and soon enough she won’t need medicine anymore!

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Hye Ran kept taking care of the chairwoman and she was thankful towards her for helping her parents and brother through all these years. She also reassured the chairwoman that once she finds a place she will move out of the household and the chairwoman acknowledged that their fate was ill-natured since the very beginning. The chairwoman wasn’t pleased with the fact that Nam Chul was too greedy and the reason why she appears so cruel towards Hye Ran is because she wants to secure Young Ho’s future. The chairwoman compensated Hye Ran for her services throughout the years, it was the least she could do even though she couldn’t open up her heart towards her.

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Joo Eun met Joon Sung’s mother who would like to meet her son, but she feels like she has no right to do so since she would bring so many troubles in his life. Since Joon Sung’s a world champion Joo Eun reassured her that he was a tough man and urged her to meet and hug her son many times! Joo Eun also tried to ease her emotional burden concerning the past, but on her way back home she had started to understand that Young Ho was the one who had met Joon Sung’s mother in the past to let her know that he was taking good care of him. Joo Eun informed Young Ho that she met Joon Sung’s mother and that she found out the whole truth. On top of that, she was happy he was her man! He called her on the phone to hear how happy she is for being with him and she made the suspense reach new heights since she would tell him face to face!

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Young Ho informed his father that he can’t sign the papers Nam Chul had prepared since there had been a few misappropriations. His father was glad about it and since his birthday was approaching he invited Young Ho to the household for a family gathering!


Xmas will be arriving soon and Ji Woong and Joon Sung brought to life the Xmas spirit inside the house! Ji Woong invited everyone he wanted to in order to celebrate altogether Young Ho and Jesus’ birthday and the preparations were gradually reaching completion!

bscap1080bscap1083 bscap1088bscap1084bscap1085

Joo Eun was getting pretty while having a conversation with Hyun Woo on the phone! Min Joon picked up the cake for his mother and got the chance to acquire his stuffed animal presents!

bscap1089 bscap1091bscap1093

Ji Woong and the silent Joon Sung greeted Hyun Woo, Min Joon and Joo Eun who was waiting for Young Ho to make his appearance and there he was! The bromance between Young Ho and Min Joon reached a new winking level and right before the party was about to begin secretary Min wished them Marry Christmas through the door entry camera!

 bscap1095 bscap1102bscap1100 bscap1098 bscap1110bscap1108

Joon Sung was the one to prepare the dinner and since it was Christmas Eve Young Ho let Joo Eun eat as much as she wanted to! Ji Woong was brightening the overall ambiance with his quirky attitude and a selca was essential! Dancing and singing altogether couldn’t be missing from their company and a game took the place, but the ladies emerged victorious and Joo Eun punished Young Ho!

 bscap1111 bscap1114bscap1113 bscap1117 bscap1121bscap1119bscap0979

Joo Eun called her mother who was cooking at home while spending Christmas Eve all alone, but Joo Eun reassured her that she would visit her the next morning. Even though she pretended that everything was fine her husband’s memory was still there.

 bscap1133bscap1130 bscap1131

Joo Eun was concerned about her mother but once she noticed Young Ho with the sleepy Min Joon on the sofa her heart felt at ease even though she could translate the vibes that not every is happy in days that everyone is supposed to feel that way and that those who aren’t happy are pretending in order to pace with the overall flow. In the meantime, we were witnessing our figures’ nighttime. Joo Eun had messaged Joon Sung’s mother her son’s number in case she wanted to contact him while Young Joon was being transferred at the hospital with Hye Ran being unable to reach him on the phone.

bscap1142 bscap1141bscap1137 bscap1145bscap1143bscap1146 bscap1147

Joo Eun was laying back on the sofa, next to Young Ho. She informed him that she would go back home waiting for him to complete their erotic night after Young Ho would visit his grandmother!

bscap1148  bscap1154bscap1156bscap1149

Joon Sung appeared in a rush and informed them that his mother wanted to see him! Young Ho gave him the car keys and his pocket to take his mother to the best restaurant and Joon Sung was thankful towards both of them!


Hye Ran got informed that Young Joon was at the ER and she rushed to the hospital. Both his father and Nam Chul arrived to find out that it was due to drug overdose. Hye Ran was devastated next to her son, but Nam Chul demanded further explanations from Young Ho’s father. Nam Chul emphasized on the fact that Young Ho’s father didn’t want to get half of Gahong Group and got married to Hye Ran in order for Young Ho to be the one and only heir to the throne. The only way for Young Joon to acquire everything is for Young Ho to vanish from the surface of the earth and Nam Chul started searching around for him. Secretary Min informed Young Ho on Nam Chul’s intentions and as soon as he realized that Joon Sung had his car he rushed to find him.

bscap1182 bscap1177bscap1175 bscap1188

Joon Sung was heading towards his mother and Nam Chul was after Young Ho’s car. Young Ho was trying to find Joon Sung while being unable to reach him on the phone.


Joo Eun was getting pretty for Young Ho with her pink bow as she had promised and while things were getting dangerous in the streets the mirror was lying broken on the floor inside Joo Eun’s apartment. Young Ho noticed Nam Chul’s maneuvers and he moved accordingly to protect Joon Sung. While trying to avoid a truck of doom Young Ho hit another car and the accident was unavoidable.

bscap1194 bscap1199bscap1198

Joon Sung got out of his car to find out that Young Ho was the one lying wounded inside the other car and that his leg was wounded anew. His painful screams were succeeded by ongoing attempts to get Young Ho out of the car.

bscap1205 bscap1207bscap1206 bscap1209 bscap1213bscap1210 bscap1214

~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus found itself in the third place for one more time with its 12th episode (8.6%) while Six Flying Dragons (13.7%) and Glamorous Temptation (9.9%) maintained the first and the second place respectively. Four episodes before the end, the 12th episode felt like a necessary evil and in a manner of speaking, it was! However, i loved the whole episode for all the bliss and all the devastation, i loved the wide variety of feels from one edge to the other and for the gracious moments our beloved figures treasured all along the way leading towards the Christmas Eve celebration.


The pain that followed was magnified by the aforementioned  beauteous events as we found ourselves on the other side of the fence in a blink of an eye. I loved the 12th episode for everything it had to offer, what makes me scared a bit is the 13th one since there are many possible pathways On My Venus could follow and a few of them feel quite cliche and unwelcome. I am not disheartened, on the contrary, i am looking forward to the 13th episode with tremendous amounts of hope and an sense of fear when it comes to the leprechauns that may be lurking in the shadows!


The 61st anniversary ceremony changed everyone’s lives. Woo Shik and Nam Chul’s plan fell in the deepest pits of hell, Young Ho’s father and the chairwoman witnessed a dream turning to life, Young Ho had become Gahong Group’s director, Joo Eun was there to offer her most heartfelt and silent support and Young Joon found the whole truth behind his mother’s reassuring and hopeful lies. Inside his car and despite being unable to protect Joo Eun, Young Ho was deeply caring about her and their very own communication did the talking!


Joo Eun didn’t want to burden Young Ho even more while he didn’t believe her white lies and returned back to check if everything was fine! Their mutual affection is already renowned, but i adore them even more every single time one of them rushes to the other’s aid! Their antennas deliver and receive all the necessary signals for one another to know what’s really going on while at the same time the Cinderella references were progressing to a more palpable level!


Woo Shik finally started showing some affection towards Soo Jin. Their lives had been Joo Eun oriented ever since the drama began since Woo Shik was always nearby even though he had broken up with her while at the same time Soo Jin was trying to ease her inferiority syndrome by trying to degrade Joo Eun and being close to Woo Shik who wasn’t done with his own past with Joo Eun! It was an overburdening hide and seek that gradually reaches the end, or at least that’s how it looks like. It would had been easy for Soo Jin to say anything mean to Joo Eun after the end of the ceremony, but she didn’t do so. At the same time, Woo Shik has stopped running after Joo Eun and being thankful and apologetic towards Soo Jin felt sincere this time. Even though Soo Jin was avoiding Woo Shik she never truly gave up on him and she was trying to be of any help anytime he needed it without him being aware of her moves.


He was thankful towards her for taking care of his leading role in the John Kim scandal and he was apologetic for his Joo Eun oriented route in the recent past while neglecting Soo Jin. His caring attitude made its appearance the moment he told her to start taking her health into consideration and by simply reminding her of the person she used to be. Soo Jin kept nurturing her void in front of him, but he encouraged her by saying that she hadn’t changed at all. This couple has started showing some strong potential if things keep flowing that way between them and definitely not in a Joo Eun oriented way.


Ji Woong and Joon Sung meeting Joo Eun’s mother was one of the many blissful moments of the 12th episode! Ji Woong was simply happy meeting ma’am’s mom and Joon Sung received maternal vibes! Young Ho, even though he wasn’t with them, he got informed on everything and he was deeply caring towards Joo Eun for one more time concerning her leg and her health when it comes to food! The fact that he wanted to taste Joo Eun’s mother’s dish the next morning was proving how desperately he’d like to be present last night and his jealousy came to complete the overall scene!


Except for the repetitive phrases that strengthen the drama’s meaning, there are repetitive scene motives that strengthen even more the overall vibes. The way Joo Eun’s mother was sleeping on the bed with Joo Eun sleeping on the floor was reminding us of our beloved couple’s same-room scenes and You Bastard’s always there whenever Young Ho’s not nearby! Young Ho asking all the time about her leg’s condition and having returned back to help her before entering her pumpkin were moments that reached completion the moment You Bastard found its place under her ankle!


After so many hallucinations i could deeply understand the reasons why Joo Eun couldn’t believe that the real Young Ho was standing in front of her! You have to admit that he was masterful in taking her to the clinic! She hadn’t eaten lunch so the blood test would do the real talking and he was there to help her with her leg! The fact that Joo Eun didn’t know anything was the most essential factor since she would try to avoid the health tests! The sweetness of life may had appeared as a reward, but the real reward was the fact that her health was far better at that point and soon enough medication would no longer have to be a part of her life! I will say it once again, Oh My Venus presents weight loss for the right reasons and Young Ho preserves it to the fullest by praising internal beauty when the body is healthy over external beauty. Joo Eun did it for the right reason, Soo Jin set aside her own health in order to embrace a slim but at the verge of collapsing body.


The Christmas Eve and Young Ho’s birthday celebration was among loving and caring figures. It felt as if he had his two sons, Ji Woong and Joon Sung, his wife, Joo Eun, his nephew, Min Joon and his quirky sister-in-law, Hyun Woo, by his side while secretary Min decided to maintain Young Ho’s private life’s very soul and essence by not being present! The whole scene was an explosion of happiness and the sweetness of life was floating all over the place! It was the perfect counterweight for becoming the company’s director! Everyone forgot about their concerns and life was rewarding them with every passing second!


All the events that took place before the celebration and especially after it were intertwined one way or another as the crossroads were becoming more apparent. Joon Sung placing Santa’s boot on the Xmas tree and staring at it with so much longing was clearly depicting how much he was craving to meet his mother. Before that, Joo Eun had already met his mother in an attempt to chase away her fears. We became aware of the fact that Joon Sung’s mother wouldn’t like to impose her own burdens on her son’s life, a burden Joo Eun tried to ease by reminding her that everything that had happened in the past wasn’t her fault as she was a victim. In her own way, she tried to make her realize that Joon Sung wanted to meet her at all costs.


Young Ho’s definitely a paternal figure towards Joon Sung, he had made sure that his mother would know that her son was growing up well and that she shouldn’t have to worry about him. Knowing that and with the fear of the possibility of ruining her son’s life she remained in her own shadows, but everything had started falling into place. Young Ho could only entrust his pocket and his car to Joon Sung in order for him to create precious memories the first time he’d officially meet his mother.


The chairwoman and Young Ho’s father finally opened up their hearts. The chairwoman would definitely want her bloodline to continue reigning supreme and the only one who could keep it alive was Young Ho. His father wasn’t ambitious, but the chairwoman must had pressured him for sure. In order to maintain the bloodline’s purity Young Ho’s father had to get remarried in order not to acquire half of the company as the chairwoman’s son-in-law. Getting married to Hye Ran he was no longer related to Gahong Group’s bloodline, but that turn of events created many victims all along the way. The chairwoman acknowledged how cruel she was towards Hye Ran, but at that point she was sincere for the reasons why she didn’t open up her heart towards her. At least Hye Ran had found out the truth and she finally knew that under any other circumstances things could had been different between them.


Young Joon was yet another victim while Hye Ran was lying in order to protect him from the inevitable harm. But it wasn’t only the chairwoman who was at fault here, Nam Chul played his own part as well. Ambitious as he was he transformed Young Joon into Young Ho the second while he would never be able to acquire that title. After trying so hard to live up to Nam Chul’s expectations the moment he found out the whole truth his glass heaven collapsed in a blink of an eye. Young Joon was no longer the Young Joon he had become and the void was devouring everything on the inside and the outcome was drug overdose. Even then and despite Hye Ran’s pain Nam Chul tried to make Gahong Group’s one and only rightful heir disappear in order for Young Joon to have a reason for existing, but also to fulfill his uncle’s ambitions. Oh My Venus is a world of victims forced by the circumstances to keep walking upon a specific pathway, but from a moment and on it’s their own decisions that define them, not only their background.


Young Ho putting his life on the line for Joon Sung was making him ten thousand times of a paternal figure. Everything that started decades ago, the moment the chairwoman’s daughter passed away, reached a dismal completion the moment the accident took place. Joon Sung was happy heading towards his mother, instead, he found the most precious figure in his life lying wounded inside the car. His mother will keep waiting, Joo Eun will keep waiting for Young Ho as well, but her longing will turn into devastation and visiting her mother will be postponed as well. There are many people who are going to get hurt from this turn of events “thanks” to a bloodline’s continuation. The moment the mirror broke on the floor something shattered deep within. I mean, i could see where this was going to, but that specific moment made things even more desolate.


Joo Eun’s thoughts after the Christmas Eve celebration would turn to life in the bleakest way at the end of the episode. I hope that the memory loss scenario won’t turn to life, if they want to work on something heartrending they could promote Young Ho’s health issue since his leg had been hurt anew. I also hope that the grandmother won’t prevent Joo Eun from standing by Young Ho’s side at the hospital. She doesn’t deserve to turn into a sobbing scapegoat while her loved one will be lying wounded on a hospital bed; desperately needing her presence. I am highly looking forward to the next episode, i don’t mind it breaking my heart, all i ask for is to not break my nerve system! Oh My Venus, i have faith in you, please, remain awesome!


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