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“I am someone who has a soft spot for weak people
And an even softer spot for people in danger.
It’s not pity, it’s empathy.”


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Nam Chul and Woo Shik progressed with their plan and informed Hyun Woo’s ex-husband that he could broadcast the news about John Kim’s real identity. Reporters started besieging Young Ho’s life and secretary Min was apologetic for having been unable to prevent the truth from coming to the surface.


They left immediately and Young Ho informed secretary Min that he intends to put an end to this story in one shot with an official statement despite the fact that people won’t care about the truth. The only place where Young Ho would be safe was Joo Eun’s house. In the meantime, the chairwoman and Young Ho’s father were losing the world underneath their feet!

 bscap0621bscap0618 bscap0622

Joo Eun found him out of her place and by taking Young Ho in her embrace she automatically welcomed him to her world!

bscap0627 bscap0626bscap0625bscap0629

Young Ho wasn’t used to small rooms, but since there wasn’t a suite waiting for him he had no other choice! Even though he was in pain he was trying to keep it a secret until Joo Eun left the room after a dimple explosion! Joo Eun had become aware of what was going on and she recalled everything Young Ho had told her about his health issue.

bscap0638bscap0637 bscap0636bscap0635bscap0632 bscap0640

While trying to take his medicine Young Ho broke a glass of water and Joo Eun called Joon Sung to inform him that Young Ho was at her place. He became aware that she knew about his leg, but even though she’d like to help him there was nothing she could do. Joon Sung urged her to pretend as if she didn’t know anything since he hurts more whenever his loved ones know what he’s going through. Young Ho’s like a father to Joon Sung, but he’s also someone precious to Joo Eun and both of them will try to help him in their own way.

bscap0643 bscap0646bscap0652 bscap0657bscap0649bscap0654

Back in the days, some people were after Joon Sung who was bleeding while hiding. Once he noticed him, Young Ho rushed to his aid and he temporarily took care of his wounds in order for Joon Sung to be able to follow him home.

bscap0659 bscap0665bscap0666 bscap0670

Joon Sung couldn’t understand why Young Ho was trying to help him and once he brought up his parents and the fact that he was adopted things got a bit out of control, but Young Ho let him know that weak people and people in danger are his soft spots, not because he pities them, it’s the empathy that overruns him. Young Ho was the one who helped him leave behind his past in order to start fighting in the ring, a place with rules.

 bscap0683 bscap0681bscap0679bscap0675

Back at the present, Yi Jin appeared right next to Joon Sung who wanted her to leave him alone, but she didn’t intend to do so in this cold winter since consoling people was her specialty even though she didn’t know what he was going through! She was glad that their relationship was progressing while Joon Sung couldn’t believe what he had just heard!

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Once Young Ho woke up he found Joo Eun preparing breakfast, but Ji Woong and Joon Sung were there as well! They were trying to act as if nothing had happened, but their reactions were betraying that they were concerned about him!

bscap0709 bscap0710bscap0711 bscap0712

Ji Woong was the first one to taste her dish, but Young Ho took the lead and fed her too! Then it was Joon Sung’s turn, but everyone should eat well since Joo Eun’s hardcore training would take place!

bscap0816bscap0815bscap0718bscap0721 bscap0725bscap0723bscap0722

Joo Eun transformed them into the Korean workout version of Robocop and the training began with their backs against the trees. They weren’t the only doing it, the place was filled with workout ahjussis and ahjummas!


Everything they witnessed there was a first time for all of them and soon enough Ji Woong and Joon Sung became the workout ahjummas’ victims! Young Ho thought that he would escape, but Joo Eun was there to take care of him! Just like her body belonged to him, his abs belongs to Joo Eun!


The next phase was quirky as well, but the only ones enjoying it were Joon Sung while pushing Ji Woong away, especially when Joo Eun found herself in Young Ho’s arms!


Joo Eun was leaving for work, but before leaving a kiss on the cheek was essential! Shortly after, secretary Min arrived after respecting Young Ho’s personal life to the fullest! Anna Sue released her own statement and secretary Min informed Young Ho that they’ll only be able to stop the false speculations. Soon enough he would have to meet his grandmother and his father, but Young Ho didn’t want to get dressed for the occasion.

 bscap0752bscap0751bscap0826 bscap0753bscap0754

The chairwoman was glad that Young Ho had arrived back home, but she was also aware of the fact that something was going on between him and Joo Eun. She doesn’t intend to step back and she wants Young Ho to get married to the girl he’s already met a few times. Soon enough she’d like Young Ho to start living at the household. Hye Ran was taking care of everything inside the kitchen.

bscap0756bscap0757 bscap0758

Young Ho knelt in front of his father. He apologized for everything that happened and his father urged him to protect his position at the company. Henceforth, he should remain humble until the 61st anniversary ceremony. We also became aware of the fact that he was deeply worried about his son’s health and that’s the reason why he never laid his hands on his son’s legs. On his way out, Young Ho met Hye Ran who urged him to eat at the household before leaving, but all he wanted from her was to take care of his father and the chairwoman.

bscap0764bscap0761bscap0762 bscap0767

At her workplace, Joo Eun found out more about Joon Sung’s past. Right before giving birth, his mother had killed his father in order to protect her unborn baby because she was being constantly abused. Since “domestic abuse” and terms like that didn’t exist back in the days, she received full sentence and gave birth in jail.


She found a bag full of clothes outside of her house and soon enough she met Joon Sung who had left them there for her. She urged him to refrain from seeing her again while she could barely hold back her tears in front of him and left.

bscap0773bscap0777 bscap0782

Young Ho was back at Joo Eun’s place, but Hyun Woo visited him soon enough in order to leave Min Joon under his sleepless stare! Except for Batman, Muscle Angel and Mister Oozing with Sexiness he’s also become Min Joon’s uncle with all the necessary obligations!

bscap0783bscap0784 bscap0786

Nam Chul informed Young Ho’s father on the fact that the board of directors disagrees with Young Ho’s moves and he wanted him to sign some papers in order for both of them to be helpful towards one another in the future. Young Ho’s father emphasized on the fact that signing these papers isn’t under his authority at this moment, but Nam Chul reminded him that Young Ho becoming Gahong Group’s director is a decision that will have to pass through the board of directors as well!


A video call between Young Ho and Joo Eun took place and she found out that Min Joon was there! She also became aware of the fact that Min Joon can’t climb down the toilet, but Joo Eun informed Young Ho that it was just another aspect of the sweetness of life he has to cherish!


Joo Eun met Hyun Woo and the main topic was Joon Sung’s mother who’s getting beaten up by her current husband too along with the fact that she doesn’t intend to meet her own son. Joo Eun can neither inform Joon Sung on everything going on nor convince his mother to meet him, but Hyun Woo was always thankful towards her for taking good care of Min Joon throughout the years even though she had given her own son for adoption. Once again, Joo Eun and Hyun Woo’s friendship was proven to be strong!


Soo Jin and Hyun Woo’s ex-husband arrived and once again Soo Jin wanted Joo Eun to address her the way she should since she was there for work, but Hyun Woo took care of her and the honorifics she was craving for!

bscap0839 bscap0801bscap0803bscap0800

By the time Joo Eun returned back home Young Ho, You Bastard and Min Joon had fallen asleep on the sofa, but once Young Ho woke up a hug was more than essential! He would like to kiss her hand, but it didn’t smell well and Joo Eun forced its way towards his lips! However, nothing erotic is bound to happen whether Min Joon is there or not for as long as Young Ho will be staying at her place!

 bscap0807bscap0806 bscap0810bscap0817bscap0816bscap0814

Young Ho had noticed the ring Woo Shik had given to her, but since she’d been wearing it for 15 years it was hers! As for throwing it away? She can do so if she wants to, but she could keep it if she doesn’t want to throw it away, after all it’s a part of her and Young Ho doesn’t intend to throw away anything Joo Eun related.

 bscap0821bscap0820 bscap0824

Min Joon was about to leave and Young Ho reminded him that he should workout in the way he showed him, but he couldn’t be certain on whether Min Joon would become as sexy as Young Ho in the future!

bscap0825 bscap0829bscap0828bscap0827

Joo Eun kept reminded him that he shouldn’t think of anything erotic and once his hands started approaching her breast to help her button up her shirt things got awkward!

 bscap0834bscap0833bscap0835 bscap0837

Later on that night Joo Eun had fallen asleep with You Bastard by her side and Young Ho was sleeping on the floor! Once again, he confronted her snoring by pushing away her head, but he placed You Bastard’s hand on her and she was glad to grab it in her sleep!

bscap0838 bscap0840bscap0844 bscap0842

Young Ho was checking the latest news and secretary Min informed him that he should keep a low profile since they can’t do much at this point. As for how long he intends to stay at Joo Eun’s place, Young Ho urged him to stop being jealous!

bscap0845bscap0847 bscap0849

Woo Shik went at Soo Jin’s place and invaded her apartment since he knew that she was there and he was also aware of her password which was her birthday! Soo Jin urged him to leave since she didn’t want to find herself in Woo Shik’s plans because she was working for Young Ho. Once again, her nighttime was devastating and she compared her life to never-ending salt water.

bscap0851 bscap0855bscap0854 bscap0860

Soo Jin could only meet Joo Eun the next morning at work and she brought up the 61st anniversary ceremony and the assumption that there was a possibility that it wouldn’t happen since Young Ho wouldn’t appear. Soon enough she started thinking that Joo Eun lost so much weight because Young Ho was John Kim! Joo Eun was enraged, but soon enough she found out that, except for Hyun Woo’s husband, the one who was behind the overall plan was Woo Shik!

bscap0865 bscap0867bscap0868bscap0866

Back home, Joo Eun witnessed Young Ho in his bathrobe and she couldn’t take her eyes off him! She started hallucinating as she was seeing Young Ho in gracious light performing the dimple explosion and firing hearts out of his winking eye, but soon enough he brought her back to reality once he mentioned the erotic factor!

bscap0872 bscap0870bscap0869 bscap0846bscap0877bscap0880

Inside his room, Joo Eun was lost in Young Ho’s handsomeness anew and she was performing the upper shirt button trick on purpose. Soon enough he found out that Joo Eun was on fire! She wanted to kiss him and he pretended that he was tired, but once she started leaving he grabbed her with his legs and found himself on top of her!

bscap0882 bscap0886bscap0894bscap0883 bscap0893bscap0895bscap0896

After a dimple explosion a kiss took place, but the bell rang! Young Ho continued kissing her, but secretary Min kept ringing the bell as well! It was time for Young Ho to step outside of her world, but he promised her that their erotic night will happen soon!

bscap0902bscap0900bscap0901 bscap0903bscap0904bscap0907 bscap0909bscap0913bscap0914

Nam Chul became aware that not everything was flowing as expected, as for Hye Ran, she wasn’t allowed to follow the chairwoman at the 61st anniversary ceremony. Joo Eun was pretty in her dress and Soo Jin acknowledged it! The chairwoman along with Young Ho’s father arrived and Joo Eun noticed the girl sitting close to the Young Ho’s grandmother!

bscap0916bscap0920 bscap0921 bscap0926bscap0924

Everyone was there except for Young Ho and Joo Eun tried to reach him on the phone. Not even Ji Woong and Joon Sung knew anything about Young Ho’s absence and they started searching around along with Joo Eun.

bscap0858bscap0928 bscap0929

She found Young Ho lying on the floor inside a gloomy room and his leg was in pain anew. Joo Eun reminded him of everyone who was waiting for him and after recalling her words that she hadn’t reached his limit and that he can fight back the pain he could get on his feet anew.


Joo Eun believing in him was a strong enough reason for Young Ho to find himself at the 61st anniversary ceremony with Joo Eun nearby!

 bscap0943bscap0942 bscap0944

~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus found itself behind Six Flying Dragons (13.1%) and Glamorous Temptation (10.3%) anew since its 11th episode reached 8.4% in terms of ratings. The 11th one was yet another magnificent episode letting the storyline flow naturally without complications, but with all the necessary amounts of feels, laughter and consistency!


It was the episode in which Young Ho tasted just a glimpse of Joo Eun’s life far away from his own while he was at the threshold of all the difficulties lying ahead, the difficulties that were deriving from the fact that he would become the company’s director. The 11th episode felt like an intermission right before the storm and it definitely made me crave for more!


Young Ho’s health had already started deteriorating while he was with secretary Min, but he also tried to hide his pain in front of Joo Eun too. It’s a common secret that the remains of his health issue keep tormenting him, but it’s something Young Ho wants to go through all alone. Once again, Joo Eun silently complied to his silent request and left him alone, but being unable to help him made her turn to Joon Sung in order to find a way to aid Young Ho.


However, even while in pain, Young Ho feels slightly at ease even at the delusional thought that nobody knows what he’s going through simply because he doesn’t want to keep seeing his loved ones in pain because of him. He’s still considerate of his inner circle’s feelings even in that condition and that makes Young Ho’s emotional magnificence shine even more. It may not be the right choice for his own good, but knowing the reason why he chooses solitude in these darkening times is kind of relieving.


The 11th episode was a humble apocalypse when it comes to Joon Sung’s background. Back in the days, Young Ho had found a wild beast in the shape of a human being out in the streets, a wild beast wounded by the past and the decisions which had led him to that point. Joon Sung was a lost soul in the US, but Young Ho was able to tame his aggressive character with the passing of time and he eventually put to use his fighting abilities there where they should be, inside a ring instead of wasting himself in the streets and most likely embracing death sooner or later.


There are phrases that keep repeating themselves throughout Oh My Venus, but these phrases are a part of what made our figures the people they are at the present. Young Ho had been weak and in danger in the past, he has personal experience on how being a shadow of yourself and going through hell feels like. By weak, he doesn’t mean helpless, he refers to a moment or a period of one’s weakness and when it comes to danger, he literally means it. Just like it was all about Joo Eun’s health, that’s how it was about Joon Sung back then, with the difference that his life was being threatened directly. It’s all about heartfelt empathy due to personal experience and never out of pity, pity is something others may feel, but not Young Ho.


In a manner of speaking, i kind of like it every time Yi Jin appears next to Joon Sung, it usually happens when he loses himself in his own desolate thoughts. She may not be Einstein’s niece, but she’s definitely vibrant, spontaneous and lively! Most and above all, she likes Joon Sung more than anything in the world and she always tries to make him feel brighter even when she’s not aware of what’s going on in his mind! Yi Jin’s the glowing ray Joon Sung needs in his gloomy life at this point, after he resolves everything with his past which is always related to his mother.


Joon Sung’s mother would had been a great and loving maternal figure if life was gentle upon her. All the love she had shown Min Joon throughout the years was just a glimpse of how wonderfully she would have raised Joon Sung had the circumstances been different. Domestic violence is a crime against humanity, women are the ones who bring us in this world and they should be treasured in a like-minded way, with love and respect. Oh My Venus passes its own messages through the alleyways even though out main couple appears to be on the drama’s highway. Society and “law” hadn’t always been kind towards women who were victims of their “husbands” and Joon Sung’s mother wasn’t only a victim of her husband, but also a victim of society and “justice.”


All of them bereft her of the preciousness of motherhood, but Joon Sung also missed his chance to cherish the gift of maternal love. I can deeply understand why she gave Joon Sung for adoption with the hope that he’d grow up in a loving family since she wouldn’t like to raise her own son in jail before the system would take him away from a point and on. Both of them deserve one another in their lives, it’s a painful chapter that needs one and only redeeming closure, Joon Sung and his mother embracing one another in their lives. I can also understand why she tries to stay away from her own son after everything she had been through and everything she’s going through at the present. Joo Eun not revealing the whole truth to Joon Sung for the time being is because she’s considerate of his feelings, once he finds out everything chances are high he will face the monster beating his mother and he could find himself in front of the law in case something went wrong. As for Young Ho, he will always be the one and only paternal figure in his life!


I love how all four together look like a family! Joo Eun is like the mother who asked from the kids, Ji Woong and Joon Sung, to brighten their father’s mood! The father is no other than Young Ho! Both the breakfast and the Robocop-resembling and ahjumma-oriented training were priceless to the fullest, but they were also an escape from reality for all of them since each and every one of them will soon have to face their own demons, the ones coming straight from the past or the ones lurking in the near future.


It’s more than adorable how both Joo Eun and Young Ho crave for yet another kiss every time they’re on their own, but it was more than awesome that secretary Min deeply respects Young Ho’s personal life and he appeared one second after Joo Eun left! It wasn’t perfect timing, it was perfect consideration, but i am really curious how secretary Min will develop as a character now that the chairwoman knows that something “wrong” keeps going on between Joo Eun and Young Ho who should get married to the one the chairwoman approves. It’s not going to be easy for our beloved couple and secretary Min, but love must prevail, especially for this couple!


Young Ho kneeling in front of his father and the camera emphasizing on his feet made the scene more heartrending. It’s still not clear why his father appears so emotionless and inconsiderate while he deeply cares about his son, could it be that the distance he kept from his son in order not to lay a hand on his feet eventually became emotional distance? Not in a nonexistent way, but in a way that he was unable to express his feelings towards his son. Time shall tell, as for Hye Ran, she’s the forlorn spirit of the household in pretty much everything she does while she craves for recognition for her efforts, but also for her son’s future.


Mr. Oozing-with-Sexiness! So Ji Sub is probably the figure with the most nicknames lately in a drama! In almost every episode a new one appears and all of them are hilarious! Young Ho’s definitely like an uncle to Min Joon and it’s like one of the weirdest bromances ever since it’s not a bromance really, but it has bromance characteristics! In addition, Min Joon re-awakened John Kim after Joo Eun and a training program is on its way!


Young Ho and Joo Eun are a precious couple amid sexual innuendos, caring attitude towards one another, acts of affection and mutual craving for more with Joo Eun being the break and Young Ho the accelerator! Noble idiocy didn’t appear between them the moment Young Ho mentioned the ring Woo Shik had given Joo Eun. He wanted to hear the truth from her lips and since it’s something that has become her own after 15 years of presence in her life and doesn’t refer to lingering feelings he let her decide on her own on whether she will keep it or not. It’s a part of Joo Eun after all and everything that has to do with her is precious; this is love!


Their nighttime is also adorable each and every time! Even though Young Ho didn’t find himself on her bed, the whole setting was resembling the way their nighttime began the night before Joo Eun left Young Ho’s place! Instead of Young Ho, You Bastard was by her side and in a manner of speaking that stuffed animal is a Young Ho equivalent since she named him after the way she wanted to refer to Young Ho! Every time one of them wakes up first there’s always affection towards the one still sleeping! Young Ho always soothes her snoring and since he couldn’t hug her he let You Bastard accomplish this mission on his behalf!


Joo Eun couldn’t hold back forever and seeing Young Ho in his bathrobe was tempting enough for her to reach the yellow light right before the red one would awaken! Young Ho was talking to her and she was either hallucinating or she was talking to his abs, her sight was limited to that area! Once the room starts feeling like an oven you don’t need wrist-grabs. Wrist-grabs are for all the other first, second, third, etc male leads, Young Ho has his own seducing waist-grab with his human-pliers legs! I love watching them kiss, this couple is probably the ship of the year and secretary Min ruined one of their most powerful moments, but i will hold on to Young Ho’s promise that the erotic night won’t be far away despite the storm lying ahead!


Woo Shik is probably the most insipid second male lead of the year, more than the one-dimensional Seo Hoo in The Time We Were Not In Love who was at least nerve-shaking with his infinite ego. I will never understand what he wants from Soo Jin’s life and why he refers to her as his girlfriend. This isn’t a relationship, it’s the epitome of emptiness, at least Soo Jin keeps her distance from him and maintains her dignity when it comes to her work. I hope that she will get to meet herself before the drama reaches the end and the salt water she’d been tasting all of her life will become sweeter. However, every time something like that happens she always tries to ruin Joo Eun’s mood and mine eventually! Stop trying to find your own purpose and meaning in someone else’s life! You’re Soo Jin, not a Joo Eun experiment!


The 61st anniversary ceremony was filled with different expectations from everyone. Both Woo Shik and Nam Chul were hoping that Young Ho wouldn’t appear, the same applied to Soo Jin simply because she wanted to see Joo Eun devastated, especially since she was so beautiful that day! Young Ho’s father wanted to see the coronation of his son as the company’s director and the same applies to the chairwoman who also wanted to progress his marriage with that girl!


I have reached the assumption that Young Ho’s health issue keeps striking back every time he feels extremely pressured. The first time in this episode was when everyone found out that he was John Kim and the whole place was filled with reporters, this time it appeared before the ceremony simply because it was a decision he wouldn’t have made in the first place; if he had a choice. Joo Eun believing in him was essential, one way or another, every time he finds himself on the floor Joo Eun is the one to find him first and soon enough the pain subsides. She’s his emotional medicine!


Anyone else who witnessed the reference to So Ji Sub’s love for hip hop the moment he was rhyming? Alright, judging from the preview, Young Ho will meet Joo Eun, probably after the end of the ceremony, and he will give her the chance to feel like a modern Cinderella by putting on her slipper! Young Ho’s birthday and Xmas will be celebrated together in a friendly environment consisting of Ji Woong, Joon Sung, Min Joon, Hyun Woo and Joo Eun! Joo Eun will feel proud being Young Ho’s loved one and Young Ho’s truly like an uncle to Min Joon! Young Joon’s health will deteriorate and Hye Ran will be in utmost pain by his side. Nam Chul will seek for Young Ho. Even though I can’t know the reasons why, could it be that Young Joon could be suffering from a like-minded health issue? Being in his embrace, Joo Eun will find out how pretty see was in Young Ho’s eyes that night, so pretty that she would find herself in his dreams every night. Come forth, 12th episode!


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  1. DSant
    December 22, 2015 at 4:54 am — Reply

    Kwan Sang Seung, again; I am really grateful for your recap about this drama. Since I don’t understand Korean and I think sometimes their some are words that are lost in transition reading your comments and thought makes me appreciate the flow of the story. I love SJS/SMA pairing they are doing a wonderful job of portraying their characters. I am hoping that Grandma will not force the issue of YH marrying that Pharma lady and I doubt it that YH will follow her wish considering how he loves JE and vice versa. Till the next episode, again; a million thanks.

    • December 22, 2015 at 5:05 am — Reply

      You’re very welcome and i am deeply thank for your words and your thoughts!!! 🙂 So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah are so precious together in this drama, both together and while depicting their characters, i can never get enough of them! I hope so too, the grandma is too strong, but if she keeps pushing even more Young Ho will detonate his bombs! Deciding to become the director was already overburdening for him, having to get married to that Pharma lady (loved that description XD) while being ultimately in love with Daegu’s Venus could cause a major eruption! You’re welcome once again, a million times! 😀

  2. bmore
    December 22, 2015 at 4:58 am — Reply

    Honestly, how that trash Glamorous/Glorious (neither of which are true) Temptation is getting those kind of ratings is beyond me when this drama has 1,000,000 times the writing and chemistry in one episode that that thing does in the 22 episodes I’ve endured so far. If I roll my eyes much more they will fall out of the sockets!! Ugh. I am skipping entire episodes now and don’t feel like I’m missing a thing. This one…I replay every episode a minimum of once but often twice or more each week! I am SO addicted.

    • December 22, 2015 at 5:01 am — Reply

      Even though i am not watching, i can imagine that it’s the k-ahjumma power keeping it in the second place… It’s a shame because Venus deserves SO much better! The acting, the chemistry, the main couple, the meaning, the feels, the laughter, the, the, the, …, the! You’re on a Venus spree and i can’t blame you! This drama is beyond any expectation!

  3. December 22, 2015 at 1:55 pm — Reply

    this episode was tough for me tbh! there’s parts of this drama which are near-perfection….storyline, acting, the lack of faux-naivete (tho it still could be slightly more adult); the family relationship between the guys and now je….it’s really refreshing in these contexts and set it apart from the pack for these reasons.

    however! and this is what pissed me off tbh….this cliched arc of the grandmother/chaebol heirs business really bugged me in this episode! on the one hand you have a rather enlightened scenario written; and the grandmother obv knows what he’s been through and is anxious for him to be happy, yes? but noooo, we have to see her with this agenda which neither takes his well-being nor personal feelings into account whatsoever! what does she think he’s been doing all these years? perhaps he is an adult with his own life?

    her treatment of the in law and the other son is reprehensible & despicable as well.
    this is compounded by the fact that she knows her grandson is finally seeing someone….she neither takes any time to assess this nor gives it any sort of consideration. its very cliched and does the fabulousness of the rest of the dramas a serious disservice.
    all i could think of when the john kim story broke, and the brother of his step mom was involved was….serves you right grandma…you are reaping what you’ve sown with this rebellion.

    one other thing….i think yh knows his father is sick. when they had that convo his dad says he is almost out of time and jh did not look surprised. i hope his father will protect him and weigh his happiness more than some supposed ‘debt’ he owes his late wife in the form of the company mantle.

    anyhow….i was really put off by the grandmother / chaebol heir business and it took the shine off for me. i hope this doesn’t become too drawn out and ruin the story with unreasonable cliched behavior and prolonged arcs. the stories within our little ‘family’ are far more engrossing, particularly joon sung and the injustices surrounding his mother.

    and as for soo jin and woo shik, i am even less interested in them and their behaviors than i was last episode! boohiss on evil manipulating mothers and grandmothers in kdramas recently. i went and watched agents of shield after this, was so annoyed lol

    thanks for the recap!! all the happy stuff in it i totally agree with and thats why i’m still here 🙂

    • December 22, 2015 at 6:24 pm — Reply

      Definitely understand what you mean, but the rest of the story so far can surpass that cliche obstacle for be! 😀 BUT this doesn’t mean that we can’t see where this may be going to! The austere grandma over her grandson’s will since he’s the rightful heir is one of the cliches that never gets old, but it definitely gets nerve-shaking!
      I really do hope that his father will play his own part both as a personal emotional redemption, but also by paying back the emotional debt he owes to Young Ho as a paternal figure. Time’s running out indeed.
      I don’t care at all about Woo Shik, he doesn’t even deserve my two cents, most spineless figure lately -.- Soo Jin manages to keep lurking in my mind with her emotional breakdowns though! I am curious about tonight’s episode, smells like something bad will take place!
      You’re very welcome and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts for one more time! 🙂 Let’s hope that the growing cliche won’t outshine the drama’s grandeur! ^-^

  4. December 22, 2015 at 5:09 pm — Reply

    I’ve recently become a lot more interested in Joon Sung. We learned a lot more about him this episode and I find him intriguing.

    • December 22, 2015 at 6:25 pm — Reply

      Yup, Joon Sung’s story has lots of depth and both his character and his mother’s figure are more than intriguing! If the drama won’t bring the proper closure both of them deserve i will be partially disappointed!

      • December 22, 2015 at 6:57 pm — Reply

        Me too, but they are setting up that side story well, so I expect satisfactory closure. On a side note: I really want to give his mom a big warm hug (but knowing her, at this point, she wouldn’t accept it).

  5. Charlene
    December 22, 2015 at 5:47 pm — Reply

    As per usual insightful recap. I love this drama so much. So many things to love about this show. The breakfast at the table was so sweet and family oriented. It was so funny when YH broke our Deagu Venus. She turned into such a thirst bucket this episode. Even though I know to expect some kind of twist, I hope the writers don’t get away from the love and family feel of the couple.

    • December 22, 2015 at 6:30 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much once again for your words Charlene! 🙂 Oh My Venus is love itself and i deeply hope it won’t disappoint us in the forthcoming episodes just like it never did up to this moment with these 11 magnificent episodes! The breakfast and the ahjumma workout scenes pretty much owned! XD Her walls wouldn’t last for too long in front of the Muscle Angel and the first mission of Young Ho was successful 😀 I hope that the main characteristics of the drama won’t suffer too much in case of a twist, a great twist will do wonders, a bad twist will harm us a bit, but there will always be the hope of the next week to make things ‘right’ for us!

  6. December 23, 2015 at 1:29 am — Reply

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