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Kounodori Episode # 9 Review [These Days A Little Bit Longer Than The Last]

kounodo0901(and all of these ways, a little bit stronger than the past.)

disclaimer – this post was written by a very early morning kipzizz (I write Kounodori posts in early mornings for some reason!) only for dramajjang.co –

This week’s (technically last’s) episode centers around the theme of loss and being lost in that loss; it focused on Dr. Arai, who was absolutely determined to save a baby from a preterm birth and Shinomiya’s long term patient, Tsubomi who ended up passing away.

Oh boy, that was a sad episode, which doesn’t say a lot because it is Kounodori but since it related to the pain that comes after the losses, it was more so than usual.

kounod09044 kounod090445

Iron Lady and Iron Man are both very noble; they might not possess the gift of calming presence and tranquility of Konotori but they share the same will to save lives even if that burns them out. Luckily Iron Man, had Konotori to share his load, and that showed how important it is to have someone to talk about what is that is eating you inside; unusual as it sounds, he had made a friend in Tsubomi-chan, with his routine of going to see her everyday and reading her fairytale books. It wasn’t just a loss of a patient, it was a loss of a friend and that hurt him more.

kounod0904451 kounod0904452

Arai on the other hand, isn’t really the talkative type (her fiance seems a decent man) and she took it all in by herself, fighting harder than she could to the point of breaking down. The scene where she collapses emotionally (and physically) apologizing over and over was a killer.


It’s a very sad universal truth, you can’t save everyone; despite your best efforts, some lives will be lost along the way. But at least, you can always take solace in the fact that you actually did your best (DO YOUR BEST – Kounodori tagline lol) and you will keep doing that because that is the only way to go on living. Both as a doctor and most importantly as a human being.

Oguri Shun graced our screen again with his (always so welcome!) presence and seems like he will be in the finale, so I’m looking forward to see his story being wrapped up and his conversation with Rurouni Konotori.


oh and of course, always rely on Shimoya turning down Shirakawa in less than seconds, breaking records and (his) heart (s) along the way haha

kounod0904454z1 kounod0904454z11

Let us proceed to the finale then, don’t go breaking my heart Kounodori! There’s so much sadness (and tissues I have!) I can handle (I will recap the finale, I can imagine my painx2 if it is a painful episode!) before I start taking it out on my poor electric guitar…and neighbors.

Onwards to episode 10 then and here’s hoping we hear more of this :


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