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Kounodori Episode # 8 Review [To Make A Mountain Of Your Life Is Just A Choice]

kounod0801(always love, don’t wait till the finish line.)

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The 8th episode deals with Shinomiya FINALLY CRACKING A LAUGH

(took only 8 episodes!)

(took only 8 episodes!)

lol no apart from that HUGE plotwist, this episode’s cases revolve around parents’ fears when faced with possible abnormalities their babies might face and the fear of giving birth again after having suffered a stillbirth.

(Shinomiya/Konotori methods summed up in this pic!)

(Shinomiya/Konotori methods summed up in this pic!)

Shirakawa got more screentime this epi, and was the one to question parents’ unnecessary, according to him, constant concerns when there are actually solutions to many problems the babies face that can be solved with simple operations, and got triple-teamed! I sort of felt sorry for him, lol, I mean he was inconsiderate and came off as unsympathetic but his questions didn’t stem from him being heartless or anything- he just worded his thoughts completely wrong!

(there has to be an Ikari-kun joke right here..)

Konotori with his Rurouni Kenshin speeches again, showed him why he was unfair, and Imahashi completed the “lessons of calm reprimand” giving him a letter of a mother’s initial worries about her baby’s deformity and how everything turned out well in the end.


I really liked the focus on that front, because there are many times when people thoughtlessly can hurt others with their rash words; what might seem needless or exaggeration to you, can be very crucial and important to someone else, especially one that will become a parent; I mean yes, there will be parents that might take it too far with their worry sometimes, but how far is too far when it concerns your child huh? It is their role to be like that, and it was nice to see Shirakawa understanding all that and turning it around in the end.

(My face when I watch Arsenal and Masha!)

(My face when I watch Arsenal and Masha!)

How great was Konotori all fired up, playing his part in making the woman that had the stillborn feel a bit more assured seeing him there supporting her- we all know he was dying to blurt out his favorite phrase again! Give him a chance to say “CONGRATULATIONS!” and he will dump piano concerts and everything else within a heartbeat!

Oblivious Shimoya remains oblivious btw, I was like “girl, he meant something else!”

(Shirakawa trying to make a move and failing in less than a sec!)

(Shirakawa trying to make a move and failing in less than a sec!)

Their arguments scream HIGHSCHOOL TEENS though lol. It’s like that boy and girl that like each other but instead of confessing, they always end up in quarrels IN class and the teacher calls for them to shut up? This is exactly that case haha

(Teacher Megumi is onto you guys!)

(Teacher Megumi is onto you guys!)

Two more episodes till the finale, onwards to episode 9 then!

p.s reaching Shakespeare heights!





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  1. Rhea
    December 20, 2015 at 3:49 am — Reply

    I love watching this drama. It’s a medical drama but it doesn’t sprout hard to understand medical jargon. Even when it does, it came with explanation.
    With just 10ep, it cover broad issue of pregnancy, childbirth, neonatal, etc.

    • December 20, 2015 at 9:38 am — Reply

      It is a great drama from all aspects!

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