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Siren Episode # 9 / Finale Recap

disclaimer – this post was written on a loooong night from kipzizz for dramajjang.co only +huge thanks to avanpiper

The police arrive and find Yuki and Satomi passed out outside the villa; Satomi is having a nightmare about Kara trying to inject him on his sleep and wakes up to the hospital where he finds out that Yuki is safe. He meets with the chief and Chibideka who inform him that Yuki told them that Kara was probably jealous of their relationship and that is why she kidnapped her; the body that was found in the villa was burned and couldn’t be identified properly but everyone’s sure it is Kara’s body.

Satomi visits Yuki’s room and find Rena and Ai who are both safe and sound. After they leave Yuki’s room, they embrace each other but when they kiss Satomi seems to be on alert for something and leaves making an excuse about being in pain from his wounds. He recounts the moment he kissed her giving her water and how was something off that time then; he then thinks back to what that woman that knew Kara’s friend, Sachi, told him about her, killing animals and being weird and connects the dots between her and Tsukimoto; could it be that Sachi-Kara usurped Yuki’s identity too with his help? He rejects the idea but he re-thinks it when Yuki’s mother tells him about the painkillers Yuki has been taking lately. He takes a hair sample from the apartment and then asks Yuki’s mother to give him a hair sample from Yuki too and checks for a possible different match; however, the results are positive.

Satomi’s suspicions arise a new, when Yuki’s mother call him to tell him how weird it is that Yuki apparently eats octopus now and wonders if was the shock that made her allergy go away. Satomi gives Yuki the key for his apartment, after having put a GPS on its chain. He tells Yuki’s mother about his suspicions that Yuki might be Kara, and heads to find Sachi’s mother in a nursing facility. The nurse informs him that she has been a victim of domestic violence from her drunken husband- her daughter hasn’t come to see her since she was submitted. She wonders if that is, because she is adopted.

Satomi goes back to Sachi’s highschool and after he checks her yearbook he figures out that Sachi is Yuki’s twin sister, after having checked the validity of Sachi being an adopted child. “Yuki” is exiting the hospital after seeing that Satomi is back to her old highschool through  a GPS she planted earlier on him.

Meanwhile, Satomi calls Chitose and asks her to check if Yuki has a twin, to confirm his suspicions once and for all. He heads back to the bridge and he finds a weird spot, with stones placed upon it; he starts digging underneath and finds Kara’s glasses along with a skull.

“Yuki” appears in front of him and asks him what is he doing there; Satomi tells her of his findings and then accuses her of being Sachi-Kara; “Yuki” is telling him that this is nonsense and they both saw that Sachi-Kara died in the villa and after telling him that she’s only Yuki she hugs him; she puts out a knife but Satomi is quick to react and then everything is out on the open. They fight while Satomi keeps asking where Yuki is.

“Yuki” sends him a picture of real Yuki seemingly dead and tells Satomi she was killed a long time ago, and now she became a part of her forever; Satomi doesn’t believe this and when “Yuki’ tells him she has no reason to lie to him, he says he will kill her and corners her in the bridge; the police arrive at that time, and Satomi flees while “Yuki” enters the police car and leaves.

Satomi checks Yuki’s picture again and breaks down apologizing to her. At the same time, everyone at the police are surprised that Satomi would attempt to murder Yuki, but Chitose says there has to be an explanation because Satomi asked her to check about Yuki having a twin, which she actually does; Chief doesn’t want this case to be taken by another prefecture and orders everyone to follow every lead possible.

Satomi calls Chief and tells him that he will prove that “Yuki” is actually Sachi-Kara and then hangs up. Chitose goes to Yuki’s house and informs them of the latest news, wanting to put Yuki in custody but her father refuses. Her mother tells him about Yuki’s abnormal behavior. “Yuki” is in pain and notices that her skin starts to disintegrate on the upper part of her head. She takes a taxi in the middle of the night and Satomi follows her.

“Yuki” is being attacked by Satomi in a motorcycle but manages to escape him and the explosion after, and goes to Tsukimoto’s house. She uncuffs him and demands to be given the specific drugs she came for. He complies quickly and after he gives her the shot she asks him about the rotting skin- he tells her it’s probably because of the many surgeries she put herself through.

Satomi enters Tsukimoto’s house and “Yuki” tells him not to approach her threatening she will kill Tsukimoto; Satomi approaches her anyway, and “Yuki” shoves a scary Tsukimoto aside attacking Satomi. After she lands a minor hit on his cheek, she tries to stab him but Satomi blocks her. She then heads upstairs and Satomi follows her. Yuki comes out and Satomi holds back in his attack when he realizes it’s the real Yuki, dehydrated and exhausted.

“Yuki” is packing a gun now and threatens to kill Satomi in front of her eyes; however, Yuki manages to block her and with Satomi’s help the gun is being kicked away. Satomi and “Yuki” fight again and she ultimately grabs the gun while he takes a knife. Yuki manages to get downstairs as well and Satomi rushes to her side. “Yuki”-Kara mocks that move of his, saying that is how a person becomes weak, when he has someone to protect.

She then goes on about after killing them both, she will obtain Yuki’s sense of justice and Satomi replies she will never know the meaning of true justice; “Yuki”-Kara says she’s not interested in that, and Yuki tells her that she will lead a lifeless life. Satomi then says that the person she truly wants to kill is her, herself and everything she has done goes back to her self-hating. “Yuki”-Kara gets angered at his words, and shoots him but Yuki manages to push him enough so the bullet lands on his shoulder. A wounded Satomi manages to disarm “Yuki” and shoots her a few inches from her before the police arrive and arrest her.

Satomi and Yuki hug, and she tells him she’s sorry but Satomi replies that everything is alright now that all is over; Yuki reunites with her parents as “Yuki” is taken away from the police. The chief meets with Satomi and it is revealed that Satomi had told him earlier, to track him down from his phone, which would also record the proof that “Yuki” was Kara/Sachi.

The following morning, Yuki and Satomi visit Sachi’s mom who keeps apologizing to Yuki, as she confuses her with Sachi. In the police station, Satomi and Yuki pass by “Yuki”, and Yuki stops to tell her she met her mom, who kept apologizing to her mistaking her for her. “Yuki” says that find out she had a twin and she was searching for her twin for a long time- when she finally found her, she thought she found her “self”. She leaves after telling Satomi that he was right.

In the police conference room, Sachi’s plan is revealed and her connection with everything; how she killed original Kara, she brainwashed the girl she met in the gym to undergo surgery and take her Kara-face using her as the burned body, while she was pretending to be Yuki after Satomi saved her from the basement.

The case is closed and Chibideka is transferred to the First Division; Satomi and Yuki will have to wait some more, but they don’t seem to mind, as they reply to the latest call that comes through for Mobile PD heading to their new case.


Reflection Corner : 

Alright, we all know that suspension of disbelief is always present in fiction, sometimes less, sometimes a lot; but oh boy, you would have had to throw your disbelief from a cliff while watching the finale of Siren. Nishikido’s EEEHHHH was mostly my expression while watching it:


Let’s flush the poop things about the finale down the toilet first, before I talk about the good ones. So, you want to tell me that, original-Sachi had a cosmetic surgery to become like original-Kara right? Fine, that’s alright. I can suspend my disbelief on that one. Then, you want to tell me that original-Sachi-now-Kara brainwashed within a few weeks a random girl she met in gym to have a similar surgery she did once, and look exactly like original-Kara too?…Fine, I WILL suspend my disbelief again. And then, you want to tell me that Sachi-now-Kara who her original appearance was like her twin Yuki, had the Kara-surgery, and then had a Yuki-surgery too, that happened in the space of a month and she looked exactly like she once did down to every single detail? ….I can’t pick my disbelief with a spoon from the floor if I tried lol

siren サイレーン ep 09 00100052

I mean really, now that is simply inexplicable! I think the worse thing out of everything is not the surgeries per se (well, it sorta is, I mean Tsukimoto apparently can restore previous faces, voices, heights, like he’s cloning Rei-s from Eva!) but how sloppy, if non-existent the writing was, when it came to Kara “convincing” that girl that looked up to her to do the dirty deeds. Like :

“So hey, you got a minute? I know you look up to me and hmmm I got a proposition for you: What do you say, that you have several surgeries to look exactly like me, because I want to use you as a part of a royal plan that will screw with many people’s lives you don’t know about and you might have to kill someone..before I kill you? DEAL?” ..Come on, I mean yeah. Not even Geass command itself would work for something so abruptly non sensical!

If we are to ignore all those though, there were some amazing parts on the finale, starting with Tori’s brilliant acting– the scene (personal favorite) where he breaks down apologizing to Yuki’s picture was amazingly done; his broken expression, his soft-voice along with the dark scenery and sad instrumental track, yep, that is what I call superb.

siren サイレーン ep 09 00100027

Honestly, the way the finale went I wouldn’t mind (well I would but I can buy a sad ending if it has impactful scenes like that one) much if Yuki was indeed dead (and not because I wanted my fanwanking theory to be right! but lol how close was I? ; p ) and Satomi avenged her death by putting Kara to jail highlighting that the hero can fall short at times, and fail; but there was a huge issue with that- and that would be that Yuki would have a shitty death outside the screen that we didn’t even get to mourn so yeah, that would suck.

Fumino also did a good job switching to the eerie persona of Sachi-Kara-Yuki; you can actually pick up from the very first second that she meets Satomi in the hospital that something is up, from her mannerisms and expressions before she blatantly acts out of character and is on the open anyway, so huge credit to her too! (darn Sachi-Kara-Yuki tarnished both my Cloti feels last episode and that beautiful simple piano track of Satomi-Yuki that played in their scene after so long! GIVE ME BACK MY FEELS lol)

(Johan would be proud of you!)

(Johan would be proud of you!)

I have talked about Nanao being outstanding as Kara, especially in her “past” episode so I won’t repeat myself here; Kara-Sachi deserves the “Johan Liebert psychotic crazy” award, and that says everything!

Now, even if on paper everything turning out fine and Kara on jail is a bit too good, I will accept it ’cause I missed my real PoPo couple! Yuki’s scene where she keeps apologizing to Satomi basically for not trusting him and letting him down, mirrored Satomi’s one earlier, who felt like he let Yuki down, not protecting her.

siren サイレーン ep 09 00100055

That was my second favorite scene. (look at how objective I am, in a thriller series my favorite finale scenes are shipping ones lmao, I do have shipping veins, not even gonna deny it!) You could feel Yuki’s regret but also relief that everything was over, while Satomi was reassuring her in a soothing tone. (I don’t need to repeat how great the acting was from both Tori and Fumino again, right? )


So yeah, Kara-Sachi and Yuki were twin sisters afterall. I get more Monster feels from the Siren by the second, haha. I found the confrontation between all of them near the end, a bit quick but it carried enough weight to be intense. I thought that if Kara didn’t have (her original lol) Yuki’s face, Satomi might have had shot her, but “Yuki”‘s face sorta prevented that.

Then again, Satomi remained conscionable despite nearly heading down fully to dark route after thinking that Yuki was dead. (that was another great scene when he grabbed the scissors not caring about bleeding, because his heart was bleeding more that moment! PoPo feels on the surface again!)

My overall Siren assessment is that it was a very decent drama; not altogether great (though it did have the makings to be one, but sloppy writing and too much cosmetic surgery machinations at parts prevented it!) but definitely not mediocre.

There was very good acting, interesting villain, a main couple with chemistry, memorable OST (btw, I was wondering what the ED song reminded me of, and I finally found it; “Friends” from Gundam 00, the guitar resembles quite a bit!) so I would definitely recommend it.

siren サイレーン ep 09 00100051

Farewell but not goodbye Siren- whenever I see four rocks sitting on top of each other near a river, I will be running for my life and never look back while thinking of you! ; p

Overall Grade : 8,22/10

[Objective PoPo couple Grade : 9,19/10]

siren サイレーン ep 09 00100056

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  1. December 18, 2015 at 8:42 am — Reply

    Hello! Detailed recap – me likey. Just gotta say, your review is spot on and (I’m not kidding) exactly what I was thinking. Your term “cosmetic surgery machinations” was certainly apt. The height issue is especially impossible to swallow. At least the brainwashing bit (as “uhhh.. huhhhh…” as it is) can soooort of be done, if “Kara” learned hypnosis alongside her many other skills. I’ve enjoyed this show though! Love the main cast.

    • December 18, 2015 at 12:15 pm — Reply

      Hahaha, if they actually showed Kara using hypnosis to manipulate that boxer girl I would be able to forgive it because of the lol-of it; but yeah, the surgeries went TOO far.
      It was a very good show though, I definitely enjoyed watching it.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. aiko
    December 20, 2015 at 5:39 pm — Reply

    honestly watching this drama made me feels reaching my hand through the laptop screen to strangle Kara myself. she is too ruthless beyond words. lol
    the scene where Satomi thought Yuki was killed made me cry and that apologizing scene at the end too! i love this OTP so much! kind of wished the ending would’ve been longer with more of our OTP scenes. either way, i’m glad that it ended happily.

    i’ve been busy recently and only managed to watch everything now. i marathon-ed 5 episodes in one sitting and i enjoyed watching this drama so much. one of my favourites of the year definitely.
    last but not least , thank you for your recaps. great work!^^

    • December 20, 2015 at 5:50 pm — Reply

      She was a crazy psycho, I loved watching her calculating her next moves, a very fascinating villain!

      Yeah, that one hit me right in the feels too. Tori was so, so good in that scene.

      It was one of my favorites this year as well- you’re welcome! ; )

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