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“To outside of your world;


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Hyun Woo was investigating Young Ho’s background since being handsome shouldn’t be a man’s one and only characteristic! Young Ho’s answers weren’t specific and since he was way too sexy she eventually surrendered and accepted him as Joo Eun’s other half! Her ex-husband arrived and noticed that Joo Eun had lost weight. As expected, he thought that it was out of revenge! John Kim who was next to Joo Eun passed under his radar even though he was eagerly searching for him!

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Ji Woong was surprised by the fact that Young Ho and Joo Eun are a couple, but he could acknowledge that Young Ho had deeper feelings about her. Joon Sung added that Joo Eun is a wonderful person who’s going to make Young Ho’s smile blossom! Ji Woong was receiving maternal vibes and Joon Sung urged him to start visiting his mother more often.

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Young Ho introduced Joo Eun to secretary Min as his personal life, the woman he’s officially dating. Young Ho was well aware that secretary Min knew that Joo Eun lives with him and he urged her to go back inside until he’s done talking!


Secretary Min informed Young Ho that the chairwoman will be upset once she finds out about his relationship, but Young Ho was considering his father a greater threat. Young Ho can’t step back from this relationship, but he’s also well aware that Joo Eun could get hurt in the process and that was the reason why he asked secretary Min to help them. Young Ho wouldn’t like him to turn a blind eye and pretend as if he didn’t know anything since Joo Eun is too great to find herself in the eye of the storm defenseless.


Joo Eun had packed her belongings and she was concerned, but Young Ho urged her to stay with him since it would be her last night at his house. Ji Woong and Joon Sung would be late and Young Ho was eager to turn on the red light but Joo Eun was thinking differently!

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Soo Jin met Woo Shik at the bar and he tried to put the blame for not seeing her that often on his occupied mind. She didn’t let him touch her hand and interrupted him since she was well aware that he was going to be apologetic anew. Another meaningless meeting reached the end as soon as she decided to leave.

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Young Ho was thinking of secretary Min’s words and the possibilities of Joo Eun getting hurt in the future while Joo Eun was recalling the moment he officially introduced her as the woman he’s dating! Joon Sung and Ji Woong came back home and Ji Woong referred to her as his sister-in-law right before going to sleep!


Young Ho was still thinking of spicy things, but Joo Eun reminded him that they had to talk throughout the night! Joo Eun set the rules of the game, no more hugs, including back-hugs, and no physical contact, including dimples, except for their hands and feet! Young Ho wasn’t pleased, but he had to comply to the cute mistress’ demands since she had lost most of the weight she had to and the “your body belongs to me” wasn’t as powerful as it used to be!

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Joo Eun found herself on the bed and while Young Ho was examining her feet as a horn she used his foot as a microphone! The reason why she became a lawyer was because of the possibilities of unfortunate circumstances in the future according to the saying that every family needs at least one lawyer or a doctor! She emphasized on the fact that one should be happy and bright about his/her work, whatever it may be!

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Her favorite figure was Lady Oscar from The Rose of Versailles, a character she prefers over Candy and Cinderella. Young Ho pointed out that she was brave and determined despite not that smart and she agreed. Young Ho was disheartened even at the thought of things getting quite busy from tomorrow and on, but Joo Eun urged him to let the professionals do the talking! She eventually fell asleep and Young Ho went through a wide variety of memories ever since she became a part of the house.

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The next morning Young Ho woke up to find out that Joo Eun had left, but a message was waiting for him on his cellphone along with presents for all three of them! She wanted to leave early because she didn’t want to see Young Ho crying! Just like the miniatures she left behind, she wants Joon Sung to meet Superwoman and Ji Woong his very own Wonder Woman. As for Young Ho, he’s already met Daegu’s Venus who left behind a book for him to learn more about dating! Right before she left, she stood by his side just like Young Ho did last night for her and she prepared breakfast for all of them.

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Young Ho was lost in his own thoughts, but Ji Woong brought him back to reality. Soon enough the bell rang and instead of ma’am it was secretary Min! While Joo Eun was ready to leave she found on her cellphone one the sticking plasters Young Ho had placed on her arm and she put it on the wall along with the other one!

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Of course, Soo Jin would appear in front of Joo Eun at work in order to ruin her day from the start and she was curious if Joo Eun would be uncomfortable about the forthcoming meeting because of her relationship with the Gahong Group’s director! The only one making her feel uncomfortable was Soo Jin who was thinking of Joo Eun as a modern Cinderella!


Hyun Jung brought Joo Eun everything she needed concerning Joon Sung’s case and his mother’s name, Jae Soon Ja, reminded her of something!

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Hye Ran was at an art gallery and some women were gossiping both about her and the chairwoman, but once the chairwoman arrived they ran to greet her! Once Hye Ran did the same the chairwoman left her behind and even though she was breaking apart she pretended that everything was fine while talking to her son on the phone. Hye Ran kept helping with the meals at the household even though the chairwoman had a different opinion.


Young Ho was checking Gahong Group’s quarterly report and he was confused by all these numbers! After today’s meeting he will go to an arranged meeting with his grandmother and tomorrow’s the board meeting! Young Ho had already started suffocating and he asked secretary Min to buy for him a pretty necktie! Inside his car he was discussing with Joo Eun their morning routine via messages and she encouraged him!

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Nam Chul can’t make a move against Young Ho for now, but he will keep an eye on him and in case he touches the management department he intends to strike back in full force! Woo Shik informed him on the chairwoman’s intentions to make Young Ho the most powerful shareholder, something that could potentially ruin their plans once and for all! Nam Chul doesn’t intend to fully retreat for now and making things difficult for Young Ho feels quite intriguing!


They entered Young Ho’s office and Woo Shik’s thoughts were disorganized by Soo Jin’s presence! Young Ho appeared stronger than expected and he wanted to fully review Nam Chul’s team’s project at all costs!

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Soo Jin brought some organic tea for Young Ho and she started talking about Joo Eun and Woo Shik, but Young Ho took the upper hand of the conversation and informed her that he understood that she won’t let her personal life interfere with her work!

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Woo Shik wasn’t pleased with the fact that Soo Jin hadn’t told him anything about working for Young ho, but she made sure he’d understand that she wasn’t obliged to inform him about something like that since their bonds weren’t that tight. Once again she brought up his past with Joo Eun and pointed out that it wouldn’t be easy for herself and Woo Shik to live happily together.


Once they arrived at the arranged meeting secretary Min gave flowers to Young Ho! Secretary Min hadn’t told him that the girl from the previous blind date would be there and Young Ho wasn’t pleased, but his grandmother made sure that Young Ho would act according to plan! However, Young Ho told the girl that he doesn’t intend to get married at this point and she was positive on keeping it a secret from their parents!

“If you don’t want others to find out that you are a vampire, shut up.”


Young Ho’s father had told Hye Ran that he had left on a business trip instead of being in the hospital. He would like Young Joon to major on anything he’d like to, but she was well aware that his approach on Young Ho was the opposite one and she was curious about what kind of a son Young Joon is to him. She also knew that he was receiving chemotherapy for some time now and he would like him to talk to her more openly about his health since she’s concerned about him.

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Joon Sung, Ji Woong and You Bastard visited Joo Eun and they brought coffees! Even though she pretended that it was good not having Young Ho around since he wouldn’t let them do anything they’d want to she definitely wanted to see him!


Joon Sung was eating what he was supposed to, but Ji Woong was devouring his black bean noodles. It didn’t matter to him since Joo Eun and Joon Sung were the ones who had to take care of their weight! Joon Sung and Ji Woong were thankful for Superwoman and Wonder Woman respectively! However, Joo Eun would like Ji Woong to keep calling her ma’am instead of sister-in-law! Joon Sung became aware that Joo Eun was missing Young Ho and he informed her that he wouldn’t be able to attend their company!

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Joon Sung was swimming and Ji Woong was relaxing, but Joon Sung reminded him that he would be unable to become a marine if he was scared of water! The overall mood became playful and Ji Woong tried to distract Joon Sung from throwing him inside the water, but the greater distraction was nearby!

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Yi Jin was pretending to be drowning and Joon Sung had to perform CPR! Once the mouth-to-mouth procedure reached the end she was more alive than ever before! Ji Woong was a part of Yi Jin’s plan and her manager was apologetic while Joon Sung was losing his mind and Yi Jin was more than happy!

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Hyun Woo asked Woo Shik if Young Ho was John Kim, but Woo Shik wants to find solid information before they reveal the whole truth since Gahong Group is involved.


Joo Eun’s bell rang twice and she thought that it would be the stalker and took her umbrella as a weapon, but soon enough she found out that it was Young Ho the second time and she was more than glad!


He brought her the flowers from his house, but Young Ho didn’t miss his chance and a back-hug took place! He couldn’t stay for too long since secretary Min was waiting for him and once their mood became more hearty she brought up the board meeting since she wants him to do fine tomorrow. He asked her to not being present at the meeting, but she urged him to not worry since she will focus on work. Before he left, Joo Eun found her way in with a sniper kiss on the lips and he reminded her of her training and nutrition!


Joo Eun and Young Ho were training, but it wasn’t enough to soothe his concerns. Woo Shik kept recalling his meeting with Young Ho and Joo Eun, but also Soo Jin’s presence as a part of Young Ho’s legal team. Hyun Woo’s ex-husband called him on the phone to inform him that he’s got a photo of John Kim and that all that remains is to improve its quality!


The chairwoman, Young Ho, his father and pretty much everyone arrived and they made their grandiose entrance at the company with everyone greeting them properly! Young Ho passed by Joo Eun without staring at her while she couldn’t take her eyes off him and the same applied to Woo Shik concerning both Joo Eun and Soo Jin!

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Some of the directors weren’t present and the meeting was postponed. Once the chairwoman left everyone stood up to pay their respects, except for Young Ho! Nam Chul thought that they earned the first point , but Young Ho’s stare wasn’t affected by everything going on! Soo Jin brought up Cinderella anew enraging Joo Eun who decided to leave!

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Secretary Min took all the blame for being unable to infiltrate Nam Chul’s amount of influence, but now they know whom they have to fight! Inside the company, Young Ho had stared at Joo Eun the moment she was bowing her head. He thought of contacting her, but he didn’t do so while she was expecting him to contact her!


Joo Eun put on a black dress, her shoes and she got pretty! A dimple explosion in front of the mirror was essential, but she couldn’t get Young Ho out of her mind and she decided to call her mother on the phone to inform her that she lost more weight! She was thankful for raising her the way she did and she was considerate of her mother’s wrist!

bscap0362 bscap0363bscap0106bscap0365 bscap0367bscap0369bscap0376

Her phone rang and she thought that it would be Young Ho, but it was Hyun Woo who asked her if Young Ho was John Kim and Gahong Group’s heir! The news were all over the place and she tried to contact Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Woong but she couldn’t reach them on the phone!


On her way out she found Young Ho wearing his hoodie! She was worried about him and Young Ho had nowhere else to go since all of his possible destinations were filled with reporters! Joo Eun welcomed him to a place outside of his world and once the departure took place there was no turning back as they were losing themselves in one another’s embrace!

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~ Thoughts ~


Still in the third place, but Oh My Venus slightly raised its dynamics with its 10th episode in terms of ratings by reaching 8.9%. This doesn’t mean that the episode didn’t do justice to the storyline’s flow along with the drama’s figures! The 10th episode was of utter importance since it was declaring the end of Young Ho and Joo Eun’s cohabitation with everything which derives from it and the official entrance of Young Ho in a brand new world. The one he was avoiding, the one he found himself in, the one that will threaten the life he’d been treasuring alongside Joo Eun, but our beloved couple has already started preparing themselves for the obstacles lying ahead and the emotional barricades are being forged.


Except for Joon Sung, Ji Woong and Joo Eun who are deeply caring towards Young Ho, there’s another person who cares about him, secretary Min. If his friends and his loved one are isles of bliss in a turbulent ocean, secretary Min is a lifeboat who knows how to protect him since he knows how things work on the inside. While Joo Eun is Young Ho’s harmonious chord in front of Gahong Group’s disharmony, secretary Min is well aware that she will become the main target at some point. Not only from those who want to harm Young Ho, but also from those who want Young Ho to follow a very specific way of “life,” the one of simply existing and definitely not living.


When that moment arrives it will be interesting to witness how Soo Jin and Woo Shik will react based on their own background, but i am more than curious how secretary Min will be able to protect Joo Eun alongside Young Ho who will have to bear an even greater burden at that point. The vibes have already started making their appearance since his grandmother keeps pressuring him to get married to a girl belonging in a like-minded class while Young Ho’s heart could only belong to Joo Eun. It feels like heaven in the outskirts of hell.


Will Young Ho’s father, finally, let his son choose a pathway in his life? The one of his heart of course, but without neglecting his duties as Gahong Group’s heir. I’m pretty certain Young Ho would definitely find a way to make both options walk hand in hand and it would benefit everyone at the end of the day, everyone who cares about him, one way or another, and most and above all the company since treasuring his mutual feelings alongside Joo Eun would make him more productive in a field he doesn’t like. Ji Woong, Joon Sung and secretary Min have already noticed the changes in Young Ho’s character thanks to Joo Eun and chances are high he wouldn’t have taken the brave decision to walk into the wolves’ lair, also known as the Gahong Group, if Joo Eun hadn’t become a part of his life.


I loved our beloved couple’s nighttime at Young Ho’s place hours before Joo Eun would move out. Joo Eun setting the rules of the game was an indirect demonstration of her being the owner of her body and interpreting Young Ho’s words as her body belonging to him as an extension of the overall training process. It’s also a part of the game called love for Young Ho being on fire to get closer to her, but these moments reach completion when both of them want to take their relationship one step further.


I don’t know why, but i found it cute while both of them were examining one another’s feet (with the belief that the shocks were clean of course!). It gave me some sort of an “i love you from head to toe” impression as they could stare at each other yet being able to touch the lower parts of one another’s bodies at the same time. Plus they would reveal a few more aspects of their lives concerning the reasons why Joo Eun became a lawyer, something which turned out a vital decision for her family after her father passed away, and Young Ho’s current concerns. Adoring Lady Oscar from The Rose of Versailles played its own part in Joo Eun’s course as a dynamic female figure and i love it every time she utters that she can do anything as long as she sets her mind to it. It may be difficult, but at least believing that she will be able to succeed is of major importance.


There was a certain ambiance between them the moment Joo Eun fell asleep and Young Ho was staring at her full of love while knowing that things will become more difficult in the future. That certain ambiance was also present the moment Joo Eun stood by his side before leaving. It would had been devastating for Young Ho watching her leave, but it would be the same for Joo Eun leaving him behind and it was more than apparent during the breakfast table since nothing was the same for Young Ho. I liked the symbolism behind the miniatures. The way i conceived it was that Superwoman was depicting Joon Sung’s mother as mothers possess their own super powers and Wonder Woman was reflecting a woman as crazy as Ji Woong to gently drown together in their loony waters of love! However, a Superwoman could also be a woman that would unlock Joon Sung’s heart, but i don’t see this happening until he settles things down with his mother. I don’t have to say anything about Young Ho, Daegu’s Venus is Daegu’s Venus!


If Joo Eun is a planet, Soo Jin is a satellite in orbit around her. Everything she does is Joo Eun oriented as if her life was depending on it and it does because she filled her own void with Joo Eun, something that made the void even greater. I don’t know what she’s trying to achieve by trying to get closer to Young Ho, but knowing Young Ho as a character he won’t let her approach him in a way that wouldn’t be work-oriented. Even though things are bound to get more difficult for Joo Eun, Soo Jin can’t stand seeing her happy by Young Ho’s side and she keeps reminding Joo Eun that the two of them are worlds apart. She may not be that successful, but she’s definitely trespassing Joo Eun’s harmony! If someone’s trying hard to become a modern Cinderella then that person has to be Soo Jin but she fails at it since she’s trying to feed off someone else’s life.


And then we have Woo Shik, Im Star, my ass. If he’s a star then i am the universe. He can neither have Joo Eun nor Soo Jin and he’s responsible for leaving Joo Eun, but he’s also responsible for not being able to approach Soo Jin without having cut ties with the past as his ego keeps reigning supreme no matter how hard he tries to get closer to her. Soo Jin can see how pointless this is, but she doesn’t have a specific point either except for craving everything without having loved herself in the first place. If Woo Shik wants to destroy Young Ho it’s simply because he’s by Joo Eun’s side while at the same time Soo Jin works for him, it was a double defeat for his non-existent manhood!


Young Ho’s father is quite a broken figure dare i say, he’s always cryptic when it comes to his feelings. His emotionless approach on Young Ho since he was little left its own impact on both of them and he keeps nurturing everything he started by promoting Young Ho while at the same time he lets Young Joon follow any path in life he wants to. Something tells me that he’d like to make things right at least for one child, but his overall approach is cold and doesn’t deliver all the paternal feelings Young Ho never treasured and Young Joon wants to embrace. I want to invest more in this character’s background to find out why he became this way and, finally, discover what he feels!


Hye Ran’s world is breaking apart, everything she does it is for her son’s well-being, but she doesn’t seem ambitious, at least for now. Being unable to get recognized by the chairwoman no matter how hard she tries while at the same time her husband could be dying and her brother is ready to unleash a full scale attack towards Young Ho could ruin her son’s life if something goes very wrong. Opening up herself to her husband for the first time proves how much she was struggling all this time and how ominous the future appears on the horizon.


I am curious about Joon Sung’s reference to Ji Woong’s mother and i hope there’s a background story about it, but he’s crazy enough to bring Yi Jin even closer to him! You have to love how caring and thankful both of them are towards Joo Eun, they were missing her but they were also aware of the hard time she was going through in Young Ho’s absence. It’s something that became more apparent during the board meeting since Young Ho was focused on his schedule, but his third eye was always leaning towards Joo Eun’s direction even though the absence of direct eye contact to say the least was hurting both of them.


Their lives are gradually changing under the flow of events, but their interactions after Joo Eun moved out were precious. Both of them are accurate snipers, Young Ho during the previous episode while they were training and Joo Eun with her sniper kiss before Young Ho left to meet secretary Min anew! Later on, the training wasn’t the same in one another’s absence, it was lacking the emotional depth of their very own interactions. Even though she was adorable, putting on her black dress wasn’t enough to chase away the void and calling her mother on the phone was proving that she needed a loving voice to ease her burden. Even though it may not always be that apparent, Oh My Venus silently emphasizes on motherhood when it comes to a mother’s struggles, love and decisions, but also in the way a parent’s presence or absence played its own part in the way our characters grew up and became the people they are at the present.


John Kim’s identity has been revealed and Young Ho could only find shelter at his isle of bliss, Joo Eun. The way she embraced him in her own world, just like he welcomed her in his own world in the recent past, was masterful. Meaningful and minimal, Joo Eun welcomed Young Ho to a different world, a world where more of that sweetness of life may be dripping like honey! Judging from The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd story reference and the two lovers having been forced to live apart and reuniting for one day per year, something tells me that this day has arrived right before the storm erupts. My feel-o-meter already senses the forthcoming rain, but i am highly looking forward to all these feels lying ahead, no matter how heavy they may be.


 “‘For a while’ is a phrase whose length can’t be measured.
At least by the person who’s waiting.”
(Haruki Murakami – South of the Border, West of the Sun)


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