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Bubblegum Episode # 16 / Finale Recap [Because I’ll Love You More Than I Need You Now]

bubb1601fina(and I can get through the tides with you for better days.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

bubbl1602Ji Hoon tells Tae Hee to drink, as a “punishment” for losing- she was sure that Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan would never be together, while he was saying the opposite. After Tae Hee remains mostly silent, Ji Hoon asks her why she invited him for drinks if she’s gonna be like this; he wonders if she hates him but she tells him that he’s wrong. He asks her if she will ever believe him that he never cheated on her, and Tae Hee says that she wants to. He drinks heavily to make a point and she drinks back too; Ji Hoon reminds himself never to mess with her and asks her if she wants any dishes.

bubbl1603The next morning, everyone that attended the birthday party receives the pretty-pose photo and they all smile.

Ji Hoon is having a bad hangover and Ri Hwan proposes to treat him; Ji Hoon doesn’t want any treatment because he wants to be reminded of the last night with Tae Hee. Despite telling him to wait more, he feels hopeful that things will turn out okay.
bubbl1604In the radio station, Tae Hee says she’d never expect they would invite a popular rice cake woman- Haeng Ah says that it’s exactly because she’s popular that people want to know more about her. Jo Dong arrives and “complains” to Haeng Ah, that out of all the days he had to be the one carrying that weight.

Se Yeong arrives with her mother, who wants to see where her daughter works before she departs from Seoul; she meets Joon Soo and ask him how old is he; he says he’s 28 and she remarks that he’s just a bit younger than her daughter. Se Yeong tells her that her co-workers know her real age, and her mom scolds her for all the time she has scolded her for revealing her true age and now she acts like she’s above it.

bubbl1605After the popular rice cake woman calls her and tell them she can’t come because she has a lot of customers, they invite Se Yeong’s mother to take her place, since she used to run a rice cake shop.

Se Yeong tries to ask her professional questions, but her mother goes on about how her daughter used to eat everything, and how she would act in her young days, something that embarrass Se Yeong who yells “Mom!” on air.

bubbl1606Ri Hwan texts Haeng Ah to ask her why she’s not on the console, and she replies that this is Jo Dong’s last day so she wanted him to have it; she tells Ri Hwan she will meet him after she’s done finishing and he should pay attention to the last song.

Se Yeong’s mother starts complimenting her daughter and how she has grown up and tells Joon Soo that since their age difference is not big, they would look like a nice couple! Everyone’s amused while Jo Dong slips on his chair as his “torture” is nearly over, since the program is nearing its end.

bubbl1607Ri Hwan picks up Haeng Ah, who remarks on the last song, as a memorable one for them; Ri Hwan confesses finally, that it was him who sent the song, making it seem like it was her all those years ago. Haeng Ah is surprised to hear that and comments how she’s dating a con artist, while Ri Hwan says he’s dating an idiot.

bubbl1608Seok Joon visits Jo Dong at his first day at work and ask him how he feels; Jo Dong says it’s all different and then poses the important question of what the cafeteria is like; Seok Joon tells him it’s decent and they will eat there together soon.

Dong Hwa will take care of Seon Yeong for the day, since everyone else is busy and Auntie Princess warns her to be careful but Dong Hwa reassures her everything will be fine.

bubbl1609Yi Seul meets the guy she went on that blind date again; he says it’s good they’re walking and they have fresh air. He stops at a store to buy ice cream for him and Yi Seul who at first tells him she doesn’t want one; he ends up buying many snacks since he felt bad using his credit card buying only two ice creams something that Yi Seul finds a bit weird.

He gives her the snacks as a gift and when Yi Seul says she doesn’t really eat that stuff not to gain weight, he remarks that she is not the skinny type and she’s curvier than he thought but didn’t show because they were sitting last time they met. Yi Seul gets a bit angry and tells him that he’s shorter than she thought.

bubbl16010When they sit down on a cafe, Yi Seul sees Ri Hwan passing outside and they exchange greetings; when he leaves, the blind-date guy figures out that Ri Hwan is the one she talked about the last time on the restaurant, and says that she can see why she liked him. Yi Seul replies that she didn’t like him because he was good looking and end up arguing again.

He tells her that the arguing is a good thing, because it keeps ther mind off their hurting troubles and they should keep at it, till they both feel fine.

bubbl16011Seon Yeong’s colleague meets Ri Hwan and tells him that he wanted to meet him to treat him a meal, since it’s not uncommon for people who have relatives that have Alzheimer to feel guilty about having a good time. Ri Hwan says he does have those moments, but he’s quite happy lately. He then asks the doctor, about how his mom was in med school, since he’s been seeing her  different sides of her personality lately. He is surprised to find out that his mom was a great dancer in her early years.

bubbl16012Dong Hwa picks some stuff from the floor, and she loses Seon Yeong who gets into the elevator when she sees a doctor; she calls Ri Hwan and everyone is informing one another. Se Yeong and Joon Soo seem to be the closest to where she might be located and head straight to search for her.

,bubbl16013Seon Yeong is lost in the streets until a passenger finds her and delivers her to the nearest police station; Se Yeong and Joon Soo arrive there first, and Se Yeong gives her her coat and asks her if she remembers her; Seong Yeong doesn’t remember her and at that time, the police officer asks them who is her legal guardian.

bubbl16014Before they have a chance to reply, everyone else arrives and the officer remarks on how big of a family she has before saying that it was good she had her name tag on her, because that helped.

After they exit the station, Ri Hwan thanks everyone but each one of them, tell him they did nothing since they were all “very close”.

bubbl16015Ji Hoon tells Tae Hee that he has met her three times at the police station and he will be happy when he sees a police car from now on; that makes Tae Hee smile a bit and he asks her if she wants to eat together with him. She seemingly leaves, but after a few steps she asks him if he’s coming or not; Ji Hoon is excited to follow her and tells her about a great place to go.

bubbl16016Joon Soo tells Se Yeong that he was impressed by her fast driving to get to Seon Yeong quickly and it’s a shame that other people don’t know what caring side of hers; Se Yeong jokes that it is shadowed by her beauty, but since he knows that side, it’s fine.

Joon Soo says he might have found a solution to their “problem”- and that is, to just love each other and ignore others. Se Yeong says that this is hard, since people will be talking and staring but she might give it a try.

bubbl16018Seok Joon in his new position, as news anchor is cornering an important businessman asking him questions that might expose a fraud relating to scholarships; after the session is over, Jo Dong tells him that he’s going on too strong but Seok Joon replies that this is the way it should be. They opt to eat at their usual place after their work is done.

bubbl16019Haeng Ah has made breakfast for Ji Hoon and Ri Hwan but neither of them has the courage to tell her that her breakfast “tastes like an old sock.” After Haeng Ah says that when she moves to the 3rd floor she will be making them one every single morning, Ri Hwan says he needs to talk to her.

bubbl16020Ri Hwan tells Haeng Ah the truth, and she is taking it well to his surprise; he tells her that he didn’t want to remark on her cooking skills, because he thought that might hurt her. Haeng Ah replies that it is a good thing he told her about it, since they promised they would tell each other the truth.

bubbl16021And since that is the case, she asks him to stop singing to her; she can’t tolerate his singing anymore, because it’s the same song and stanza each time! Ri Hwan admits that he learned about singing only from reading, and Haeng Ah did the same about cooking. They both promise they won’t do those things anymore.

bubbl16022Dong Hwa learns Seon Yeong to play the flower card game as that will help her with her Alzheimer a bit, and it’s funnier than reading a book; Seon Yeong gets the hand of it quick, and beats both Dong Hwa and Auntie Princess.

bubbl16023Chef Noh takes on Seon Yeong but he is revealed to be cheating, and Dong Hwa hunts him around Secret Garden to scold him. Auntie Princess tells Seon Yeong to keep on living like this, and remain happy for the rest of their days.

bubbl16024Ri Hwan accompanies Haeng Ah on her driving practice, but he quickly gets angry at her after she hits a tree; he gives her instructions but she can’t follow it, since he’s being too loud and that makes her anxious. She gets out of the car and says she will try some other day.

bubbl16025Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan she’s determined to learn how to drive, so she can drive her Aunt around; it will probably take a year though- Ri Hwan corrects her and tells her to make it two years, to be sure. He then says that if she was good at everything, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

As they walk home, Ri Hwan finally tells Haeng Ah his wish- she’s shocked to hear what it is, but she will consider about it!

Reflection Corner :


Well, that was a wrap up; since everything with our main duo and Seon Yeong was resolved a couple episodes ago, what really left was Tae Hee /Ji Hoon, and Se Yeong / Joon Soo.

bubbl16025zzz111Tae Hee decided to give Ji Hoon another chance, after she could see how he had put a huge effort to change his ways; their last interaction was great- Ji Hoon making jokes about loving police stations since they brought her closer to him, and Tae Hee being her usual upfront self “I’m leaving if the place you call super sucks!” Hahaha, I would want to see a scene in the very end with Tae Hee declaring the place stinks and just a shot with her leaving!

bubbl16025zzz11111Now on the second front, Joon Soo didn’t even need to convince Se Yeong, he just needed to point out the obvious to her; they can stay exactly like they are, ignore the others and be happy, or separate because of others and be sad instead. Se Yeong decided that Joon Soo is worth the trouble of her ignoring others (how difficult for a star like her!) and we had our second positive conclusion.


Last but not least, Yi Seul and that guy were hilarious! Who knew that this guy would crack so many “jokes”? Maybe, Yi Seul needs a guy like him to challenge her, and bring her out of her shell, so scratch my above second positive conclusion, and make it a third!


Not everyone wanted or needed to find love, and Seok Joon/Jo Dong bromance remained alive until the end.



And of course, (like I haven’t mentioned them already extensively in each of the previous episodes lol, but it’d feel weird if I didn’t at least make a small generic note on them for the finale!) Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah were adorable together (except the unnecessary melonobleidioetcetc stuff, but let’s toss that aside for now lol) and their transition from friends to lovers came quite smoothly; actually, what I liked the most about them, was that they remained friends first and foremost; they would still do the same things, have the same arguments, act like they always did, but add the right amount of awkward and the in-love giddy behavior, and there you have it. Their cooking vs singing scene was spot on!

Question for the finale : WHAT WAS HIS WISH AFTERALL.


To conclude, I can’t claim that it was the best of dramas, or even in my top favorites this year, but I am gonna miss the Bubblegum gang. I liked most of the characters and how they interacted with each other, growing and progressing together.  It got too melodramatic for my tastes at some point, but in the end the message was loud and clear; stick to your precious people like bubblegum.

Have the courage to stand by them no matter what, and keep supporting them and be supported by them. And never forget that happiness can come from the simplest things; like yes, even when you chew on a gum- what a glorious moment that was when you were a kid especially; but hey, it still hasn’t lost its tasty shine to this day.

In fact, I’m about to go and chew one right now, even if it’s 6 am in the morning…is there any store open though, eeer.

So farewell but not goodbye Bubblegum, I shall remember you everytime I see colorful pink gums being devoured by kids on the playground, or when my shoes step on gum because I still don’t look down when I am walking!



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  1. December 16, 2015 at 6:05 am — Reply

    I would chew gum now too but I have braces so that might not be such a good idea….

    Thanks for your dedication to reviewing this series. I really liked it a lot. I personally love it when a drama makes me cry, so the melodramatics didn’t bother me but I’m glad that it got happy again and ended on a high not. I’ll really miss the cast and just the overall feel of the drama.

    • December 16, 2015 at 11:01 am — Reply

      Do it the first chance you get then!

      You’re welcome, and despite the melo that got too heavy for me at certain parts, I still enjoyed it and loved that it ended on a high note! ; )

  2. December 16, 2015 at 8:39 am — Reply

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  3. December 16, 2015 at 3:00 pm — Reply

    bubblegum…. when did we started to hate something like that,.. and goes “arrgh… so dirty!”
    like you said, the ” happiness can come from the simplest things; like yes, even when you chew on a gum- what a glorious moment that was when you were a kid especially”.
    what about “bubblegum”? That’s it? We wouldn’t believe it, that is should be that plain? Blend? Tasteless? A show about something that will finally be throw away? Seriously? I guess, that what the show trying to acchive, was the simplicity in life, that Happiness is about attitude and the People you shared life with, not about things, or moments. So, when we sync with this truth, not hard to understand how ep 15 and ep 16, felt exactly like Bubblegum, simple.
    whenever we are given simple joy in life, treasure that taste in your mouth.

  4. December 16, 2015 at 3:18 pm — Reply

    I’m going to tell myself it was a proposal!!!! HAHA. Thanks for the recaps!

    • December 16, 2015 at 3:32 pm — Reply

      Clever thought!

      You’re welcome ; )

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