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“When you’re a long-term patient at a hospital
You realize that there are so many people in this world who are in pain.
Everyone is in pain, either a lot or a little, in their own way.
So, don’t cry. Everyone lives on through enduring their own burdens.”


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Young Ho’s father got informed about his son’s health and he was glad that he was better. He was also pleased with the fact that Young Ho made the right decision in order to inherit his mother’s position. Young Ho was well aware that he should be cautious on everything he does from that point and on and his father would finally be able to face his deceased wife.

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Secretary Min and his men took Young Ho back home and he pretended that everything was fine, but inside his house he collapsed and struggled to reach his rehabilitation room. Joo Eun was searching for him inside the house to find him in pain on the floor. She could only rush to his aid and she couldn’t hold back her tears, but Young Ho wanted to take care of himself on his own. Joo Eun followed Young Ho’s plea to leave him alone in tears and she recalled Young Ho’s confession concerning his past while witnessing his painful screams.

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Joon Sung was nearby and helped his mother with her package, she was glad for his help, but Joon Sung couldn’t set aside the image of her hurt face.


Young Ho got out of the rehabilitation room and found Joo Eun who was relieved to see him standing on his feet anew, but her tears wouldn’t cease flowing and Young Ho took her in his embrace.

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The chairwoman wanted Hye Ran and her husband to move out of the house since Young Ho made the right decision. This doesn’t mean that she won’t help Hye Ran as much as she can, but Young Ho returning to the household is of major importance.


Joo Eun finally found out that Young Ho had gone to the hospital at Daegu instead of the US to see Anna Sue and she could imagine how lonely and painful it might had been. Young Ho was suffering from osteosarcoma when he was a little boy, but he reassured her that he’s better at the present. The pain he goes through is due to his nerves’ memory and it appears once in a while. Joo Eun was apologetic for her attitude while she was unaware of what was going on and she revealed how much she cares about him.

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While spending most of his time inside hospitals Young Ho became aware of the hurt people may be going through and we witnessed many of our figures’ nighttime and the burden they have to carry on their shoulders.

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Now that everything had been revealed he urged Joo Eun to stay by his side no matter what since the era of lies had passed and he reminded her of how much sexier and prettier she will become once she gets healthier. Young Ho slept in Joo Eun’s embrace since both of them were craving for one another’s close presence at that point!

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The next morning Ji Woong, Joon Sung and Joo Eun were on a hula hoop spree with Joon Sung being the most ecstatic of all! Young Ho was witnessing the moment and he urged Joo Eun to keep his presence a secret from the rest! Once Ji Woong noticed him it was Young Ho’s turn to show them his skills but he surrendered shortly after!

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Young Ho reassured Joo Eun that the other two had gone to the gym and she left his side early in the morning since she wouldn’t like Joon Sung and Ji Woong to find out about them! Joo Eun wants to become his Romance Coach simply because she has a lot to teach him about relationships! Young Ho would like a kiss on his cheek, but Joo Eun prevented herself from proceeding! She also informed him that she would move out in six days, but he was relieved to find out that her new house was nearby! Joo Eun reassured him that everything would be fine with his newly acquired position as the company’s director and thought that the external legal team was formed just in case anything went wrong concerning some of the shareholders who wouldn’t support him. Joo Eun would like Ji Woong and Joon Sung to find out everything about them after she moves out. She’s not only dating John Kim, but Gahong Group’s executive director at the same time!

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After taking her medication training time had arrived! She greeted Young Ho with her very own dimple explosion and he graciously accepted it! Ji Woong and Joon Sung appeared and thought that Joo Eun was disheartened about the forthcoming training and tried to cheer her up!

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Through their very own face to face form of push-ups Young Ho achieved a sniper kiss! After the overall mood became more playful Ji Woong appeared and they had to pretend that nothing “guilty” was going on!

bscap0138bscap0144bscap0151 bscap0145bscap0149

A vegetable kiss almost took place, but Ji Woong’s hunger interrupted it! Young Ho was sending his own signals and Joo Eun took care of his eye!

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Yi Jin arrived and once Ji Woong recognized her he gave Joon Sung away in a blink of an eye! He entered her van and she was so happy seeing him she repeated the Sorry, I Love You lines! She didn’t want honorifics between them anymore and she was trying even harder to get closer to him! At least one meal with her would suffice if he doesn’t intend to kiss her or do anything with her!

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After Soo Jin overcame her overweight condition she lost her appetite and her doctor urged her to find some new hobbies. She eventually met Woo Shik who had messaged her and he brought her the same chocolate he had given her back in the days. It was his way of apologizing and she could understand the reasons why he tried to help Joo Eun when it comes to the stalker since he couldn’t erase overnight 15 years of being together. Young Ho became a part of the conversation and even though Woo Shik would like to spend more time with her she wasn’t in the mood for anything. Woo Shik was sorry, but it wasn’t what she expected to hear from him at that point. He got overran by memories the moment he witnessed the tie which was Joo Eun’s way of proposing to him.

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The first snow had arrived and even though Joo Eun hadn’t lost 5 kilos Young Ho eventually surrendered to her camping request since she wouldn’t give up so easily!

bscap0187 bscap0189bscap0190 bscap0029

Joo Eun ordered her Americano and she was so cute calling Young Ho “oppa!” He reminded her of the place where their first kiss turned to reality and Joo Eun complied to his request to stop seducing him with her pretty lips! He would like her to stay with him while paying rent, but being the Gahong Group’s director’s loved one after John Kim’s girlfriend is some kind of a burden! But she’s not afraid of becoming a part of a scandal since she has personal experience from her Daegu’s Venus days! As opposed to Shu Qi, she displayed her dimple through yet another explosion and Young Ho could only get enchanted by it!

bscap0193 bscap0205bscap0206bscap0199

Woo Shik was calling Joo Eun on the phone and there he was witnessing her with Young Ho whom he greeted accordingly! He wanted to talk to her and Young Ho asked her if she would like him to beat Woo Shik up, but she would have to represent him afterwards!

bscap0214 bscap0216bscap0217bscap0219

Woo Shik thought that Joo Eun was losing weight because of him and Soo Jin and she reassured him that they weren’t the only reason she lost weight. Working out kept her mind occupied during these difficult times. He returned the tie since it was a gift that meant a lot and he didn’t want to throw it away on his own. Joo Eun will recycle it. The moment Young Ho left Soo Jin was arriving and Woo Shik informed Joo Eun that her mother contacts him from time to time. Even though he doesn’t regret breaking up with her, he couldn’t accept the fact that she was happy by someone else’s side. Joo Eun couldn’t conceive the meaning behind their meeting, but Woo Shik prove that he wasn’t done with the past. Joo Eun wished him happiness this time and urged him to start embracing the present the way it is. Soo Jin witnessed them together and the present in front of Joo Eun didn’t please her!

 bscap0223bscap0220 bscap0227

Inside her office, Young Ho’s ghost appeared anew once she mentioned that her shoulder was hurting! He gave her all the necessary instruction and he would like a kiss for his services, but Soo Jin ruined the imaginary moment!

bscap0036 bscap0236bscap0238bscap0231 bscap0234bscap0235

Once again she imposed herself on Joo Eun using the copyright case as an excuse and soon enough everything started bothering her!


Woo Shik called Soo Jin on the phone but she didn’t pick it up, but Hyun Woo’s ex-husband called him on the phone and informed him that the chairwoman is the owner of John Kim’s house in the US! Nam Chul wasn’t pleased with the chairwoman’s decision to kick Hye Ran and Young Joon out of the household, but he reassured her that everything will be fine once the chairwoman loses her position.

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Secretary Min informed Young Ho on his forthcoming inauguration day and that he should start getting ready. On top of that, he should start taking into consideration the people around him since they would get hurt in case something went wrong. Secretary Min was keeping an eye on Nam Chul who had met a few of the shareholders.


Camping time! Joo Eun was already there and Hyun Woo arrived as well! Shortly after, Ji Woong, Joon Sung and Young Ho arrived and she was so glad meeting Young Ho, the sexy guy, Joon Sung, the Korean Snake champion while Ji Woong was eagerly waiting for his turn as Joon Sung’s trainer and Harvard student! And the second ma’am invaded his life!

 bscap0263 bscap0262bscap0259 bscap0261

Joo Eun was introducing Young Ho a different type of camping and soon enough all of them sat around the fire to sing ‘Carrying the Bag!” Once Hyun Woo and Joo Eun were so ecstatic about it Young Ho, Ji Woong and Joon Sung were left speechless, but soon enough they started participating with Ji Woong playing the violin and the other too trying to dance and sing along!

 bscap0269bscap0271bscap0273 bscap0270bscap0272

They lighted their candles and all they had to do was to close their eyes and listen to one another’s confessions! Hyun Woo referred to her ex-husband, but Young Ho dropped a bomb informing everyone that he’s going out with Joo Eun who had to admit the truth as well!


On their way back home Young Ho made Joo Eun feel like a traffic light and since it would be her last night at his place he thought of making the overall ambiance more kinky by turning on the red light!


Secretary Kim was waiting for Young Ho who got informed that Nam Chul has John Kim oriented information and that he shouldn’t focus that much on his personal life. Joo Eun started leaving, but Young Ho wrist-grabbed her and brought her in front of secretary Kim! He introduced her as his personal private life, Joo Eun, the woman he’s dating!

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~ Thoughts ~


And remember, i am the only Batman in your life.

Oh My Venus found itself in the third place with its 9th episode in terms of ratings by reaching 8.7%, but all that truly matters is the amount of feels and laughter it keeps delivering by tightening the bonds between our beloved couple without neglecting the secondary figures’ side-stories which keep progressing step by step. And i have to admit by now that it’s not a ship…


My opinion on Young Ho’s father started changing a bit, he may still be rigid to my eyes, but he must have his own emotional reasons. His devoid of emotion expressions could be deriving from the fact that he had always been living in his deceased wife’s shadow and not allowing Young Ho bid farewell his mother back in the days must have left an impact upon. However, even though we couldn’t see it carved on his face, he was truly glad for Young Ho being healthier at the present and finally living up to the family’s expectations. I hope the drama will invest more on this figure since i am eager to find out what forged this externally emotionless personality.


The more the episodes pass by the more i love this couple and i have reached the conclusion that it could be the most precious couple of 2015 right before this drama year leaves us behind! Setting aside the skinship and the sexual innuendos which are part of their very own chemistry, they are more than natural and adorable together! Joo Eun keeps nurturing Young Ho’s emotional intelligence, something that will eventually help him with his health issue as his life gradually brightens by her side. Young Ho keeps taking care of Joo Eun’s hypothyroid overweight condition in order for her to live a more comfortable life by getting healthier far away from the ongoing pressure she had found herself in. It’s for both of them “a sound mind in a sound body” process through their very own background, solely but  also together.


I would never be able to count the amount of feels the moment Joo Eun found Young Ho on the floor. My feel-o-meter broke and i could only witness the emotional grandeur of such a fortified scene. Joo Eun’s despair as she was unable to help him and her tears were equaling Young Ho’s physical struggle and both Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub were stellar throughout the scene! The way she complied to his request to let him walk upon his solitary path, but also the way she was witnessing his devastation from the next room, was clearly depicting how much she cares about him and how deeply the seed of love had been planted. So Ji Sub was born for such scenes, almost every character he’s played has found himself in a painful torrent and Young Ho was no exception to the rule! All he could do was to depict Young Ho’s devastation and agony in an unerring way!


Even though she couldn’t be next to him while he was in pain, she never truly left his side as she was nearby hurting along with him. The tears of relief the moment she found out that Young Ho’s darkest hour had passed kept doing justice to the overall scene and the emotional grandeur of our beloved couple. Young Ho and Joo Eun have their own body language that comes to the surface either for feels or laughter and spicier moments! After soothing her concerns in his embrace it was Joo Eun’s turn to let Young Ho sleep and find some peace of mind in her own hands. They simply crave for one another’s presence in their lives and they always prove it!


Young Ho’s reference to everyone’s pain often hiding behind one’s surface made the nighttime of many of the drama’s figures more apparent. Even though his mother had abandoned him, Joon Sung would never step away from her after witnessing everything she’s going through. Appearing as a kindhearted stranger in front of her multiplied the feels along with the fact that both of them were fighting their own demons throughout the night, his mother by taking care of Hyun Woo’s son who’s probably reminding her of her little Joon Sung and Joon Sung overworking himself in front of the punchbag. Soo Jin could finally apologize in front of the victim and her mother, Hye Ran whose only request was for her and her son to be able to stay at the household was losing the world underneath her feet, Joo Eun’s mother was missing her deceased husband and Young Ho’s father was at the hospital. This fragmentary presentation of our emotionally overburdened secondary figures was essential as it was just a shape of the things to come.


You have to love how Young Ho wanted to be so hearty about his feelings in front of everyone whereas Joo Eun was cautious about the others finding out everything! The overall emotional hide and seek was simply hilarious with Ji Woong being the quirky party pooper! He was unable to prevent the sniper kiss from happening while Young Ho and Joo Eun were training, but he ruined their plane figure and vegetable kiss!


I can’t blame Young Ho for falling severely for that dimple, it has traumatized me beyond repair, always with love! I would fill it with wine anytime so that the imaginary tiny-me would swim in there! The realization that she would move out of his house made him more compromising towards her proposals! But it’s not only that, the more Joo Eun captivates him the more lively he becomes and he wants to get drunk on the sweetness of life she keeps infusing right before his responsibilities grow in numbers as the company’s director. It didn’t matter if she hadn’t lost 5 kilos, all that mattered was being with her along with all the others in a camping experience!


It’s not like we weren’t aware of the fact that Soo Jin had lost her appetite and she was barely standing on her feet, but the doctor made her condition more palpable. It’s the emptiness within that keeps nurturing this ill-natured state of mind that affects her body. She thought that she would gain everything by losing weight, but she gained nothing simply because she turned herself into a storefront instead of getting to know herself. Woo Shik isn’t any different, it’s not like his apology towards her was meaningless, but he’s as directionless as Soo Jin is with his broken compass leaning towards Joo Eun; for the wrong reasons.


Even though Young Ho was trusting Joo Eun, his slight jealousy didn’t let him leave immediately! He wanted to notice the vibes between her and Woo Shik so that he could be at ease! The more the episodes pass by the more i consider Woo Shik a spineless figure that was feeding off Joo Eun’s radiant personality, both back in the days and throughout the years. Such a weakling could only think that Joo Eun was losing weight because of him and Soo Jin while her deeper reasons were health-related. On top of that, she wasn’t emotionally devastated after he left her since working out didn’t let her mind be occupied by desolate thoughts. While Joo Eun found her own healing process Woo Shik kept wallowing in his own misery while unsuccessfully trying to be with Soo Jin.


Joo Eun never let her guard down and she had a paid answer for every thoughtless sentence he would utter, but he mentioned a powerful truth! The reason why he still lingers in her life is all about his shattered ego, he’d prefer seeing her emotionally wrecked in his absence rather than seeing her happy by another man’s side simply because that man wasn’t himself! Joo Eun has left the past behind, Woo Shik hasn’t and he should, but i don’t care about him and the same vibes have started applying to Soo Jin who keeps unleashing her inferiority complex towards Joo Eun all the time. My sympathy has its limits.


The camping moments were exceptional since Joon Sung and Young Ho embraced Joo Eun and Hyun Woo’s craziness! Ji Woong needed just a sparkle to enter the overall lunacy! The candle scene was of major importance as Young Ho declared his feelings for Joo Eun in front of people who were consisting of the couple’s inner circle. It also took Joo Eun out of the awkward position to reveal everything in a few days! The confession game was as real as it could get! Is it just me or Oh My Venus feels like a fleet? Young Ho and Joo Eun have to be the major ship (or tank), but i’m also shipping Joon Sung with the loony Yi Jin and after the 9th episode i have started shipping Ji Woong with Hyun Woo simply because both of them are crazy! I would love to see the second ma’am becoming Ji Woong’s other half and partner in crime!


Young Ho and Joo Eun are never out of sync even when they’re not together! Young Ho makes his appearance in her life as a ghost and Joo Eun’s absence makes him crave for her presence with Young Ho hallucinating which is yet another ghost-oriented condition! Now that Young Ho will become the company’s director with his John Kim identity getting gradually revealed nobody said that it would be easy. However, our beloved couple doesn’t intend to stand still and watch the flow of evens breaking them apart! It’s true that if Joo Eun was John Kim’s girlfriend was a bit of terrifying, but becoming the Gahong Group’s director’s loved one makes things a bit more serious, but none of them intends to surrender and they’re willing to surpass each and every obstacle coming their way. Introducing her as his personal life and the woman he’s officially dating to secretary Min was a brave step ahead and an even more powerful one than revealing the whole truth in front of their friends. Young Ho knows what he wants and most and above all he knows his feelings, but the same applies to Joo Eun as well and she doesn’t intend to leave his side right before the storm makes its appearance! I’m already wearing my raincoat!


I loved the hand positioning in this episode as it was a further extension of the ever-floating feels in the overall ambiance. Young Ho delivering all the necessary signs for Joo Eun to leave him alone, but also Joo Eun laying her hand on the wall which was separating her from Young Ho’s living hell were humble emotional masterpieces. Young Ho holding her close to him in front of secretary Min was proving how inseparable his life is from hers and these feelings are mutual!


Judging from the preview, Young Ho was dreaming of an erotic night with Joo Eun, but all she wanted was to chat with him throughout the night since it would be her last night there! Hyun Woo’s ex-husband won’t only notice that Joo Eun lost weight, he will notice John Kim by her side but without knowing who he really is yet! The John Kim news will travel from mouth to mouth, but Young Ho doesn’t intend to step back from Joo Eun’s life no matter how hard things may get! Alright, come forth, 10th episode!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.
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  1. December 15, 2015 at 12:23 pm — Reply

    “It’s not a ship, it’s a tank”? Hahahaha. You’re awesome. I live the quote you opened with. I knew the other characters were suffering too for various reason, but I thought that quote really rang true and helped me realize to what extent.

    I can’t handle Henry’s cuteness. What did he call her friend? ” Other ma’am” lol!

    • December 15, 2015 at 2:46 pm — Reply

      It was a great line on Young Ho’s behalf and it was coming from personal experience. I like how the drama partially reveals the painful aspects, otherwise it would had been too overburdening if he had a full scale attack during each every episode! It balances well cuteness, humor and feels, i think. Other ma’am, yup XD Please tell me that you ship him too with the crazy Hyun Woo XD

      • December 15, 2015 at 2:56 pm — Reply

        I totally ship them!!!

  2. Liera
    December 15, 2015 at 3:27 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recap. Unfortunately, I don’t ship JS with YJ, she is annoying and doesn’t really care about JS, if she does, she will also give time for JS to talk and not cutting his line all the time. Very childish.

    In fact, I kind of shipping JS with HW. Both are connected though they haven’t realised it yet.

    JS needs a mother figure that can also be friends, and certainly YJ is not.

    • December 16, 2015 at 3:47 am — Reply

      Truth be told, she’s one-dimensional as a char and one-sided when it comes to love, at least for now, but i always laugh with those two! Sung Hoon’s facial expressions are priceless every time she’s around and she acts like a fangirl to the fullest, but i’m open to these side-ships, i could ship him with Hyun Woo as well since the connection’s already there, but she’s as crazy as Yi Jin in a manner of speaking but in a more mature way! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!!:)

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  4. December 16, 2015 at 6:32 am — Reply

    I LOVE your recaps and I agree with your opinions 100%!
    I can see that you like Sung Hoon too! I’ve got mesmerised by him while watching him swim in Cool Kidz On The Block and got to know his lovely personality. Not to forget his gorgeous good looks! Then I watched NTOFG & Noble, My Love and love more than ever!
    I’m positive his JS role has a part to play in the ultimate fight for Women’s Rights by KJE on issues like more support for Abused Women and Single Mums. At least I can share that with you instead of at Soompi or Dramabeans.
    I hope Sung Hoon will have a leading role in another drama soon.

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