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Bubblegum Episode # 15 Recap [You And I Caught In A Fading Light]

bubb15151514bbbb(on the longest night.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

bubbl1502Seok Joon wakes up Jo Dong, who wonders what kind of person starts their day at 7AM; while he helps Seok Joon with moving some of his stuff, when he finds a hairband in the side of the bed; Seok Joon recalls the moment Haeng Ah was looking for it and says to himself “So that’s where it was.”

bubbl1503Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan number the person they will be inviting to the birthday party they’re gonna be holding for Seon Yeong; Ri Hwan says that his mom might not be remembering the party the following day, just as it happened with their trip. Haeng Ah encourages him by saying that this doesn’t matter, and they will be able to create even better days with her aunt even if she ends up forgetting all of them.

She tells Ri Hwan to leave to go for another round of birthday shopping something that “upsets” him after they’ve been up all day looking; Haeng Ah asks him if he wants to use his wish he got from singing to her at this moment, but Ri Hwan says it was a hard earned wish and won’t use it easily.
bubbl1504Haeng Ah asks him what his wish is gonna be, but Ri Hwan doesn’t want to tell her yet; she wonders if she’s gonna make her dance in front of people and he says he won’t ask her something that other people can see. Haeng Ah guesses it might be world peace since he likes that sort of stuff, but that isn’t either. She pokes him to tell her, and Ri Hwan says to kiss him right there; Haeng Ah isn’t that pleased but says she will grant him his wish, but he shouldn’t use hands. “What about other things?” Ri Hwan asks, something that makes Haeng Ah to “leave” him right there with an amused expression.

bubbl1505In the radio station, Se Yeong is reading a letter about a girl wanting to tell a guy that she liked him when the first snowfall came, but she ended up drinking a lot and pass out during that. The guy was disappointed but she couldn’t tell him that she was passed out; Se Yeong doesn’t understand why a simple text of “I like you too” won’t fix things, and then goes on on a monologue about how snow are better for break ups and not love confessions.
bubbl1506People usually break up on playgrounds and when one of them is leaving the other behind, their footsteps are covered by snow; they have to cut for commercials something that Se Yeong attributes to her popularity these days. She finds the invitation to the party in Secret Garden and tells Haeng Ah that she will be coming despite being busy, before Haeng Ah tells her that this invitation was actually Tae Hee’s.

bubbl1507Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan that she had to invite Se Yeong and Joon Soo too, but Ri Hwan doesn’t mind as if will be livelier this way; Haeng Ah says she has to leave since she saw Aunt and Ri Hwan tries to hug her but Haeng Ah says “no touching!” Ri Hwan is pouty and asks her to stay for a bit. Haeng Ah eventually agrees since Ji Hoon is there too and they go back to his apartment.

bubbl1508Haeng Ah realizes that Ji Hoon isn’t there, and asks Ri Hwan when he started lying; he tells her there’s a lot of things she doesn’t know about him- Haeng Ah asks him where he got that mark on his shoulder, and Ri Hwan says it goes back when he had to save Woo Bin from falling and ended up hurting his shoulder on top of the bike. She wonders why she wouldn’t know about that, and then Ri Hwan naughtily asks him what else she wants to know.

bubbl1509Ji Hoon interrupts them who asks if he should leave and return in the morning; Ri Hwan says “yes, thank you” while Haeng Ah doesn’t want that. Ji Hoon goes back to his room after confirming his presence on the party and Haeng Ah leaves despite Ri Hwan asking her to stay.

bubbl15010Haeng Ah takes Seon Yeong to buy her a dress for her birthday; Auntie arrives and tells Haeng Ah they should have done all that stuff earlier in life- they allow themselves to shed tears for a minute and then go back to supporting Seon Yeong.
bubbl15011Later, everyone gathers on the Secret Garden, where Dong Hwa is excited to get a picture only with Ji Hoon; Haeng Ah doesn’t want one, Se Yeong thinks that Dong Hwa is desperate to get one with her when she really isn’t, and Tae Hee doesn’t even say anything but proceed to attend.
bubbl15012Ri Hwan arrives last with his mom and everyone congratulates her for her birthday; they start giving her presents, varying from books, pencils, chocolates, clothes to which Seon Yeong responds with a warm thank you.
bubbl15013The last gift is from Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan, is shoes; Ri Hwan puts her on for his mom and she promises to wear them so they can go to beautiful places together. All of them.

bubbl15014Se Yeong says she’s envious of Haeng Ah’s aunt and Joon Soo agrees that she has many good people in her life; Se Yeong remarks that she’s much older than her but still remains slim. When Joo Soo tells her she’s slim too and she should eat her cake, Seon Yeong replies that it’s because of him and her mom that she’s gonna become over-weight! Joon Soo says it’s just a piece of cake and nothing will happen, and then asks her about wanting to meet her mom again- Se Yeong says there’s nothing to really discuss, since she’s “old” and he is young but Joon Soo wants to find a solution.bubbl15015

Auntie Princess contemplates upon how the world has become so beautiful, observing Se Yeong and Joon Soo together, and says how in her day a woman couldn’t be with a man that much younger.

Haeng Ah asks Seon Yeong if she wants to go for another trip together but Seon Yeong doesn’t remember their last trip; Haeng Ah shows her a picture of their beach trip and explains everything about it and then tells her the story of how Dong Hwa came to be Auntie’s daughter.
bubbl15016Tae Hee tells Ji Hoon that Ri Hwan is alone on the second floor and he should go there to find him; Ji Hoon replies that since he’s sitting alone, he probably wants to keep it this way. He brings Tae Hee something warm to drink, and she apologizes about how harshly she spoke to him in the garage the other day.

bubbl15017Haeng Ah finds Ri Hwan alone and ask him what is on his mind; he says he’s fine but she scolds him for the obvious lie; Ri Hwan tells her that the reason they came last in the birthday party, is because his mom was locked in the bathroom and couldn’t get outside; Haeng Ah tells him she didn’t notice anything about her aunt being upset but Ri Hwan says it is because she had already forgotten about it.

bubbl15088Dong Hwa interrupts them and order them to get down since they’re taking a remembrance picture before the DJ leaves. Haeng Ah kisses Ri Hwan and tells him to stay strong.

bubbl15018In the first picture they’re taking, they’re all making ugly faces on purpose except Seon Yeong so she can look the prettiest; Se Yeong complains about it, but Joon Soo tells her she will be pretty anyway. In the second pic, they’re all supposed to try their prettiest look.

Ri Hwan tells Haeng Ah he could just drive her home but she insists on taking the bus most nights, since she can listen to her music and everything sounds great on the bus.
bubbl15019They look back on the day they had, and how it was a special one, even if they met the people they usually meet; Ri Hwan pulls out his phone and they make fun of the ugly poses of everyone. Ri Hwan remarks that her ugly pose ended up being pretty and Haeng Ah laughs at that.
bubbl15020After having turned down 2 buses to spend more time together, Haeng Ah has to hop on the last bus; Ri Hwan “advises” her not to talk to any strangers and they both keep on waving goodbye to each other.

The next day on Secret Garden, Dong Hwa is happy to see herself in many pictures and Aunti Princess asks her if she feels like a true household daughter now.
bubbl15021Yi Seul tells her brother that Ri Hwan returned the card to her and she won’t be seeing him again; in fact, her last blind date didn’t turn out so bad and has decided to meet again with him, if only for both of them to avoid other blind dates.

Her mom arrives having bought everything she could find on short notice, since she met with the mother of Yi Seul’s blind-date man, and wants Yi Seul to have an appropriate outfit. She hopes she won’t have to go through a hard time again, like last time.

bubbl15022In their office’s patio, Ji Hoon lays on the hammock, chewing on gum which make Ri Hwan embarrassed as he remembers Haeng Ah doing the exact same stuff; he gets a message on his phone that his results are out, and Ji Hoon commands Ri Hwan to inform him immediately about them when he gets them.

bubbl15023Jo Dong picks up the last stuff from his dorm room and feels thankful for this place, that allowed him to stay there when he had nowhere to go.

An uknown person sends a cake to Haeng Ah and her team, and Se Young is positive she’s about her since she’s so popular these days, even highschoolers chase her out from abroad; Tae Hee says they probably want to make fun of her.

bub15151515151zz1Haeng Ah asks Tae Hee if she’s okay with Jo Dong quitting and she tells her that eventually she will; if she needs to vent up her frustration, she will make sure to call her, and Haeng Ah tells her she can call her anytime she wants.

After Tae Hee leaves, Haeng Ah takes a bite of the cake, since she knows it’s from Seok Joon as he sent her a text and recounts their last meeting on the park, where he gave her, her bracelet back; during their talk there, they both conclude they were at fault in their relationship and in the end they simply couldn’t understand each other.

bub15151515151zz11Ri Hwan has his results and calls an already anxious Ji Hoon to inform him; at the same time, Haeng Ah has a last request for a goodbye radio program that Jo Dong will lead, since she grew up listening to his programmes; he happily accepts and also informs her that they will be neighborhoods since he will be staying at Seok Joon’s place, who has basically taken residence on his office as of late.

bub15151515151zz112Ji Hoon calls Tae Hee and asks her to come by the police station; she rushes there and when she asks him what happened, he told her that he wanted to see her, and nothing really happened; he tells her she can report him if she wants to and that she must be sick of him, but to his surprise Tae Hee asks him out for a drink.

Ri Hwan arrives at the radio station to pick up Haeng Ah; they both talk about how busy their days were- Haeng Ah was being busy preparing the live segment, while Ri Hwan had more patients than usual, since it’s winter and then had to go to the hospital to get his results.

bub15151515151zz112zzzHaeng Ah is surprised they came out that early; Ri Hwan informs her that he is alright and they hug each other relieved.


The ending scene goes back to the party, where Seon Yeong notices Haeng Ah’s bracelet; Haeng Ah tells her it’s a bracelet she’ve had for a long time and lets her try it on; Seon Yeong gives it back to Haeng Ah and tells her to take care of it.


The last one to stand on the karaoke after Ji Hoon and Se Yeong, is Seon Yeong who sings happy birthday and everyone’s clapping; Ri Hwan narrates how each other helped one another through the bad times, believing that the next day would be a better day.

Reflection Corner :


Ahhh, that was a great episode! It was full of glee and happy colors, but there were some moments (like the moment that Auntie Princess and Haeng Ah start crying a bit after waiting for Seon Yeong with her dress but then pick up their spirits!) that were needed to show that it’s not just “Shiny Happy People” but they are people willing to look for the positives and work through the hard times together.


As Haeng Ah said to Ri Hwan in the bus stop, it was a great day despite being one that it was filled with people that they see regularly- and that is the exactly the point; what you sometimes want, it’s probably something you already have and it’s nice to see everyone making an effort to hold on to what is truly precious to them.


One might argue (and I couldn’t exactly disagree) about how it’s a a bit of shame that Seon Young had to reach this state to truly start appreciating life, but I guess the “it’s never too late” phrase is in order; casting aside the past and worrying unnecessarily for the future is not a wise way to go through life and it will certainly catch up to you at some point. Living for the present and make it worthwhile with your important people helping along the way, now that is how it’s done!


By the way, how great Jung Ryeo Won was in this scene? Haeng Ah’s silent impatience stare, of wanting to know and at the same time not to, and her relief after hearing the good news (loved the fact that Ri Hwan didn’t let her linger on, he just said it immediately that he was alright!) was so greatly executed. It was a quick scene, but there was so much emotion and feelings that needed to be conveyed and darn that woman can act!

Se Yeong was amazing this episode, dropping the true-dat emotional bombs, because really:

bub15151515151And speaking of, where is this amazingly, build-to-break-up park located? I want to go there and get dumped by my boyfriend, I ain’t even mad, this is such a beautiful place to get dumped!



Onwards to the finale then! I suppose Tae Hee and Ji Hoon will give it another chance, and Se Yeong and Joon Soo will sit down to find a solution and everything will be alright with the Bubblegum world. Bring episode 16!

(now the title makes so much sense!)

(now the title makes so much sense!)


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