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“We do dirty work but we also have a rule we call the bottom line.
That bottom line is to not touch our families.
Do you want to know what happens when you don’t follow that rule?”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Sweet Savage Family’s ratings fell a bit more and its 6th episode presented the drama’s worst ratings to date, 6.5%. I can easily understand why it wasn’t embraced the way it should by the global audience, but i have to admit that i was expecting it to achieve higher ratings in Korea since it breathes a weekend drama air in a weekday drama motif.


At this point we have two different yet related in many aspects (willingly or not) families craving for the same thing, unity, love and peace of mind while witnessing their different approaches in order to acquire these most welcome characteristics.  After the hilarious cat fight between Do Kyung and Eun Ok along with the equally humorous attempts of Tae Soo and Gi Bum to separate them reached the end the episode’s main core started unfolding and it was no other than a back and forth route between pain, feels and humor!

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Tae soo has the family Gi Bum always wanted, but being a gangster, albeit not a hardcore one, has its own impact upon his family’s safety. Step by step, Gi Bum gets closer to his wife and daughter with the second one being the missing link between him and Do Kyung, but this doesn’t mean that the chairman is pleased about it. In the meantime, Do Kyung seems to be steadily gaining pretty much everything she ever wanted while Eun Ok appears to be losing the world underneath her feet.


Eun Ok wants Sung Min to follow her own ambitions instead of letting him spread his wings and accomplish his dream which is no other than studying music. His whole world is filled with music and everything he does has its own melody, but in Eun Ok’s world the fact that he focuses more on his guitar instead of his studies has become an ongoing disharmony. She broke his guitar and Soo Min was the family’s scapegoat for one more time since her cellphone had a like-minded fate.

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Eun Ok is quite disorganized with everything going on, but she has her own fragile moments like being unable to hold back her tears inside her room or drinking alone with Tae Soo accompanying her in these lonely moments. He’s the only one who can hold her pieces intact with his loyalty and love, but we also became aware that Sung Min isn’t his biological son and i am curious about the background story behind this aspect.


The most important factor is that Tae Soo can only see Sung Min as his own son and he treats him in a like-minded way far away from Eun Ok’s tension. Along with Hyun Ji, Tae Soo has become an isle of hope for Sung Min who has his father’s support no matter what decision he will make between his passion for music and his studies. Hyun Ji is the only one who truly understands Sung Min’s love for music since they share the same dream and she’s always by his side to strengthen him and brighten his mood.

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When it comes to Do Kyung’s family, everything was flowing in a different tone! Gi Bum and Do Kyung had no problem with Hyun Ji singing alongside Sung Min. On the contrary, both of them were enjoying her voice, especially Gi Bum who’s her greatest fan! At that point, Gi Bum wouldn’t have a problem with Do Kyung and Hyun Ji partaking in the movie, the first one with her acting and the second one with her singing! This was only the beginning of Gi Bum’s more blissful course when it comes to his family, but the most gracious moment was after helping Do Kyung with the One Heart elections!


Do Kyung was drunk a bit and that’s when the past started coming to the surface, not the one both of them want to forget but the one worth remembering along with all the beautiful memories. They didn’t only sing the “swap” song (from “swamp,” but little Hyun Ji was pronouncing it “swap” back in the days), she also did the Oola Oola dance and had she not passed out Gi Bum would have cherished their very own kiss massage!

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That drunken night was a beautiful one for both of our main couples as Tae Soo was piggybacking Eun Ok and Gi Bum was having his own piggyback share with Do Kyung! Things became more complicated the moment they crossed paths! Chances were high they’d wake up and start a catfight anew, but Tae Soo and Gi Bum’s silent and hilarious communication did the talking and apocalypse was postponed!

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Even though Eun Ok had to step back from her One Heart chairwoman position she decided to be a candidate in the forthcoming elections simply because she can’t abandon one of her children, One Heart! Eun Ok intends to lead One Heart towards its next era in an unblemished way, just like the white color, whereas Do Kyung’s approach will be mysterious just like her favorite color, purple! She doesn’t only have Joo Ran and Gi Bum’s support, she also intends to help One Heart’s members and their families through a non-profit organization!

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Tae Soo arranged a meeting for Eun Ok and Sung Min who found a way to please his mother without throwing away his dreams. He was intending to study hard in order to enter Seoul University, but as a music major. Even though Sung Min had found the best case scenario for everyone Eun Ok was against it since she wants music to remain a hobby. The chasm between them seems to deepen, but Tae Soo’s never-ending support towards Sung Min will be of major importance.


Things had already started becoming ominous the moment Tae Soo witnessed someone following him and his daughter and he had to sort things out by beating him up. If this wasn’t enough, Tae Soo found out that Gi Bum was in good terms with Mr. Cho and if he wasn’t pleased with that, the chairman was boiling to a wider extent and put the blame on Tae Soo for not keeping an eye on Gi Bum. Officer Seo had already warned Tae Soo that things may not be as transparent as they appear to be when it comes to Gi Bum and the chairman and that he may end up in jail. The “keep us safe” picture on the wall lives up to its prayer as every day is of major importance for Tae Soo’s family’s safety.

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Things progressed quite fast and the next morning Soo Min was kidnapped. Tae Soo approached the chairman since he was well aware of what was going on in the background and he ended up beating up Mr. Cho and his men since the chairman reassured him that he would never touch his family. The confrontation between Tae Soo and Gi Bum deepens even more as everything started pointing towards his direction. If he really crossed the line he shouldn’t have and used indirect methods Tae Soo won’t stand still since touching one another’s family should never be an option.

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Judging from the preview of the 7th episode, Gi Bum will keep trying to convince his father to stop putting his trust in Tae Soo who will eventually go after them. Probably, under the chairman’s orders Tae Soo and his family will have to leave their house while in the meantime the tension between Sung Min and Eun Ok will keep raging on. Tae Soo’s love for both of them is immense and he will try to remain the voice of logic. I hope that Soo Min will return back to her family and i would like her to have more airing time, she shouldn’t be the scapegoat about everything that happens! I am curious though, what is the relationship between Joo Ran and the movie producer?! It’s time for me to find out!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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