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5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made Episode 8 Recap | From Five to Nine (I Knew When We Collided)

5ji080101(you’re the one I have decided, who’s one of my kind.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

5ji0802Junko and Takane announce they’re finally dating; everyone in the family is excited and Takane is thanking them for their good vibe and efforts towards their relationship. Junko’s mom recounts the old days where she and her husband would kiss every time of the day, when they started dating something that excites Takane, wanting to take notes and do the same with, a not-so excited as him, Junko. Junko’s parents suggest that Takane stay at their house, now that he hasn’t many obligations with the temple and he’s got more free time and they rush to make arrangements.

Meanwhile, Takane’s grandma after believing that Takane didn’t come of his own will, gives Amane the title of the temple’s successor, and tells Kaori she should marry Amane instead of Takane.

5ji0803Takane tells Junko they should start doing things a bit differently now they’re in a relationship, trying to drop the honorifics on their names after Junko’s suggestion, but not being able to do it afterall.  Instead, he wants a goodnight kiss before he sleeps, that Junko turns down, but in the end they end up holding hands while they’re sleeping.

5ji0804The following morning, Junko is late for work, because Takane thought she was beautiful sleeping and disabled the alarm. Before she leaves, Takane once again asks for a goodbye kiss, and she ends up kissing him on the forehead, that Takane thinks isn’t so bad either.

Junko tells Momoe and Masako that she’s now dating Takane, and Masako thinks that she should get married immediately; Momoe doesn’t agree but at the same time she thinks that living in a temple might have its perks.

5ji0805Masako re-thinks that living in a temple might actually be tiring afterall, and she will have to give up her dream of going to New York.

Takane goes back to temple and everyone’s asking him where he has been, and how things have chanced since the last time he was there.

5ji0806Amane tells Takane, that maybe he should tell Grandma the truth and she might actually believe him; Takane replies he won’t be able to enjoy his position by lying and he will feel guilty eventually but Amane tells his brother he can’t understand him as he was treated like a troubling kid all his life, compared to him.

The chief priest tells Takane he will do everything in his power to change Grandma’s mind about Amane being the successor, but Grandma doesn’t want to hear anything.

5ji0807Before Takane leaves, Kaori asks him if he’s never returning back and that she will have to marry Amane at this point, despite loving him; Takane tells her he is dating Junko and she should return back to her own home and not stay there anymore.

Makoto gives Junko an entry sheet for an upcoming exam that might land her at a New York City job if she passes. Anne tells Junko to follow her into one of the classes where she shows her a love correlation chart.

5ji0808She starts analyzing the never ending change in the love situation in ELA, telling Junko that while she might have found Takane, Momoe and Arthur, and Masako and Hachiya are still on the works; Junko is surprised to hear that the young guy Masako was talking about is Hachiya afterall.

In class, Takane takes  a bit long to make a point, and Satoshi makes fun of him; Takane then retaliates by announcing he has been going out and living together with Junko, and she’s having his baby, something that makes Junko figure out that he was the one that has been spreading rumours about that!

5ji0809Amane tells Grandma, that Takane has been dating Junko and is even living with her; she says she has no interest of hearing things about people that have nothing to do with the temple.

Hachiya waits for Masako to give her a necklace but she tells him they’re not in that sort of relationship and he should head home. He kisses her and tells her that they are not in that sort of relationship. She leaves but thinks to herself how this could potentially get dangerous.

5ji08010Arthur tricked Momoe into going to a bar together, telling her that there was a BL even there; he apologizes for that ploy, but he wanted to spend some time with her, since he feels like he’s falling in love with her. He kisses her but Momoe leaves immediately.

Momoe believes that there’s no way Arthur wasn’t playing her, and he must be just having fun, but at the same time thinks that was her first kiss with someone.

5ji08011Takane scrubs Junko’s dad back and he says he enjoys this and how it’s nice to be bonding together with things like these. Junko returns home and finds  a lipstick stain in Takane’s clothes.

After the bath, Takane is interrogated by Junko who demands to know where is that lipstick stain from; Takane says it’s probably from Kaori when she nearly hugged him in the temple earlier in the day, and Junko is furious with that. At the same time, Junko’s mom remembers a similar incident with her dad some years back.

5ji08012Both Junko and her mother start yelling at Takane and her dad and end up throwing them outside the house; Junko opens the door after a while and lets Takane in but her mom leaves her dad outside who seemingly seems to be really cold!

Junko tells Takane he believes that he did nothing, but he’s not off the hook completely; he asks him about those sets of everything with their faces, and Takane tells him that he read in a shoujo manga that this is what all in-love couples have nowadays. Junko tells him that this manga is from 30 years ago and she can see why he never lated with the girls he dated in the past!

5ji08013Takane tells her that he’s only doing this stuff so he can see her smile and they’re ready to kiss when Junko’s father enters the room asking him to drink some hot sake since he’s cold.

Takane pretends he’s sleeping and Junko’s father leaves; Junko tells him they can’t be kissing when their parents are in the house and go to sleep eventually.

5ji08014The next morning, Takane wants to call the police because of a message Junko’s mother left, that she’s taking some time off; Junko says that she does that every once in a while when she gets into a pinch with her dad, and he shouldn’t worry.

Later, Chief Priest tells Takane that Amane is preparing something about the temple’s future but Takane says, that despite everything, he still has faith in his brother that won’t do anything reckless.

5ji08015Satoshi tells Junko, that he’s quitting ELA because he is transferring to New York; he asks her if he can count on her for a good farewell party, and Junko is positive about that.

Takane finds his brother, and asks him what he plans to do; Amane asks him back if he finally decided to abandon Junko for the temple, but Takane makes it clear he won’t abandon either.

5ji08016Grandma visits Junko at ELA and asks Junko if she is indeed dating Takane; Junko says she does, Grandma tells her that she doesn’t belong in Takane’s world, and no matter what, she will never accept her as Takane’s wife if it gets to that.

Makoto finds Junko alone, and tells her that if she needs anything, she can always tell him. Their conversation is interrupted when Nene is calling about their dad being in the hospital.

5ji08017Dad ends up having hemorrhoids, that apparently gets every once in a while, and everyone’s glad is not something more serious.

Amane asks Kaori why she ignores him and if she truly loves Takane that much; when she replies that she does, Amane says that he’s gonna take everything from Takane and forcefully kisses her. She slaps him away and ends up crying alone.

5ji08018Junko tells Takane she only has cup ramen to eat but he says it’s fine; he then asks if they have to wait three minutes  to eat it properly after opening it, and Junko realizes that this is his first time having something that regular. She thinks back to what his Grandma said about being from different worlds, and Takane picks up that something is up with her.

He asks her what is wrong and when she says everything’s fine, he tells her that he hates lies and should tell him the truth; he will do whatever he can to fix it.

5ji08019After hearing those words, Junko approaches him to kiss, but her cellphone beeps interrupting them. They try again, but the beep from the kitchen which signals that the croquettes are ready, interrupts them anew.

Junko thinks that maybe God is giving them a sign that this isn’t gonna work between them but Takane replies that neither God nor Buddha give sings like those. Junko hugs Takane and asks him to stay like this for a while.

5ji08020In the hospital, the owners of the bakery compliment Takane and Junko for their love down to wearing the same scarves, and then tell Junko to come by the bakery and have some bread.

Her dad starts”crying” because of a text he got from Junko’s mom, that tells him that she will be returning eventually, and Takane wonders about the mysterious married life. He bids farewell to Junko after giving her home made lunch.

5ji08021Makoto visits the hospital, and asks Takane if he plans on marrying Junko; Takane says he will, and he wants to make her happy. Makoto asks him if he understands that marrying her would mean she would have to give up her dream of going to New York; he warns Takane not to make her cry, because he will take her away from him if that happens.

The Chief Priest visits Junko, and tells her that Takane got kicked out of the temple. Junko wonders why he wouldn’t tell her something so important, and Chief Priest replies that he probably didn’t want to worry her.

5ji08022He tells Junko that Takane has devoted his whole life taking care of the temple and that is the only place where he holds the memory of his loving parents. Amane plans to bring down the temple and he can’t have that; he knows he’s selfish, but asks Junko to break up with Takane.

Meanwhile, Amane thinks how he never really knew his parents, and his Grandma only noticed him because Takane screwed up, otherwise she wouldn’t care at all.

Alone, both Takane and Junko think about the things Makoto and Chief Priest told them and the good times they have had lately together.

5ji08023Later, they meet at Junko’s place, where she asks him why he wouldn’t tell her about being kicked out of the temple; Takane says he didn’t want to worry her, but Junko says she wants to worry about him and that means being a couple.

She goes on about knowing that being with her, won’t allow him to go back to the Temple again and Takane stops her, saying he knows she will tell him that they have to  break up, but he won’t do that. Junko says she knows she probably should break up with him, but she loves him and doesn’t want to afterall.

5ji08024Takane hugs her and they’re ready to kiss when someone rings the doorbell; it’s Amane who announces his plan to demolish the temple and build something new there.

Reflection Corner :


Yet another absolutely hilarious episode; I can’t with Takane+Junko anymore, they’re being serious for 3 seconds and ridiculously giddy the rest of the time! What was with those couple sets of them lmao. At this point, I don’t laugh with the dialogues per se, (I still do ofc) but rather with the image(s)- the over the top calendars, the stickers, the pillows, the cups EVERYTHING. You don’t know where it’s gonna hit you anymore! I think the best was this though :


But, when they’re being serious (even if it is for mere seconds!) they’re also great to watch; Takane’s unshaken stance and feelings towards Junko, have made her rely on him and sharing the load of her problems together.


I really, really liked that the moment she told him the “I love you” was a serious moment, where they were both honest with each other, and were trying to find a solution together. They have really come a long (LOOOONGASS) way from the beginning and it’s nice to see that they’re both in a place where they can lay down their issues and try to fix them. Also, bonus points to Junko not being here for the bullshit noble idiocy device (…eer, even though, it might have made a BIT sense in this case, but still; being straight forward is the best approach!)


What was with the many kisses this episode? And of course, Takane and Junko would get blocked every single time! (Was it like 3 or 4 times this episode alone? It’s fine, head kiss has its own tender meaning as well!)


Momoe and Arthur though; darn, I loved Arthur this episode. He digs Momoe because of how excited she is about her BL stuff, and that is telling of her honest and genuine character. I really hope they get together in the end.

(how can you not love a person like this though?  ; p  )

(how can you not love a person like this though? ; p )


Amane remains a tool, no surprise there. Him having issues with how he was treated from his Grandma, is no excuse to bring the temple down and trick Takane likes this, so I’m looking forward to Takane outsmarting him in the end. (…but you know Amane’s gonna be forgiven in the end, bleh, whatever.)

Nothing like your first heartbreak, so onwards to episode 9!

(we've all been there Arthur, the first cut is the deepest!)

(we’ve all been there Arthur, the first cut is the deepest!)

p.s bring more pieces like this show!


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-


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  1. December 10, 2015 at 9:29 pm — Reply

    Thank you so much for the recap and Oh my God, Momoe, get a grip girl! Hahaha, I love Momoe the most among all the characters although I, for sure, know that she is not the main character of this story.

    • Myra
      December 10, 2015 at 10:00 pm — Reply

      Oh, I’m not the only one then 🙂 She’s a good actress I think, the way she giggles and get carried away with her fantasy world is so funny! She’s my fave on this show too.

    • December 10, 2015 at 10:17 pm — Reply

      Momoe rocks! She is one of my favorite characters too, she’s so pure yet crazy at the same time. I hope she gives Arthur a chance and they have their happy ending attending BL evens together, haha

  2. Myra
    December 10, 2015 at 9:52 pm — Reply

    I like Miss Momoe…I mean, Momoe lol I like it when Arthur says that, makes me laugh. Seriously though, I don’t know why they took him over Mister Yaoi (the ones with glasses, Junko’s old classmate) as Mister Yaoi (the actor, not the character) actually lived abroad and could speak even more fluently…as a Japanese-American character. Arthur…is supposed to be foreign, right? That’s why he never says “-san” and speaks English so much. But it looks a bit odd to me. He’s funny though 🙂 And handsome (I do remember Zettai Kareshi, and I have a soft spot for young darker-skinned actors).

    Momoe is depicted a bit too childishly…she’s a virgin but still, she’s a grown woman. She can think it over and decide to have a talk with Arthur to make things clear….even if she’s 15 yo at heart, you just don’t keep rejecting the same person over and over for months…you deal with it and clarify it! I did like how oblivious she was about his hurt feelings, that’s quite realistic.
    Miss Momoe needs her own show with her otaku fantasy world (and Arthur somewhere)! xD Yeah, I know, I’m the only one who’ll be there for that. Still, I think she’ll open her heart to Arthur at the end of the drama. She just needed time.

    As for the main couple…they’re so cute…aww, I’m with you on the laughable bedroom loaded with heart-shaped cute stuff!! I don’t have much to say…maybe the weird fact that Takane was soooo persistent about her when he knew his grandma hated her and that Junko would have to sacrifice her career and lifestyle for him…which she eventually does…

    Amane looks crazy…he’s like “Crazy Eyes” from Orange is The new Black…xD I also think he needs his own show but with a different role…he’s just annoying right now and we all know who’ll win at the end.

    • December 10, 2015 at 10:21 pm — Reply

      Hmm, I’m not sure Junko will sacrifice her dreams for Takane; the way Takane has progressed as a character, I think he would encourage her to go to New York, maybe even go there with her. I don’t think it has to be one or the other, I mean I surely hope not- we will see.

      OITNB, daaarn, I still haven’t watched the latest season; I love Crazy Eyes and her “Dandelion” aspirations for Piper, lmao. (actually, I like most of the OITNB characters!)

      • Myra
        December 10, 2015 at 10:47 pm — Reply

        Have you seen raw episode 9? I’m not fluent in Japanese though.
        I do agree with you somehow…they won’t go live in New York together, but spend a week there, yeah…sounds doable. Will her grandma start to like her and give her special status so so can keep her job? Porbably. This show won’t have too many good reviews if Junko loses her job to marriage.

        And I forgot to comment on the youngest ikemen of this show: the tall high school dude. I thought he was about 20 years old but he actually is 17! His acting is really not bad, he might get more second roles from now on, not just for his looks. Is it just me? I’m not good at judging acting skills…

        • December 11, 2015 at 12:41 am — Reply

          No I haven’t watched it yet.

          Hachiya you mean? He does okay for the small role he has, he’s quite good!

  3. December 11, 2015 at 7:21 am — Reply

    I loved the attention paid to the side couples in 8, especially Momoe – kawaii! The OTP were at their very best in this episode, and the scene at the end was pure brilliance. If that had been a K Drama, we would’ve got stupid, sorry, I mean F#$%KING STUPID noble idiocy and a tearful “break up”. Instead both of them said they couldn’t go there.

    My one problem with the Drama remains Amane. Bringing him back so late in the story means that he’s VERY under-developed as a villain. We’ve no explanation for his psychotic hatred of them all, Resentful little brother is one thing, but his level of violence anger and hatred needs more background and depth than we’ve been given, and more than we have time for with just two left.

    He is, however, only a minor nuisance, one I FF through anyway, because this Drama’s all about the OTP, who are no just adowwwable together. As long as we get a happy ending for them, and (at least) Momoe, this Drama will be taking its place in my list of J dorama favourites.

    • December 11, 2015 at 11:59 am — Reply

      Amane is an underdeveloped tool, yep, and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be forgiven in the end, so meeh; well, I didn’t watch this drama for the complex of characters and the great plot, so as long as it ends happily and retains its humour in the last episodes, I will be fine as well!

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