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“I’m not saying this out of greed.
I’m saying this out of worry.
Do you want to sleep together, just holding hands?”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Young Ho was about to head towards the meeting, but secretary Min wanted to make sure he’ll go there! They used Young Ho’s car since it would make him feel more comfortable and less formal! Young Ho wanted to talk to Joo Eun about something later on, but the flow of events was ahead of him since they found themselves in front of one another at the law firm meeting.


On her way out everything Young Ho had told about his background started making sense, but he followed her and prevented her from leaving right away. He was apologetic, but Joo Eun had already started realizing how different their worlds are. Soo Jin wanted to witness their conversation, but secretary Min protected Young Ho’s privacy.


Young Ho entered the elevator with Joo Eun who was already feeling deceived. Young Ho was apologetic for one more time and emphasized on the fact that he didn’t know how to reveal the whole truth in front of her. Young Ho couldn’t understand why she was acting this way, it’s not like he had promised to marry her and she wasn’t his first love. Having tasted the sweet side of life by her side, Young Ho wants Joo Eun to keep up with their dating and dieting “schedule.” She couldn’t overcome the lying factor for now and she used the same words concerning the ring and marriage.


Young Ho’s expectations are to acquire as many shares as he can and everything will flow well as soon as the procedures won’t affect the other shareholders. The overall ambiance was awkward inside the room, especially when it comes to Joo Eun who had to leave.


Inside her car, Young Ho’s words kept echoing in her mind and that’s the moment she witnessed Young Ho’s message that he wanted to talk to her about something. Her mother called her on the phone and she started heading towards the store’s opening!


Young Ho left and urged secretary Min to keep his distance from him since he had to take care of his personal life. He tried to reach Joo Eun on the phone, but he couldn’t. Suddenly, his apartment was too empty without her. He called Joon Sung on the phone to find out that Joo Eun would head towards her hometown. Her words kept haunting him while the pain on his leg started making its appearance. In the meantime, Joo Eun was helping with the store’s opening!

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Joon Sung and Yi Jin were having their own photoshoot and right before leaving Yi Jin blocked Joon Sung’s car with her van! After bribing Ji Woong with an autograph she invaded Joon Sung’s car and the renowned Sorry, I Love You scene between Moo Hyuk and Eun Chae was revived while Yi Jin was asking him on whether he would eat with her or kiss her, etc! Before completing her task her manager took her with him and left after correcting her! Ji Woong arrived and he noticed that Joon Sung had started enjoying what had just happened!

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Joo Eun found herself in an awkward situation with her mother’s friends who wanted to find out more information concerning her marriage and she eventually left after asking his future sister-in-law to take of her brother! Back home, Joo Eun was apologetic towards her father’s picture for forgetting his birthday, but soon enough Ji Woong started bombarding her with his own ma’am messages! She was disappointed there was only one missed call from Young Ho! Even though she tried, she couldn’t sleep at night and soon enough one tear made its appearance!


Shortly after, Young Ho messaged her stating that she must be in Daegu since she’s Daegu’s Venus and asked her to go out! Her heartbeat became more powerful and rushed to meet Young Ho!


The moment he noticed her he opened up his arms and urged her to fall in his embrace! Her warmth soothed the cold he hates so much and he gave her one of his scarfs!

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He noticed that her appearance was kiss-friendly due to the lack of glasses and she informed him that glasses were a part of her wise image back in the days, but it became a habit eventually! He opened up his heart concerning his past and the illness which prevented him from having beautiful childhood memories of running and playing around. If this wasn’t enough, his mother had passed away and since he would be unable to bow at his mother’s funeral he wasn’t present because he was pitying his grandmother while being afraid of his father. He didn’t feel the warmth of his family and while he was avoiding them he found himself close to them anew. And he confessed that he couldn’t talk to her about his past and that it wasn’t like he didn’t want to. As for being well at the present, he used his doctor’s words that everything’s fine! Soon enough their mood became playful!

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Young Ho was about to leave, but Joo Eun changed her mind and asked him to sleep together while holding hands!

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Ji Woong informed Joon Sung that Young Ho wouldn’t sleep at home and since he wouldn’t be around it was Ji Woong’s perfect chance to eat ramen!

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While laying back with Joo Eun, Young Ho was apologetic towards her father’s picture! Except for wanting to see her, meeting her at the bridge was just a way to keep up with her training by simply walking! Joo Eun could easily notice that Young Ho doesn’t really want to become Gahong Group’s director. On top of that, he prefers using his body over his mind. He found the right chance to get closer to her and a back-hug took place! He urged her not to get sick since being healthy is the prettiest/sexiest for him! As for the lights, she shouldn’t turn them off since he could get naughty! Once she fell asleep he showed his affection in his own way!

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Soo Jin returned back home and she wasn’t pleased with anything as she kept finding herself in Joo Eun’s shadow. She took her pills and she tried to reach Woo Shik on the phone, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t accept that he was acting this way with her now that she had started looking differently. Instead, she couldn’t have everything the good-looking women have and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

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Woo Shik was with Hyun Woo’s ex-husband who was thinking that John Kim could be related to Gahong Group since his house in the US was under the chairwoman’s name. Woo Shik urged him to postpone the news. Instead he promised to bring more palpable information as he had already started assuming that John Kim could be Young Ho.

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After leaving Joo Eun’s medication on her pillar and witnessing the sticking plaster on the wall Young Ho left. Secretary Min was waiting for him and lived up to Young Ho’s expectation by not asking anything since it was his personal life.


Golf time for Nam Chul and Woo Shik, but director Choi was nowhere to be found since secretary Min had uncovered his secret fund! Nam Chul and Young Joon’s future had already started feeling ominous, but Woo Shik brightened his mood with his assumption that Young Ho could actually be John Kim.


Time wasn’t passing by for Young Ho, Ji Woong was bored and Joon Sung was exhausted until Joo Eun arrived! Young Ho wanted to hug her, but she was too embarrassed in front of the others and she changed the subject to Yi Jin! It was something that made Ji Woong impersonate Yi Jin anew and Joon Sung started chasing him around while the Sorry, I Love You were making Young Ho thoughtful! I wonder why! Young Ho was glad that Joo Eun was back, but Joo Eun was happy as well and she fell asleep in You Bastard’s arms!

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Training time again even though Joo Eun would like to avoid it! Joo Eun’s plan should be to get healthier while Young Ho intends to taste the sweetness of life as much as he can! She tried to use hypothyroidism to her own benefit but Young Ho didn’t fall for it and the training progressed in a like-minded way despite being a painful experience for her!

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Soo Jin had a meeting with Joo Eun who has started becoming John Kim the second when it comes to medical advice! Soo Jin tried to use the fact that Joo Eun knows Young Ho to her own advantage in case something is going on between one of the law firm’s lawyers and their client! Joo Eun reassured her that it has nothing to do with revenge and all she wants is to live as healthily as possible! Soo Jin found yet another obstacle and it was no other than making the victim’s mother to accept the settlement, but Joo Eun considered it Soo Jin’s job. In moments like these Soo Jin and sugar walk hand in hand!

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Young Ho arrived at Gahong Group’s company and introduced himself at the meeting as the new director. Nam Chul pretended to be nice in front of Young Ho and Woo Shik introduced himself anew! The ceremony will be of major importance.

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Joo Eun met Joon Sung who asked her to find a way for him to help his mother whose life was overburdening. He didn’t want Young Ho to know about it since he wouldn’t like to disappoint him. Of course, Joo Eun would never ask for money since she found her chance to pay him back for his support!


Inside the car, Joo Eun informed them that she found a new apartment and that she would be moving out in a week’s time! It’s something that saddened Ji Woong and Joon Sung, but the first snow brightened their mood! However, Joo eun was certain that she hadn’t lost enough weight and the camping idea had started fading away, but if Young Ho won’t become aware of the first snow they can progress with their own plans!

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Back home, Joo Eun was searching around for Young Ho since she wanted to see the first snow with him because camping would no longer be an option! She found him on the floor and in pain inside his rehabilitation room. Joo Eun lost the world underneath her feet and Young Ho urged to not get any closer.

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~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus reached its second best ratings for the second time with its 8th episode, 9.4%. Can you believe it? A month has passed since the drama started airing and we’re already midway through, i simply don’t want it to end in another month’s time! The more the episodes pass by the more i am convinced that Oh My Venus is a labyrinth within a labyrinth when it comes to its storyline’s design. At the heart of the main labyrinth which is no other than the drama itself lies another one dedicated to our main couple as Oh My Venus’ major focus. The secondary and other figures take their time to unveil their very own background stories, whether they affect our main couple or not, with small but distinctive steps throughout the episodes.


…But after i grew up i became Batman.

It was all about restrained sincerity while being unable to reveal everything that was overburdening him despite wanting to do so and the need to believe in trust while putting her trust in him. Both Young Ho and Joo Eun were justified in my eyes in their elevator scene even though Joo Eun was exaggerating a bit and Young Ho’s words were a bit harsh, but none of them was far from their own truth and personal background. Trust is something very important for Joo Eun, especially after she was shamelessly deceived by Woo Shik, but also Young Ho’s urge to reveal everything was there, especially after feeling just a glimpse of life’s sweetness by Joo Eun’s side.


Both of them needed some peace of mind after the tension between them, Joo Eun would find it up to an extent and only for a limited amount of time while helping at her brother’s store, but for Young Ho it wasn’t the same. The apartment was way too empty without Joo Eun, but her absence did wonders and made him crave even more for her presence in his life. He knew that things would only progress between them if he could surpass himself and reveal everything. After she returned back home, Joo Eun wasn’t at her finest either and the fact that Young Ho had called her only once was making her nighttime even more tormenting!


Seeing one another at the Ayang Railway Bridge in Daegu was enough to warm up their hearts and brighten their mood. It was an emotionally majestic and heart-soothing scene in a moment when the industrial scenery was turning into a fairy-tale. The coat-hug was as beautiful as it should as it sheltered Joo Eun from the cold and brought even more warmth to Young Ho! Time simply stood still just for the two of them and Young Ho would find the courage to tell her everything in the process.


During their walk Young Ho opened up his heart concerning his past. He was never embraced with familial love and his childhood wasn’t filled with beautiful memories. Actually, Young Ho never lived as a child and he was forced to embrace the world of adults faster than expected. Everything pretty much explains his life as a disciplined trainer and an introvert in his very own gray zone. His mother’s loss and the fact that he couldn’t bid her farewell was crucial for his mindset.


Fueled by his illness and the lack of familial love he became the person he is at the present, but after Joo Eun became a part of his life he started embracing life and everything which gradually derives from it for the first time and not in a strict sense of simply existing while trying to avoid everything that had created that fathomless chasm deep within. As for his health issue, using “they said” instead of answering directly was proving that something wasn’t flowing well and we became aware of it at the end of the episode.


Joo Eun, after she found out who he really was, had witnessed that Young Ho, despite his very own and sincere bliss while being with her, was concerned about something else. She could read through the lines that becoming the company’s director wasn’t the pathway in life he wanted to follow simply because he kept avoiding his family throughout the years. Of course it was beautiful witnessing those two laying back together amid verbal/physical sexual innuendos which were heating up the overall ambiance (something that continued during their training), even though it was only Joo Eun the one who fell asleep! Even her snoring was kind of melodious to his ears, Daegu’s Venus does wonders!


Alright, Soo Jin keeps living in Joo Eun’s shadow, she was always defining herself according to Daegu’s Venus and she lost the meaning and her very own direction in the process. She’s as empty as a seashell on the shore and it was more apparent throughout her monologue. All she could utter was that she was different at the present, but she couldn’t define herself: “i’m this…” Out of a whole dictionary there wasn’t even a single word that could come out of her mouth and for one more time she referred to others, the good-looking women and everything they deserve, not herself. I can only sympathize with her, the pills she takes to keep herself standing can’t fill in the void.


Her void was also apparent during her conversation with Joo Eun later on. Soo Jin kept on trying to bring Joo Eun down and every time Joo Eun was putting her back in her place Soo Jin was trying to find another way to degrade her. It’s always about Joo Eun and never about Soo Jin herself and i like how the drama emphasizes on the health factor, not only physically, but also mentally.


And what is that spineless character named Woo Shik? He’s probably the male equivalent of Soo Jin who keeps nurturing his own void while desperately trying to belong somewhere. He hasn’t appeared much during the last episodes, but he’s leading a careerist life under Nam Chul’s lead in order to convince himself that he’s someone. At this point i don’t believe he truly loved Joo Eun, he was blinded by Daegu’s Venus’ prestige and after she gained weight she ceased being his sun and i love how Joo Eun had emphasized that she had always been herself under any circumstances. But what i love more than most is that she’s moving on with her life without wallowing in the mud of the past, Woo Shik’s mud. One thing is for certain, he’s got an ace up his sleeve and once he makes sure Young Ho is John Kim things will become more complicated. I like how we witness Soo Jin and Woo Shik’s reflections from time to time, it strengthens the sense of emptiness.


I like how Yi Jin gradually unlocks the pathway towards Joon Sung’s heart, making him smile despite not being a part his inner circle was a brave step ahead! His mother may not have wanted to see him, but he never stopped caring about her. Joo Eun would be the only person to help her since she’s the only one Joon Sung can trust concerning this matter.


He said that he didn’t want to disappoint Young Ho, but i don’t think it was career-related. Young Ho’s childhood was traumatic and he never felt familial love, the same applies to Joon Sung who was abandoned by his own mother, a mother who didn’t even want to see him after years had passed. Young Ho’s influence towards Joon Sung is powerful and he’s gradually becoming John Kim the second, an introvert trying to unsuccessfully detach himself from the past while finding shelter in martial arts.


We had already noticed that their apartment was lifeless in Joo Eun’s absence ever since she became a part of their lives. The moment Ji Woong and Joon Sung found out that Joo Eun would move out in a week’s time was a sign of the things to come! At this point, it doesn’t matter if she lost as many kilos as she had to or not for all of them to go camping. All of them need it, especially Young Ho and Joon Sung and i hope it will happen sometime soon.


However, Joo Eun had already started believing that it wouldn’t happen and she wanted to treasure the first snow with Young Ho. Instead, the first snow didn’t bring her loving comfort, but a sense of dismay while witnessing him helpless on the floor urging her to stay away from him. His illness was his most personal and painful memory at the same time and it was the only thing he wasn’t utterly sincere about towards her. It was a moment of weakness he wanted to keep hidden from everyone as his worst nightmare was resurfacing now that he was finally embracing life.


I am curious about Ji Woong’s background, will there be any other reference except for the fact that he’s trying to acquire the Korean nationality or he’s just the love-infusing elf in everyone’s lives with his never-ceasing energy? As far as i am concerned, it was the first time we witnessed Joo Eun at her house in Daegu at the present, could the sticking plaster on the wall be leaning towards a memory related to her father? Young Ho gradually forges an occasional John Kim army, i explained myself above concerning Joon Sung, but Joo Eun possessed some John Kim vibes the moment she referred to Soo Jin’s sitting position! I like how secretary Min takes into consideration Young Ho’s personal life, business is business, but he deeply respects his personal life. After The Master’s Sun it was Sorry, I Love You’s turn to come to the surface and Oh My Venus feels like a So Ji Sub mini tribute at times, not bad at all!


At the end of the day, i love how Joo Eun brings a blissful disharmony in everyone’s lives over Young Ho’s gray discipline while he’s still preserving health’s soul and essence. Together they hold the key of life through trust, sweetness and health as they gradually complete one another!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.

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    Btw I can’t beliee it’s already a month since the drama started!
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      Me neither and in one month we’ll have to bid Oh My Venus farewell, time passes fast o.O

      I feel you, the same had happened to me with Pinocchio, i got spoiled and left it on the 12th episode ever since, sometime i will finish it i guess. I liked Sorry I Love You, has everything old school dramas should have! 😀 This Thank You drama, the feels are unforgettable!
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