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Bubblegum Episode # 14 Recap [It’s Enough Just To Find Love]

bubbl1401(it’s the only thing to be sure of.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

bubbl1402After exiting the bus together, Ri Hwan walks Haeng Ah to her home. She tells him to go since it’s cold outside and take a taxi and they will see each other tomorrow but Ri Hwan wants to take her to her door.

bubbl1403After they’re into her apartment, Haeng Ah tells him again to leave but Ri Hwan despite saying he’s leaving, he won’t let go of her hand. He asks her if she has been well, and after she nods negatively, he hugs her; they end up kissing, and spend their first night together.

bubbl1404The next morning, Ri Hwan goes to Ji Hoon’s apartment, who understands he has been out all night; Ri Hwan tells him happily that he was at Haeng Ah’s and Ji Hoon tells him he has to buy him breakfast then.

At the radio station, Joon Soo tells Haeng Ah and Tae Hee about making a forum for giving away concert tickets, and when he leaves, Tae Hee asks Haeng Ah what happened the previous night.

bubbl1405Ri Hwan is in good spirits and Ji Hoon joins him, saying that he’s happy to see him smiling after such a long time.

Haeng Ah tells Tae Hee what happened, and Tae Hee says she had already figured out from her wide smile that she either started dating Ri Hwan again or she went crazy.

bubbl1406She asks Haeng Ah if she’s not afraid of the future anymore, but Haeng Ah replies that since she knows where she’s heading, and with whom, she feels confident.

Ri Hwan asks Ji Hoon what happened with Tae Hee the previous night, and Ji Hoon says he only saw her and that was it. He thought he had given up on her, but maybe there is some hope for him. He tells Ri Hwan not to stop telling him things and to ask for his help now that he has Haeng Ah again in his life, otherwise he won’t be able to be happy with him if he’s out of the loop.

bubbl1407Haeng Ah continues telling Tae Hee the latest of news, such as Ri Hwan getting the test, and that she can see her Aunt today. Tae Hee then talks about her own latest news, which include her rejected confession by Jo Dong. Haeng Ah is shocked to hear that, and asks her again to confirm that this is what she was told, but Se Yeong arrives at that moment and they have to pretend they were picking songs.

bubbl1408Se Yeong starts babbling about her mom arriving and turning everything upside down and asks Haeng Ah if this is how her mother treats her; she quickly realizes her question and apologizes but Haeng Ah thinks she has actually several mothers that nag ger about all sort of things, pointing to Tae Hee and then thinking about how Ri Hwan treats her like that too.

bubbl1409She recounts the morning, when Ri Hwan gave her all sort of advice, such as eating breakfast, going out with warm clothes, taking all her medicine and drying her hair. His last question is if she has a mask, and she jokingly tells him he has a protective gas mask, him.

bubbl14010In the recording room, Se Yeong narrates a story about how in the next life you’re being born with the face of the person you love the most in this lifetime. Haeng Ah thinks about some silly moments of her and Ri Hwan, and after the recording is done, she picks out her phone, and checks Ri Hwan’s face. He calls her and when she immediately replies she tells him that is because she is playing with her phone while she waits for Tae Hee.

bubbl14011Jo Dong sees Tae Hee in the hall and asks her if he looks better with his haircut; she replies with a simple “no” and he tells her that is weird since she told him once he would look better with shorter hair and now she doesn’t like it. He gets into the elevator and when he sees her stop there, he tells her to get in. When she doesn’t, he says she doesn’t have to avoid him like she hates him, but Tae Hee replies it is because of the opposite she can’t be around him.

Ri Hwan surprises Haeng Ah in her work and asks her what she was doing; she tells him she was looking at pictures of him, because she heard that she will be born with his face in the next life. Ri Hwan asks Tae Hee to accompany them for coffee but she is not in the mood and leaves. Ri Hwan tells Haeng Ah that Ji Hoon was there to see Tae Hee.
bubbl14012He then asks her about what did she mean about being born with his face in the next life; she explains what she heard, about having the face of the person she loves the most right now, in the next life and Ri Hwan is happy to hear that he is that person for her. They start talking about doppelgängers afterwards, wondering what would happen to their versions of them.

bubbl14013Ji Hoon meets Tae Hee at the parking lot. He wants to talk to her and she wonders why that is; is it jealousy because he found out that she likes someone else- He tells her he is not sure if it is jealousy, or regret because of how things ended up between them but he’s happy when he sees her. Tae Hee says he should stop behaving like that, and he can return to his other women but Ji Hoon wants to be with her and he wants to comfort her, even if it hurts him knowing she likes someone else.

bubbl14014Ri Hwan talks about Ji Hoon and how special he can be and Haeng Ah agrees; he tells her jokingly he felt a bit jealous but Haeng Ah reminds him that he onced thought Tae Hee was pretty. Ri Hwan says she’s not his type, and when Haeng Ah asks him what kind of type he likes anyway, he tells her she should know since he’s dating her.

He then says that maybe they should go a short trip to Uncle’s house before the snow melts, as his mom wrote down she would like to go there in her notebook; Haeng Ah agrees with going all together there. Ri Hwan gets a message from Ji Hoon who wants to depart earlier, but Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan to go and be with his friends, since she’s gonna meet Tae Hee anyway. They’re reluctant to say goodbye to each other, but Haeng Ah says that this means they’re gonna meet each other tomorrow too.

bubbl14015Jo Dong visits Seok Joon who asks him how his new haircut was perceived; Jo Dong replies that most people liked it, except one particular person. They order to eat, and Seok Joon realize that something is up with Jo Dong. Jo Dong says he might need a change of pace but it is not easy to quit work at this age. Seok Joon invites him to stay together with him, since that might help both of them to see things differently.

bubbl14016Joon Soo wants to escort Se Yeong in her house but she rejects his offer quickly as her mom would see him and what would they say to her; Joon Soo tells her she could introduce him as her boyfriend but Se Yeong replies that her mom only wants to see her married and there would be no point in introducing him. Joon Soo asks her why she’s so against the idea of marriage, and Se Yeong is sure she can’t live with someone else for the rest of her life as she has gotten used to being on her own.

Joon Soo wonders what that says about their relationship, and Se Yeong tells him that they’re just dating happily. She asks him if that makes him feel mad but Joon Soo replies that he understands what he’s trying to say, but leaves quite sad.

bubbl14017Ri Hwan meets with Yi Seul to return the card her brother gave to him and something she left at his house the other day; she  asks him if he wants coffee but he tells her he came to thank her about the nurse and tell her goodbye since someone is waiting for him outside.

After he leaves the office, he scolds Haeng Ah for waiting him outside the car in this cold weather but Haeng Ah says that she’s strong now. He asks her if his constant nagging doesn’t feel like a gas mask anymore, and she tells him that it’s because of him that she can breathe properly.

bubbl14018They go to a flower shop to buy roses for Seon Yeong, but Ri Hwan warns Haeng Ah that since she hasn’t seen his mother for some time, she might seem a bit weird to her; there is also a chance that she might not recognize her and if she does, she might not be able to connect her to the present. Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan not to worry and she has read about all that online. She just wants to see her Aunt, and hopefully her Aunt will be happy to see her like old times.

bubbl14019Auntie and Seon Yeong are out for a walk when a car nearly drives over a girl; that incident triggers Seon Yeong’s memory and connects it to that time when Heang Ah was in her teens and she had a similar near-accident. She yells at the driver when Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah rush to her side; when Seon Yeong sees Haeng Ah, she asks her if she’s okay and Heang Ah tells her she’s fine and asks her for a hug.

bubbl14020Ri Hwan visits Chef Noh and tells him that he’s there; Chef Noh says that since he recognizes his mistake, he can let it pass by, but he won’t tolerate another. He advises him to focus and stay strong and if he has problems, always to tell people, to which Ri Hwan nods.

bubbl14021Haeng Ah thanks Seon Yeong for always worrying about her and tells her that all this time she hadn’t seen her, she was thinking about her. Seong Yeong asks her if she’s Haeng Ah again, and Haeng Ah tells her that she is the Haeng Ah she knows and she will be there for her.

Dong Hwa asks Seon Yeong who she finds prettier, Haeng Ah or her and when Seon Yeong doesn’t reply, Dong Hwa fake-complains how she should have picked her and how she doesn’t even have parents, and then jokingly-argues with Auntie, something that makes both Haeng Ah and Seong Yeong, laugh.

bubbl14022Yi Seul meets with another man for marriage prospect and he apologizes to her for giving her a boring time; he tells her that someone is probably watching him at the moment, as not to mess another marriage set up and they just have to stay like this for another half hour. Yi Seul understands his situation as she gets the same- he asks her if she was abandoned by someone and Yi Seul tells him that it was mostly a one-sided love. She will now try to get over him one day at a time.

bubbl14023Haeng Ah, Ri Hwan and Seon Yeong are ready to depart for their small trip; Ri Hwan feels bad for Ji Hoon having to deal with a lot of patients but he reassures him he will be fine.

Dong Hwa arrives with a taxi and wants to travel too; Ji Hoon opens her suitcase and finds a teddy bear- everyone makes fun of her.

bubbl14024Dong Hwa asks Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah what people usually do on family trips and they start listing all sort of different foods; she says that a trip can’t consist of eating only, and she was tricked going into trip with amateurs, wondering why they haven’t travelled anywhere. Ri Hwan says they will start doing so, right at this moment.


They all visit the beach, and Haeng Ah teases Ri Hwan saying that if he hadn’t come for her in the bus the other day, she would follow him around reciting all the “cheesy” lines he has told her.

Ri Hwan then tells her, how his mom told him sometime ago that she was feeling happy; he wasn’t sure why she said that, maybe she was in a good mood. Haeng Ah replies that happiness means being in a good mood and Ri Hwan agrees. Haeng Ah asks him what else Aunt wrote in her journal, and Ri Hwan replies that among other things she wrote to go to a faraway place near the ocean and that she was sorry about them never having their school trip. Haeng Ah wishes she didn’t have to worry about those things.

bubbl14026She then wants to put some music on her cellphone as it’s a habit from her work, but Ri Hwan jokingly tells her he only wants to her hear voice.

Seon Yeong is having a “conversation” with her old self, who’s feeling she didn’t do a good job when it cames to raising the kids and she should have been stronger. Present Seon Yeong comforts her, telling her there is no point in thinking that now. Old Seon Yeong says the only thing she can do about Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah right now is to let them be happy. And she needs to be happy too.

bubbl14027Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah try to cook but disagree on what to do first and how to help each other something that makes Dong Hwa infuriated as she wants to eat. They wonder what’s gonna happen if they have a daughter like her.

Dong Hwa and Seon Yeong are listening to her recordings, and it is revealed that Auntie had a sad past something that makes Dong Hwa cry.

bubbl14028In the end, everyone is sitting around a fire trying to eat marshmallows. Dong Hwa complains about them not knowing anything about the good either, when Ri Hwan’s marshmallow gets burned; Seon Yeong laughs and says she is having fun something that makes everyone happy.

bubbl14029After Dong Hwa and Seon Yeong go to sleep, Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan sit together recounting their day. Ri Hwan says that the weather was bad, and they couldn’t go to see Uncle and his mother might forget that day soon, but it was still nice. Haeng Ah agrees and thinks that tomorrow might be an even better day. She says she doesn’t want to sleep on a night like this and imitates Ri Hwan’s wish earlier about wanting to hear her voice.

bubbl14030She asks Ri Hwan to sing for her, but he doesn’t want to; he doesn’t know any songs either, but Haeng Ah insists and tells him she will grant him any wish he wants if he sings a bit for her. He ends up singing for her afterall and it seems like his wish is granted in the beach the next day.

Reflection Corner :


So after some very painful (and frankly quite unnecessary ones but w/e) moments Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah finally got down to “bubblegum” business! I thought the scene where Ri Hwan couldn’t get Haeng Ah’s shoe out, was hilarious and indicated the right amount of still being a bit awkward around each other romantically but ready to give it  a proper shot  this time and go all the way. (no pun intended!)


I liked this episode, it was a healing one; Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah restored their relationship (and then some!) and finally decided to move forward together, no matter what the future brings.


There was some adorable fluff to  delve into; the opening scene where nobody would let go was great as were their carefree talks about anything and everything (there needs to be a vampire diaries joke somewhere concerning the doppelgängers issue!) showing how much they have missed each other. It was also nice to see Ri Hwan’s “loving” stare coming back :


Seon Yeong chose to heal herself as well; she put a stop to punishing her present (and others too..) because of the past, and the scene with her talking to her old self was well done. A heartfelt hug with Haeng Ah was long due, and even if I still can’t back/support fully Seon Yeong, that scene was touching; despite suffering from the disease, it felt like that moment she saw Haeng Ah there, she was seeing crystal clear for once. And Haeng Ah’s blissful look made it that much better.


Yi Seul also opted for healing, (lol okay, you can clearly see how that word slips everywhere, it’s because of the Healer effect; what a masterpiece of a drama that was and I will never stop forcing people to watch it!) finally let Ri Hwan go from her heart and tried to take a step forward relying to herself from now on. I also liked Jo Dong and Seok Joon’s dialogue, sometimes you do need a change of pace to see things more clearly.


So I guess, everything is nearly wrapped up, except Tae Hee/Ji Hoon and Se Yeong/Joon Soo. I actually like those characters and couples, so I’m looking forward to see how their subplots will be resolved.

Onwards to episode 15 then!


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only –

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  2. December 9, 2015 at 12:24 pm — Reply

    I agree with you, lots of healing going on… And our hearts are also healed watching. For a while there I was an emotional wreck while watching. I really loved the serenade it was so sweet and I thought he did very well. Her expressions were so cute. I can’t believe it’s almost over now; that makes me feel a little sad. It’s been a really good drama.

    Thanks as usual for your review!

    • December 9, 2015 at 1:06 pm — Reply

      Well it was bound to happen, we’re near the end so it was good to see things being wrapped up like this; a couple of things more to address and hopefully the ending will retain the vibe of this episode!

      You’re welcome! ; )

      • December 9, 2015 at 1:38 pm — Reply

        I think and hope it’ll maintain the same vibe 🙂

  3. December 13, 2015 at 4:17 pm — Reply

    just like JungHoo earned his ep 15/16 scene with Chae Youngshin, in Healer. here, RH earned his. so the first scene here, was just like JH and YS’s., you absolutely don’t feel any PG16 kind of “dirty” feels here… its like “he so poor thing”, he should be comforted looooong long ago, like this.
    RH: “It doesn’t matter what comes out any more. Let’s leave it, whatever it is.”
    I was thinking I loved what he said about, dig till the sand was white. Yes, fight on till everything was cleared.
    then I find, RH choosing not digging is an even more awesome way of facing the future, which affected by the past. even if he really will lost memory of HA. the fact that the journey, while he remembers, he will treasure every single day with HA, then wallow in impending tragedy of total forgetting HA. i believe RH comes across as a rare gem of courageous hero in KDland.

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