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“Because of you, my eyes won’t tear up even when i yawn.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Sweet Savage Family’s ratings fell a bit during the 5th episode which reached 7.8%, but without this meaning that it didn’t maintain its entertaining status! Things got a bit more complicated in the drama’s storyline as the past became a bit more apparent when it comes to the main characters’ background. There were also vibes that made the present more specific yet a bit more complex at the same time, but there were also hints pointing towards an uncertain future that will start becoming more palpable; episode by episode.


There were many things going on in a single episode and everyone seems to be playing his/her own game, especially the chairman and Joo Ran. Everyone except for Tae Soo and Eun Ok with the first one being a pure at heart gangster trying to make a living for his family and the second one supporting Tae Soo to the fullest for the same reason.


They definitely needed to treasure their mutual feelings after the Se Woon storm had passed for now, but without this meaning that it won’t come back anytime soon! They had finally found some peace of mind and the time to emotionally invest on one another and recall the good old times had arrived! Always in a hilarious tone but also with love and before their sensual game began they bombarded us with tons of laughter and cuteness! Both of them were rejuvenated and they were breathing love the next morning even though Eun Ok’s underwear ended up in the trashcan!

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One Heart isn’t only a husband-supporting ahjumma syndicate, it’s Joo Ran’s personal vehicle leading towards success as it’s being fueled by personal ambition. The members aren’t irreplaceable, especially the leading ones and Eun Ok’s position has already started shaking in front of Do Kyung. Joo Ran promotes and favors anyone pacing with her own plan which is no other than getting married to the chairman!

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To be honest, it’s not the easiest task since she will have to acquire Gi Bum’s approval and in order to do so she must succeed in helping him get together with Do Kyung! However, there’s a tremendous obstacle, the chairman’s in strict denial at the present and he was the one who tore Gi Bum and Do Kyung apart in the past. Do Kyung plays her own part in the game and her major concern has to be Hyun Ji. As for everything else, they are insignificant details in front of her daughter’s well-being.


The ecstatic chairman at Joo Ran’s presence isn’t a pawn in her hands either, he’s shadier than he appears to be and he paves his own pathway in the background. He didn’t only hide Se Woon’s body, he also appeared to had fallen for Eun Ok’s plea and progressed with the 1 billion won investment confirmation for the movie and Joo Ran’s wish to make Gi Bum a part of the movie procedure. Since neither Gi Bum nor Mr. Cho (someone who appears to be under Gi Bum’s command, but he wants to take both Tae Soo and the chairman out of the picture for his own ambitions) were the ones behind the man who tried to hit Tae Soo with a knife the only one who remains is the chairman who had something in mind for Tae Soo.

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Sung Min and Hyun Ji’s interactions progress, viciously with love and Hyun Ji has the upper hand in approaching him anytime and anyway she wants to! This young couple is bound to become a powerful ship, hopefully an unsinkable one. We all know that things will get tough and eventually tougher for both of them because of their parents, but our beloved youngsters pave their own way in the quirky gloom! I love it every time Hyun Ji touches Sung Min and his heartbeat becomes more vibrant. The chemistry between the extrovert and passionate Hyun Ji and the introverted and enamored Sung Min is simply astonishing!

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She decided to sing again, but we became aware that the reason why she had to step back from her musical studies was a health issue that keeps bothering her. It was the saddest aspect of the episode and I hope that everything will be fine. She’s got her mother’s endless support since Do Kyung loves her dearly and she didn’t even oppose her desire to become a musical duet with Sung Min even though he’s Eun Ok’s son! Sung Min will be on the guitars and the vocals and Hyun Ji will accompany him with her own voice. Reminiscing the past together was quite a hilarious scene since we found out that Hyun Ji was expelled from school because she was farting on other’s faces and Sung Min was peeing on his pants, but even in the overall quirky ambiance she kept reminding Sung Min that she was the one who had picked him as her everlasting love in the first place!


The major problem in this relationship will be Eun Ok who doesn’t want Sung Min to focus on music since he has to attend one of Seoul’s finest universities. On top of that, she doesn’t like him hanging out with Do Kyung’s daughter because her very own past is more alive than ever before after Do Kyung re-appeared in their lives! Do Kyung and Eun Ok wearing the same underwear was only the beginning.

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The fact that Do Kyung helped Tae Soo and got harmed in his place made things a bit more complicated in this rectangle of love and hate, but it was insightful since we traveled in the past and found out how everything began! Hospitals do the talking for them and when Tae Soo was at the hospital back in the days Eun Ok stood by his side turning the hospital room into a love nest. On the other side of the fence, Do Kyung started dating Tae Soo’s friend, Gi Bum.

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Gi Bum would had been a different person at the present had the chairman not separated him from his very own family. He dearly loves Hyun Ji, but the longing to be together with Do Kyung is there as well. Even at the thought of meeting his own daughter the world becomes a brighter place, but his sun rises every time he meets her even though Hyun Ji acts tough in order not to pamper him! Gi Bum’s explosion in front of his father was highly representative of the void within. He may be jealous of Tae Soo for being Do Kyung’s first love and for appearing around her quite often lately, but the real reason behind his vengeful behavior is because Tae Soo has everything Gi Bum can’t have, being with his family and supporting them in any way he can. All these years he’d been living his father’s life, a life filled with regrets since Gi Bum wasn’t allowed to attend his mother’s funeral because, as a man, he shouldn’t cry. Witnessing the way his father treats Tae Soo’s wife while he can’t accept Gi Bum’s feelings for Do Kyung and Do Kyung herself along with his granddaughter is something that doesn’t only devastate Gi Bum, it also keeps nurturing his hate towards Tae Soo for everything he treasures.

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While Tae Soo was more than ready to dedicate himself in the making of the movie the chairman had a different opinion. The producer and the director had a new office inside the Choong Shim building and Gi Bum, except for Choong Shim Construction’s director, became the leading figure of the newborn Choong Shim Pictures as well. Both Tae Soo and Gi Bum will be in charge of the movie inside the chairman’s territory. This was the part of the story which made Tae Soo’s world collapse, but it was nothing compared to Eun Ok’s shock the moment she witnessed Sung Min playing the guitar and singing along with Hyun Ji at the park instead of attending the cram school! Eun Ok’s aggressive and accusatory temper towards Hyun Ji came to the surface, but Do Kyung was passing by and rushed to her daughter’s aid! Awesome catfights are awesome, especially when the ones involved are two adorable noonas in a raging crescendo!

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Sweet Savage Family’s chessboard broadens as episodes pass by and the kings and queens are plenteous, only the intentions and everyone’s background differ throughout the multifaceted interactions and the mask aesthetic many of them preserve. The storm has arrived and our Hyun Ji and Sung Min have found themselves right in the middle with the hope that their purity of emotion will prevail over the adults’ past and ongoing present. The game will become more vicious during the 6th episode since Eun Ok will find herself out of the One Heart ahjumma syndicate and things will become tougher for Tae Soo’s family due to Soo Min getting kidnapped. I don’t think the chairman or Gi Bum would use such shameless methods, it must be Mr. Cho’s doing. Alright, i am more than ready for the next episode!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.



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    just watched eps 1-5. Enjoying it a lot!

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      Isn’t a hilarious show that deserves MORE audience? It has its own feels, but the laughter factor is too strong! The sad thing is that since it doesn’t have an oppa-friendly environment it’s kind of condemned 🙁

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