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“I came to realize that i could convert
The loneliness that i had felt into an incredible energy.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Joo Eun’s jealousy had started becoming more apparent and while she was training Young Ho protected her she started falling, but her dimple did the talking and captivated him since it was something new in his life! Joo Eun had overworked herself and her face had already started approaching the grandeur of the past!

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Joo Eun was jealous anew as she thought that he was with Anna Sue in the US and erupted since Young Ho kept fueling the flames in his own cryptic way, but Joo Eun said that she was referring to the stuffed animal she had beaten up in the past and started beating it up anew! Its name is “You Bastard!”

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Young Ho was glad that his leg issue had finally been cured while at the same time Joo Eun was making her own assumptions on how lustful his nighttime may had been in the US! She had prepared some food for Young Ho, but it wasn’t pacing with his nutritional schedule! It was the first time Young Ho was witnessing a table cover and Joo Eun stroke a chord the moment she referred to his mother.


He thought that it would had been a great idea for Joo Eun to get a massage from a man, but once he imagined a muscled man performing it he changed his mind! Young Ho put her on the massage chair and left her vibrating there! He didn’t like the fact that she was talking to him without using honorifics since he’s Mr. Coach, the human equivalent of heaven!


Joo Eun wanted their relationship to progress in a friendlier tone and Young Ho started playing with words as he was gradually approaching her! The accidental kiss was still in Joo Eun’s mind and her heart was pounding powerfully anew!

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Hye Ran was trying to take care of the chairwoman who wasn’t in the mood for a massage. Everyone kept talking about how heartless she was while caring about her company after her daughter passed away since she married off her son-in-law for her own benefit. However, she’s glad that Hye Ran has raised Young Joon well, but she shouldn’t infuse further ambitions in her son’s world.


Young Ho was reading The Strength In Time Spent Alone emphasizing on the line referring to the transformation of loneliness into a powerful source of energy. Ji Woong invaded his room and he was glad to see him anew! Hugs and kisses were all over the place along with Ji Woong’s mixed Korean and English and he was grateful to God for treating Young Ho! Ji Woong was also glad on Daegu’s Venus’s progress and the fact that Joo Eun was telling the truth! However, Young Ho found Joo Eun’s dimples pretty and definitely not Ji Woong’s fake ones! It’s something that made him turn into a bubble fish!

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Joon Sung was all alone in his car and once his mother (?) appeared he was overran by emotion. After he left we witnessed that she was living in an abusive environment. Young Ho urged him to remain focused, otherwise he will shave his head! Joo Sung was also thankful for Young Ho being healthy!

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Once Young Ho woke up he found Ji Woong, Joon Sung and Joo Eun inside his room! Her weight was 62.2 kilos and they were so happy! Joo Eun was thankful towards Ji Woong and Joon Sung, but also towards Young Ho even though her jealousy was still floating in the air and considered his help a distant one! Since she lost 15 kilos the three musketeers will have to fulfill one of Joo Eun’s wishes and even though Young Ho was nervous he couldn’t do otherwise but listen to her wish which was no other than all of them living like her for one day!

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Young Ho thought that it would be an unscheduled reckless day, but Joo Eun reassured him that the whole day would be dedicated to infusing happiness and relaxation in their lives! Young Ho realized that their day would be food-related, but Joo Eun was already one step ahead and showed him her blood test report to support that she’s been doing well lately! Young Ho couldn’t step back this time, everything would flow according to Joo Eun’s will and she found herself out of the bed!

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Joo Eun ordered coffee for everyone and the single Americano belonged to Young Ho who hadn’t taken into consideration that it was Joo Eun’s day! He received his first warning and she let it slide just this once, of course, the one with the whipped cream belonged to Joo Eun! Ji Woong thought that she deserved a day just for herself but Young Ho wasn’t that positive since only her face had started losing weight.


Hyun Woo’s ex-husband tries to get closer to John Kim with an article that doesn’t necessarily pace with the truth with the hope to get sued and uncover John Kim’s face.


Joo Eun went at her workplace and the fact that she witnessed Soo Jin along with the director together made her morning already tormenting! He thought that she was focusing on diet more than she should instead of working on the rich client’s case and Soo Jin informed him that she had already talked to Joo Eun about the case. Soo Jin had noticed that Joo Eun was on a diet and she was curious if she was dating someone, but Joo Eun emphasized on the fact that Soo Jin’s the one dating and urged her to have a fiery love! Soo Jin referred to the “did the chicken or the egg came first” idiom and handed her over a copyright infringement case.


Ji Woong was learning the national anthem while Joo Eun was popping up in Young Ho’s mind! Ji Woong’s singing was passionate but he couldn’t recall all of the verses! Young Ho transformed himself into a Ganzi general and Ji Woong made a reference to his Korean background!

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Joo Eun’s next mission was for them to play dead and not do anything! Young Ho won’t have to shave off Joon Sung’s hair since he got a new haircut and Young Ho acknowledged that he finally looked like an athlete! They took pictures to prove that they were playing dead!

bscap3879 bscap3882bscap3883 bscap3885

The second mission was for all of them to watch a romantic movie and feel as much as possible! They were watching a movie with Richard Gere and feels were already invading Joon Sung’s world! Young Ho couldn’t believe it and tried to leave, but Joo Eun prevented him with her leg!

  bscap3891bscap3890 bscap3888 bscap3893bscap3892

It was Joo Eun’s turn to appear like a ghost preventing Young Ho from training!

bscap3899 bscap3900bscap3896 bscap3904

The third mission was to sleep like there’s no tomorrow and Joo Eun cast her spell on him!


Woo Shik brought Young Ho’s identity information to Nam Chul and they have to work on acquiring another chairman’s influence. They won’t exaggerate for now and they will keep a close on everything before their moves becomes more powerful.


Soo Jin went to meet her rich client who wanted Soo Jin to progress with the case as soon as possible. Her attitude wasn’t the finest as expected and Soo Jin informed her that money would be unable to help her win over this employee assault case. However, the more the money the greatest the effort!


Joo Eun was checking the mission photos until Hyun Jung arrived and noticed that she had lost lots of weight from her face, but Joo Eun informed her that she’s doing it because of her thyroid. Joo Eun had already started thinking of the forthcoming meal she’d been missing all this time!


Joo Eun was starving and she went to meet Hyun Woo who noticed that Joo Eun had already started leaning towards her good old days! She informed her on the latest events in her life without investing in details and Hyun Woo started thinking that something was going on between Joo Eun and Young Ho, but she reassured her that nothing like that was happening thanks to his temper! Once Joo Eun got informed that Hyun Woo’s ex-husband had found out John Kim’s house in the US she couldn’t believe her ears!

bscap3919 bscap3926bscap3923

Joo Eun called Ji Woong on the phone and urged everyone to stop eating their healthy dishes! The Joo Eun day meal mission had arrived and they will eat at a restaurant! Ji Woong was excited and urged everyone to put on their suits!

 bscap3931 bscap3933bscap3930

Ji Woong, Joon Sung and Young Ho were dressed like secret agents and even though Young Ho tried to escape the other two prevented him! The table was filled with lots of goodies and Joo Eun had already started eating! Ji Woong followed her lead and shortly after Joon Sung continued his legacy!

bscap3935bscap3938 bscap3943

Only Young Ho wasn’t eating and Joo Eun was the one to feed him and eventually he fell for her eating spell! Of course, a photo couldn’t be missing and Young Ho tried hard to smile!

bscap3949 bscap3954bscap3956bscap3951

Nam Chul urged Woo Shik to be careful once he became aware that he had to go to the police station. Once he entered his car Soo Jin was nearby and called him on the phone. He told her that he was at his office and that he will call her later on while she was witnessing him leaving in front of her very eyes.

 bscap3965bscap3958bscap3957 bscap3966

The stalker had hired a lawyer because Woo Shik had hit and threatened him. The stalker had recorded Woo Shik’s threats and Soo Jin made her appearance right on time.

bscap3970bscap3971 bscap3973

Joo Eun was happily singing as her dimple was exploding with love after the divine meal!

bscap3976bscap3977 bscap3978

She had to join Woo Shik and Soo Jin at the police station and awkwardness was all over the place! Soo Jin’s defensive line was to present Joo Eun and Woo Shik’s relationship along with the evidence they have. Young Ho had to be present as well since he was a witness!

bscap3980 bscap3981bscap3979 bscap3985

Soo Jin left and Woo Shik was left all alone with Joo Eun. He noticed that her face had started reminding the one of Daegu’s Venus and he apologized for hitting her stalker, but he couldn’t hold back out of sympathy. He didn’t invest in details on Young Ho’s background and that he may be playing a game with her, but Joo Eun thought that he was jealous. She emphasized on the fact that she’s didn’t destroy herself by simply gaining weight and that they are not youngsters anymore since everything’s in the past now. She left his case in Soo Jin’s more capable hands and left.


On his way out Young Ho recalled Soo Jin’s words concerning Joo Eun and Woo Shik’s relationship and shortly after he met Woo Shik who introduced himself since they’re going to meet again, but Young Ho hadn’t made a final decision. Woo Shik was thankful towards him for taking care of Joo Eun and Young Ho left since he couldn’t leave Joo Eun waiting in the cold.


Young Ho found Joo Eun outside of the police station and they left together!


Inside her apartment, Soo Jin was breaking apart as she was recalling the past. Except for the chocolate, Woo Shik had defended her by beating up her blind date for offending her. Just like Young Ho had overheard Soo Jin’s words on Joo Eun and Woo Shik’s relationship Soo Jin had also overheard the recording and the past came to visit her.

bscap4011bscap4006bscap4007 bscap4012

Concerning Woo Shik’s lawsuit, Young Ho had asked secretary Min to go to the police station and Young Ho’s personal request was fulfilled, but secretary Min urged him to be more careful from now on.


Joo Eun wanted yet another cup of coffee since the Joo Eun day wasn’t over yet and while she waiting for the coffees she thought that there was something wrong with the car. The more Young Ho was observing her the more he was falling for her!


Joo Eun didn’t conceive the Joo Eun day as a sense of freedom after all the training struggle she went through, she wanted to infuse sweetness in Young Ho’s life and it was actually a gift in the pursuit of happiness. She’s well aware that it’s not good for her body, but it’s a part of her personal happiness. She could also understand that Young Ho, even though he’s not showing it, he has to bear with his own burden.

 bscap4023bscap4022 bscap4024

Since she thought that there was a problem with the car, Joo Eun went out in the rain to get some fresh air. The café had closed and Young Ho joined her company after her presence cast a spell on him! Once her dimple made its appearance he kept staring at her! He informed her that there was nothing wrong with his car and expressed the sweet taste of life he had experienced!

bscap4042bscap4026bscap4028 bscap4043

Men usually want to do other things with the women they want to mess with.” Since her body belonged to him and because he was unable to hold back himself he kissed her!

bscap4045bscap4046bscap4049 bscap4050bscap4051

~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus’ 6th episode managed to achieve the drama’s best ratings to date, 9.7% and i hope that it will surpass 10% during the next week, it deserves it after all, doesn’t it? The 6th episode was an ode to So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah’s characters and both of them prove what they’re made of through their very own acting evocations!


The 6th episode didn’t set aside the laughter factor. On the contrary, there were tons of humorous scenes from Ji Woong’s explosive loveliness and fiery quirkiness to Joon Sung’s supportive and restrained funny side and from Joo Eun’s commanding position and blissful missions to Young Ho’s ongoing strokes by not having the upper hand even for a single day! So Ji Sub with that hat was general Ganzi at his finest and the You Bastard stuffed animal pretty much owned!


Daegu’s Venus’ palpable revelation left its own impact upon everyone’s lives as most of the main and secondary figures were dancing to her very own vibrant tempo! Joo Eun formed her own empire for a single day and she dealt with everyone in the most representative way. Mostly with love, but also with brave amounts of truth that would either inflict pain or awaken hearts and minds. You have to love the way the faces change in Oh My Venus’ three musketeers version! It’s either Young Ho, Ji Woong and Joon Sung or Joo Eun, Ji Woong and Joon Sung! By the way, was it Nights in Rodanthe the Richard Gere movie they were watching ? It’s been a few years since i watched it, but it felt like that.


I won’t even refer to the stalker to a wider extent, he’s a parasite’s fossil among the living, but he was a necessary plot device to bring together Joo Eun, Woo Shik and Soo Jin. Except for the awkwardness at the police station the conversation between Joo Eun and Woo Shik that followed was of utter importance. Joo Eun doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy or pity, especially when it comes from a person who shamelessly degraded her in the first place with his actions, because his words in front of her wouldn’t easily come to the surface simply because he knew how wrong he was and that he would be unable to support his decisions. Joo Eun is still herself, she had always been, but she’s not the same girl she used to be 15 years ago.


The main core has always been there, but her development throughout the years made her the remarkable woman she is at the present. While Woo Shik was thinking that she had ruined herself by gaining weight he was neglecting the fact that she was struggling to support her family through excessive stress and pressure. I won’t talk about her thyroid issue since he’s not aware of it, but Joo Eun tries to lose weight for the right reason. She doesn’t deserve someone like him by her side and if i am thankful for something towards him due to his lack of dignity is that Joo Eun is finally free. I don’t care if he’s got some lingering feelings and/or issues and always runs back to her, he should resolve them on his own, far away from her. On a side note, Woo Shik’s distance with Soo Jin grows, but even when he was lying to her she rushed to his aid.


She may had seen it as payback time for helping her back in the days with that discriminating subhuman, it may had been the need to cling unto him while progressing her own emotions, but at the end of the day her past was shattering her to pieces. The mirror was reflecting her unresolved issues with the past no matter how hard she tries to set them aside, but this is the reason why she can’t find peace with herself, because she was trying to forget instead of facing the mirror with an insightful stare. Her vengeful approach doesn’t have the same impact it used to upon Joo Eun who appeared more ironic and combative while using the honorifics Soo Jin was demanding, but without holding back her thoughts!


The 6th episode was dedicated to the magic between Joo Eun and Young Ho and how they were gradually falling for one another amid sexual innuendos, mutual caring, jealousy and an exceptional sense of sincerity and silent longing. So far she had been living in John Kim’s world and the day for him to live in her own world had arrived. He wouldn’t only understand her to a wider extent, but he also got to transform the tremendous amounts of loneliness he had been through into that ever-expanding energy he was craving for. It’s a co-healing process for both of them and even though he never shared his problems Joo Eun could read through the lines when it comes to the burdens Young Ho had been carrying on his shoulders; silently. Their kiss was heartfelt and a beautiful one, you could sense the gracious electricity between them seconds before their lips entwined!


She wanted him to treasure the sweetness of life and the right to happiness through her own daily pleasures. She was well aware that it wasn’t good for her own body, but it was her very own happiness and she had every right to it. The drama does justice to the overall subject with distinctive lines every now and then. Young Ho is disciplined, but the strength of character belongs to Joo Eun. The excessive tête-à-têtes, their very own body language and chemistry along with the eloquent flames craving to come to the surface were there. The more Young Ho was observing her the more he was falling for her and the divine dimple felt like a star in the night sky paving the way for Young Ho’s heart! I loved the exchange of roles in this episode with Joo Eun popping up out of nowhere like a ghost by occupying Young Ho’s mind every time he wasn’t complying to her missions! But i also had loved the way Young Ho occupied her own mind in his absence while she believed he was in the US during the previous episode! Even though it may had appeared as one day of utter freedom for Joo Eun, it was Young Ho’s liberating day.


I am looking forward to Joon Sung’s background story as it shyly evolves episode by episode. The woman he witnessed could be his mother who had probably abandoned him at the orphanage, of course this is only an assumption. I will repeat my thoughts from the 5th episode’s recap since i think they are more fitting here. Concerning Joon Sung’s charity preferences towards single mothers and judging from the fact that he was an orphan (unless a different story unveils in the future) i think it’s probably because he acknowledges the struggles of motherhood under these circumstances. If society is hostile against single mothers chances are high some of these children will end up at an orphanage and my personal assumptions make me believe that he wants to prevent something like that by supporting them as much as he can.


Alright, after the 6th episode set our hearts aflame i really can’t wait for Oh My Venus’ 4th airing week. Since there wasn’t any preview for now the longing can only become greater! I ship them so much i would voluntarily hold that umbrella for them!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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  1. December 2, 2015 at 6:32 pm — Reply

    >< I dont like being the uncool preachy girl, but the line "you can't say no" was too much for me. The scene was going so romantic for me, the kiss was coming, I knew it and he just had to say that and she said nothing… When the kiss is intentional and both people want it, why the need to be all "it's my desire, it's me who wants the kiss, whatever you say, I will have it my way"… Especially when she accidentally kissed him first. that was cute.

    "I won’t talk about her thyroid issue since he’s not aware of it, but Joo Eun tries to lose weight for the right reason." Actually, considering that Woo Shik was not only an athlete but a famous one, I can't help but feel it's a bit crueler of him not to have worry about her health as he watched her put on weight year after year. I know Young Ho is a personal trainer, so he's used to analyze a body real fast, but let's say Woo Shik could have tried to help her if he actually loved her for who she is and not just for her body. I mean, there's a difference between calling out someone on their weight out of love and being straight out judgemental by accusing of being sloppy for not maintaining the "right" weight. I wonder if they will give Joo Eun's assistant sharing her honest opinion about Joo Eun loosing weight. Do they have a real friendship (as far as one can be friends with their boss) or was their interaction based on this feeling they had a similar weight, so they had this unconscious need to stick together?

    I miss So Ji Sub reenacting the Kakaotalk text messages. So Ji Sub is the most inexpressive actor who can still manage to convey the emotion he's supposed to feel. I know I'm Ji Subiased and I know the dead-pan comedy is my kind of humor, so I'm probably more receptive to his implicit humor.

    • December 4, 2015 at 12:03 am — Reply

      Nah, you’re not the uncool preachy girl, your the sunny lady lady sun! XD It wasn’t too much for me since there was consent, the silent one, but it does sound a bit too much. However, John Kim as a char has that short of exaggeration and possessiveness, but not in a bad manner of speaking, at least to me, since the vibes are mutual.
      “but let’s say Woo Shik could have tried to help her if he actually loved her for who she is and not just for her body.” Highly agree on that, it looks like he loved her image and not her, but in the process he got to like her to for who see is, until she started gaining weight and his “passion” was lessening day by day.
      “or was their interaction based on this feeling they had a similar weight, so they had this unconscious need to stick together?” hadn’t thought about that to be honest, it could (sadly) be this, but i hope it ain’t! “So Ji Sub is the most inexpressive actor who can still manage to convey the emotion he’s supposed to feel.” SO TRUE! Even if he does nothing, he can offer emotion if he has to! XD Hyung is great! I can say that i am Ji Sub biased too, but to a hyung extent. The moment he tried hard to smile for the restaurant photo was PRICELESS! XD

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  3. Cecilia
    December 14, 2015 at 3:19 am — Reply

    I love this drama gahh*** 😀

    • December 15, 2015 at 3:17 am — Reply

      OMV is adorable beyond comprehension, the main couple is one of the best this year!

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