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Bubblegum Episode # 12 Recap [So Do We Leave It All To History]

bubbl123333311(will you ever answer me?)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

bubbl1202Ri Hwan is dealing with a patient who is feeling pain despite his limb being gone; he thinks about his own situation, and thinks to himself that the pain will eventually go away.

Se Yeong is reading a fan letter that talks about a regular day someone spent, but because it was with their special person at the time, that day is stuck in their head.

bubbl1203Haeng Ah recounts a day she spent with Ri Hwan fooling around- she didn’t bring money with her and wanted a fish biscuit. Ri Hwan pretended he didn’t have money either but after a while, after making Haeng Ah do some ridiculous things in order for him to give her his waller, he ends up buying fish beans for both of them.

bubbl1204Se Yeong remarks that Haeng Ah has been taking care of herself a lot lately, taking her medicine and all that and she could enter a racing competition at this point. Haeng Ah replies, that maybe she should actually do that.

Tae Hee tells Se Yeong that the forums are raging about her lately, and Se Yeong is happy because that means she’s doing her acting job justice- it is her role they hate afterall.

bubbl1205She then wonders if they should do a give away of gifts, as there are many people she would like to give gifts too. Haeng Ah says that would be difficult since they’re a night program and there are a lot of people that fish around those competitions, finding ways to trick into winning a prize.

Se Yeong goes on a rant about how she would like to give a gift to a poor student that studies hard for exams- then she wonders how much money would she need to accomplish everything she wants. Everyone is amused at her rhetorical questions.

bubbl1206Tae Hee stays behind to write the opening for the next show while Haeng Ah, Se Yeong and Joon So meet Jo Dong; he asks them to do a live instead of constant recordings, but Se Yeong tells him that her schedule is tight. Jo Dong then has to leave to meet someone.

Ji Hoon wonders if everyone around them is happier than him and Ri Hwan, and what those other people might be thinking watching them; he tells Ri Hwan not to worry much, and enjoy a night out every once in a while. His mom has a good nurse at home afterall and feels grateful to Yi Seul for finding a good caretaker. Ri Hwan tells him he’s more grateful for him.

bubbl1207Jo Dong enters the place Ri Hwan and Ji Hoon are and calls Seok Joon not to meet him there, in order to avoid meeting them, but Seok Joon arrives anyway.

After an awkward silence, Ri Hwan thanks Jo Dong for his help but Jo Dong tells him he didn’t really do anything, he just sat in the console. He starts to say something about Haeng Ah but soon regrets it and ends up faking he has to go the bathroom- Ji Hoon follows him outside and Jo Dong tells him they should go elsewhere since the situation is tense inside, but Ji Hoon says he has to stay for Ri Hwan.

bubbl1208Seok Joon tells Ri Hwan that going into a bar where the station works frequent, is not “disappearing completely” as he said he would. Ri Hwan says he didn’t know and won’t appear again. Seok Joon asks him if he thinks that Haeng Ah has accepted their break up and after noticing that Ri Hwan is unable to say her name out loud, tells him to be more careful since he can’t hide his feelings.

Jo Dong explains to Ji Hoon, that Tae Hee liking him, probably mean she feels pity for him; she’s smart and pretty and would never fall for a guy like him- he thinks it is some sort of maternal instinct kicking in. Ji Hoon is not convinced, but says he won’t give up on her. Seok Joon tells Ri Hwan that Haeng Ah is doing fine- he then meets with Jo Dong and tells him that he told a lie that probably showed too.

bubbl1209He tells him when he met Haeng Ah recently and how they went to eat something they didnt do often when they were actually together. After their lunch, Seok Joon asks her to give him a second chance but Haeng Ah rejects him- he reassures he will be there for her this time, and not for the small things, but for the big ones too.

bubbl12010Seok Joon says that this might be his last chance with Haeng Ah- Jo Dong wonders if that is the feeling of greed and wanting to have something you can’t have- but Seok Joon should know better.

bubbl12011Haeng Ah talks with Aunt’s colleague doctor and tells him how she is progressing with her phobia of hospitals- she then asks him about how her Aunt is doing and if remembering Ri Hwan  and not forgetting him means she’s doing better. He tells her that it was uncommon he forgot him first, but since she lost her father that day, there might have been some relation to that. Haeng Ah wonders if it was her relationship with Ri Hwan that might have worsened her but the doctor tells her she did absolutely nothing wrong.

bubbl12012Ri Hwan tells his mom he will wait for her after having eaten in Secret Garden and leaves her with Ji Hoon- Auntie asks Ji Hoon if Ri Hwan is waiting elsewhere and says it’s a shame he doesn’t come in to eat, as nobody would say anything.

Ji Hoon tells Dong Hwa to go to school and she replies that she’s graduating soon anyway- he tells her that is all the more reason to be going to school as everyday is precious and leaves after saying that he’s a mess all around but is cool around her.

bubbl12013Haeng Ah thinks about the doctor’s words, who said that Seon Yeong has probably passed the hardest stage- she is now at the point of becoming somewhat like an innocent kid. Seon Yeong asks Dong Hwa about her pencil, but Dong Hwa gives her another one after showing her that it does its job as well as her own.

Ji Hoon tells Ri Hwan that Haeng Ah stopped going by Secret Garden as well, and wonders why they’re punishing themselves. Ri Hwan tells him he made a promise he doesn’t know and it’s his decision anyway. Ji Hoon wonders if Ri Hwan pushed Haeng Ah away for other reasons other than his mom and tells him he will help him with everything he might need.

bubbl12014Ri Hwan finds his mom’s pencil and tells Ji Hoon he will leave it to Secret Garden and call Auntie to take it to his mom.

Dong Hwa wonders why she suddenly thinks that Ji Hoon looks nice to her and Seon Yeong explains how the brain and the heart connect with the visual image. Dong Hwa is surprised she knows that much despite forgetting her name every day. Seon Yeong wants to go outside since it is sunny, and calls Auntie with her old name, something that makes Dong Hwa laughs.

bubbl12015Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan meet each other on opposite sidewalks and he starts walking away- Haeng Ah tells him not to leave and she just wants to say a few things from afar. She says how she’s gonna take her driver license soon and how well she is progressing going in and out of hospitals- when the time comes, she will be going with Aunt in the hospital too, and after that she will return to him even if he tells her not to.

bubbl12016Ri Hwan turns to her when he listens to that, and Haeng Ah tells him that she has missed him a lot, but because she feels she might be a burden to him, until she gets completely well, she will be on her own and won’t cry or try to see him even if she wants to. Ri Hwan starts to leave again and despite Haeng Ah telling him to stay a minute more, he eventually walks away.

bubbl12017Se Yeong is waiting at the dentist’s office and Joon Soo arrives late because he had to accompany Haeng Ah on her driving lessons; Se Yeong is mad at him for greeting the receptionist with a smile and starts arguing with him. Yi Seul tells them to stop argue and also advises Se Yeong not to have many drinks till she’s completely healed. Se Yeong tells her that she felt healed, and that is why she did drink but Yi Seul, thinking to what Ri Hwan told her once, says that people wrongly stop coming when they think they have healed.

bubbl12018Yi Seul wants to leave food for Seon Yeong, but Auntie says it’s not right to leave it by the door and invites her in.

Yi Seul introduces herself to Seon Yeong, telling her shes working in a hospital- that resonates with Seon Yeong and Yi Seul goes on to describe her way of starting her day in her work. Ri Hwan arrives at that time and greets Yi Seul.

bubbl12019Yi Seul explains to Ri Hwan that she didn’t want to intrude or anything, but she got invited by his Auntie. Ri Hwan says it’s alright and then Yi Seul tells him that she actually likes his mother- not only because it is his mother, but because she felt that when they met she understood her. She then notices how he has grown a bit thin and how he wears a watch.

Ri Hwan tells her, about the time she asked him once, on what to do when you can’t have someone you like- he says the “solution” is to last until midnight. Don’t think about future days or anything else, just one day at time. Yi Seul says it would be great if he could like her back, but she knows she won’t. Ri Hwan thanks her for everything and Yi Seul leaves. Ri Hwan returns to his place and finds a pamphlet of a hospital. He thinks back to the day his mom found that pamplet.


Seon Yeong asks Ri Hwan if his grandfather passed away- Ri Hwan tells her she did, and then she asks him if she let her condition known in the funeral. Ri Hwan says she did alright.

She then apologizes to him- she thought, that if Ri Hwan would become succesful and married into a rich family, she could go back to her father and told him that he was wrong all along. Her selfishness made Ri Hwan suffer and she tells him she is sorry, and to think about his happiness from now on.

bubbl12021Ji Hoon tells Ri Hwan that his mom went into a walk with her nurse- Ri Hwan is worried because it is cold outside but Ji Hoon explains that his mom is in a good mood and the nurse put her around small blanket like a baby. Ri Hwan tells Ji Hoon that his situation with Tae Hee might be bad because of him, but Ji Hoon says that it was already bad- the guy she likes right now, is a good guy though thinks Ji Hoon. He tells Ri Hwan jokingly to stay and sleep together and when Ri Hwan laughs he says they should be laughing every now and then.

bubbl12022Ri Hwan waits for his mom to come while thinking of what she told him about his happiness and what Haeng Ah told him on the streets- his mother arrives and he says he wants to read her a book and then put her to sleep.

Jo Dong asks Tae Hee out for coffee to give her a reply to what she asked him the other day. He starts by saying “no matter how I think about it” but Tae Hee interrupts him saying that means he is going to say something bad. He tries to rephrase but she interrupts him again.

bubbl12023She then tells him she likes him and since she confessed to him, he can reject her some other day, but as she’s leaving Jo Dong tells her “I don’t like you. Is that good enough?” Tae Hee asks him to say it again looking in her eyes and she will believe him.

In the radio station, Haeng Ah tells Se Yeong and Joon Soo about a patient she knows who has a similar Alzheimer’s as her Aunt and is progressing very well, something that makes her happy. Se Yeong says that their fight seems so lame in front of serious problems like this.

bubbl12024Tae Hee gives Haeng Ah a list of songs, and she asks her if she picked a song for the third set. “G.NA – I will get lost, You go Your Way” replies Tae Hee, and Haeng Ah says it should be something about first love. Tae Hee tells her not to use it then.

In the “advice corner”, Se Yeong is reading the fan letters and after a while she asks about a “friend” of hers that is dating a young guy.

bubbl12025She wonders if that younger guy will like younger women and if the chance of cheating is high. The ‘psychologist’ tells her that if he wanted to date younger women, he would- if he dates someone older, it is because she likes her.

Se Yeong then reads Haeng Ah’s letter about feeling selfish for telling Ri Hwan who has a lot of burders how she feels- “It’s not selfish, it is human” the ‘doc’ replies and then goes on about how natural it is for people wanting to give and be given.

bubbl12026Se Yeong ends her broadcast with an “advice” to build up the courage and tell others how you feel today, since people have forgotten they won’t live forever.

The next morning, Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah both go to the hospital and meet outside Seon Yeong’s colleague office.


Reflection Corner :


I choose to focus on the happy Haeng Ah in the radio station because honestly, it feels like she can only rely on “her only friend through teenage nights” to keep her spirits up; and really, I wouldn’t mind  having the rest of episodes filled with Se Yeong talks with that psychologist, loool. Their exchange was so amusing, I would definitely dig a show with Se Yeong reading fan letters and that guy replying, I mean:

(that's some epic thought right there!)

(that’s some epic thought right there!)

Okay, was anyone else confused with Ri Hwan this episode? Everyone and their mothers (literally, his mother this episode!) tell him that there’s no reason whatsoever why he should be apart with Haeng Ah at this point and they’re both suffering for no reason but he’s stubbornly refuses to do the logical thing and get back with her. Does he think that his mother had a relationship with Haeng Ah’s dad long before he knew him, and actually is suspicious that it is his dad? Because, oh boy. It doesn’t make any sense to avoid her like the plague. At least, the upside is that it wasn’t noble idiocy level 99 and it was him thinking they’re siblings then? We’ll see.


(ahhh, I don't know, you got a book with infinite pages to start writing down because they're a SHITTON?)

(ahhh, I don’t know, you got a book with infinite pages to start writing down because they’re a SHITTON?)

Ri Hwan’s mom, albeit very darn late, admitted her wrong doings so that was something nice to see. (even though it is past regret midnight late!)

Yi Seul, took one step further this episode finally- she did say that she wished that Ri Hwan liked her back (even though, she has said this again and again..!) but she finally seems like she has accepted his feelings won’t change towards her, so that’s something positive.

The irony of the series- when Seon Yeong’s colleague actually tells what everyone should be saying to Haeng Ah :

(someone said it! hallelujah)

(someone said it! hallelujah)

Because you know that Haeng Ah still feels like she is a burden to others and she had to hear that. Her soft “thank you” after that, was indicative.

Jo Dong and Tae Hee are over then? Hum, I actually like their interactions together (most notably Jo Dong’s scared expression!) but it seems like it’s done for now.


Anyways, after two heavy episodes, we’re back on track a bit. We didn’t go like, uum, I don’t know, for example “Marriage Not Dating” (now Marriage Not Dating was a brilliant rom-com, if I get a chance to bring it up somehow, I will lool)  territory as it was a bit in the first latter of the series, but this episode was quite neat.

Onwards to episode 13 and hopefully Se Yeong and the psychologist will keep the spirit up again lol!


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  1. December 2, 2015 at 4:41 am — Reply

    I haven’t watch ep 12 yet, just surfing through video on youtube and now reading your recap, haha initially I intended to wait for next week episodes come out then I will watch all three of episodes in order to prevent tears party like last weeks. But now seeing Haeng Ah smiles beautifully, I change my mind and watch ep 12 now.
    I agree with you about Haeng Ah really needs to hear someone says she doesn’t do anything wrong, I always feel like HA think she’s always in sin, she’s the one to take the blame, she’s the burden, she’s the roots of everyone’ suffering, that’s why she’s always close to herself, never talk about what she want, because she may think she’s not deserved it, she’s not important, it’s ok to be hurt, it’s ok to be suffered.
    I will come back with more comment once I catch the ep 12 :)))

  2. December 2, 2015 at 7:12 am — Reply

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  3. December 2, 2015 at 1:45 pm — Reply

    I’m feeling to many feels since episode 9. I’m taking my time to catch up for now. useless comment is useless, I knox ^^”

    • December 2, 2015 at 2:14 pm — Reply

      Comments that include the word “feels” are never useless! ; p

  4. December 2, 2015 at 2:29 pm — Reply

    I just watch ep 12 with eng sub, then the main problem of RH not getting with HA is that he thinks she’s his half sister? Does that even make sense?
    I really love the conversation of HA and RH on the road, well the only one speaking is HA but I love this, she’s telling him she’s making progress, her understanding of their break up is that RH want to prevent her from suffering because she’s someone who is weak and need to be protected. Now she’s telling him, she’s getting stronger, she will not be a burden to him, she won’t make him worry about her anymore, now she can take care of herself and take care of his mom with him. She will get back to him though he says not to, just like the way RH is so determined about them getting together. Also, the director and writer are brilliant, I love How HA ask RH to stay for 1 minute, just like RH ask her in front of her station.
    I love the advisor already, he has wisdom and he makes HA smile beautifully :))))
    the last scene, RH and HA, it feels like they’re the same person living the same life, there’s no one in this world would be their soulmate other than each other :)))

    • December 2, 2015 at 3:20 pm — Reply

      It doesn’t make sense, but everything else doesn’t make sense either lol. It’s a nonsensical situation!

      Yeah, Haeng Ah stood her ground this episode and it was nice to see her moving forward and taking steps to treat herself.

  5. marybethany
    December 10, 2015 at 3:20 pm — Reply

    i must say i have enough of the redundant YS, she confessed to lessen her stress, pouring her thoughts was a “outlet” of her own inabilities of self-controls. YS just repeatedly do what she does best, will turned on her Dark-side, released all her woes and heart-burnt to RH. Then allowed her Good-Side returns, and repented and told RH, that her original self is “not like that… how she hated herself… forget what she just said… she is in tormented by tormenting them…”…then made RH pity her. Oosp… then YS goes repeating this ‘Dark-side / Good-side” saga again, again and again. But HA is diff, her confession was not meant to empty her woes to garner sympathy, but to make RH felt better, that she didn’t wallow in self-pity, but “live pretty sensibly, well, eat healthy, sleep well… in short, she is living for RH”. While YS will mourn that she can’t live without RH blah blah… but HA will comfort RH. that she will live on well without RH.

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