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“Sincerity may be optional while trying to console someone,
But i think that all it takes to understand is the lack of misunderstanding.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Young Ho didn’t only save Joo Eun inside her apartment from the ecstatic stalker, he also took her side inside the police department while the police officers were discriminating against her. Joo Eun knew how things would flow since she was a lawyer and she didn’t fight back to the fullest because it wouldn’t lead towards the desired outcome. Woo Shik was nearby keeping an eye on Joo Eun who left with Young Ho who thought that she would stay at Hyun Woo’s place. However, she entered a motel and Young Ho took her at his place despite her arch denial since her house would never be an option due to the stalker!

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Even though he pretended that he didn’t give her his own sheets this is what he did! While he was rushing to her aid his leg had already started deteriorating and he pressured himself in order to help her. During that night Young Ho tried to soothe his leg’s pain.

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The next morning the three musketeers ran to take care of her cramp and after she praised John Kim the other two eased her burden! Ji Woong couldn’t believe that things didn’t flow as expected at the police station and Joo Eun’s meal wasn’t that pleasing, but she had to comply! She didn’t have her medication with her, but Young Ho was taking care of her step by step with all the necessary pills! Once Ji Woong noticed her Daegu’s Venus photo on her cellphone nobody believed that it was her, but Joo Eun urged them to wait until she loses weight and predicted that Young Ho will definitely fall for her!

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Joo Eun along with Hyun Jung arrived at their workplace wearing something like pajamas and their co-workers were laughing at them! However, Joo Eun was thankful towards her for lending her this outfit! Young Ho recalled Joo Eun’s Daegu’s Venus story and started thinking whether it could be true or not. His leg was still tormenting him and he called secretary Min asking him to follow him towards Daegu in order to find out whether there’s something wrong with his leg or not.


Hyun Woo and Joo Eun’s brother went to her office in order to help her with everything going on with the stalker, but Joo Eun wanted to take care of everything on her own. Once Hyun Woo left Joo Eun gave her brother some money in order to start making a proper living and she will try to help him even more as soon as possible.


Woo Shik arrived at the police station and he noticed Joo Eun’s stalker leaving. He was looking into her case as well and once he visited her place he found the stalker and punched him. The stalker was well aware that Woo Shik had broken up with Joo Eun and Woo Shik warned him for the last time to stay away from her.


Woo Shik informed Soo Jin that he won’t be able to meet her and she wanted to see Joo Eun right away. The day Soo Jin found out she had passed the bar exam she was with Joo Eun and once Woo Shik appeared with a present for his girlfriend he gave Soo Jin some chocolate as her own present. Joo Eun had arranged a blind date for Soo Jin but things didn’t flow as expected and that guy told Soo Jin that Joo Eun was doing this because she was pitying her and that he didn’t intend to become a part of that journey either. Soo Jin believed that Joo Eun had been pitying her all along the way.

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Soo Jin wanted Joo Eun to start working on sexual harassment and rape cases, but she couldn’t do so since it wasn’t a part of her contract in the first place. Even though it was about defending a woman Joo Eun didn’t want to work on the case since she was clear from the beginning, but Soo Jin imposed her higher position on her and urged her to do so. Soo Jin surrendered to the chocolate’s whispers, but once Joo Eun leaned towards the sugar’s location John Kim’s voice echoed and prevented her!

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Joon Sung was in the ring and he emerged victorious, now he’s ready to progress towards the next phase! Joo Eun was thinking of a wide variety of dishes but Young Ho’s ghost appeared anew and urged her to stop thinking of them! She could even sense the scents of the dishes her clients had devoured and her stomach could barely hang in there!

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Yi Jin appeared and urged Ji Woong to leave so that she would be able to talk to Joon Sung! He decided to work with her on the commercial, but she wasn’t pleased with the fact that he wanted to offer the whole profit in charities since it would make her look like a greedy celebrity! She eventually decided on her own that they should work together on the charity factor! After a bombardment of questions concerning his charity preferences and most and above all the fact that he’s not interested in her she reached the conclusion that he could be gay!

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Nam Chul, Hye Ran and Young Joon were eating altogether while waiting for Young Ho’s father and Nam Chul’s attitude wasn’t the finest. He can’t accept the fact that Young Ho may be introduced as the company’s forthcoming director since Young Joon isn’t a part of the family’s bloodline because Young Ho’s father is the chairwoman’s son-in-law. Young Ho had become aware of their conversation and once secretary Min arrived he found out that it wasn’t an arranged date but a moment for him to find out the truth.

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Young Ho met Joo Eun and she thought that it was his ghost, but soon enough she found out that he was the one and only John Kim! Young Ho pretended that he had received flowers from someone special while Joo Eun had kept the stalker’s flowerpot since she couldn’t hate the flowers because of a single person! Joo Eun finally found out that Young Ho had given her his own sheets and pillars even though he pretended that some girls would be passing by and that was the reason why he bought new ones! Joo Eun was well aware that the Anna Sue scandal was gradually becoming a part of the past and Young Ho took her to meet his ideal woman and the husband of his ideal woman; Jujutsu!

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The moment for Joo Eun to learn how to fight back once she finds herself in a dangerous situation had arrived! Young Ho urged her to attack him and she was so glad she would have her chance to do so, but Young Ho emerged victorious! During the next attempt and while her heart was pounding stronger than before an accidental kiss took place! While Joo Eun’s mind was utterly lost Young Ho kept training her and awkwardness kept reigning supreme on her behalf while Young Ho was maintaining his peace of mind!

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Young Ho likes strong women since he won’t have to worry about them and he could easily understand that the conversation around his ideal type of women was related to their accidental kiss even though she denied it! He didn’t forget to remind Joo Eun that her body belongs to him and he was glad that she had lost some weight! During nighttime Joo Eun couldn’t forget their accidental kiss and the same applies to Young Ho from another point of view!

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The next morning Joo Eun prepared breakfast for everyone and she was glad Young Ho wasn’t there since they could progress with more food! Young Ho and secretary Min were on their way towards Daegu and the secretary urged him to keep in mind the arranged marriage. Things are bound to get tougher from tomorrow!

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Joo Eun became aware that Hyun Woo’s ex-husband had gone to the US to find John Kim and she had already started thinking that Young Ho may had left for the US as well! While training she received a phone call from Young Ho and she pretended that she was drinking wine! The video call betrayed her exact location and Joo Eun’s awkward vibes couldn’t remain hidden while Young Ho was maintaining his cool attitude! Joo Eun was wondering whether Young Ho had gone to the US to meet Anna Sue or not and informed him that Hyun Woo’s husband is after him! Secretary Kim was knocking his door and Young Ho pretended that it could be Anna Sue!

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Joo Eun messaged Hyun Woo’s ex-husband on whether he found John Kim or not and in between physical tests John Kim was witnessing Joo Eun’s training! The doctor thought that Young Ho’s osteosarcoma had been cured and everything started pointing towards the psychological factor; fear. Back in the days, Young Ho had entered the operating room while crying out his mother’s name and urging his father to help him. At the present, psychoneurosis has become Young Ho’s ill-natured companion.

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Young Ho went to a hotel in order to get some rest and secretary Min took care of everything for him, including his meal and the flowers!

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Joo Eun kept exercising and Young Ho appeared right on time to notice that Joo Eun had lost more weight and that her dimples were in shape! And he lost himself in that divine dimple!

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~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus’ 5th episode reached 8.8%, the drama’s second best ratings to date. It was one of these episodes that not many things happen, but many things come into place and the storyline in the background becomes more specific. It was also one of these episodes that prepare the audience for the drama’s main core that is about to start unveiling itself in front of our very eyes!


I was really irritated during the beginning of the episode. We all know that the drama police force is mainly useless, but discriminating against Joo Eun instead of protecting her from that dangerous person was a junkyard behavior coming from someone the citizens pay to preserve the law, but the law itself wouldn’t necessarily protect Joo Eun at that point and she was well aware of it.


The more the scene was progressing the more i wanted to enter the screen and wholeheartedly deliver some punches, but Young Ho’s sincerely protective and caring attitude did the talking along with Joo Eun. Young Ho is someone who knows how discrimination feels like and it was his father the one who taught him that abhorrent lesson under emotionally fortified circumstances by not letting him visit his mother because of his leg. I still believe that it was all about Young Ho’s mother’s funeral, the fact that he couldn’t bow at that point would negatively affect the family’s reputation.


Even though he has broken up with Joo Eun, Woo Shik isn’t pleased with the life he’s leading. He hasn’t only become a shadow of Joo Eun, he’s also a shadow of himself and his own feelings and Soo Jin isn’t enough to fill that void that keeps growing day by day. There are definitely feelings for Joo Eun, he couldn’t erase everything in a blink of an eye, but something tells me that his ego surpasses all the remains of emotions deep within because he can’t stand Young Ho’s presence in her life. He may had been the one to break up with her, but even though he’s with Soo Jin he doesn’t want Joo Eun to be by another man’s side.


The more he lurks around Joo Eun the more he neglects Soo Jin and this has its own impact upon Joo Eun who struggles under Soo Jin’s inferiority syndrome and superior position at work. Back in the days, she didn’t only believe that Joo Eun had betrayed her the moment she witnessed the man she loved giving his phone number to her, she also started believing that Joo Eun was befriending her out of pity.


Now that the tables have turned she intends to pay her back not only with the same coin, but with a sharper and more painful one. At first she sent Joo Eun at the news live program, now she wants her to work on fragile cases against her will. I loved the presentation of Soo Jin endorsing to her own demons and finally eating some chocolate while Young Ho’s voice would prevent Joo Eun from adding more sugar. It may had looked hilarious, but it was showing Soo Jin’s self-oppression and Joo Eun’s strong-willed spirit and determination.


Young Ho’s family’s background became more specific and all this silent power struggle was more apparent at that point. The only rightful heir to the family’s throne is Young Ho simply because he continues the family’s bloodline. It’s a pathway Young Joon can’t follow no matter how hard he tries and judging from Hye Ran’s reactions, it’s mainly Nam Chul’s personal ambition trying to raise Young Joon as the crown prince. Young Ho finding out what was going on all this time was essential and it could be a mind-awakening moment even though he doesn’t want to become the one his grandmother wants him to be.


Young Ho knew that he couldn’t be around her every time a dangerous situation occurred and Joo Eun learning how to defend herself was essential. The accidental kiss was beautiful, but what was even more beauteous was Joo Eun’s imposing heartbeat! The hilarious part of the story was the fact that Young Ho was maintaining his calmness while progressing the training through ongoing torrents of awkwardness!


Young Ho’s not the only one caring about Joo Eun, she cares about him as well! The moment she found out that Hyun Woo’s ex-husband was trying to track down John Kim she tried to find out more information and she informed him right away! However, after their accidental kiss a slight sense of jealousy was gradually erupting all over the place in an indirect way! She wanted to know where he was, what he was doing and who he was meeting! Just like her jealousy was indirect, that’s how Young Ho was answering to her questions, indirectly without revealing too much and always maintaining a sensational possibility!


Young Ho has overcome his health problem, only the psychological factor has remained and it’s related to fear. It could be the fear of the past since he hasn’t resolved his emotional issues, but it could also be the fear of the future since he has found himself in a crossroad with the first road pointing towards his very own direction far away from his grandmother’s will and the second one pointing towards the chairman’s position, something that would be the opposite of who he is at the present. Joo Eun’s high school picture was familiar to him and the fact that his doctor is in Daegu could point towards the direction that they could had met at some point in the past.


Inside his car, Young Ho referred to Joo Eun as Daegu’s Venus, it was the first time someone called her that way after a very long time and soon enough Young Ho will be able to witness her title’s beauteous grandeur in full force. It has already happening in front of his very eyes as the majestic dimple captivated him and his eye-sight was limited within these few but so adorable centimeters!


Concerning Joon Sung’s charity preferences towards single mothers and judging from the fact that he was an orphan (unless a different story unveils in the future) i think it’s probably because he acknowledges the struggles of motherhood under these circumstances. If society is hostile against single mothers chances are high some of these children will end up at an orphanage and my personal assumptions make me believe that he wants to prevent something like that by supporting them as much as he can.


Oh and by the way, i already ship Joon Sung with the loony Yi Jin! Her questions didn’t pace with logic, but it’s Yi Jin we’re talking about! Things are about to get heated up during the 6th episode and i am looking forward to it, fasten your seat belts, the feel-o-meter will start running wild soon enough!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. December 1, 2015 at 3:52 pm — Reply

    loved this episode!! everyone’s so very cool & adult in this drama….totally refreshing in a kdrama. im crossing fingers and toes there’s no sudden regression ie acting like twelve year olds etc. i too was incensed at the police station scene…wtf. i really hope thats a massive improbable exaggeration for the storyline and that couldnt possibly happen in korea. its bizarre….a scene like that would never be introduced on american television as the backlash would be loud and immediate! its the same thing as saying fat women couldn’t possible be raped. grrrrrrrr. a culture clash there; at least in the writing.
    that scene aside, this drama is as i said very adult real life-ish (barring conglomerates etc but we’re used to that lol) …the characters are varied and interesting. i love the butler / manservant / chief guy. i hope we learn more about him too.
    i am curious how her evolution back into her thin self will play out on my tlists and other reviews in the west. i find it interesting that on the one hand, korean cultures standards of beauty are too extreme, and thats imho a truism. on the other hand, the western pc brigade would harp on to endlessness about fat being ok, etc. i am, personally, in the middle. i think losing weight and feeling beautiful / sexy etc is perfectly normal and don’t find a problem with it. i know it’s not easy; but we only have the one life yeah? one cant change age but one can enjoy youth. and be healthier too. anyways, cant wait for the next episode!! spoilers says its getting hotter in the house 🙂

    • December 4, 2015 at 12:18 am — Reply

      It’s not like such a police station scene can’t happen in real life though, police officers aren’t saints and they have proven many times that they don’t honor their badges and they overuse their power. But i think that the storyline was exaggerating at that point in order to present the discrimination factor it already shows here and there.
      “its the same thing as saying fat women couldn’t possible be raped.” Yup, i wanted to smash that subhuman’s face!
      Yup! Secretary Min is daebak! Sense of duty, but it appears that he really cares about Young Ho!!
      Spoilers were right and it got indeed hotter, not necessarily inside the house, but in the rain! 😀 But, yup, i am curious about how her thinner self will appeal to the varied opinions of the audience! What concerns me the most is seeing Joo Eun becoming something like Soo Jin, but the way Soo Jin would want to be like but couldn’t, full of confidence and striking in full force.

  2. December 1, 2015 at 3:52 pm — Reply

    ps! i want to point out soo jin did a mask-like scene with red wine & rolling eyes! haha

  3. bmore
    December 1, 2015 at 5:49 pm — Reply

    loving this show! I’ve watched every episode 2 or 3 times.

    • December 4, 2015 at 12:12 am — Reply

      This pretty much proves how much you love it if the re-watching process already takes place per ep and not only once!!!

  4. December 2, 2015 at 2:07 pm — Reply

    les feels, les feels, les feeeeels.

    I found the police scene very interesting. Assuming that the poster slogan John Kim refers to about a country where women are happy is a real-life poster, this scene brings awareness to the discrimination against women not fitting “the right looking standards”. This is Korea, but many statistics show that a lot of women who were assaulted and went to the police were treated as if it was their fault they got assaulted and some police officers even try to convince not to sue. That’s why I don’t think this scene was so much of a stretch about what can happen in real life. However, what about the message it is sending? “It’s useless to go to the police b/c they won’t even act like they believe you and won’t take you seriously even if you have evidence?” I think Joo Eun still could have chosen to leave, but having at least one police officer Olivia Bensoning (coolest police officier ev-errrrr, am I right? well… her and Ziva from NCIS, but Ziva is gone, so Olivia Benson is back to the tope of my top list all by herself) her way into the case could have made it less cynical from the get-go. Like some police officers do care.

    With that said, it does give bad press to the police, but from the drama news I read on Monday and Tuesday, no one was concerned about that scene. It was all about the kiss and that ship sailing with the love boat scene on the background.

    • December 4, 2015 at 12:10 am — Reply

      Thanks for reminding me of the poster, had it in mind in order to write something about it, but the all-nighter process made it disappear while writing about the episode!
      “but many statistics show that a lot of women who were assaulted and went to the police were treated as if it was their fault they got assaulted and some police officers even try to convince not to sue.” Sadly, shit like that happens -.- It’s clear misuse of their badges and they don’t honor justice while citizens pay them to preserve justice -.- OMO! You stroke a chord! I’ve seen many eps with Olivia Benson (and her [almost bald] partner is great in honoring women!) and Ziva are super awesome, Ziva more action-kickass and Olivia more mind-kickass! It would had been nice for a change to have a police officer who cares, but i think they did it to emphasize on the discrimination or something, i hope it didn’t deliver the wrong message like “It’s useless to go to the police b/c they won’t even act like they believe you and won’t take you seriously even if you have evidence.”
      Police deserves bad press once in a while, drama police usually makes my day because of that bad press 😛

      • December 4, 2015 at 12:39 pm — Reply

        the awesomeness of these 2 female characters are always there to remind me that there can be great strong female characters. Why most shows don’t want to give us that but give us countless of cool male characters.

        • December 6, 2015 at 10:31 pm — Reply

          Cool male characters overrun dramas like rivers, cool female characters are a rare species, but that’s what makes them even more desirable every time they appear!

          • December 6, 2015 at 10:31 pm

            A+ for that analogy!

  5. December 2, 2015 at 11:45 pm — Reply

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