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Kounodori Episode # 6 Review [I Need To Know That Things Are Gonna Look Up]


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

So, this episode was a collaboration between Kounodori and Age Harassment.


jk jk (but what a pair would Emiri and Shimoya be! proper lecturing for hours lol)

(Shirakawa was lucky not to be around!)

(Shirakawa was lucky not to be around!)

But yeah, episode 6 deals with the difficulties of conceiving at a late age; apart from the medical reasons that can complicate it, there is also the ignorance of people that make matters worse. I liked how Konotori (I mean, isn’t there anything he can’t do?) described both the pros and cons of fertility at a “late age” and how there are actually merits to take from it.


It’s also nice to see how Konotori and Shimoya work together; he is far more analytical and composed with a calm manner while she is more headstrong but gives a different kind of positivity to the patients; I really like their friendship and how Shimoya looks up to Konotori. (his gentle “Shimoya, you’re being scary!” and his wave of hands for her to calm down after her Matahara outburst is the best- and Shimoya actually listens to him, now that’s something!)


Generally I’m here for how teamwork is handled in the hospital; Kase’s flashy entrance to save the day was the best. There’s no “I” in team right?


Nagai also made another appearance, with his own hill to climb, that showed the struggle there is to being a single parent; but, as long as you have the will and the resolve to get through it, you will get through it.



Question of the day, because, really, HOW?


Till the answer is given, onwards to episode 7!

p.s the kids’ expressions though


p.s 2 that will be my new line when someone tells me they can’t do something


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