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Bubblegum Episode # 11 Recap [Ten Days of Perfect Tunes]

bubbl11001(the colors red and blue.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

bubbl1102Back in 1989, Hang Ah meets Ri Hwan for the first time. Her dad is giving him a bath and she wonders if that is her new brother. Her dad tells her that a new brother is expensive- Haeng Ah asks Ri Hwan if he has a mom and then tells him she wants to trade her dar for her mom; Ri Hwan is negative “I have to protect my mom” he says.

Later, Joon Hyeok tells Haeng Ah that Ri Hwan will be staying at their store for some time, because his mom needs to finish her studies in order to become doctor. He then recounts a story when he originally met Haeng Ah’s mom through Seon Yeong.

The following morning, the kids are playing in Secret Garden and Joon Hyeok talks with Seon Yeong on the phone, reassuring her that there’s not a problem with Ri Hwan staying there as it is good for Haeng Ah to have someone by her side to play with.

bubbl1103Ri Hwan sleeps with Haeng Ah in her room and Seon Yeong says that can’t keep happening but Joon Hyeok is happy to take care both of them. Even though they might be fighting, that means they’re growing together.

After another fight with Haeng Ah because he went to trampoline without her, Ri Hwan sits alone till Joon Hyeok arrives; he tells Ri Hwan he shouldn’t have told Haeng Ah he went to trampoline but Ri Hwan replies that they promised each other they would tell everything. Joon Hyeok asks to whom the bracelet he holds, belongs to and Ri Hwan says it is his mom’s, but he plans to give it to Haeng Ah.

bubbl1104Seon Yeong is searching for her bracelet when Auntie arrives; she has brought her food and is addressing her politely something that Seon Yeong asks her to stop doing. Joon Hyeok calls Seon Yeong to ask her for medical help- “chef” Noh is hurt and Seon Yeong treats him.

Joon Hyeok tells him to stop doing dangerous stuff and to work in the store as he will pay him. Seon Yeong introduces Auntie to him, saying that is her friend.

bubbl1105Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan question Auntie, Noh and Seon Yeong where babies are coming from but can’t seem to figure out how it’s ultimately being done.

A girl from their school seems to have the solution as she draws what needs to be done in order to have a baby. Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah still are not sure and while they’re heading to their room we see them exit as teenagers.

bubbl1106In the class, someone dedicates a love song for Ri Hwan, and everyone thinks it is Haeng Ah. She denies it and says she will find the culprit herself.

Seon Yeong is finally a doctor, and her colleague congratulates her- he remarks she’s looking nice these days and if that means she’s dating. She says she might be slowly getting there.

bubbl1107Ri Hwan is reading a confession letter from a girl, Ji Hyun but Haeng Ah grabs it away- she figures out it was her that dedicated the song to him but gets mad when she reads how the girl refers to her. Woo Bin, gives Ri Hwan’s “reply” to Ji Hyun which turns out to be a chain letter- She thinks that Ri Hwan wrote it, and slaps him. Ri Hwan thinks that Haeng Ah gave her that reply.

He tells her it is her writing in that letter and she got Woo Bin to do it; she says it’s payback for him having Woo Bin interrupt her set up with a highschooler. She’s tired of him acting like her older brother.


Seon Yeong visits Joon Hyeok since he hasn’t visited the hospital for a while. He tells her he made her wait a long time but she doesn’t mind, as she was gonna wait anyway. We get to see what happened when he called her “that” day.

They meet at the hospital, and Joon Hyeok takes her for a “ride” with a wheelchair from a patient. They then go and eat biscuits fish and have coffee. They end up going together at a photograph store.

bubbl1109Before they get their picture taken, Joon Hyeok lists all the reasons she might like him, but he still feels like she’s superior to him; since she still likes him though, he won’t make her wait any longer. He asks her to wait just a bit more till the kids grow up some more, a little less than a year. She says she will.

They return in time for her shift, and after giving her a flower, they bid farewell with a handshake as Joon Hyeok asks her to.

bubbl11010A little time later, Joon Hyeok dies and Seon Yeong says that her loved one left her once more- like a puzzle that came undone, he died the same way his loved one died.

Haeng Ah collects her stuff and Ri Hwan asks her where she is going- she says somewhere far, where her Aunt lives.

bubbl11011Ri Hwan asks his mom for Haeng Ah to come and stay with them. She says that’s not right, and she has relatives of her own- he is not convinced that Haeng Ah won’t be alone somewhere far away and tells his mom that he made a promise to her dad to take care of her. Seon Yeong tells him that she will live and that promises sometimes are not mean to be kept, thinking back to what Joon Hyeok told her.

Ri Hwan talks to Auntie and says she would have Haeng Ah there, but she can’t keep her since her real Aunt wants her there.

bubbl11012Haeng Ah leaves saying thank you to Ri Hwan who is dejected; he doesn’t say goodbye until it’s too late and runs after the bus but to no avail.

bubbl11013Seon Yeong asks her colleague for sleeping pills but he tells her that no one would give her a prescription for the heavy dose she wants to; she says she is going crazy remembering all the things she used to do with Joon Hyeok and she will go insane at this point.

Ri Hwan remembers what Haeng Ah’s father told him in the hospital and goes to find Haeng Ah.

bubbl11014He gives her a pocket radio since she can’t sleep without one- Haeng Ah asks how everyone is doing back, and Ri Hwan tells her everyone’s the same. She invited him for juice but he has to leave otherwise he won’t catch the us. He returns to give her earphones and sees her crying- he calls Auntie to pick them up and Chef Noh tells Seon Yeong to let Haeng Ah in her place- she does owe Joon Hyeok afterall.

bubbl11015Ri Hwan goes to Haeng’s Ah room to ask her if she needs anything; they end up talking together, and he tells her all that, that she missed during her leave. Woo Bin is dating Ji Hyun and two teachers are getting married.

Haeng Ah asks Ri Hwan if his mom knows he went to find her and he replies she doesn’t, but she will tell her soon.

bubbl11016Seon Yeong wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan sleeping at the same room- she yells at Ri Hwan to go back to his own room. The next day, Haeng Ah listens to Seon Yeong saying she will kick her out of the house if anything happens between her and Ri Hwan and runs away.

Ri Hwan follows her and tells her to go home or they can “sit together like this”, whatever she prefers.

bubbl11017Haeng Ah is studying at Secret Garden when Ri Hwan teases her why she’s studying a day before the school trip. She replies she’s not as smart as him and he grabs the dictionary from her.

He asks her to go home together but she wants her book back- he tells her to catch him if she can, and she says she’s better at running than him and she will.

bubbl11018Before they depart for their field trip, Ri Hwan is called to the hospital since his mother tried to kill herself- he wonders why she would do that and begins to cry, while Haeng Ah passes out when she sees a bloody patient. The doctor tells her that this is a phobia that needs treatment and asks for relative information but Haeng Ah doesn’t want to trouble anyone.

bubbl11019Ri Hwan doesn’t want to go the graduation trip as he fears that he won’t be able to see his mother again when he returns from the trip. He stays right by her side that night, as Haeng Ah listens to the radion, where her own “pebble story” is being read.

bubbl11020Haeng Ah is ready to meet Seon Yeong, when a car nearly hits her- Seon Yeong yells at the driver but then scolds Haeng Ah for not being extra careful. They go to Secret Garden as it is the anniversary of Joon Hyeok’s death.

bubbl11021Seon Yeong narrates back to the day she was the happiest and how simple things mattered to her; in the present Dong Hwa brings her something she mixed instead of coffee as that’s not good for her. Seon Yeong tells her she’s pretty, and Dong Hwa returns the compliment.

Reflection Corner :

Now that’s more like it; honestly, I was afraid we were gonna have another episode of BubblenonmakesenseangstGum this week but it was a necessary filler one; we got to see more of the bond Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan have, from their lively childhood days (that montage with them asking everyone how kids are made, was awesome!) to the more “troublesome” youth.

Seon Yeong’s special day with Joon Hyeok was truly special; Haeng Ah’s dad was a great man, and it’s easy to see why she fell for him. That still doesn’t redeem her for treating Haeng Ah the way she does; it’s understandanble in a way, as she’s completely projecting her own fears and the broken promise to her, but it’s still not right. It seems like there will be a change of heart though, so at least there is that- even if it is somewhat late.

I leave you with this nice mental picture of kids throwing up to support their gym teacher for proposing; lovely gesture! (lol)


Onwards to episode 12, and here’s hoping that it follows this episode’s form and not the last one’s!

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  1. December 1, 2015 at 3:46 pm — Reply

    I really liked this episode. We needed a breather and there were some really need nice moments. I love the moment where Haeng A is leaving to stay with her aunt and Ri Hwan can’t even bring himself to look at Haeng A. All of the sudden when the bus leaves he starts chasing the bus. I thought this was very true to his character. Adult Ri Hwan would also try to refrain and then passionately run after the bus. All the younger actors are fantastic and are good depictions of the adult characters.

  2. December 1, 2015 at 5:53 pm — Reply

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  3. December 2, 2015 at 2:37 pm — Reply

    Watching this episode is actually making me understanding why HA is so devoted to RH’s mom despite she’s hating on her. I think other than the fact that RH’s mom is a mother’s figure in HA’s life, she at least takes her in after the death of her dad, the almost car crash scene, HA must feel, her Aunty loves her, her words are not tender but in heart, she loves HA, it’s enough for HA already

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