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“We are lovers from now on.
It means i am your owner and you are my servant.
If you understand, say yes.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Sweet Savage Family appeared stronger during its 4th episode in terms of ratings since it reached 8.2% and I’m glad about it! The 4th one was a great episode and it preserved everything which attracted me to this drama in the first place! Sweet Savage family has proven that it can’t go overly dark, it’s against its nature! Its laughter defense mechanism worked overtime during the 4th episode by simply causing countless humorous explosions without hiding the feel-sphere! On the contrary, feels were there and they were exceptional, just like the acting!


The first 10 minutes of the 4th episode were palpable proof of the drama’s addictive nature, always according to my own tastes. They possessed everything I was craving for, strength of character, laughter and feels! Eun Ok found the CCTV which was proving that Gi Bum’s men were the ones who put Se Woon’s lifeless body in Tae Soo’s car trunk leaving Gi Bum defenseless in front of the chairman. By tearing apart the contract she maintained her family’s integrity and her husband’s honor.

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She tried to convince Tae Soo to leave behind his gangster past even though things would become more difficult for their family. Both of them needed a drink to think things through, but the bottles of soju multiplied and everything ended up in Eun Ok’s explosive and laughter-evoking temperament which was filled with excessive and quirky love towards her children and mother-in-law! Once the laughter subsided her real concerns resurfaced and along with her tears.


Is sending someone who doesn’t behave well to the Philippines a new Korean drama trend? I noticed it in Mrs. Cop at first and here it is again! I will say it once again, stop sending them to the Philippines, send me instead of Gi Bum, I really want to go there! The chairman and Tae Soo went to the place where Tae Soo saved his life 15 years ago and he was intending to denounce Gi Bum as his own son in order to let Tae Soo deal with him in any way he wants to. However, it was an ambush that would lead to a different pathway depending on both men’s words and Tae Soo saved the chairman’s life anew by taking Gi Bum’s side! At this point I have reached three assumptions about who sent these men. It could be either Gi Bum or Joo Ran, but it could also be the chairman’s test to see how Tae Soo will react. On his way back home Eun Ok was waiting in the cold for Tae Soo. She’s more than adorable, so strong but so fragile at the same time, a wonderful female figure!


Joo Ran definitely plays her mysterious part in the chairman’s family’s life as she weaves her web according to her own benefit. She didn’t only infuse the seeds that Gi Bum’s loneliness far away from his wife and daughter may be the startup chime of his behavior, she also informed Do Kyung on the chairman’s negative approach towards her. It’s something that became more palpable the moment he went to her café to express his discomfort about her return and his belief that she came back for more money after the first contract to leave Gi Bum alone. Hyun Ji becoming aware of what was going went through another traumatic experience as she didn’t only feel unwelcome in her hometown, but also inside her mother’s café. Later on Joo Ran and Do Kyung’s “sisterhood” progressed to a wider extent with Do Kyung becoming a part of the One Heart ahjumma syndicate despite Eun Ok silent disapproval. In addition, she had to wash Do Kyung’s feet as the club leader in order to make her feel welcome!

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In Hyun Ji’s darkest hour Sung Min and his music would be her refuge and once she started listening to his tune her heart was already at ease. I loved the sniper kiss out of the blue and it was accompanied by an equally cute flashback scene! Back in the days Hyun Ji had declared their status as lovers and Sung Min had complied to her love “contract” which was no other than Sung Min becoming her servant and Hyun Ji being his master!

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Good things don’t last forever and the thugs arrived anew, but Hyun Ji took the lead and showed one of them what she’s made of and Sung Min entered the fight to protect her! Both of them ended at the police station and Eun Ok and Do Kyung couldn’t believe that their children were together! There was tension in the air, but Hyun Ji protected Sung Min by saying that he was trying to help her.

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Do Kyung eventually surrendered to Hyun Ji’s guitar-playing and singing for both of them to conceal the thought of being unwelcome in their own hometown while at the same time Gi Bum was nearby losing himself blissfully to her tune. He’s a bit human after all and Joo Ran’s thoughts that he may be acting this way due to the emotionless life he’s leading far away from his own family weren’t wrong, even though she’s doing it for her own benefit!


Eun Ok’s approach was different, she was enraged with Sung Min who had skipped cram school and her dream of seeing him entering one of Seoul’s finest universities had already started collapsing! Of Course, our poor Soo Min became her punch bag. The next morning Hyun Ji became a part of Sung Min’s classroom and with her own temperament she managed to sit next to him! I love it how she sticks to him like a gum, a lovely gum! She doesn’t only know what she wants, she also knows how to get it!

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The Se Woon missing person posters concealed all tranquility in Tae Soo, Eun Ok and Gi Bum’s world and all of them were trying to take them off the walls while both camps were hiding from one another! Everyone thought that everything would be fine, but Tae Soo’s mother who’s Tae Soo’s ongoing condemnation had a different opinion!


She didn’t only meet Se Woon’s mother, she also let her stay at their place until she finds her son. Nightmares became a part of Tae Soo’s life and dreadful excursions began to hide any further traces in the middle of the night! Soon enough the lethal ahjumma duet became a touring troupe hunting high and low wherever Tae Soo and Gi Bum were around, but except for her presence the most frightening thing had to be her predictions which were gradually leading towards Se Woon’s position!


Soon enough, One Heart, Tae Soo, Eun Ok and Gi Bum found themselves close to Se Woon’s burial place where his mother performed a ritual! While all of them were thinking that it was pure nonsense Gi Bum’s body got possessed by Se Woon’s spirit and whoever knew the whole truth started being overran by fear! Accompanied by Jung Joon Ho and Moon Jeong Hee’s frightful expressions, Jung Woong In was stellar during that scene. He was shining from kilometers away and he was making my lungs perform push-ups due to excessive laughter!

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Dancing all over the place to the shaman’s evocations like a living dead and paving the way towards Se Woon’s location were utterly hilarious! But the scene in which Eun Ok was imagining herself in prison while Tae Soo was unable to bid her farewell was priceless to the fullest as well! Se Woon’s body started appearing and all the horror was depicted through Tae Soo and Eun Ok’s faces, but mainly through Gi Bum’s soaring scream!


While the first 10 minutes of the drama were an emotionally fortified yet hilarious crescendo, the last ten minutes were an ecstatic and relentless pandemonium! The drama deserves more audience for sure, it simply proves it with every passing episode! There’s always a laughter alarm clock in the corner waiting to wake up your smile while at the same time the feel-o-meter sends its signals without remorse depending on the occasion! Whenever both of these essential drama mechanisms blend the outcome is exceptional!


Judging from the preview, Gi Bum’s crusade hasn’t reached the end, but Se Woon’s case hasn’t closed either! While Tae Soo will be progressing his movie he may find himself in a Se Woon oriented déjà vu due to the producer and the director’s possible absence! In the meantime, Sung Min and Hyun Ji will keep unveiling their very own cuteness as opposed to the hilariously dreadful ambiance of their families! I am more than ready to welcome Sweet Savage Family’s 3rd airing week!


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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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