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Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 7 Review [Because You Saved My Life Once]

okiteg070001(so know I’m gonna stay right here, I’ll sit by your side.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only; if you see it anywhere else it is stolen and that still tires me out because I still need to write that disclaimer –


Remember that episode with Kyoko’s favorite mystery novelist, Sunaga-sensei, and Yakusuke’s narration about how that Festa event would change their relationship’s dynamic but nobody knew it then? Well, here we are.


This week’s mystery deals with the possibility that Sunaga’s heart failure, might have been a suicide because of an overdose of sleeping pills, something that would jeopardize the publishing of the last book he wrote; His editor asks Yakusuke to request Kyoko’s help for finding proof in his last manuscript, that he didn’t intend that work of his to be hist last, and that he indeed died of natural causes.


Kyoko happily accepts that mission, even if it takes her more than a day; she has to read all of his books again, to search about clues in a roundabout way, and she trusts Yakusuke to guard her in order not to fall asleep. Things don’t go as smoothly though, as many days pass without them sleeping at all, and Kyoko ends up oversleeping while taking a cold bath. Yakusuke manages to gradually heat her body with techniques he picked up from a ski resort job he had and erases the mark signs on her body relating to that case, so she won’t have to overexert herself again. But, Kyoko is not the best private detective for no reason, and manages to solve the case, which ends up being a very beautiful tale of a writer that had written a happy ending about his lost loved one.


Kyoko has saved Yakusuke many times from his bad luck and troubles that could eventually land him to jail (well, I’m reaching but you get it!) but this time he was the one to save her. The scene when he realizes that his first aid did work for her, and he sheds a few tears of relief and happiness, was simple yet so touching.


Kyoko picking up on that, and after everything was revealed, trying to make the atmosphere a bit more jest-ish, was  a bit surprising to see; who knew that Kyoko would crack naked jokes, haha. That shows how naturally she feels around Yakusuke, despite everyday being a different day.


Finally after so many episodes and so much pain and laughter and tears and whatever else it was, Yakusuke earns his place in Kyoko’s leg (huh, what a weird sentence that is..!) and an adult conversation with her, what do you know huh.


Yakusuke’s resolve at the end, about “adopting” Sunaga’s outlook writing the experience of their loved ones, was bound to happen sooner or later- I suspect that will be the “relic” that will probably restore Kyoko’s memory at a critical time, or something like that. It was also nice to see that the following scene, was Kyoko writing about trusting Yakusuke and smiling to herself- what a writers couple we have here! lol

About the writing on Kyoko’s wall, they made it seem like Horo knows something about it, and I hope not because I really like the whole Sandglass crew and their relationship with Kyoko but, there was something fishy there, hmm.

Onwards to episode 8 then, here’s hoping (once again) that, that forever-raincheck date will take place then!

(oh he's pulling it off alright!)

(oh he’s pulling it off alright!)

dislaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only; if you see it anywhere else it is stolen and that still tires me out because I still need to write that disclaimer –

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  2. bluelysia
    May 26, 2016 at 7:21 am — Reply

    today’s ep is so far my favourite kyahhhhh I laughed a lot, touched when Yakusuke cried and erasing all the case evidence, and go so happy when finally Kyoko feeling “something” for Yakusuke <3

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