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Siren Episode # 6 Recap [My Echo is the Only Voice Coming Back]

siren06777(my shadow is the only friend that I have.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-


Satomi looks for Yuki in the police station but she has departed before he arrived; Miyake is now an apprentice in Mobile Unit and takes Satomi for a “secret” ride.

Kara trains on the ring and thinks that Satomi is closing onto her; she wonders who gave him the info about her apartment and if tha was an old customer, possible Maikawa.


She later meets him on the cabaret, and he let her know that the other day when she wasn’there, he talked about her secret rumours with Rena since her previous club days.

Chibibeka mocks Satomi about being surpassed by woman, but Satomi doesn’t know what he’s talking about- he reveals to him that Yuki is moving to First Division. Satomi meets Chief and asks him, but the Chief tells him that he hasn’t heard her definite reply yet and wonders if something is holding her back. Satomi thinks back to the day they promised they would get marry by the time one of them woud make it to the First Division.


He tries calling Yuki but she rejects his call. Yuki’s father tells her that he heard she got asked to transfer to First Division and wonders why she hasn’t replied yet, since that was her dream, to be able to work directly on criminal cases. Yuki recounts the old liquor store case, and how her friend was the girlfriend of the guy she was killed and make this case an example of why she wants to be in the First Division-however, she made a promise with someone before doing that, and needs to settle down matters with that person first.


Kara meets Rena, and confirms for her the rumour she heard- she was indeed the girlfriend of the guy that was murdered and because the murderer was never caught, she lost hope on the police.

Satomi calls Yuki again but she doesn’t pick up the phone- she leaves her a message about meeting the next day at Donryu because he has something he wants to talk about.

siren0600005The following morning, Kara tells Watari that she is being stalked by a policeman- she shows him a picture of him that she took in her cellphone and he tells he will fetch her from now on. Later he goes to the police station to file a complaint against the stalker, but doesn’t know his name or anything. Chitose tells him his girlfriend has to testify, since she is the one being stalked.


Kara and Yuki meet and talk about the liquor case- Yuki apologizes to Kara on behalf of the police for not having caught the murderer yet. It is a difficult case since no evidence or murder weapon was found. Kara tells Yuki that she lost faith on the police back then and did an investigation on her own but kept the files in a secret location. She tells Yuki she wants to show those files to her, but doesn’t want to share it with anyone else. Yuki promises she won’t a word to anyone else about it.

Watari bumps into Satomi in a store and when he realizes it is the “stalker” he follows him into the cabaret where Satomi meets with Ai and Rena to talk about what happened with Kara. Watari takes a picture of them but Satomi realizes that and demands an explanation. Watari tells him he’s the one that is guilty and flees the scene. Satomi wonders if he is a friend of Kara’s and Watari shows the picture to Kara, who connects Rena and Satomi working together.


Satomi and Yuki meet afterall and they talk about Yuki’s promotion- Satomi tells her they should go buy a ring together which surprises Yuki. She tells him she has plans  on her days off and that can’t happen soon and Satomi realizes she has doubts about the promise they made. Before they’re ready to talk more, Kara who is nearby and has confiscated Rena’s phone, calls  Satomi; he says it is about work and will deal with it later but Yuki figures out it is something more and tries to get him to explain to her what it is about. Satomi tells her he’s blind to her surroundings, implying she wouldn’t understand and Yuki storms off.


Satomi gets a text message from “Rena” to rush to Cadenza hotel and leaves immediately- Yuki tracks down the taxi that got him there and heads to the hotel as well as does Chideka who got a text message from an unknown recipient to go to there too.


Satomi enters the room that Rena is supposed to be, but instead he gets attacked from behind- after a short struggle he manages to overturn the attacker and realizes that it is Kara. She starts punching herself and rip her shirt open, and when Satomi tries to stop her Chibideka and Yuki enter the scene.


Satomi tries to explain that it is a misunderstanding and Chibideka seems to be the only one who is willing to hear his side of things; He talks about it with the Chief, and tells that Satomi’s “proof” of innocence lies on the smartphone texts that he received, but both his phone and “Rena’s” phone are missing. Chief is not convinced, but doesn’t want this story to leak so he lets Satomi go on a leave.


Kara gets released from the hospital after she got her wounds treated and Yuki feels guilty and apologizes- Kara says she wants to get away from a bit and she will head to villa and will be waiting for her.


In the police station, everyone is looking at Satomi who picks up his stuff and even Chitose tells him she would never imagine that he might have been the stalker Watari talked to her about. Yuki arrives and heads angrily at Satomi, slapping him and tells him that they are officially over.


She returns at her parents’ home and tells her father she has decided to enter First Division while Satomi is angrily ruining his room and the board with Kara promising himself that he will expose her no matter what. The next day he meets Ai and Rena and tells them to get him to meet with the old customer that knew of Kara- he finds out from him, that Kara was unsettled when he mentioned once something about a sporting event taking place on Sakae Nishi Higschool.


Kara meets with Yuki near the villa place, and Yuki tells her she told nobody as she promised her. They head to the villa house, and Yuki says she feels a human presence there- she apologizes for her police instincts but Kara tells her it is alright and she actually admires her for that.

Satomi heads to the Highschool to find what he can uncover about Kara, when Yuki falls right into Kara’s trap, getting hit on the head while Kara laughs recounting Yuki’s dad line.

Reflection Corner :


That picture above describes perfectly Satomi’s heart and mind; he got played. And he got played really badly– not only his relationship with Yuki went straight to hell but also his reputation as a policeman. But the worse thing about everything, is Yuki’s line


Sadly, Satomi while having good intentions, paid the price for heading headstrong to uncover Kara’s identity (yes, he was taking care of Yuki, but a huge part of him just wanted to prove his intuition was right no matter what) while ignoring Yuki’s signs that their relationship got cracked bit by bit.

At the same time, you gotta give credit to Kara who showed no mercy and executed her plan right down to the last detail. Now that’s some foe you don’t wanna make. You know, I was re-watching Battle Royale the other day and I thought how Kara is like a mix between Mitsuko and Kiriyama, brrr. Imagine all of them coming for you, what a sight to behold!


Yuki got played too- her constant faith in Kara and never doubting everything about her (of course Kara played the victim as role for Oscar nomination but still she’s a cop) will land her to an apparent round of cosplay-torture from what it seems from the preview. Will Satomi somehow save the day or will Yuki kick Kara to the curb? But most importantly, what the hell is Kara’s motive? That’s what I’m excited to see, it has to do something with her school life, as she was clearly disturbed at the mention of it. Can’t wait, I want to see Kara’s backstory and how she came to be the way she is.


(Watari fought the law yo!)

Oh, special mention for Watari this episode- he was effortlessly hilarious. His thoughts about cops, his ikemen! line, him having those expressions, it was a great comic relief.

Onwards to episode 7 then! I can’t not post Kara’s hellish smile in the end again, it’s an epic picture.


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

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  1. amy
    November 28, 2015 at 7:04 am — Reply

    i love reading your recaps! thanks! i am having a great time watching this drama too and can’t wait to see kara’s motive!

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      Hopefully it will get revealed next episode- thanks for commenting!

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