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“A bad movie can be made with a good script,
But a good movie can’t be made with a bad script.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


The second episode of Sweet Savage Family wasn’t as strong as the first one in terms of ratings since it only reached 7.2% instead of the first one’s 9.1%. Even so, the drama maintained the hilarious cloak under which it managed to turn us into helpless martyrs through laughter’s everlasting reign.


The second episode was Tae Soo’s crusade to find Son Se Woon, the movie company’s leading figure, who had run away with the money! This is what happens when you deposit three billion won beforehand, you potentially become an endangered species unless everything gets resolved as soon as possible! After an ongoing chasing marathon he managed to find Se Woon’s minions, Bong Jin Wook (Jo Dal Hwan) and Lee Joon Suk (Kim Kwon), who were unaware of their boss’ exact location! After playing basketball with them (tying them together under the rim) and progressing with yet another rope investigation at the docks they convinced him to cooperate with them in order to produce a movie that would require the 1/3 of the arch investment without lacking in quality! However, nothing seems to be flowing well since the improvised scenario didn’t please Tae Soo who doesn’t want an artistic movie, but a film that would honor the fists of Daejeon!

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Someone else was many steps ahead though! Of course, I’m referring to Gi Bum who was witnessing his father’s enthusiasm concerning the movie and most and above all, he was favoring Tae Soo whose passion was immense! Instead of acclimating together Tae Soo’s heart and Gi Bum’s mind the later one decided to walk upon a lonely road in order to acquire everything in Tae Soo’s absence. He didn’t only manage to find the gambler Se Woon, he also captured him and pretended to not know anything in front of Tae Soo while enjoying his desperation! The multi-thematic park progresses more than an idea and once the Chinese investors witness its progress they will sign the final contract that will help Gi Bum’s plans reach completion. He tried to force the flow of events by making his father work on a shaman ritual that would strengthen the movie’s good fortune! Se Woon’s absence didn’t go unnoticed, but the remaining members of the movie company insisted that he was in Hollywood negotiating the movie’s remake!

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The ahjumma syndicate One Heart is truly aware of the fact that their husbands are gangsters, it’s something they try to forget, but they also try to support them in any way they can for their families’ well-being! The puzzle becomes more complete, Park Sun Young (Ga Deuk Hee) is the wife of Song Young Il (Kim Shin), one of Tae Soo’s underlings, and the poison-mouth Choi Gyung Mi (Park Hee Jin) is the wife of Jang Bub Gyoo (Jo Ji Hwan), Gi Bum’s minion!

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After the One Heart celebration for Tae Soo’s success Eun Ok had lost herself in a blissful torrent while she was unaware of what was going on in the background! Tae Soo’s reality had darkened, but the moment he yelled at his wife he found himself on his knees and the self-punishment began! He’s a kitten in front of Eun Ok and a barking dog in front of others! However, Eun Ok knows from personal experience that something wasn’t flowing well and once she found out everything from Tae Soo’s henchman, Kang Sung Goo (Choi Min Chul), she did everything she could to help her beloved husband.

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Eun Ok took out of the bank all of their savings and sold Tae Soo’s mother’s house in order for him to take care of everything that had gone so wrong. We all know there’s a hate-driven relationship between Eun Ok and her mother-in-law, but for her family’s well-being she took thousands of deep breaths and invited her to their house by mentioning Soo Min, the granddaughter Choon Boon ahjumma deeply treasures! As long as she arrived inside their house problems started making their appearance, just like the absence of a huge TV screen, but Soo Min’s presence saved the day!

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And the figures that had been missing from the first episode made their appearance!


Lee Do Kyung (Yoo Sun)


Do Kyung’s return in Daejeon didn’t go unnoticed! She didn’t only meet Tae Soo by mistake, but Gi Bum became aware of their meeting in a blink of an eye and rushed to see his ex-wife! Even though he wanted to prove that he had changed she wasn’t willing to listen to him and the fact that she used to be a gangster’s wife still lingers shamefully in the corridors of her mind! Soon enough the news spread among the ranks of One Heart and all of them rushed to meet her at her café/restaurant! Back in the days Eun Ok (the bitch), Do Kyung (the beautiful – she used to be an actress too) and Gyung Mi (the “smart”) were Daejeon’s Charlie’s Angels and even though Eun Ok was trying to pretend that she was the smart one she was left speechless after Do Kyung’s revelation that she was the bitch part of the story who ended up getting married to Tae Soo, the man she truly loved! I sense emotional turmoil in the making since I received all the necessary vibes that point towards the direction that Do Kyung used to like Tae Soo! And she probably still does!

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Baek Hyun Ji (Minah)


Mother and daughter are a strong beauty combo causing earthquakes of love all over the place when they are together, even when the outcome isn’t the one they expect! It’s been a few years since Hyun Ji saw Sung Min for the last time, but the moment she witnessed him playing the guitar and singing she instantly recognized him! The moment some street thugs demanded “rent” for his outdoors artistic evocations her whistle did the talking and they left him all alone; with her! He may not have recognized her yet, but her heart was already pounding “differently!” And at this point i have to confess that i am already shipping them! It’s a tough ship dare i say since their fathers’ war is at its birth pangs and their mothers will join the battlefield soon enough, but for different reasons!

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The 2nd episode was depicting the shape of the things to come without setting aside the drama’s hilarious aesthetic. One Heart’s singing dismal euphony, Se Woon headbutting Gi Bum and jumping around while trying to escape and Eun Ok preserving to the fullest her surrounding mistress essence in front of Tae Soo were highly memorable moments! At the end of the day, Tae Soo’s worst nightmares turned to life! In a manner of speaking, he did find Se Woon, but dead in his car trunk!

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Eun Ok and Tae Soo were at the verge of a heart attack, but things started pointing towards a stroke once they found themselves at an army checkpoint! The almighty couple will find themselves in a difficult situation whereas Sung Min and Hyun Ji will meet again under like-minded but more violent circumstances! Tae Soo will find himself in front of the chairman to give further explanations, but putting his trust on Gi Bum was a no-no. Soon enough he’ll find out that he can’t trust anyone else except for his family!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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    yes, i’m liking this one as well. it’s not perfect but it does make me laugh. Thanks for all your posts on this and other dramas although I rarely comment.

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      Exactly that, not perfect but makes us laugh! The 3rd ep got a bit darker, but i have faith in the drama that it won’t utterly surrender to the dark side given the quirky background! XD You’re very welcome and thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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