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“She keeps passing out and i keep saving her.
I haven’t decided if it’s coincidence or fate.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Young Ho informed Joo Eun that she should neither pressure herself nor get stressed because of her hypothyroidism! Joo Eun felt indebted towards Young Ho since he’s been there for her recently and she was thankful for everything! The moment she walked out of the car Young Ho decided to follow her and declared the beginning of her proper training by introducing himself as the one and only John Kim! After a few moments of informative yet awkward conversation Joo Eun grabbed Young Ho from his jumper and erupted because he lied to her! She was really disheartened because she worked hard to lose weight, but the outcome wasn’t the one she expected. However, when it comes to Young Ho’s fraud nothing’s over yet!

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The moment Young Ho found out about her hypothyroidism he recalled all the moments of training pressure she went through. While Joo Eun was at the hospital Woo Shik arrived and he was curious about Young Ho’s relationship with Joo Eun to receive the paid answer that it’s a relationship based on him saving her whenever she faints and that he doesn’t know whether it’s fate or coincidence. Woo Shik wanted to ask Young Ho a favor and on his way back he kept recalling Joo Eun’s despair on whether she’ll make it or not. While Woo Shik was at the hospital Joo Sin was there as well and had witnessed him.

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She was drinking all alone as she was eagerly waiting for Woo Shik’s presence and witnessed that a video ridiculing Joo Eun the moment she fainted was already trending. Woo Shik was concerned about Soo Jin for drinking too much, but he informed her that he went to see Joo Eun at the hospital. As for her guardian, he wasn’t enraged, he felt at ease since someone was by her side at that point. Woo Shik informed her that if he gets married and this marriage will lead to a divorce he doesn’t think he’ll be able to get remarried because he would feel bad. At least they understand one another, Soo Jin is the worst bitch and Woo Shik the worst bastard in the world and soon enough things started flowing in a cuter way!

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Joo Eun was losing herself in tears because of the hypothyroidism and Hyun Woo was trying to soothe her burden, but it wasn’t an easy task! Once she started referring to the way John Kim scammed her she restrained herself from proceeding since she shouldn’t reveal Young Ho’s secret! As for the stalker’s plant, it kept playing tricks on Joo Eun’s mind, but shortly after she fell asleep!


Joon Sung and Young Ho were training and in the meantime Ji Woong was cooking in his very own expressive way! Once again, Young Ho pretty much owned Joon Sung who became aware that he was concerned about Joo Eun, but Young Ho was able to notice that his shoulder was bothering him and ordered physiotherapy!

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They were eating altogether, but Joon Sung and Ji Woong noticed that Young Ho wasn’t in the finest mood. Ji Woong was unable to brighten his mood with his hilarious intervention! Young Ho informed them that he revealed the whole truth to Joo Eun. They also became aware that she suffers from hypothyroidism and that he regrets pressuring her that much.


There are two things Joo Eun dislikes the most, crying because of other people but most and above all, crying because of herself and she was trying to take measures! Inside the elevator everyone was laughing at Joo Eun’s trending video until they became aware that she was there too and they became more “discreet.” Joo Eun informed Hyun Jung on her loan and her brother’s forthcoming marriage, but also that she suffers from hypothyroidism.


Soo Jin kept recalling the moment when she was lying in Woo shik’s arms after leaving the bar and she went to work like a boss! In the meantime, Ji Woong bought an air freshener for Joo Eun and he went to her workplace along with Joon Sung to apologize for partaking in the fraud! Ji Woong was pretty certain that Joo Eun would forgive them and urged Joon Sung not to worry!

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Soo Jin was glad that she was fine, but she couldn’t say that the company was happy about what happened! Soo Jin demanded that Joo Eun should start calling her deputy director and informed her that she should start working at home until her trending video no longer trends! Joo Eun couldn’t believe what was going on since she didn’t do anything wrong, but Soo Jin’s decision was definitive! Before leaving she implied that she had slept with Woo Shik.


Ji Woong invaded her office and he was eager to help Joo Eun, but things weren’t that easy since he was at fault as well and started being apologetic! Joon Sung was sorry as well and he explained that they had to protect Young Ho’s hidden identity! Ji Woong reported how heartbroken he was and since she was a lawyer she would have any right to slice their necks! Instead of beating them up, Joo Eun intended to offer them drinks since they were her guests who brought her a present, the air freshener Ji Woong was so ecstatic about!

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Even though Soo Jin had pretended she had slept with Woo Shik it wasn’t the truth, he was just waiting for her to wake up inside the car before he left! Her mood wasn’t at its finest and her dress was punished!


Joon Sung and Ji Woong had to leave after Joo Eun forgave them. Young Ho appeared in their place, but he hadn’t been forgiven yet! Joo Eun didn’t like the fact that Young Ho deceived her and it’s not like she would like him to get lost in a blink of an eye. Young Ho was apologetic and Joo Eun was curious about why his John Kim identity should remain a secret. Young Ho informed her on his rich background. In case the whole truth got revealed his family would get enraged. Joo Eun thought that he was lying and she informed him that she’s not going to get fooled once again and that’s the reason why she forged a contract, but instead of it she handed him over her test results which weren’t good! Young Ho declared that her body belongs to him from now on and that she should comply to everything he wants her to do in order to progress with her training! Of course, he tore apart her contract without reading it!

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Young Ho’s grandmother was at Seo Ji Yeon’s memorial and secretary Min informed her that they keep an eye on Young Ho. She was also glad to find out that he went to the second arranged date! Hye Ran was there as well, but Young Ho’s grandmother couldn’t approve it and urged her to return back home waiting for Young Joon.


Nam Chul was more than pleased with Woo Shik’s plans in the way the company will progress, but he was concerned about Young Ho. Once Woo Shik gets more information he will let him know right away. Shortly after he found out that the man by Joo Eun’s side was Young Ho and things got complicated in his mind. He wanted to ask Joo Eun how did she meet him, but he didn’t send the message. He called Soo Jin on the phone but she didn’t answer it.

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Joon Sung was at the doctor and he was training in order for the diagnosis to come out while Ji Woong was cheering for him!

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Yi Jin appeared all of a sudden and demanded explanations on the reasons why Korean Snake had rejected shooting a commercial with her! After praising herself things got awkward since she couldn’t accept the fact that he would think about it and shortly after she started thinking that Joon Sung was sick!


Joo Eun got all of the necessary medicine and Young Ho informed her that she will stop taking all them once her system starts working properly! He took her to a body clinic and reminded her that her body belongs to him and forced her into the examination room where they measured her!

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On their way back Joo Eun had fallen asleep again and secretary Min urged Young Ho to go home for dinner since Young Joon would be back, but he couldn’t make it. Nam Chul informed the chairwoman that Young Joon entered the Ivy League and he kept praising Young Ho’s father for offering his genes to Young Joon! The chairwoman still wants Young Ho to become the one he has to be leaving everyone speechless.

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Joo Eun wanted to make sure that Young Ho is John Kim and he reassured her that she will find out once she spends more time with him. She put her trust in him! None of them will give up and Joo Eun was thankful even though today’s experience was embarrassing for her!

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The next morning Young Ho, Ji Woong and Joon Sung invaded her apartment and she tried to hide as much as she could while they were turning themselves into the food-oriented version of ghost busters! They exterminated everything that’s not good for her hypothyroidism and even the anti-bug fluid perished!

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The outfit Ji Woong tried on himself and his artistic ecstasy were hilarious!


Young Ho urged her to take care of her sleeping program and strengthen her digestive system. He could easily notice all of the symptoms that accompany her daily life and Joo Eun thought that he was Yong Pal! Young Ho informed her that her sleeping, walking, eating and moving around routine will simply change! He also noticed the sticking plaster he had put on her hand!

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Later on that night Young Ho kept exercising as Joo Eun’s trustful words kept echoing in his mind, but his leg wasn’t looking so fine and started recuperating in his own “spaceship.”


The next morning Young Ho gave her yesterday’s results and took her to his place! From this moment and on he will be Mr. Coach and everything she’ll ever need for training is there! If passing the bar exam felt like a miracle, Young Ho thought that luck would be of major importance in this new attempt! Joo Eun informed him that she used to be Daegu’s Venus in the past, but Young Ho thought that she was suffering from pathological lying!

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Waving at her all the time made Joo Eun think that Young Ho treats her like a dog! The training began with slight jogging, but the squatting session was tougher than expected, but she eventually paced with Young Ho’s flow!

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The next morning she started following Young Ho’s instructions, but every time she was forgetting something his presence was there to remind her of how to make things right! Once she used the famous “get lost” from The Master’s Sun Young Ho’s “ghost” disappeared!


Joo Eun was apologetic for taking away Joon Sung’s training time, but he conceived it as their punishment for deceiving her and he was thankful for keeping John Kim’s secret! All of a sudden Ji Woong appeared and scared her! Young Ho kept training and then he noticed how hardworking Joo Eun was.

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He took her back home and she was so happy that she had lost 5 kilos already! Thinking it would be Young Ho, Joo Eun opened the door, but it was her stalker and once things got frightening Young Ho appeared to her aid!

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~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venu’s 4th episode reached 9.4%, the drama’s best ratings to date and thus leaving behind Glamorous Temptation with 8.4% but letting Six Flying Dragons in the first place with 12.6%. The 4th one was a more insightful and story-progressing episode, but it maintained a sense of the drama’s mystery on how things will flow in the forthcoming episodes, especially concerning how the past will affect the present and how the ongoing present will lead to the future.


Many things happened to Joo Eun during the first four episodes with most of them reaching a climax during the 4th one. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and the fact that she was undergoing extreme pressure and stress throughout the years played its own part in gaining weight, but it also played its own part being unable to lose weight, especially after training hard. In addition, Young Ho, Ji Woong and Joon Sung had lied to her concerning John Kim’s real identity and her brother was getting married. Who would be the one to pay for it since he didn’t have any money? Of course, Joo Eun! And let’s not forget about her loan! If all that weren’t enough, she had already lost her boyfriend, Soo Jin was hostile towards her, a stalker was lurking in the shadows, she had been ridiculed after her TV program video started trending and her workplace wasn’t intending to protect her even though she did nothing wrong. If all these reasons weren’t enough for Joo Eun to feel disheartened then i don’t know what to say, but she’s strong with tons of soul deep within and giving up would never be an option.


The more the episodes pass by the more ridiculous Woo Shik appears. He had no right to ask Young Ho about his relationship with Joo Eun, he could be her astronaut or her cheetah, but the answer he received was the one he deserved in one hand, on the other hand it wasn’t far away from the truth with fate winking its eye in the corner. However, i am really curious about Woo Shik’s favor and it could make things perplexed in the future. As for Soo Jin, she could have easily guessed the reason why Woo Shik was in a hurry and she wasn’t wrong since she noticed him at the hospital. She wouldn’t give a squirrel’s peanut for Joo Eun’s health and it was more than apparent later on.


Even the watermelon felt too tough for her to eat, she’s got a serious psychosomatic issue accompanied by her grandiose inferiority syndrome. But this time she could set aside the future calories that would visit her and drank as much as she wanted in an attempt to feel at ease. The good part of the story was that Woo Shik was honest with her up to an extent and informed her that he went to see Joo Eun. What he didn’t say was that he was concerned both about Joo Eun’s guardian and Joo Eun herself, mainly about the first factor for selfishness’ sake. The fact that she didn’t answer his phone call later on could prove that she could have listened to his conversation with Young Ho. Self-awareness was reigning supreme though at that point, the world’s worst mustard and the world’s worst beach could easily make the worst couple!


Soo Jin didn’t only play her own part in Joo Eun finding herself in a post-program awkward position, she also made sure that she would enforce her position upon Joo Eun in the worst possible way with workplace discrimination. There was no protection for Joo Eun as an employee, on the contrary, it was believed that she was ruining the company’s image with everything that happened even though she wasn’t at fault! At the end of the day, the company ordered Joo Eun to go there, they should take full responsibility and support her instead of ostracizing Joo Eun for a week’s time. As if all that weren’t enough, Soo Jin implied that she slept with Woo Shik even though nothing happened. She was trying to devastate Joo Eun one step at a time, but all she was achieving was to feel empty herself. The good part of the story is that Joo Eun will have plenty of time to exercise by John Kim’s side!


Young Ho sincerely wants to help Joo Eun achieve her goal, he also feels guilty for pressuring her while being unaware that she was suffering from hypothyroidism, but his intentions remain pure. However, Joo Eun doesn’t know what to believe anymore and his background story, which was pretty much the truth, echoed like a fairy tale to her ears! Young Ho taking “control” of her body simply meant that he would do his best to aid her succeed by taking into consideration all of Joo Eun’s parameters! All of that required medication, examination at the body clinic for Young Ho to make his program more specific and changing her daily routine, especially when it comes to sleeping, eating and moving around. Soon, Joo Eun will truly become aware that the man supporting is the one and only John Kim, but he will also find out that she really used to be Daegu’s Venus!


Young Ho’s household is a hostile environment, that’s why he avoids going there. His one and only ally has to be his grandmother with secretary Min being her right hand, but he doesn’t want to walk upon the pathway she paved for him. The vibes i received were that Nam Chul, as Young Joon’s uncle, tries to make the company lean towards his nephew’s direction instead of Young Ho and Hye Ran’s silence and obedient attitude strengthens the overall ambiance. Young Ho’s father isn’t that pleased with Young Ho’s grandmother’s strict belief that Young Ho should be the one to lead the company in the future. His rigid face got awkwardly “warmer” the moment she made that statement and the earth stopped spinning for everyone else at the table. Young Ho’s father probably thinks that his first son is a disgrace and that’s why Young Joon tries his best to achieve what Young Ho never cared about, becoming a proper heir to the throne. Woo Shik will play his own part in this abhorrent plan to dethrone Young Ho before even thinking of becoming the company’s chairman.


As we’re ready to head towards the drama’s 3rd airing week we already know that Joo Eun lost five kilos, Young Ho’s leg’s condition has started deteriorating and the stalker made his appearance! Even though i am not so sure, i think he’s the one Soo Jin loved back in the days, the radio producer who gave his phone number to Joo Eun but she probably never called him back. Sung Hoon’s training at the doctor must have pleased his fans beyond repair whereas Henry delivered tremendous amounts of laughter with his lines, facial expressions and reactions to the surrounding environment! The kitchen invasion where Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Woong became the anti-food squad equivalent of the ghost busters was priceless! Young Ho’s ghost being all over the place every time Joo Eun wasn’t following his guidelines along with the “get lost” reference to The Master’s Sun were awesome! And when i thought i had seen it all, the Yong Pal reference ended my life peacefully in the most unexpected way! Now i really can’t wait for the next week to arrive and something tells me that things are bound to get way more interesting! Mondays are always better when you have a drama waiting for you!


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“Let’s go; to your outer space.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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  1. November 25, 2015 at 5:00 am — Reply

    loved it! i dont know how i missed the master’s sun reference tho! haha….cracked up at yong pal. i hope theres more of that sort of insider prankishness from the writers, really adds to the fun 🙂 i’m wondering if soo jin doesn’t really dig woo shik, but it’s all contrived for some sort of revenge on joo eun! he will be very marginalised & pathetic should that unfold. that dress scene when soo jin exerted her authority as director was particularly nasty! she does play that character well…add some vino and rolling eyes and she could be at the house bar in mask again! maybe that will be one of the jokes later 😀
    love the three guys the most, they are refreshing and henry’s konglishness and exuberance is really fab. shin min ah’s doing a sharp & memorable job too, lots to come & i really look forward to it. mondays are super busy now, tuesdays as well!

    • November 25, 2015 at 5:07 am — Reply

      If you re-watch the scene now it will make you laugh even more! 😀 Yush, Yong Pal reference owned, especially since i loved that drama ^-^ I am curious too about Soo Jin’s real feelings, she doesn’t seem pleased with anything at the end of the day, she’s a broken figure, but even if she does love him, Joo Eun still pops up in his life and eventually hers and things get complicated in her brain. And if Woo Shik gets marginalized we all know what he’s capable of given the background story that he helps Nam Chul to prevent Young Ho from getting interested in the company in combination with the fact that Joo Eun will become Daegu’s Venus anew by Young Ho’s side! But Yoo In Young does an awesome work on Soo Jin indeed, she’s got the whole package and temperament for that role! 😀
      The three guys are a super team, they are like super heroes! Shin Min Ah’s awesome as well and i love her character too! I hope that these all-nighters won’t mean the end for me XD

      • November 25, 2015 at 5:20 am — Reply

        i will rewatch….i really loved masters sun and as soon as you said that i felt like an idiot! haha…soo jin’s character does remind me quite a bit of in young’s character in mask…you didn’t watch that did you? you should look up some clips of her…she is very good at illustrating a certain ambiguity about her character’s motives and paths. She can evolve suddenly…bodes well for this drama really, and i’m not sure who else has that quality in kdramaland. i don’t think she loves him, it’s too perfectly aligned. But she may be fond of him, certainly possessive of him which can play out the same way. its 1230 am and im up at 5, did 3 am up at 5 yesterday due to had to watch stuffies. ack! thank god theres a holiday next 🙂

        • November 25, 2015 at 5:50 am — Reply

          Nah, it’s a brain, it just didn’t receive the signals that moment, my chingus ain’t stupid! 8D Haven’t watched Mask, if i decide to never watch it (but there’s never “never” in dramaland, things always change on what one watches or not) i will go spoil myself with her! She’s certainly possessive, the fact that she can’t have him 100% distorts her mind! Something tells me your holiday will have lots of drama, i can smell it!

  2. November 25, 2015 at 9:29 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  3. November 27, 2015 at 5:41 pm — Reply

    so far I think Show has a nice approach about “why she MUST lose weight”. It’s more about her health than just trying to be pretty again. I’m okay with makeover, you help people figure out how to dress well. However, I don’t like the message that you must go through plastic surgery or be a certain weight to be “happy” . That(s why it’s nice they made Kang Joo Eun be a lawyer who worked hard to be where she is now. She doesn’t a have a happy life, but she isn’t unhappy either. And her weight isn’t used as being the only reason things don’t work out in her life. Show is built on how hard it is to lose weight. It’s not just “oh I want to lose weight.” and it happens in 2 weeks or by starving yourself. It’s about changing the way you think and your lifestyle first. With that said, there’s something missing for me. I can’t figure out what it is and it surely doesn’t stop me from enjoying watching. I’m really having a nice time and I even smile! I do not have these moments of frustration with the plot b/c I just don’t understand why things happen the way they’re happening. Everything looks logical to me, so that’s not why I don’t feel 100% emotionally invest. Well, maybe I’ll be able to figure out by the end of its run;

    Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! that is all I had to say

    • November 28, 2015 at 7:22 pm — Reply

      Yup, they did a good job on that factor and they blended the health factor quite well along with the related characteristics! “However, I don’t like the message that you must go through plastic surgery or be a certain weight to be “happy” .” They have Soo Jin to counterweight this since she has the ‘right’ weight, but she’s not happy! “She doesn’t a have a happy life, but she isn’t unhappy either.” Yup, she’s a human among humans! I am eager to find out that is missing for you once you find it, will share it with Kwon? XD
      “Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Judging from the continuous oppa battlecries, So Ji Sub hyung is a major oppa in your life! 😀

      • November 28, 2015 at 7:27 pm — Reply

        well, it’s not that I’m THAT old, but I clearly don’t have a lot of choices among actors I can call oppa. So when I can say oppa, I enjoy it 😀

        • November 28, 2015 at 7:29 pm — Reply

          Lol, i didn’t mean that! XD Of course i’m happy you enjoy your oppahood to the fullest whenever you do so 8D

  4. December 2, 2015 at 5:16 pm — Reply

    I need your help, my dear Kwon! What is the stalker’s real name? I have seen this actor but can’t remember where…

    • December 4, 2015 at 12:11 am — Reply

      If you found out already , please let me know as well! I have seen him somewhere too, but i don’t remember where either! Sorry for being unable to help (for now) chingu-Nelly 🙁

      • December 4, 2015 at 1:09 am — Reply

        Awwww thanks. I’m sure his name will emerge soon.

        • December 4, 2015 at 2:08 am — Reply

          And we’ll jump out of happiness! *well, sort of, just because we found out the name* XD

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