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Bubblegum Episode # 10 Recap [I see a Red Door and I want it Painted Black]

bubbl1001(no colors anymore, I want them to turn black.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only-

bubbl1002 Ri Hwan tells Ji Hoon he has to go gome, because his mother is up and she remembers him. Ji Hoon encourages him in a funny way, and tells him to take care on the streets. Ri Hwan arrives home to find his mother asleep and removes some of his stuff in fear she might get confused if she sees stuff she won’t recognize. Auntie wonders if Haeng Ah will be able to keep up with all that.
bubbl1003Yi Seul’s mom decides to visit Ri Hwan in his clinic something Yi Seul doesn’t want her to. Her mother tells her she does thing she doesn’t want either, so she will go and meet him anyway. She confuses Ji Hoon for Ri Hwan and her questions along with his replies, don’t match and they are both confused by each other. In the end she figures out what is going on, and leaves but Yi Seul thinking that she met Ri Hwan, rushes to the clinic.

She apologizes to him on behalf of her mother but he says it is alright. She asks him if Haeng Ah told him what she said to her the other day and Ri Hwan’s reaction prompts her to confess that she told Haeng Ah to break up with him. Ri Hwan doesn’t want to argue with her and tells her to leave since he has to go back to work.

bubbl1004She grabs onto his jacket and tells him that even if Haeng Ah is in his heart right now, if he broke up with her, she would be with him if he allowed her to- she tells him he’s a good person and she likes him and even his mom likes her.

bubbl1005Yi Seul returns to her office and gets ridiculed by her mother once more, but when she starts calling Ri Hwan “an ordinary punk” she talks back- she tells her that he is much better than all those company guys that inherit fortunes and treat others like dirt. Her mother is surprised she talked back and tells her she will have to do something about her being so crazy over a guy.

bubbl1006Ri Hwan talks to his mother’s friend doctor and tells him that his mother is still obsessed with Haeng Ah and doesn’t remember him or doesn’t want to remember him. The doctor asks him how he is dealing with the trauma that his mother tried to kill herself when she was pregnant with him, but Ri Hwan says he knew he wasn’t that welcomed into the world and he has acknowledged that fact. The doctor tells him not to brush that aside and to get treatment- he asks him if he has someone to lean on in this difficult time.

bubbl1007Ri Hwan visits Haeng Ah in the station and she’s worried something happened with her Aunt. He tells her he wanted to see her because he missed her and asks him to hug him before he goes back.

bubbl1008Auntie calls Ri Hwan and tells him that Seon Yeong doesn’t leave Haeng Ah from her eyes not for a second and she has to go to work at some point.

Haeng Ah says she has to go the bathroom for a bit and she tries calling the station to tell them she will be late but Seon Yeong gets anxious and calls for Haeng Ah to come back and scolds her for only thinking of herself.

bubbl1009Se Yeong is doing her live program and reads a letter that says they were rejected from a job interview and “they have to be strong.” She wonders if those words have any meaning whatsoever, but when Jo Dong doesn’t reply, she announces to the audience they have a fill in for producer Kim that couldn’t make it today and the reaction is slow, because the fill in is excited to be near her. Jo Dong is embarrassed by her words and thinks back to the previous night when he met Ji Hoon.

bubbl10010They talk about women problems- Ji Hoon says he wished he had another chance with her and would gladly give up alcohol, which was his life long companion until now. Jo Dong wonders if someone is playing a camera joke on him, since the woman that apparently likes him now, is pretty, a good worker and young as well- in fact she’s good friends with Haeng Ah. They both figure out they talk about the same person, Tae Hee.bubbl10011

Haeng Ah goes to the station to finish up the program and afterwards she thanks Jo Dong for filling for her lately- she’s gonna have to ask for leave for some time. Jo Dong tells her it is okay, and he doesn’t mind filling for her, since he prefers that than being alone in his dorm and he actually likes her team. He gives her advice on how to deal with her Aunt, since he knows from experience.
bubbl10012Ri Hwan meets Haeng Ah outside the house and asks her if she had a hard day- she tells him that she didn’t really, since everyone is helping her out with work, making sure to ask her if she ate and all that. He tells her he is grateful for her good friends.

Haeng Ah starts narrating a story about a man that has a different sort of Alzheimer’s than Aunt, and how he proposes to his wife every day, just like that. Ri Hwan “tells” Haeng Ah to get married, “just like that”, and then tells her he loves her.


They later text each other, “wondering” if they should go those vacations they talked about once- they should take Seon Yeong together with them, to start having happy memories again.


Seon Yeong calls Haeng Ah and urges her to track down a woman with a specific outfit in the Respiratory Clinic- Jo Dong tells Haeng Ah he will fill for her and she should go about her business. Joon Soo tries to cheer her up too.bubbl10015

Jo Dong calls Seok Joon and tells him they can’t meet since he has to fill in for Haeng Ah- he tells him he’s worried about her since she hasn’t been eating well.

Haeng Ah, after going back and forth enters the clinic and asks the reception about the woman she’s supposed to be looking for. The nurses tell her that’s not enough to track down a person and tell her to wait aside, since they’re busy with patients- Haeng Ah passes out when she sees a cloth full of blood. Seok Joon calls her at that time, and the nurse inform him that she fainted.

bubbl10016Seok Joon asks Ri Hwan how long  Haeng Ah will be passing out when he’s supposed to take care of her. Ri Hwan stays by Haeng Ah’s side, and when she wakes up, he tells her they’re on the ER and she will probably see blood again. She asks him to help her get out of there as soon as possible.

bubbl10017Ri Hwan checks old photos to see if he can find that person his mom is looking for. He sees a picture of her with that specific dress and realizes the person she has been trying to track down, was her own self in a happy day. He breaks down and cries and thinks on what the doctor told him- that this situation must be really hard for Haeng Ah, too.

bubbl10018He takes out his remote control car and while playing around with it, he thinks of all the people telling him how hard it must be for Haeng Ah. Tae Hee tells him all the hardships that Haeng Ah had to endure and how she has to at least be happy now, and requests of Ri Hwan to let her go because the situation right now makes things difficult for her again. He also recalls Seok Joon’s words about Haeng Ah deserving complete happiness.

bubbl10019Ri Hwan “talks” with his mom and tells her he won’t see Haeng Ah anymore. She asks him if Haeng Ah won’t come by anymore and how she hasn’t seen her for a while. He tells her he can live without her, and she shouldn’t forget that.

bubbl10020He visits Secret Garden and Dong Hwa pleads with him to come over when Haeng Ah is not there- Ri Hwan tells her to be obedient and to listen to her parents before he leaves.

He meets Seok Joon, and says he doesn’t think of him as the best solution- Seok Joon replies that when there is no best solution, at least erase the most wrong one. “I will erase myself, then” says Ri Hwan.

bubbl10021He meets Haeng Ah and gives her the phone of the doctor who is willing to meet her outside the hospital- he tells her to promise him she will call him the next day.

After that, he sits her down and announces that he moved her stuff from the third floor to her old apartment- Haeng Ah wonders if Aunt got upset with that and Ri Hwan tells her, if she did get or she didn’t get upset, she won’t have to worry about it now.

bubbl10022Haeng Ah doesn’t understand and Ri Hwan explains she was right about them not being able to be together right now- he can’t leave his mother alone and hold her freely and from now on they won’t meet anywhere since he said his goodbyes to all the common places they had. Haeng Ah tells him that this is not the same as just breaking up, and he tells her that there’s no breaking up halfway.

bubbl10023He gets ready to leave but Haeng Ah follows him around- he tells her to stay away as they’re both crying and eventually Ri Hwan leaves, and in his mind apologizes to Haeng Ah’s father.

Reflection Corner :

(this sums up the whole episode)

(this sums up the whole episode!)

Uuuum, what? Wait a second to get this straight-

Ri Hwan made a resolve last episode; that he will fight alongside Haeng Ah, that he will cry alongside her, he will laugh alongside her, they will be doing all sort of things together. And a day later he decides to take all that back, and completely disappear from her life? What the hell, how does that even make sense? And what did change? His mother was sick when he promised her that, nothing new happened there. Is it because Haeng Ah fainted? Is it because of what Tae Hee told him? Is it because of Seok Joon’s smooth talks? So what, everyone will have an opinion. The point is, what Haeng Ah wants. And Haeng Ah wants to stay by her Aunt’s side, and his side. But apparently nobody cares what Haeng Ah wants, not even Ri Hwan!

And now, he tells her he will disappear completely from her life, but oh, even that decision is half-assed since it is clearly what he doesn’t want as it is evident from him crying his guts out as he says his goodbye.

And for argument’s sake, let’s just say that they should break up for reasons x and y. Does this mean they won’t have to meet AT ALL? Legit question posed right there from Haeng Ah, herself.

It’s not even noble idiocy device we’re dealing with here, it is simply inexplicable. I guess the writers intended to color Ri Hwan as a “martyr of love” or something, but just an episode ago, he, himself kicked out the “chance” for unnecessary angst (and I was so happy to see that happening, because everything he said last episode made absolutely sense) and now it’s up there again. /sigh

Alternative title of the episode:


Anyway, forever forward is my motto so onwards for episode 11 and hopefully that one won’t give me as much as a whiplash as episode 10 did!

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  1. November 25, 2015 at 4:09 am — Reply

    yeah, what happened yo “you’ll never lose me and mum” which is what he said before they started dating :<

  2. November 25, 2015 at 10:24 am — Reply

    I haven’t watched ep 9 and 10 yet, just reading your cap and watching short videos on youtube, this ep is really sad, I think I’m gonna cry my eyes out once I watch the whole thing.
    I agree with you about RH’s action. Where is the determined RH, who always hang on HA, stick with her through thick and thin. I know that the writer want RH to be the selfless boyfriend letting HA go because he wants to shield HA from pain and despair, but is it really best for HA. everyone wants HA to be happy, but no one asks HA about what her happiness looks like. In my opinion, HA’s happiness is very simple, being close to RH and RH’s mom is enough for her. Will she be happier being thrown out of her loved one’s life? RH said she would never lose him or his mom, but now she’s losing them both, will she be ok? She’s definitely not ok.
    the writer really needs to solve this problem smartly.
    well on a side note, Jung Ryeo Won is really really great in emotional scene, I’m crying watching the video on youtube and I don’t understand a thing what they’re talking about. I know why I’m her fan, she never disappointed me

    • November 25, 2015 at 6:54 pm — Reply

      Haeng Ah told Ri Hwan her worst fear would be to lose him and his mother- and he promised her, that would never happen. And now he goes out to make sure that this is gonna happen. It’s hysterical, really.

      • Mohammed
        November 25, 2015 at 9:49 pm — Reply

        Actually its a noble idiot mistake by Ri Hwan but its understandable one. He did tell Haeng Ah to go see the doctor before he told her they were done. Haeng Ah is weak,sick and the personality to hurt herself, ruin her life for his mothers disease sake. She would destroy herself for an Aunt that will never get better.

        I can understand Ri Hwan feeling selfish for wanting HA to be with him despite all that because all her friend, others pressured him about what it was doing to her.

  3. lynn
    November 25, 2015 at 6:33 pm — Reply

    Yeah. I just finished the episode and said out-loud “what the hell was that?” and set out to find recaps to see if I was the only one confused. What an awful episode.

    • November 25, 2015 at 6:53 pm — Reply

      It made absolutely no sense- it’s like the last episodes never happened.

  4. hye
    November 25, 2015 at 10:45 pm — Reply

    but didnt ri hwan tell her that they are real siblings? or did I not understand that right. at the end of the episode in the park

    • November 25, 2015 at 11:30 pm — Reply

      No, he didn’t tell her that- he told her not to worry about her “Aunt” since it is not her real Aunt anyway.

      • Hye
        November 27, 2015 at 7:28 am — Reply

        But didn’t he say something like, “it’s because we were born real siblings. So we wouldn’t have problems like this” on the swings right before he gets up and leaves and HA says “I don’t understand”

  5. November 26, 2015 at 3:27 am — Reply

    RH: “…both Mom and I, just think of us as dead, you just live your life on your own… I can’t leave mom behind and hold onto you.”
    Letting HA go, for herself. So that she will not suffer Mom’s abuse? So that she will not felt torn between RH and Mom? So that she can have her own daily life back, and not force to limit her limits, eg. Hospital visits? To me, these are all craps. Did anyone ask HA the depth of her love for Mom? Ask whether these stress are “too hard to bear”? Or any of her Happiness are lesser now, or is she really suffering as during staying with SJ? Did anyone think she started to mind handling Mom’s abuse and scolding? Did anyone exactly talk to HA and ask what does HA wants? Before judging for her, what is real happiness mean for her?
    If anyone remove Mom’s prejudice out of the whole equation, actually all blues will dissolved in a second! And Mom, Mom got to wake up! Or should I say, allowed to dream on into her new reality, her new utopia world where she deleted all the People that caused her pains from her memory. What Secret Garden Uncle said are right, why must the children bear what pain their parents suffers?
    Mom, is this exactly what the man you loved and missed dearly want from you, when he left his beloved daughter to your care, and your son whom he treated almost like his own son? Mom, you are hurting the man you claimed to love above all things, including your own son.

  6. November 26, 2015 at 9:07 am — Reply

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