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Bubblegum Episode #9 Recap [What if You’re Making Me]

bubbl090119zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(all that I was meant to be.)

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only; if you see it anywhere else, it’s stolen and that tires me out because it forces me to write that disclaimer each time ugh –

bubbl0902Tae Hee is writing the show’s segment when she thinks back to her conversation with Jo Dong and her asking him if he liked her- he replies “when it comes to you, truth is I’m scared.” She tells tells him that is not an answer, and he goes on to describe all the things that make her “scary” according to him and concludes it would be unnatural if he did and should go like someone her age. She tells him “since that night..” and the scene cuts a year earlier.

bubbl0903Jo Dong was calling his kid abroad, to wish him happy birthday when he gets hang up rather quickly. Tae Hee was writing on her laptop at that time and noticed how dejected he was after the phone call. They meet after Jo Dong went to get something to eat and told her in passing “You truly work hard all night huh.”

bubbl0904Ji Hoon is with Ri Hwan who is getting drunk, and he texts Haeng Ah; she meets with Ri Hwan on the way back and they hug, both saying “Sorry..” to each other. Ji Hoon carries Ri Hwan in his bed and leaves but Haeng Ah stays after Ri Hwan tells her not to leave him alone.


Ri Hwan on his drunken state, thinks that when people come with truths they don’t like they close their eyes in hope that the dark will take take away those truths away and brings Haeng Ah closer to him.

Ji Hoon goes to a chicken restaurant where he meets Jo Dong- he asks him what is he doing in a chicken restaurant when he doesn’t order chicken, and tells him if he has indigestion issues he should come to him. Jo Dong offers him a drink but Ji Hoon sais he quit “because of a sad story with a woman.”bubbl0906Haeng Ah gets ready to leave and whispers to Ri Hwan that she’s sorry she couldn’t keep her promise of not running away from him- Ri Hwan opens his eyes and wishes that all of this was merely a dream and everything would go back to the way it was before.

bubbl0907The next morning, Ri Hwan and Ji Hoon are having the “hangover soup” but this time it is Ri Hwan who needs it only, since Ji Hoon managed to stay sober last night. Ri Hwan asks him if he can work only mornings, and reveals that his mother suffers from Alzheimer’s. Ji Hoon refuses to accept that and asks who idiotic doctor said that.

bubbl0908Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah got to eat and when he tries to help her with her food she tells him he can’t do that anymore. Ri Hwan was expecting that and tells her that nothing should change between them- she tells him that everything has, since everyone is suffering because of them and they should go back to the way they were before.

bubbl0909“So we should be the ones suffering instead, what about our own hearts?” he replies but she tells him that they might suffer for a while but will get over it. It’s not like they can live alone in the world, without caring how that affects others.

bubbl09010Yi Seul is arranging with her family’s Director about a possible treatment for Seon Yeong. Ri Hwan goes to visit his mom who is making home made juice and he acts normal with her drinking it, despite having misplaced horribly the dose of sweet on it.

Seon Yeong goes back to her room, texting her colleague doctor but doesn’t see his reply, of having told Ri Hwan everything- Yi Seul calls her to meet.

bubbl09011Se Yeong is filming her drama, and after an exhausting pulling-hairs scene, she takes a rest sending Joon Soo to get her some coffee- she gives him a coupon and some staff guys that see that, mistake it for a credit card and  bad-talk about her “relationship” with her “manager.”

Before Haeng Ah returns to the third floor apartment she’s staying, Auntie finds her and tells her that she shouldn’t be there, and she will inform her if something happens to Seon Yeong.


Yi Seul arrives to meet Seon Yeong and wonders why Haeng Ah is there. Seon Yeong thanks Yi Seul about her looking for treatment for her but ultimately turns her down. As Yi Seul is ready to leave, Haeng Ah is out there waiting for her to talk.


Yi Seul tells her that she looked for many solutions and she might have found something that will slow down the disease just a bit- but even that bit would be good for Ri Hwan to spend some more time with her. She then asks why Haeng Ah is having around her Aunt, since that bothers her. Before Haeng Ah has a chance to reply, Yi Seul  tells her she should stop doing things that annoy her Aunt- then she asks her if it is possible to disappear from Ri Hwan’s side.

bubbl09014She quickly feels sorry for what she told Haeng Ah, but Haeng Ah stops her and tells her if she can look into other treatment methods for her Aunt, she will go back to the way things were with Ri Hwan- she can’t disappear completely, but she will keep her distance.

Se Yeong tells Joon Soo to stop following her around as her “manager” but he tells her she shouldn’t be concerned with what strangers think of her.

bubbl09015She tells him it is not about herself she is worried, but about those that are beside her that end up taking the heat too- just like her family members, and when they were talking bad about her mother as well. Joon Soo hugs her and tells her he doesn’t mind what others will think of him or how bad they will talk and reassures her she will stay by her side.

bubbl09016Tae Hee scolds Haeng Ah for her naive way of thinking concluding that her aunt won’t get any better if she is hurting- she asks if she could really live okay knowing Ri Hwan will date someone else and she won’t be seeing her Aunt anymore, and Haeng Ah is positive.

bubbl09017Tae Hee tells her that if that’s the case she should go back to dating Seok Joon- Jo Dong accidentally interrupts them and Tae Hee tells him to give her Seok Joon’s number.

Seok Joon after having talked with Tae Hee, goes to Ri Hwan’s clinic.

bubbl09018Ri Hwan tells him he shouldn’t meddle with him and Haeng Ah but Seok Joon replies that this is rich coming from him, since he did the same a while ago. He tells him that since Haeng Ah is hurting now, he will be the one to be good with her but Ri Hwan is not having it- he says if Haeng Ah is hurting, he will hurt with her. There is no point being apart if they will cry and hurt for each other, and they should be doing that together.

bubbl09019Ri Hwan finds Haeng Ah at work and replies to her earlier question if he could hold her while Aunt is sick- he says he can, and that is because he can be strong because of her. Even if they break up, they will eventually get back together, because that is, how it has always been.

He doesn’t want to make her uneasy though, so he tells her to go back to work, if that is what she wants.

Yi Seul’s mother visits her in her office and tries to set her up with another marriage prospect- Yi Seul tells her she won’t go since she has someone she likes but her mom ridicules that claim. Yi Seul asks her never to get sick, so she won’t have to listen to her.

Seon Yeong tells Aunt since her condition is getting worse, she should do some things before that happens-like going to see her dad and also write down those three things he once told her. Auntie tells her that she  won’t forget those things. A phone call interrupts them- it is Seon Yeong’s brother that informs her their father passed away.

Seon Yeong breaks down and cries and later she lays down to rest with the help of Auntie and Ri Hwan.

She falls into a deep sleep, going back and forth to her memories, from when she had Ri Hwan, when she tried to commit suicide with pills, conversations she had- everyone takes turn in taking care of her.

In the station, Se Yeong complains about the New Years coming, saying that will make her one year older- Joon Soo tells it’s okay since he will be one year older as well. Ri Hwan texts Haeng Ah to meet and she tells him not to come tomorrow and let her know if anything happens to Aunt.

Seon Yeong’s memory of Ri Hwan gets re-written and she cannot recognize Ri Hwan. She asks for Haeng Ah instead, while Aunt and Ri Hwan seem severely startled.

We go back to a fairytale Seon Yeong read to Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah when they were kids that correlates to the state she’s in right now- Ri Hwan introduce himself anew to his mother.

Reflection Corner :


The thing that came often to my mind while watching this episode was “jesus, why is everyone treating Haeng Ah like a pariah?”

“Don’t go near your Aunt/Your Aunt is bothered by you/Don’t do this to your Aunt” blah blah blah blah

Seriously? No wonder Haeng Ah chose the noble-idiocy route (even though, she is by now conditioned to think that yes, her Aunt will be better if she won’t see her ever again!) but thank God Ri Hwan stood firm; Ri Hwan was amazing this episode, he was like the voice of the fandom that goes against these kind of noble-idiocy situations. He deconstructed every single “argument” of hear and he un-did her fear- well, up to the point he could. His monologue in the station, about how with her he can be the best version of himself, and he has no qualms to be with her at all times, was great- what was even greater is that he took her feelings into consideration (as he always does) and didn’t pressure her or anything, but told her he won’t make her uncomfortable or anything. But he is there, and he will be.


Yi Seul stoop quite low this episode, but she at least recognized that herself- guilting Haeng Ah to “disappear” from Ri Hwan’s life so she can have a chance with him was hella selfish so I hope that won’t go on. That is not the way to purse a person you supposedly love. (that was a great line though, sums up life- i love it but i hate it lol)


Se Yeong and Joon Soo continue to get cuter by the episode, and we also had a meaningful scene with them, seeing Se Yeong in a different light, about how she tries to protect her loved ones.

Now with Seon Yeong’s memory getting distorted things will get quite heavy, so I’m leaving you with fierce warrior Tae Hee who still slays with truths left and right-


and Ri Hwan’s smoothest line to date-


Onwards to episode 10!

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  1. November 25, 2015 at 10:00 am — Reply

    RH: “… If she needs someone to cry with, I’ll cry with her.… Because we’ll be in pain even if we are apart. Rather than cry where we can’t see each other, we’ll cry together.”
    RH surprised me again and again, with his clear direction. There are times when he was weakened to the struggles due to his love for mom. But he stand up again, seeing clearly what attitude he think regarding HA. He did wandered here and there. But he knew immediately clearly that rather than to let her cry alone, leaving her won’t make any of them felt they are “guiltless” in the world’s sense. And he knew clearly none of them did anything wrong by standing against what everyone dictate, so why should each of them hide somewhere and cry alone forever. To Love each other, will not making crying go away, but to cry together, making senses to the Crying, giving strength to the crying. Even if he goes away, will HA stop crying? Yes, in front of the world, she will as usual appears to be strong, so will she find someone to live together, but hide alone she will to cry. On top of all the hurts in life, the most hurts will be missing each other. So why should they each cry alone, for each other, anymore? To handle Mom’s case, He can be strong because of her, to freeze together, cry together for Mom together, at least need not cry for each other when they are together. He won’t promised she shall not cry anymore beside him that is so fake to promise rainbow and starry nights. But instead he promised to walk in the rain, to weather the freezing together. That she can be herself in front of him. Beautiful!

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