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Riders : Catch Tomorrow Episode # 2 Recap [Friends Will Be Friends]


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Cha Ki Joon at the hospital, is waiting news from his colleague when two higher ups from the company arrive but don’t seem that interested in their worker’s health news rather who is gonna share his load of work at the moment.

Joon Wook sees that he didn’t get in the S Group afterall and rushes to the company demanding to know why he was rejected- “it’s because you’re lacking” the employment manager responds to him. A dejected Joon Wook drinks his rejection away, along with Yoon Jae who is trying to cheer him up- Ki Joon arrives but he tells him it was good that he didn’t get into this soul-sucking corporation, something that aggravates Joon Wook and they get into a fight.


The following morning, Joon Wook wonders what is he gonna do with all his financial problems and where is his life heading at the moment- at the same time, Ki Joon over sleeps and misses the early hours work but his mom tells him he called work and told them he was sick. Despite Ki Joon having decided he needs to resign, he gets ready and head to work anyway.

rid004Joon Wook decides to go into a loan shark office- after a short talk with the boss there, he considers his options and ends up grabbing a flyer about requesting fishermen for crabs before he leaves.

At the company, Ki Joon is getting his sunbae’s load of work and then is invited to a company group gathering where he is disoriented and doesn’t notice what is going around him.

rid005After the company meeting, Ki Joon has a short talk with a taxi driver that reinforces his idea of wanting to quit and not liking  his job- but, he wonders what is he gonna do after he quits.

Yoon Jae is ready to go jogging, but before he exits the “friends cellar” he sees that Ki Joon did design the rickshaw and decides to use it.


After he texts both of his friends, they gather around and reconcile- they all ride the rickshaw having fun as they did when they were kids. Yoon Jae even manages to use the rickshaw as a flirting tool something that doesn’t surprise Ki Joon and Joon Wook as he has always been like that.


So Dam is seen in her room, doing illustration work on her computer. She remembers that Yoon Jae left his dog’s “health booklet” and decides to return it to him. She finds the address he’s supposed to be living at, and reaches “his” residence.

There she meets the owner and when she thinks it is his mom, she returns the booklet to her. While on her way back, she meets Yoon Jae, and tells him what happened but he seems confused- either way, he writers his number to her notepad and tells her to call him.


Joon Wook’s girlfriend visits him at his house and is trying to send him signals that she wants to to settle down now that she thinks he got a steady job. He doesn’t have the courage to tell her he got rejected, but Yoon Jae accidentally lets that slip.

After she leaves, Joon Wook and Yoon Jae have a fight, as Joon Wook is fed up with him living into his house and not paying for any expenses- Yoon Jae retaliates and tells him that he always pays when he’s got money, and its not fair what he tells him. He is later seen calling his dad and asking him for money.


Yoon Jae visits his dad at the nightclub he owns, and his dad tells him he needs to do something to earn money- after trying to avoid it, Yoon Jae is seen taking care of elementary kids and doing funny things with them and goes out to spend the money he acquired; he sees Tae Ra heading to a bar and follows her there, flirting with her.


Ki Joon at work, finds a book at his desk drawer that poses question about what makes one happy. As he reads about it, he thinks to himself when was he truly happy and what would make him happy right now- him riding bikes with his friends and carrying the girl he likes in his rickshaw.


Joon Wook leaves a note to Yoon Jae in the house, as he’s ready to go and find more info about the fisherman job.

Yoon Jae and Tae Ra go into a hotel- after they make out Tae Ra narrates a story from her past that hurt her and is revealed that she took some sort of drug that makes her collapse into the bed. Yoon Jae is trying to wake her up but to no avail.


Reflection Corner :

I really am getting into this show- I love the fact that is has a carefree atmosphere but poses some important questions not in a pretentious way, but one that correlates with the struggles that the characters are going through.

Ki Joon has a job he dislikes but what is he gonna do when he quits? Joon Wook doesn’t have time to think what he likes because his financial problems are rising up. So Dam is an illustrator but is hard to succeed in that field and works part-time jobs.

Jobs, money, being tied to them constantly because how else are you gonna survive, right? At the same time, it is important to find balance in your life and do things that you truly love. Ki Joon tolerates his job’s shortcomings because he has to look forward to him hanging out with his friends-  the time he cherishes the most. But, is that limited time he gets with them enough? What would happen if he somehow managed to mix that time along with the idea of making rickshaws? That would be an ideal thing, and he has started contemplating that so I’m curious to see how they will all come together to put that plan into work.

Tae Ra got some screentime, as opposed to the first episode and we find out she is hurt from her past, and now wants to mess around but I’m not sure what she tried to do in the end- was that dose enough to put her into the hospital, was she just messing with Yoon Jae? I’m not sure as of yet, we will see.

Speaking of Yoon Jae, loved him this episode; he might seem air headed and a player, but he’s a guy that loves his friends and is like a glue to their bond. Joon Wook, poor guy- he doesn’t even have time to properly think about anything, as he is constantly trying to find ways to make his house debts going away. I hope his girlfriend doesn’t dump him over that, she doesn’t seem like that type- she was disappointed though, not with him per se, but with the situation as she had made plans on her own.


Onwards to episode 3 then, and here’s hoping for more rickshaw scenes!



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