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“It may look fine on the outside, but it takes time to heal.
Scars are different in the way they appear.”


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


Young Ho had already noticed Woo Shik and Soo Jin together and he was aware that Joo Eun wouldn’t be at her finest and there he was by her side urging her to leave with him! Even though she didn’t want him to stay he didn’t gave up and put the blame on her sticking plaster!

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Young Ho was trying hard to be of any help towards her, but after she took his umbrella and her band-aid she left on her own after reassuring him that she’ll be fine! The outcome of their encounter was Young Ho splashing some water on her while passing by with his car!


Truth be told, nighttime wasn’t flowing well for Young Ho as a flashback made its appearance. When he was a little child he had to undergo surgery, we also witnessed his grandmother who urged him to meet his mother, but the moment wasn’t right. It wasn’t easy for Joo Eun either since she was losing herself in tears.


Of course, his grandmother had already found out that Young Ho was sleeping in a hotel! Hyun Woo called Joo Eun on the phone, but it was under Young Ho’s possession and he didn’t pick it up! Her son was sad because a girl was making fun of his weight!

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The next morning Joo Eun went back to work and it was the day everyone would meet the new deputy president. Joo Eun was late and she tried to sneak into the meeting, but her boss noticed her! Of course, the new deputy president is Soo Jin and she recognized Joo Eun. Back in the days, Soo Jin was in a like-minded condition and Joo Eun was her one and only support. Even though she didn’t have a student ID she could easily enter the university’s library because of her looks!

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The conversation inside Joo Eun’s office was awkward, but once Hyung Jung arrived Soo Jin demanded all the necessary respect her status was craving for! The moment she witnessed Joo Eun’s photo with Woo Shik her smile was highly representative of what was going on in the background!

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Secretary Min was waiting for Young Ho who was greeted with due respect, but it’s not something he’s looking forward to! Soon enough he found himself in a costume and his forthcoming meeting with his grandmother was already feeling quite ominous!

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Soo Jin became aware that Joo Eun wasn’t at her finest while she knew the reason why and she even made fun of it, but she acknowledged the fact that she’s a good employee!


The meeting with his grandmother wasn’t actually what it was supposed to be, it was a blind date which didn’t last long. Young Ho hanged in there in a diplomatic way and as soon as the woman left Joo Sung and Ji Woong rushed to his aid and “kidnapped” him in front of his grandmother’s men’s eyes!

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Now that the all the horror had passed he took both of his friends to get new clothes! Hyun Woo kept calling Joo Eun’s phone and he finally answered it! He kept referring to her corset as an abdominal belt and with his own temperament he made a forthcoming meeting between them a palpable option!

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Joo Eun acknowledged that Young Ho is sexy and Hyun Woo was entranced by the flow of the story along with the fact that Joo Eun would meet him at a hotel! However, Joo Eun couldn’t get over the fact that she met him under these circumstances, but Soo Jin’s presence made things a bit more overburdened. Joo Eun couldn’t even say that she was glad to see her after all this time despite the fact that she couldn’t also tell her much more beautiful she got while she was leaning towards Soo Jin’s past self. Hyun Woo tried to protect from watching her reflection in the mirror.


Young Ho wasn’t bound to escape for too long and after shopping his grandmother’s men were there! Secretary Min informed him that he’s not allowed to travel on his own anymore and once Young Ho got informed that he took care of everything he had to comply to secretary Min’s instructions. Young Ho’s stay in Korea will last longer than expected since they were unable to cover his tracks properly!

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Hong Im informed everyone on Young Ho’s arrival from the US branch and director Choi will have to get along with Young Ho in order to take care of everything that may occur in the future. He informed Woo Shik on everything going on, but Woo Shik reassured him that since Young Ho was never interested in becoming the company’s chairman nothing like that will surface in the future, it’s something they have to prevent from happening anyway. Woo Shik intends to run his own investigation on Young Ho’s background.

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While waiting for Young Ho, Joo Eun noticed that Woo Shik was with Soo Jin in a more than friendly way. Once he started heading towards her she urged him to stand still and while trying to leave she hit on the door’s glass and fell on the ground.


While nobody was doing anything to help her Young Ho appeared and took her shoe in his hands, but he also prevented Woo Shik from coming any closer! Once again, Young Ho was the one to save her and he was the answer to her plea for help! He brought her close to him and they managed to escape as if nothing had happened!


They ended up in his room and Young Ho wondered where they should do it, on the sofa or on the bed? Of course, he was talking about her shoulder which was out of its socket and urged her not to scream too much! Everyone who was passing out of the room thought that something else was going on!


Woo Shik intends to take care of everything on his own, but he also doesn’t intend to hurt Soo Jin’s feelings like he did to Joo Eun. Being a bitch once in a while doesn’t feel that bad, according to Soo Jin!


Joo Eun wants to get revenge against Woo Shik whom she considers her ex-boyfriend and Young Ho is amazed by the fact that she hasn’t even pulled his hair out! Even though he looked familiar to Young Ho he was like a stranger to Joo Eun at that point. Young Ho urged her to see a doctor, but he also informed that pain may not be apparent externally, but it can keep lurking on the inside when it comes to emotional scars.

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Joo Eun thought that Woo Shik may had been waiting for her and she was right, but she kept her distance from him. They went to a cafeteria to short things out calmly. He started referring to the misunderstanding that took place in front of her very eyes, but she took the lead and urged him to not misunderstand since nothing’s going on between her and Young Ho. She knew that he would never misunderstand her since he stares at her differently at this point. She declared the end of their relationship and she informed him that she was the one who finally let go of her feelings. However, she couldn’t wish him happiness. Woo Shik told her that it wasn’t Soo Jin’s fault, it’s something that enraged Joo Eun, but he informed her that she was successful on becoming a good lawyer at the cost of losing too much. Joo Eun agreed that she may had lost her beauty, but her smartness was still there while struggling to hold her pieces intact so he shouldn’t keep fueling the fire burning on the inside. Woo Shik told her that he wasn’t happy about everything that had happened, but she didn’t intend to leave with him.

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Joo Eun reached her car and she was regretting not throwing something on his face! A flashback took place where Woo Shik was confessing his love for her dimples. Cinderella was the first book her father bought for her and she loved the “they lived happily ever after” ending. At this point in her life, she considers the ending the world’s greatest nonsense!

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Joo Eun was trying to picture Soo Jin’s schedule the day she met her at the restaurant’s restroom and went to see her right away. Soo Jin said that she didn’t recognize her back then, but Joo Eun couldn’t believe that it was just a coincidence. They ended up together at Hyun Woo’s restaurant and she would allow any form of violence throughout the day in case Joo Eun wanted to avenge her feelings! Joo Eun wanted Soo Jin to be straight forward with her, but she recalled Woo Shik’s words. However, she did admit her moral responsibilities, but she wasn’t sorry either since she hasn’t done anything that wrong yet. Her tone was ironic as expected and she urged Joo Eun to come back to her senses since they’re living at the present and not in the past. Joo Eun was wondering if she tried to get Woo Shik from her because of Ji Hoon and even though she didn’t admit it in front of her it’s something that still hurts her to this day!

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Soo Jin had gone to Ji Hoon’s radio program and instead of opening up her heart towards him she opened up her heart towards Joon Eun who was supporting her all along the way. She could only be thankful towards her, but Ji Hoon was also thankful towards Soo Jin for her appearance at the radio program and she fainted! Later on, she noticed them together and her world collapsed.


Ji Woong went to meet Joo Eun and he was so glad! At that point she became aware of the countless texts he had sent her and he gave her a contract to check for him! She was thankful for his help on the plane, but he considered it destiny! He urged her to undergo a makeover and become a queen!


Young Ho’s father went to meet him and informed him on the changes at that company and that he’s not that young anymore so he can’t keep playing around.


Later on that night she received a package and they were her belongings from the ambulance. There was also Ji Woong’s jacket along with John Kim’s pocket and ID!


She started thinking that Ji Woong could actually be John Kim and rushed to meet him! She asked him if he’s John Kim and Young Ho made his grandiose appearance and replied positively! Joo Eun couldn’t hide her powerful smile!

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~ Thoughts ~


Oh My Venus appeared even stronger during its 2nd episode with 8.4% in terms of ratings by surpassing Glamorous Temptation’s 8.2% and being humble in front of Six Flying Dragons’ latest two back to back episodes, 12.2% and 13.2% respectively. Everything starts pointing even more towards all these complicated workplace, human and family relations to a wider extent with the makeover option being at its birth pangs.


I want to know more about Young Ho’s mother and Joo Eun’s father, both of them left their own impact upon their children. The fact that Young Ho wasn’t ready to see his mother before the surgery, could it be that she had passed away at that point and he couldn’t afford to visit her memorial? Also, Joo Eun’s father paved the way his daughter would walk upon with the first fairy tale he ever bought for her, Cinderella. Even though she became a successful lawyer she wasn’t able to maintain her external world intact and eventually, on the inside, a far great collision stated taking place, the one between the past and the present in a world where discrimination exists and scars people’s lives. One way or another, she got to find out that life’s not a fairy tale.


Young Ho’s grandmother is his personal national intelligence service, she can sense everything he did and most and above all, she can find him everywhere with the help of the hilarious and dedicated secretary Min! Even if Young Ho may not be ready for the occasion, secretary Min has the solution and everything flows in a like-minded way! Just like the blinder than blindness blind date and the like-minded lifestyle he must follow during the preparations for Young Ho to gradually become the company’s main figure.


Young Ho’s grandmother has her own plans about her grandson, but his father is quite an odd and rigid figure dare i say. His meeting with Young Ho wasn’t revealing too much, but it was unveiling the fact that they are not into a proper father-son relationship, something that was reflected on the silent opposition of beliefs and the major awkwardness in the air. Nam Chul made his appearance and he will be in charge of taking care of everything that has to do with Young Ho’s presence in South Korea, but he appears more concerned about the fact that Young Ho may become interested in the company at some point rather than working on the mission the chairwoman assigned to him. Judging from the fact that he’s working with Woo Shik, who’s eager to find out more about Young Ho, feels like the typical drama business takeover under specific events and circumstances. The John Kim identity will become their stronger card in the future, especially after Joo Eun’s makeover takes place and emotional complications will arise.


I already despise Soo Jin as a figure, but i like Yoo In Young’s acting so far even though her hair still look like a wig that executes me on the spot every time she appears. They look like a helmet for squirrel’s sake and they turn the watching process into an emotional battlefield for me since i already like the actress! Her presence as deputy president at Joo Eun’s workplace is bound to bring hell on earth and having both Woo Shik and power by her side will make her have the upper hand up to an extent and she will use it accordingly, until Young Ho comes into play in a more combative way.


Soo Jin’s style is quite arrogant and playfully hateful. She has forgotten her overweight years and the fact that Joo Eun was by her side back in the days. Soo Jin keeps living at the present while neglecting the past whereas at the same time she keeps reminding Joo Eun of how she used to be and how she is at the present. She kind of enjoys this exchange and the fact that Joo Eun has to keep walking in rougher shoes on an even more hostile ground. Her ironic and definitely not sympathetic tone engrosses the vibes she wants to reflect. I hope that getting closer and closer to Woo Shik has nothing to do with that misunderstanding in the past when she witnessed Joo Eun with the man Soo Jin loved. However, she must be struggling to maintain her image since food didn’t appear to be a human need but a necessary evil to her.


On the other side of the fence, Joo Eun was glad to see Soo Jin again after all this time, but she was unable to utter it in front of her. It was a sense of guilt that wasn’t bound to last for too long since the revelation of what was going on in the background emerged to the surface way too fast and all the pieces of the puzzle started making sense. I like Joo Eun and Hyun Woo’s friendship, they may be straight forward towards one another, but it’s always with love and caring. Preventing Joo Eun from staring at her reflection in the mirror was a wonderful moment as Hyun Woo was trying to block her self-degrading thoughts and definitely not the image itself.


The shameless truth before Joo Eun’s eyes and the panic that overran her left her helpless on the ground, only Young Ho was there for her once again and he remained by her side. Woo Shik wasn’t that affected by the overall outcome even though he didn’t want everything to get revealed that way. The fact that he waited for her at the hotel wasn’t because he was deeply caring about her, he wanted to put an end to everything they shared once and for all. The thing is, he doesn’t honor his pants and he didn’t really have much to say and everything he uttered was pointless amid mere excuses on how to avoid being straight forward towards Joo Eun. I am glad that Joo Eun took the lead and declared their relationship’s ending while struggling to maintain her calmness and trying to get rid of her own feelings. At the end of the day, Woo Shik had gotten used to adoring her image in the past and once it ceased existing the human within Joo Eun ceased existing for him as well, along with his feelings.


I am looking forward to Joon Sung’s background story getting unveiled, as for now, i love the way Ji Woong interacts with Joo Eun, Henry is quite hilarious dare i say! The magical John Kim card made its appearance, the revenge plan was already in mind and Young Ho appeared right on time the moment Joo Eun arrived! I am really curious, will Young Ho present Ji Woong as John Kim or he will reveal the whole truth in front of Joo Eun and he will take her under his wings in order for the transformation to begin? I can’t wait for the next episode as things are bound to get more interesting and the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah shyly reveals itself! The arch hints for every figure are there and the cogwheels of their background stories will start rotating accordingly!

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This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung only for Dramajjang.co.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. November 19, 2015 at 10:23 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 02  Episode 01 […]

  2. Myra
    November 20, 2015 at 10:01 am — Reply

    OK this ep got me in…I changed my mind 🙂

    I like your thoughts on this ep, the actress who plays Soo Jin is good. However she hasn’t forgotten the past at all. She remembered Joo Eun was a good friend but she also remembered all the privileges she had for just being pretty, and Soo Jin probably got bitter as she felt Joo Eun’s friendship was painful to her at one point after Joo Eun’s got her crush’s phone number. She might even felt Joo Eun’s friendship as a “non equal” one (2 different status, Soo Jin feeling inferior).
    I don’t really hate Soo Jin, even if I do dislike her for holding a teenage grudge after all these years and getting revenge with a man (how petty…). For now she hasn’t done anything to Joo Eun, and I hope she won’t in the future. But it’s not difficult for me to understand Soo Jin’s feelings. She should have found a way to move on and heal though. But people say anger is a good motivation…

    And the guy who speaks English well has a cute attitude, it’s refreshing lol (and I’m usually not into idol actors).

    I don’t remember Young Ho’s mother passing away nor Joo Eun’s father appearing on screen (only the line when she talks about Cinderella)…my memory is getting worse T_T

    • November 20, 2015 at 2:02 pm — Reply

      You’re on the Venus train 😀 Ah, maybe i didn’t put it so well, i meant all the things she may have learned through personal experience that derive from the past, not the past itself, something like she shouldn’t behave like that at the present since she has previous experience on like-minded situations 😀 I always think of it as the past being forgotten since it didn’t teach many things (even though it’s still there) and now that things have changed the attitude is a brand new different one and definitely not one that reminded Joo Eun’s attitude back then. She was feeling inferior and at the present she tries to act as a superior one.
      I don’t necessarily hate her for now, but something tells me i will at some point, but once her point of view gets revealed something tells me i won’t hate her that much. But i do dislike for sure 😀 “She should have found a way to move on and heal though.” This, soul healing would had been much better.
      About Young Ho’s mother passing away was a personal assumption, these are the vibes i received judging from her absence, Young Ho’s desolate stare at night and his rigid father. Neither Joo Eun’s father appeared, he was “present” through her references, so your memory is just fine! 😀 (Sorry for not having replied to the previous comments, time is a pain in the head, but i will do so, at least in the Oh My Venus ep 1 comments 🙂 )

      • Myra
        November 23, 2015 at 8:39 pm — Reply

        Ah I see what you mean now. It makes me think of something I read about abusive behaviour in the military among men, it was a Korean article but I wouldn’t be surpise if it were universal. Basically it was about former new young recruits being bullied or forced into sexual activites by older superiors…and then later on those new recruits’ status change as they gain experience and get older so they do the same painful thing they used to dread not so long ago. Stupid yeah. I’d say they internalized that pain and lack of privilege. To them, the only way to compensate for it and bear with it is to be able to get in that powerful position.
        It’s the same for Soo Jin. She’s internalized the system where beauty is everything and now that she’s become happy and privileged, she could probably be a b**** like others were to her in the past, and enjoy her new life selfishly. That’s what is sickenning with such a society (elsewhere too)…it’s a cycle. I’m waiting for the day a Kdrama will show a former victim who solved their issues with a therapist or any other healthy way. But then they would be no drama to write…lol Anyway, I agree with you, Soo Jin might get a chance to redeem herself or at least not to go too far and justify herself.

        Oh OK, thank you for clarifying that. Cool, my memory is fine then 🙂

        Don’t worry, you don’t have to reply to my other posts, it’s alright, especially that one that were so negative xD

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