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Bubblegum Episode #7 Recap [aka I Don’t Care if Monday’s Blue]

bubbl070024(Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too.)

– this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co – (one of these days they might stop stealing my articles and I won’t have to right this disclaimer each time..one of these days!)

bubbl07001There’s Kimchi day on Secret Garden and everyone’s preparing. Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan find sometime to play amidst that, acting like they’re in a hospital. Haeng Ah notices that his fingers are long, and if that has always been this way- she then wonders about his height and lips and he tells her that he’s always been like that but she notices that stuff right now since she starts to like him differently. He then tells her he’s pretty and she leaves embarassed.bubbl07002Auntie is worried about Seon Yeong when she finds out about Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah and how she feels bad about her; Chef Noh says that since the kids are happy nobody should meddle with their feelings.

Tae Hee tells Ji Hoon she’s not in the mood to fight to someone else’s kimchi preparation. He tells her they don’t have to fight and should try to patch things up. Tae Hee says she only helped him with the police because she feels pity for him and nothing else. She likes someone else now and she is not the person to give him false hope because that wouldn’t be right. Ji Hoon tells her he doesn’t mind false hope because that is something he can hang onto to.bubbl07003Chef Noh asks Ri Hwan if he takes full responsibility for Haeng Ah and he replies that he will and will be good to her no matter what. He also reassures him that he will talk to mom about it quite soon.bubbl07004Ri Hwan’s mom is checking out the clinic she’s gonna admit herself in, and asks the nurse if there’s a need for a guardian for the patient. The nurse replies that the only requirement is someone for an emergency call and the guardian is optional.

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah fool around when Dong Hwa sees them and immeditaly leaves- he says that everyone knows they’re dating now.bubbl07005Se Yeong and Jeon Soo return from the theater where she fell around because she was wearing sunglasses in there in fear that the media would pick up on them. Jeon Soon teases her that her fall marked a near excellent score. They see Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah together and they hide even though afterwards they’re wondering why they did that since they did nothing wrong.

Ri Hwan tells Haeng Ah he will talk to his mom soon, but she says she should be the one to talk- they agree they will both talk to her. Haeng Ah says she will be good to her and she will try to get over her hospital phobia and visit her there as often as she can. She remembers that once in the program there was a psychiatric guest  and talked about “something” called Oriental Neuropsyciatry. Ri Hwan takes “offense” and tells her that this is exactly what he’s practicing at, and then asks her if she even knows his real name. “Little Brother Park” she replies and demands she changes that name in her cellphone.

bubbl07006Ji Hoon calls Ri Hwan and tells him to transfer  the USB “files” to him. Dong Hwa sits with him ordering udon and he asks him if he is indeed living with Ri Hwan and if she can stay the night at his place. The customers are looking at him and he’s explaining that it is not what it sounds like.

Ri Hwan and Heang Ah head to his clinic and when he’s done with the USB he asks her if she wants to drink some tea. bubbl07007She is positive and wants to go to the patio but then asks him if that is boring for him since he works everyday there and if they should go outside. Ri Hwan tells her he likes that routine “and also..” and turns off the lights approaching her but she slaps him away.

In the udon place Ji Hoon goes on a monologue about how people that are opposites attract each other but that also drives them away and that cycle is repeated. Dong Hwa remarks that adults’ relationship sound quite mentally insane.bubbl07008Se Yeong and Joon Soo are drinking in a restaurant discussing kiss scenes in dramas and movies. Se Yeong is surprised he knows that much about her generation’s movies and he tells her his parents used to own a video store, and that is how he came to see her first “movie.”

In the patio, Ri Hwan lies around dejected and Haeng Ah says she’s sorry she slapped him but he surprised her. He wonders if he has to ask her permission if he wants to kiss her and she says that it might take her a bit time to adjust to that. bubbl07009He tells her he’s afraid she might change her mind but she reassures him that won’t hapen. “Now, I like you too” she tells him and while he’s happy about that, he’s still anxious to kiss her. She says it might be awkward at the beginning but he is sure it’s gonna be the opposite- they then remember the time they first met which is an embarassing moment since Ri Hwan was covering himself “there” as he was taking a bath to her house.

bubbl070010Se Yeong and Joon Soo are still talking about movies kisses and later they make out in her car.

Jo Dong ask Seok Joon what is he gonna do with the station and the offer and he says he will think about it. They then talk about if letting someone go is the right choice if there are still feelings, and they both conlude that if the other person is happier off, they should let them be. “Nothing feels lonelier than having someone with you, without their heart” remarks Jo Dong and Seok Joon agrees.

Ji Hoon and Dong Hwa are having a similar conversation in the udon place, but they conclude you should hold on to the person you like forever.bubbl070011Seok Joon is thinking what Haeng Ah told him in the station about how old her loves ended up but now she feels like she can be herself. He then is ready to leave, and Jo Dong wants to hug “him”- the him that was the youth that endured and worked so hard for the station. Seok Joon says he’s okay not hugging and Jo Dong is not surprised since he always wants to play it cool.

Later Tae Hee visits the employees quarters and asks Jo Dong if he likes her. He is startled and gets inside his room wondering aloud why he would ask him something like that. By the time he goes out again, Tae Hee is not there but finds the kimchi she left him.bubbl070012Ri Hwan drives Haeng Ah in her apartment and gives her a gift. She asks if it is for her birthday and he replies that it is not her birthday yet- if she wants to throw it away she can but she accepts it. bubbl070013The next morning, Ri Hwan and Ji Hoon go running, but after 5 minutes Ji Hoon feels beat and they stop- he tells Ri Hwan that he decided to pursue Tae Hee and then ask him if he is still comfortable living together now that he’s with Haeng Ah. Ri Hwan tells him it’s fine since he hopes that Haeng Ah will move to the vacant 3rd floor.

Seok Joon is seen to depart from the police station after giving his testimony.

bubbl070014Yi Seul meets someone from a marriage set-up who works at the court; he tells her he’s sorry he’s late but had to deal with the CBM case and Seok Joon’s testimony. Yi Seul remembers Seok Joon as she saw him on the streets when Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah kissed and then dazes off when he talks, continuously having Ri Hwan on her mind. After a while she says she has to leave and departs.

In Ri Hwan’s clinic both he and Ji Hoon are watching the news about Seok Joon’s testimony as a witness for a union and Ji Hoon wonders if that means he will stop being an anchorman, and that makes him sad since he was a pretty cool one. Ri Hwan tells him he should date him if he likes him that much- Ji Hoon wonders if he likes men and this is why he’s unmarried but Ri Hwan tells him that he dates women and pretty ones at that. Ji Hoon thinks if he has dated Tae Hee but before Ri Hwan replies Yi Seul arrives.bubbl070015Yi Seul asks Ri Hwan what she should do now that she likes him and he doesn’t. She knows that people might call her miserable but she still wants to know what one should do when they can’t stand still and feel embarassed and still want to see that person that rejected them.

Ri Hwan tells her that even if right now, it seems like impossible, eventually she will meet someone new. “But what to do until then” she insists on asking and when Ri Hwan goes to grab some tissues for her, she leaves.bubbl070016Seon Yeong’s colleague tells her that she should bring her guardian soon otherwise he will tell her son. Since they discovered her situation quite late, the treatment got delayed too and urges her not to wander around alone. She tells him she will bring her guardian the next day.

She meets Auntie and asks her if she remembers that she once told her, that if something were to happen to her she wouldn’t want to leave Ri Hwan with her parents. Auntie says she shouldn’t remember that stuff right now, since both the kids grew up well and she’s fine too. Seon Yeong explains that there is a reason she recalls that stuff and explains her situation to her.bubbl070017In the station, Se Yeong is scolded for having told many brand names when she was doing the food section and now they have to edit it somehow. Tae Hee tells Joon Soo he’s at fault too, since she has warned him to add comments when Se Yeong is doing mistakes. Se Yeong defends him which makes Tae Hee think they’re actually dating in secret.

Joo Hoon asks Se Yeong about what happened the other day and while at first she pretends she doesn’t remember then ends up admitting that she does. He tells her he will come by her place later and she should be careful when driving. She reluctantly agrees.bubbl070018Seok Joon is leaving the station because he took the union’s side. Tae Hee hears that and tells Haeng Ah. She sees him departing but doesn’t tell him anything.bubbl070019Yi Seul still reminisces about her moments with Ri Hwan when her mother interrupts her with a call. She asks her if she went to the set up date and when Yi Seul doesn’t reply she wonders if she made a fool of herself as she usually does. Yi Seul ignores her a new and her mother is infuriated both with her and Ri Hwan’s mom that apparently stood her up even though she proposed a meeting with her.bubbl070020Seon Yeong is seeing wandering around the streets confused when a couple helps her. She ignores Ri Hwan’s calls and instead calls Haeng Ah with the couple’s help that gives Haeng Ah instructions on where she is located. Haeng Ah rushes to her side and they return to her home.

Seon Yeong tells Haeng Ah to leave but she wants to stay by her side- “I won’t become better if you stand there” she says but Haeng Ah still wants to stay. bubbl070021Seon Yeong then orders her not to tell anyone to Ri Hwan but Haeng Ah is somewhat unwilling. She repeats her statement to her but that time Ri Hwan arrives and Haeng Ah hides.bubbl070022Ri Hwan asks her why she didn’t pick up his calls and why she would go to meet Yi Seul’s parents- that kind of thing doesn’t suit her as it would hurt her pride. She tells him that it doesn’t matter now and she wants to see him married as soon as possible.

Ri Hwan finally tells her that he’s beeing seeing Haeng Ah, and that is what makes him feel happy.  His mom says she doesn’t like it but Ri Hwant stands up for Haeng Ah, explaining she didn’t want to be with him cause of fear that would jeopardize the relationship with her, despite Haeng Ah knowing that she once considered throwing her out of the house if something took place between them. He is angry thinking that this might have stopped them from dating earlier, but she has a chance to fix that error if she won’t oppose them now.bubbl070023His mom is still adamant that she doesn’t like his relationship with Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan tells her that despite having hard time together and sometimes felt lonely, he always felt happy when she was by his side and that’s all he needs to be happy now- his mom being by his side and support him on his decision.

Reflection corner :

Poor Ri Hwan, his monologue in the end was touching. I like the fact that he took the high road and instead of yelling at his mom and explain all the reasons she is wrong, he tells her that she is one of the two people that make him the happiest and that won’t change no matter what; but her supporting him with Haeng Ah would make him infinitely happy.

His mom has remained unshakable but was that a bit of crack to her adamant heart near the end of the episode? I think it was, and maybe we can now confirm that Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan are definitely not siblings/blood related etc. I mean, if that was the case that would probably be a good time to fess up and “stop” them from going to the point of no return but since she didn’t, we’re okay for now lol

So yeah, as if we weren’t sure before, Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan are ready to date and continue to play like children in the playground, fool around and be at ease with each other. It was also nice to see Haeng Ah admitting that she does like Ri Hwan that way right now. (his face though, when she admitted that)


Yi Seul is in deep water right now, but her approach is sincere; she doesn’t want to bother Ri Hwan or play any games, she really wants to know what it is that she should do at the moment when she’s so lost. It is a tricky situation and her mother’s constant nagging doesn’t help either.

Oh did I mention how I adore Joon Soo and Se Yeong’s dynamic?- I think they complement each other really well; she is carefree and relaxed most of the time, but when insecurities creep in, Joon Soo brushes them aside with his candid and honest outlook. I love how he he hasn’t mentioned once their age difference and he just enjoys the time with her as it comes. Age is but a number afterall, right? (…well in most cases eeer!)


Tae Hee made a move to Jo Dong but his reaction was priceless. I can’t blame the guy, with Tae Hee’s reputation of constantly being an angry person with a deathly stare but I’m warming up to them too; I also like her with Ji Hoon (damn, isn’t there anything I don’t ship in this show) but he has a long way to go before he earns her trust again. Speaking of Ji Hoon, it was nice to see his conversation with Dong Hwa contrasting to the similar conversation of Seok Joon and Jo Dong. [I really like their friendship btw, and always looking forward to their bar scenes, brotp!]


What do you do when you love someone but that someone might be better off without you, huh? Another eternal question that its reply is different for each person.

Onwards to episode 8!

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