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Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 5 Review | The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami

okitegami050001(we drew up a landscape, we climbed down a ladder. )

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This week’s episode focuses on Kyoko’s favorite mystery novel writer, Sunaga-sensei who has hidden the manuscript of his latest work somewhere in his villa. This is all part of the Sunaga festival, where editors and fans are invited to find the hidden work through hints he gives them.


Yakusuke thinks that Kyoko won’t be interested, since it is something that is set for future reserve and it also doesn’t pay but she’s proving him and the SandGlass crew wrong, as she jumps to the idea; even using her magic pen to write it on her leg in order not to forget it. So they all set to participate in the Festa (even though, Makuru goes for shopping, Nuru is around photographing things and Horo..sleeps lol)


They meet Toasa there; the MPD detective that has crossed paths previously with Kyoko and he is also a hardcore Sunaga-sensei fan. It’s a fun rivalry between them on who will solve the manuscript mystery first. (like anyone has a chance against her when she sets her mind in the “mission”!)


This was my favorite episode so far; it was funny, with some absolute hilarious moments (the remote control scene had me rolling for 5 good minutes) but it had its touching moments as well.


Kyoko’s character is fleshed out more each episode, and this time we got to see two different sides of her. Her carefree one, as a passionate fan that gets to be in her favorite author’s house and enjoy every minute of it. And her soft side, on how in her time of need it was the fiction world that let her escapre reality a bit and gave her a much needed breather when things got tough.


We’ve all been there right? When you’re nearly flunking school but you only care about CloTi confirmation when Advent Children comes out! Or that was just me a decade ago? (that confirmation did come by the way, just not back in 2005 lol, but still) Point is, we all need a little help sometimes, and if that help comes in the form of a good book/series/movie/game/song/w/e it is very much welcome:

[Kyoko morphing into Fandom right at this moment!]

[Kyoko morphing into Fandom right at this moment!]

Yakusuke was such a sweetheart this episode, more so than usual; he constantly tried to cheer up Kyoko when she was feeling down, particularly when she was sad she couldn’t recall the last books she read of Sunaga-sensei, and also when he was hiding something that would have ruined her day, in any way he could; what was even greater about that, is that it was revealed that Kyoko knew about that but pretended she didn’t because he tried so hard.


So we had both of them trying to reach to each other this episode and you know what that means- It’s on, it’s really on and I can’t wait to find what it is, that Yakusuke was referring to in his ending narrative about that case, that would changed their dynamic even if everyone was unaware about it at the moment.


Onwards to episode 6 and here’s hoping there will be a real date this time!

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