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Oh Ship! My Ship! Vol.2 : Seo Ha Joon + Kang Yeon Doo | Sassy Go Go / Cheer Up!

ohshmsh0201(this world’s an ugly place but you’re so beautiful to me.)

– this post was written originally by kipzizz for dramajjang.co 

This was Kwon’s boat as he said in his Cheer Up! recaps, but it was definitely my ship! I mean, I did like Yeol and Yeon Doo too and I appreciated them but Ha Joon and Yeon Doo slowly crept into my heart and every week I was looking forward to their scenes more than anything else in the drama. (…I watch for the plot obviously lol no no, it was a good drama, it really was.)


So what do we have here?

Han Joo, who has been abused by his father, has inflicted pain on himself and as a result can’t really communicate or express his emotions properly to others, except when the bottled feelings he has, burst out in the open when he lashes out.

And Yoon Dae, carefree, honest and open-hearted; she’s vastly different than he is but in a way she holds the courage and strength that he wished he had.


They form a bond, a natural companionship that doesn’t consist of asking many questions but instead there’s a silent understanding between them. Yeon Doo’s easy going and sincere attitude soothes the cracks in Ha Joon’s heart and with simple gestures she gets him to open up.


Ha Joon slowly, becomes aware of the person he wants to be- someone that can stand up for his beliefs. Someone that Yeon Doo can rely to and count on; for a guy that didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone except Yeol, that speaks volumes.

Their relationship was never supposed to be romantic, they were never supposed to “end up” together- that was obvious a bit after the beginning, when Yeon Doo and Yeol started liking each other. Am I bummed about it? Well sort of, I mean this is a “Oh Ship!” piece afterall.


But them not being endgame didn’t bother me as much because Yeon Doo gave Ha Joon something as powerful as love is; hope.

Ha Joon’s lovely gummy bear confession was basically him thanking her for making him feel included and not an outsider anymore. He now knows that he’s someone worthy of love and devotion and he will strive to become better. He’s grateful to her for allowing him to feel whole. And that conclusion, given how particular the circumstances were set from the beginning, is far better than I expected.


Many people didn’t want Ha Joon to get his heart broken in the end- but this was just it; his heart was already broken from the beginning, it could only get mended from that point on and Yeon Doo played a major role in that.

What can I say? I am surprised at myself for not flipping shiz as I usually do when the couples I like are not ending up together (I’m so mature, I know) but their friendship and the closure they got was so beautiful that I can’t complain. You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need!


[now that’s some confession; one-sided but everyone’s happy at the end! “cheer up” lives up to its title lol]

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  1. November 18, 2015 at 5:03 pm — Reply

    I shipped them as friends. Personally, I found Kang Yeon Doo a bit frustrating as a lead character, so I never felt very compelled to try to think about other potential ships different from what Show wanted us to ship. However, I think Ha Joon and Yeon Doo had a beautiful friendship because, like you said, Ha Joon knew from the beginning it wasn’t meant to be. He didn’t get his heart broken because of “what ifs” or because he did something wrong and she left him. He didn’t force his feelings upon her which was was very mature for a K-drama character in general.

  2. December 22, 2015 at 11:54 am — Reply

    I love your review! I also ship them too, but in this drama, although I have both Male Leads Syndrome for our Female Lead, I have to say Kim Yeol and Kang Yeon Doo are really made for each other. I would really love to have Ji Soo and Eun Ji paired up together as leads in the next project, but with different characters this time, please directors! These two has a really intense and natural chemistry with each other, same age may be the reason as well, so please don’t waste this opportunity on them please!

    Anyways, about Ha Joon felt like an outsider, I think Yeon Doo (and the Real King kids) understands that very well because she has had that experience all along ever since she came to this hell high school. Her club had always been known as misfits and they always felt small and felt like outcasts since the beginning, however those feelings that they had always felt after coming to this school were only swept away after they merged with the Baek Ho kids. While being merged together, the Real King kids whom felt like outcast kids finally began to feel whole and found new group of friends through this Cheerleading club.

    I think it’s because it came from Yeon Doo’s own experience too, that’s why she understands how Ha Joon (and Yeol) feels, so through her own experience, it made her strive to make Ha Joon feels included and loved again. If she didn’t have that experience, she wouldn’t be able to help Ha Joon either even if she cares and is selfless, but because she had the same experience since the beginning at this school, she knows the loneliness and unfairness, even if she has a parental support from her mom and friends, but the school somehow affected her as well. Like how she revealed herself feeling small after coming to Sevit High to Yeol.

    • December 22, 2015 at 12:24 pm — Reply

      I liked both relationships actually- it was obvious from the beginning that Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol would end up together since the focus was on them and they developed them together from the very start.

      It’s just when Ha Joon started getting more screentime I couldn’t help but root for him to end up completely happy but in the end everything was resolved quite well; he wasn’t heartbroken since he was happy just to be able to love someone else other than Yeol.

      I agree with your assessment of Yeon Doo’s character, her own experience made her help Ha Joon (and Yeol) much more impactful because it stemmed from personal lessons.

      Thanks for the comment! ; )

      • December 23, 2015 at 2:27 am — Reply

        Me too lol I also liked both relationships, to be more specific, I shipped her with both of these boys and I’d be happy for whoever she ends up with, but the result is very obvious anyway haha

        What I love about this series is because of the unexpected resolution that the director and the writer has given out to us, also everything that we didn’t want the story to turn out, it actually turned that way but it actually came out in a turning point to us in a refreshing and beautiful ways, whether it’s the love triangle, bromance, OT3 friendships, family/parents’ problems/situations, it all turned out in a unique, beautiful written, and refreshing ways. 🙂 It didn’t go in that makjang or cliche` ways.

        Yup, I love the ending with Ha Joon’s situations, his ending point with his father and his love triangle situation, he solved very well. And you’re right, he wasn’t heartbroken because he’s happy to have both Yeol and her in his life. They both have learned a lot from each other <3

        And thank you for your agreement and response lol 🙂

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