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“Is that kind of dating okay with you?”


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In order to let go of her hand Song Yi had to bite Ji Ahn and later on she demanded explanations about everything and even though he wondered the same thing about her the answer was way too obvious since she liked him! Ji Ahn said that the same answer may be applying to him as well making Song Yi explode in front of him. She started calling him a psycho for all the confusion he’s caused and Ji Ahn started referring to her as a chicken head who wouldn’t even think why he wouldn’t go out with her! Tae Oh appeared and he eventually put an end to their quarrel by taking the eruptive Song Yi with him!

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Song Yi didn’t invest in any further details and she started crying inside her sleeping bag making Tae Oh find the overall flow of events quite amusing!

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Ji Ahn was cooking and while comparing the Song Yi he knew to the one who was exploding in front of him he started believing that she was losing interest in him! His father reassured him that he will take care of Ji Ahn’s debt before he sits for the civil servant exam but things didn’t look too good.


Unaware of the fact that Ji Ahn’s the one Song Yi likes, Tae Oh asked him not to pay that much attention to her because she was rejected and she’s out of her mind. He also became aware that she was crying like there’s no tomorrow!


Ga In’s approach on Choi Hoon’s hair made him lose the world underneath his feet and he told her that she’s losing customers because she’s not talented and not because of the rumors! The moment she told him that he looks cool his point of view changed immediately and he urged her to continue!

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Song Yi was regretting her attitude towards Ji Ahn and Tae Oh insisted that all this was happening because of the guy that rejected her and Song Yi lost herself in tears anew! Choi Hoon and Ga In invited them for some pork belly and Song Yi didn’t want to go since Ji Ahn would appear as well. As expected, Tae Oh informed everyone about her intentions but made things right shortly after!

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Choi Hoon was worried about Ji Ahn and Song Yi but Tae Oh made a direct reference to his hair, the only thing he should worry about at that point! Then the problem got transferred to Ga In’s salon and eventually towards Song Yi’s face, but Ji Ahn backed her up! Song Yi and Ji Ahn were apologetic towards one another and Tae Oh made a presentation of their fight. Once things got more vibrant Ga In urged them to be quiet because her father was sleeping! Later on, Song Yi informed Ji Ahn that she still likes him even though she can’t understand what’s going on.


The subject of the seminar will evolve around Jim Jarmusch and Suzuki Seijun and Tae Oh will have to help Se Hyun! Even though he doesn’t know these directors Tae Oh intends to help her since he will be able to be with her! After dragging him around for a bit Tae Oh held her hand and informed her that he will change her dating past into something bound to last longer!

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Song Yi kept working hard and Ji Ahn arrived to fill up his scooter. He wanted her to watch a movie with him, eat with him and go to a café with their money and free coupons. It’s something that may not be happening that often and he asked her if that kind of dating would be fine with her. Ji Ahn asked her out and Song Yi informed him that she liked such dates!

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Soon the mood became brighter and while they were riding on his scooter both of them were confessing towards one another full of happiness! Tae Oh stopped by them with his own scooter and soon enough they left him behind and continued their blissful ride while Tae Oh was unable to conceive what was going on. However, he did notice that Song Yi was exceptionally pretty that day!

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The next morning all hell broke loose since Song Yi was trying to find pretty clothes to wear but she wasn’t pleased at all with her outfits! Soon enough the problem changed its location and even though at first it was her face Song Yi as a whole became her very own problem! Tae Oh who used to think that Song Yi was pretty changed his mind after witnessing her explosions and his headphones weren’t enough to keep him safe! Tae Oh didn’t help her to brighten her mood, he made things even worse since everything negative he was pointing out Song Yi was agreeing with him and she was finding even more “imperfections!” Once he found out that she’s having a date the next day he lost the world underneath his feet!

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Inside the classroom his mood wasn’t at its finest and Tae Oh informed Ji Ahn that he doesn’t approve of the guy Song Yi’s dating since he broker her heart! Ji Ahn became aware of Song Yi’s preparations for their date and he was very glad about it!


Tae Oh bought for Song Yi a dress, a bag and shoes which were the difficult part of the story but out of the whole rooftop company only Ji Ahn knew the size she was wearing! Inside the library Song Yi was happy staring at Ji Ahn and once she lost sight of him he appeared right away and urged her to keep staring at him!

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Song Yi was entranced by the presents and Tae Oh urged her to have a good hell of a time tomorrow after she was thankful for everything! After she got dressed Tae Oh couldn’t praise her directly and Song Yi could only be thankful once again!

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Ji Ahn was enamored by her looks and once they held hands the journey began! Walking around they kept finding deals that would make their date less expensive from ice-creams to caricatures. Ji Ahn also bought a hairpin for her in memory of their first date! After the date was over it was difficult for them to part ways, but they had to head towards their workplaces! Song Yi had lost her hairpin and started searching around!

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Tae Oh worked hard on Suzuki Seijun and Jim Jarmusch and he brought all the necessary information for Se Hyun who was amazed! Even though it wasn’t his major Tae Oh was actually enjoying it and he even worked on the recording factor and the intermediate steps! Since filming is his hobby and his mother was a photographer it’s something he inherited from her! Se Hyun was curious about his mother’s pictures and once Tae Oh invited her to his place she couldn’t help it but think that he’s a player! Tae Oh felt awkward at that point but Se Hyun soothed his tension since she wanted to visit his place because they’re neighbors! Then he remembered Song Yi’s tent and belongings and Tae Oh intends to let Se Hyun visit him once he cleans up everything! It started to rain and Tae Oh left to buy an umbrella!

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Ji Ahn was worried about Song Yi who was at the bus stop but she informed him that she had already reached home! Song Yi was still worried about her missing hairpin! Even though she had gotten all wet she found a bag to protect her handbag and shoes from the rain!


Tae Oh bought only one umbrella, it would be enough for both of them since he intended to take Se Hyun back home! Song Yi called him on the phone to pick her up and Se Hyun agreed to let him go, but he recalled that he always had to leave her behind for Song Yi. He urged her to tell him not to go and that’s what she did. Tae Oh informed Song Yi that he couldn’t make it and shortly after he left with Se Hyun.

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Song Yi was running barefoot in the rain and she even got hurt, but on her way back home she noticed Se Hyun along with Tae Oh under the umbrella. Awkward moments are awkward.

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~ Thoughts ~


Ji Ahn’s forced decision to neither accept Song Yi’s confession nor unveil his real emotions was eating him up alive and he was trying to emotionally reconcile with her. It wouldn’t be an easy task since Song Yi was devastated by the recent flow of events and she didn’t know what to believe due to the excessive confusion. What started as an indirect confession on Ji Ahn’s behalf turned into a hilarious fight between them. The fact that they were fighting like a real couple was the cute part of the story! Tae Oh saved the day and tried to become Song Yi’s tear-proof vest without success. However, he played his own indirect part in bringing Song Yi and Ji Ahn closer together anew.


Tae Oh can’t keep his mouth shut on some things that were supposed to be confidential between friends, it’s a renowned part of his personality! The way he communicates the signs he receives from Ji Ahn or Song Yi get transmitted towards the other party and the couple’s awareness grows individually stronger, always in Tae Oh’s unawareness of what’s going on in the background! It’s a weird sense of emotional hide and seek!The pork belly meeting was crucial despite Song Yi’s arch decision not to go there since Ji Ahn would be there too. However, her denial was succeeded by her shy presence and the awkward moments at Ga In’s place surrendered to a heart-soothing and eventually playful ambiance.


Choi Hoon may not have liked his hair, but the fact that Ga In thought he looked cool was the most important reason in the world for him to proudly keep his new haircut! He simply melts every time she compliments him and something tells me that his confession isn’t that far away, but also the revelation that her father has passed away in order for her to accept the truth and start walking upon the pathways of reality no matter how hurtful it may be. She can’t keep living her present in past tense concerning a very specific and traumatic event.


Ji Ahn was unable to hold back his feelings, but he wanted to present his dating (and not only) reality in front of Song Yi in order to make things clear. Song Yi would never reject Ji Ahn’s humble and heartfelt confession and his own hardships would never prevent her from being with him since she has to surpass her own obstacles in life. The scooter scene was blissful and an explosion of mutual happiness as they were losing themselves in a world where only they existed. Nothing and nobody else mattered and each and every second belonged to them. Tae Oh witnessing that Song Yi never looked so beautiful before was just the reflection of love which was being vividly carved all over her face.


Their first official date would turn to life pretty soon and the moment Song Yi realized it her clothes would never be enough! Nothing would actually be enough and everything related to her started looking so imperfect to her eyes simply because she wanted her first date to be perfect! Even though Tae Oh is someone who would make fun of the whole situation he was actually of great help towards Song Yi.


His humorous side works as a personal shield sheltering him from unveiling his emotions and maintaining his cool image, but deep within he understand more than he reveals. He may not know that Ji Ahn is the one Song Yi likes and he made him aware of her preparations, but it was something that strengthened Ji Ahn’s longing to a wider extent. Tae Oh also bought for her everything she needed to make her feel complete during her first date, it’s something he could effortlessly afford for someone like Song Yi. The fact that Ji Ahn knew her shoe size shows how much he has sincerely invested in Song Yi’s world, it’s all in the details.


Song Yi was more than glad for his presents whereas it must had been quite an emotionally awkward situation for Tae Oh, but he sincerely wanted Song Yi to be happy during her first date. We all know how much he likes her and he knows that too while he progresses his feelings for Se Hyun. I have the belief that his heart belongs to Song Yi but he tries to redirect it towards Se Hyun. He’s not always successful, but he’s putting lots of effort in it. Wanting Song Yi to be happy at her first date was probably the most beautiful thing he could do at that point and this is what actually happened. Without having to spend lots of money, Song Yi and Ji Ahn shared beautiful moments together and her newly acquired hairpin wasn’t only Ji Ahn’s first present but also a memorabilia of their first date.


What if Tae Oh didn’t know anything about Jim Jarmusch and Suzuki Seijun? In order to get closer to Se Hyun he was intending to work hard and his internally insecure but externally straight forward temperament would do wonders! He may not know himself, but through Se Hyun he gets to know the Tae Oh he’s searching for. Even though he wanted to help Se Hyun in the first place he actually found something he likes and paces perfectly well with his hobby which is no other than filming. We also got to know a few things about his deceased mother and her passion for photography which was inherited to Tae Oh. He may not show it, but he must be missing her severely and i am looking forward to learning more about her through Tae Oh.


The more he gets closer to Se Hyun the more Tae Oh wants to detach himself from Song Yi, emotionally, not as a friend. He acknowledged it on his own and without Se Hyun complaining about leaving her behind all the time to run to Song Yi’s aid. I like Se Hyun’s approach, she’s quite observant while trying to figure out how Tae Oh really feels about her and Song Yi and the fact that he asked her on his own to prevent him from going after Song Yi for one more time was of utter importance. It would prove Tae Oh’s integrity towards Se Hyun, but also his growing feelings up to an extent.


Even though Tae Oh’s enthusiasm was the first thing that caught Se Hyun’s attention, enthusiasm alone would never be enough for either of them to emotionally invest in something deeper and Tae Oh made an important step forward for both of them. Was it unfair towards Song Yi? Not really, Tae Oh had always been there for her and while she was on the scooter with Ji Ahn all that mattered was their relationship at its birth pangs and definitely not Tae Oh who was unaware of what was going on. But like i said before, love can be a very selfish feeling sometimes so i can understand both Song Yi/Ji Ahn and Tae Oh alongside Se Hyun.


Song Yi having lost her hairpin was a “traumatic” event and the rain came to complete the scenery of “loss.” Setting aside the major awkwardness in the air, the meeting of Tae Oh by Se Hyun’s side with Song Yi being barefoot in the rain possessed its own dynamics as a scene. All three were left speechless and something had already started shattering Tae Oh deep inside after witnessing Song Yi that way. The 6th episode’s preview alarmed me on the forthcoming feels and soon enough i have to get ready to embrace them properly along with our (soon to be) emotionally wounded characters!


This is an article written by Kwon Sang Seung for
The original Because It’s the First Time recaps can be found only here.


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