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Siren Episode #4 Recap [aka Welcome to the Hotel California]

sirenkaracalifornia“such a lovely place, such a lovely face.”

– this post was written originally by kipzizz for dramajjang.co


Satomi and Yuki rush to the hospital and find Maya unconscious; Satomi says to Yuki he’s not sure that Tsukimoto is the culprit. Maya’s mom arrives and Yuki wants to stay with her a bit but asks Satomi to meet tonight for a drink as she has something to ask him. Satomi agrees and heads to Maya’s temporary apartment to see if he can find anything.sir04002

Watari tells Kara he inherited a villa from a relative of his and asks her to go and visit it together. Satomi visits Maya’s apartment complex and finds the cabaret girls instead who invite him to their own place. They’re surprised he’s a policeman but they don’t mind as that is making them “more cool” in their eyes.

Satomi tells them to calm down a bit, and asks them if they heard about what Tsukimoto allegedly did. They’re uncertain why he would something like that as they he wasn’t intimate with Maya. Satomi wonders if they have heard the name Kara Tachibana before but they’re negative.sir04003

Watari and Kara are driving to his uncle’s villa and he thinks to himself if Kara will consider the marriage proposal he will make to her soon.

Satomi goes back to the hospital thinking he has to find solid proof to prove his intuition about Tsukimoto isn’t far fetched.sir04004

Her attending physician, Kuramoto gets in her room and Satomi asks her if Maya will recover completely soon; she replies that is very difficult because while she’s stable she’s still unconscious. Kuramoto tells him that when she was brought in she kept mumbling something but she can’t quite recall.

Kara explores Watari’s villa and thinks that this place might be of use to her.sir04005

Satomi calls Yuki to cancel their night out as he has to talk to the physician about Maya’s condition; Yuki tells him he will ask him what he wanted some other time then. Chibideka overhears their conversation and reminds Yuki that the chief doesn’t like lovers within the same department.

The physician tries to flirt with Satomi and he thinks he should socialize with her a bit till she tells him about the mumble but she gets drunk quickly and she keeps on repeating the same stuff to him.sir04006

Watari asks Kara about her parents and she tells him her mother passed away when she was a kid and her father remarried and moved elsewhere. She has a brother she rarely sees. He thinks he has led a hard life and tells her he has been lonely since he moved to Tokyo. He says he will protect her and asks her to marry him. Kara tells him she will consider it but requests he doesn’t share that moment with any of his relatives or friends yet.

Kuramoto asks Satomi if he has a girlfriend and how long they’ve been dating; he says he does have one and they’ve been together for two years even though they have known each other longer. She still tries to flirt with him but that moment Yuki calls to ask Satomi if he needs anything from the convenience store. Satomi tells Kuramoto if they should go to eat something, and when she sobers up she recalls that Maya mumbled “I won’t tell anyone so please save me” and added something-san in the end, as a name. Satomi thinks that the girls in the cabaret were addressing Tsukimoto as Tsukimot-sensei or simply owner and wonders if that “-san” person might be a third party.

Kara grabs Watari’s car keys after he falls asleep and she carries a heavy suitcase seemingly drive it away to dispose of it.

Yuki asks Takumi what time he returned from home last night and he replies it might have been 2 am. She finds a female hair on his suit that also smells of perfume.

In the police station meeting, Chibideka and another officer mention that Tsukimoto wasn’t caught in any of the CCTV cameras fleeing the scene. The chief wonders where Tsukimoto is while Takumi is once again looked down upon after he theorizes that it might have been a third party that killed Maya afterall.

Kara sees in the newspaper that Maya wasn’t killed afterall and is in comatose situation; when Satomi also sees the newspaper he heads to the hospital immediately in fear that the culprit might have been there to finish her off.

The policeman that guards her room informs Satomi that only her mother visited her. Satomi is relieved to hear that and instructs the hospital staff to be very careful monitoring that room.

When he’s ready to head back, he recognizes Kara in a disguise, through the scent he recognized in Tsukimoto’s clinic. They both chat with each other seemingly all non-chalantly and afterwards Kara thinks to herself that Satomi being able to see through her disguise means she underestimated him and she also has to find another plan to get through to Maya.sir04010

Satomi decides to follow Kara in a disguise himself but she quickly catches up and she escapes the restaurant he followed her in, mocking him by ordering a plate for him before she leaves.sir04011

The following morning Chitose asks Yuki where Satomi is and she says he went to the hospital. Chitose remarks that they have been working separate quite a lot lately and that sends Yuki into wondering aloud that he has been suspicious lately, returing late and smelling perfume. Chitose asks her if they’re a couple but Yuki tries to deny it to no avail.

Satomi follows Kara again but she is one step ahead of him and forces him to abandon his mission once again.sir04012

Yuki gets a message from Kara that she needs to speak to her about something important; they meet at the park and Kara tells her she is possibly being followed by someone and shows her the pictures she has taken in her cellphone, of the alleged follower. Since it is Yuki’s colleague, she wonders if she is being monitored by the police and why would that be.

Yuki laughingly brushes it off and tells Kara that Satomi is actually her boyfriend and he’s monitoring her friends, but he went too far this time and she will tell him off.

sir04013Kara says she shouldn’t tell him because that will be unpleasant for both of them. Since she knows what is happening right now, that’s fine. But she remarks that she misunderstood he might have been stalking her since he was enthusiastically following her around, and mistakenly thought he took a liking to her.

sir04014Kara’s words have gotten to Yuki and asks Miyake if he has a girlfriend and if there are moments he feels like cheating on her. He says he doesn’t feel that but when he’s down he might visit a cabaret or something. Yuki silently repeats the word “cabaret” and then gets a message that startles her.

Satomi sets again to follow Kara and sees her meeting a well built man, wondering if he has to do anything with the Jujitsu she practises. She then enters a beauty clinic which Satomi writes down- he feels positive he will find something more, so he follows her to the Megalopolitan Hotel as well.

sir04015He enters the elevator to follow her to the floor she was supposedly going but finds her waiting for him inside. He unmasks him and asks him what does he want from her. He tells her if he has figured out he tailed her, she should have reported it to the police and since she didn’t, she has something to hide.

Meanwhile it’s revealed that the message Yuki received, was from Kara telling her whereabouts about her supposed meeting with Satomi.

Satomi tells Kara that the police is onto her, hoping his bluff will get a response from her. Instead the elevator door opens and Yuki sees both of them together.

Reflection Corner :

[Satomi, what's good?]

[Satomi, what’s good?]

Welcome to the Hotel California Yuki and Satomi, or should I say Hotel Kara? They can never leave that place now, as the classic lyrics of that amazing song would narrate. They’re both into Kara’s web and she’s slowly trapping them more and more.

That was a genius plan she cooked right there; she took her time, planted the seeds of “what if?” in Yuki’s mind, she let Satomi think he has the upperhand and when it was the right time she left the doubt fireworks explode!

Yuki has a right to feel unsure about Satomi at this particular time window; he cancels plans, returns home late, smells like a flower from the perfumes of the women he gets involved with, so I can’t fault her for that. She’s right to give him hell next episode and I hope Satomi sits her down and explains everything completely in a cohesive way. And she needs to listen, and not interrupt him or mock him so they can start communicating again.


The scene where he kissed her goodnight was sweet and showed that Satomi does feel bad for hiding things from her and having to spend less time together but goddammit guys, work it out. It’s a simple concept- he needs to stop lying, and she needs to listen carefully to what he has to say. They need to start working together like a team, they’re at their best when they co-operate afterall.


What was that suitcase that Kara was carrying around btw? Yikes, is it Tsukimoto’s body in there sliced like an apple? Ugh, I surely hope not, but that villa of Watari gives Kara a great advantage to hide all her dirty deeds.

So yeah, bring on the next episode; hopefully Satomi and Yuki work their issues quickly and lay it all out in the open so there’s no more secrets between them. If they both want to be saved from Kara’s “tough love” (lol, a new definition of that term!) they need to be alert at all times. Kara is here to break fingers and take no prisoners you all, better be prepared!


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  1. Mohammed
    November 13, 2015 at 5:25 pm — Reply

    Yeah they need talk, listen to each other again. Yuki must wake up from the dream of thinking Kara is regular friend. Imo its silly to think Satomi would cheat when she knows he is focused on the job. Satomi could have said he was meeting women for the casa.

    Kara can be outsmarted if they work together again.

    • November 13, 2015 at 5:31 pm — Reply

      Like I said, she does have a right to doubt him at this particular window of time when he’s being that secretive- that all can simply be resolved if Satomi tells her the truth and break down his theories.

      • Mohammed
        November 13, 2015 at 7:14 pm — Reply

        Yeah I agree Satomi being secretive is suspicious from her POV. It’s wrong of him. But I would have thought she would think Kara is full of lies to play Yuki in the last scene with the fake kiss, Satomi following her because of that. I mean after two years, partners, a man she wants to marry she should trust his history with her more Kara lies about him. The next ep will fun to for that reason to see Yukis reaction, their talks about it.
        Satomis biggest fault is he took Yukis trust for granted. I don’t like that in him.

        • November 13, 2015 at 7:28 pm — Reply

          Well, we don’t know what Yuki’s reaction to the elevator scene will be- I suspect she will trust Satomi’s words but she will be more pissed about him hiding stuff from her to hunt down the leads he has on his own.

          We will see, they’re a strong couple and they will overcome it for sure- there has to be a clear explanation from Satomi’s part though, and I’m sure he will give it.

  2. aiko
    November 18, 2015 at 12:31 pm — Reply

    just how manipulative Kara is!! She is always one step ahead of Satomi and that scene in the elevator gives me chill. a bit
    and i think it’s Tsukimoto who was inside the baggage though initially i thought he wasn’t really killed in the last ep. maybe i missed that one.

    • November 18, 2015 at 12:33 pm — Reply

      She is a master manipulator, that she is! (among other deadly attributes I mean lol)

  3. bluelysia
    July 26, 2016 at 4:24 am — Reply

    Satomi exceeds my expectation
    I didn’t expect that he would be so good with intuition and rightly tail after Kara, even tho he failed many times.. But at least his radar is very good..
    Oppositely, Yuki is obviously more gullible here.. I don’t blame her to be clouded with jealousy, esp when your bf is hot and brainy, but I wonder where her police instinct goes, esp when Kara herself did exposed something odd about her.. How could it just goes poof through Yuki?
    and when Kara showed her photos of Satomi stalk her, Yuki should aware that Satomi is investigating Kara because of the recent cases! he mentioned it several times to her! Yuki herself noted how professional Kara for noticing Satomi and even took photo of him clearly, but the fact just goes for nothing for her 🙁
    how could she believe a new girl more than her longtime bae??
    Satomi too! why doesn’t he include Yuki in his investigation?
    maybe because Yuki always brush his ideas before?
    I think this is why love at work could become like a boomerang..

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